Health: Will L.A. Porn Producers Be Forced to Wrap It Up?

Do Not Restrict Our Right To Choose!

Michael W. Fattorosi
Adult Industry Attorney
Los Angeles

On November 6th the voters of Los Angeles County are going to be asked to decide a ballot measure as to the sexual rights of a small inclusive community within its borders.

A community that is often misunderstood and rarely given a voice. A community that is publicly shunned and privately enjoyed. A community that has fought for its existence through years of struggles, court battles and legislation.

Those that make up this community only want one thing – the right to choose for themselves how to live and work.

The principle force behind this ballot measure is special interest. A large powerful organization is trying to impose their will on a smaller group that does not want it. This organization does not like the example this community sets for others in the world, especially young people.

You might assume that I am referring to a proposition about gay rights but I am not.

I am referring to Michael Weinstein and AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s attempts to force porn performers in the County of Los Angeles to wear condoms. He wants the Los Angeles County Health Department to enforce a California employee safety law that would require the use of condoms, dental dams and latex gloves for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Michael Weinstein wants the voters to believe the adult industry in Los Angeles is a cesspool of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. He is playing the fear mongering card that some how if not stopped, the porn industry will infected the rest of Los Angeles. This should be a familiar argument to the gay community.

To compound the misinformation, AHF’s spokesperson on this Ballot Measure is Derrick Burts. Burts claims he contracted HIV while working in the adult entertainment industry. However, he did not contract HIV on-set in Los Angeles. He most likely contracted it on a gay set in Florida where condoms were used or off screen in his private life. AHF is not telling the voters that.

AHF is also not telling the voters that violating Ballot Measure B can land a person in jail for up to 6 months (per incident) and result in thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

AHF is also not telling the voters that this law even applies to couples not in the porn industry. The law is so broadly written that even private individuals performing on web cam together will be required to use condoms during their shows.

The industry has regular testing protocols that have keep us safe for the past eight years. There has not been a on-set transmission of HIV since 2004 when five performers were infected by Darren James. Recently, the industry has moved from a 30 day testing cycle to a 14 day testing cycle to further improve performer safety. They have also adopted the Aptima test, highly regarded as one of the most sensitive for HIV detection purposes.

But yet that is not enough for Michael Weinstein, who regards testing as nothing more than surveillance. He wants to use the industry and their product to send a message. He wants to use porn for nothing more than product placement. That message and that product are condoms. Yet, he calls it a worker safety measure.

Instead of government representatives, work place safety experts, physicians and the industry representatives working together to develop a comprehensive plan to protect performers without infringing on the performers and producers’ First Amendment rights, Mr. Weinstein is asking the voters of Los Angeles County to decide worker safety laws. This is unprecedented in California. The public does not vote on the height of scaffolds or the guards on chainsaws.

This is not the first time AHF and Michael Weinstein have pushed for a ballot measure involving mandatory condoms. In 2000, he tried to force West Hollywood to purchase 500,000 condoms and have all the bars and restaurants within the city hand them out to their patrons. AHF’s ballot measure was soundly defeated within his own community.

We as an industry only want the right to decide this issue for ourselves and not have it forced on us. Performers should have the right to choose. They want their sexual rights.

James Deen, male pornstar, might have said it best;

“I endorse safe sex.  I endorse condoms.  I endorse condom use while getting regularly tested with your partners.  This is the entertainment industry.  We choose to create a product that is fantasy driven.  Some of us choose to perform without condoms. These are our choices.  Do not restrict my right as an American, or a human being, to choose.  Please vote no on Measure B.”

We ask those of you living in Los Angeles County to Vote No on Ballot Measure B on November 6th. We ask those with friends in Los Angeles County to call them and ask them to Vote No! Let us have the right to choose!

To learn more about Ballot Measure B please visit;

To download a copy of the ballot measure language click here ->

Michael W. Fattorosi is an adult industry attorney located in Los Angeles, California. He has represented straight, transsexual and gay performers in the industry. He has been called the industry’s “Top Porn Attorney” by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. You can read more of his articles on Ballot Measure B at or you can follow him on twitter at He welcomes all feedback.

James Deen is an eight year veteran male performer and mainstream actor. You can see him in “The Canyons” co-starring with Lindsay Lohan to be released in 2013. You can read more about him at his website at and follow him on twitter at

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  1. eric

    exactly how do you criminalize the documentation of behavior that is not criminal? it won’t survive its first challenge and will end up costing the taxpayers millions, especially if they plan to prosecute those who self-post amateur clips on the web.

    i wouldn’t be surprised to find that this is being bankrolled by one of the mainstream porn houses losing market share to the bareback studios.

  2. Bryce

    You know… Michael Weinstein seems like he is just very upset at the fact that he cannot have sex with a guy safely without a condom.. and others can. Him trying to force the city of West Hollywood to purchase condoms and have the bars and clubs give them out is just ridiculous. Sex isn’t ‘happening’ in the bars or clubs.. might seem like it starts there but usually the fucking happens at least in a nearby alley or someones home. So he might as well just have the city buy condoms and have a delivery guy go around and have each residence sign for their pack of HIV spread stopping condoms. LOL oh boy. This cannot get passed, I want my right to choose. I have had close calls, and I deserved having those close calls for having put myself in the situations I was in. Still negative and healthy and I want my choice to choose.

    And I also firmly believe that the condom portion of the market could very much have something to do with trying to fuck with the bareback studios. I mean… Chi Chi Larue wont even read the bareback awards…. its just an AWARD bitch. Sheesh lol.

  3. Andy

    Okay I can totally see why someone would write a bill similar to this. But I don’t think people should vote on work safety protocol. Especially people that don’t work in that field. Next are you going to vote that a circus can’t have any fire acts, or that seaworld can’t have dolphin trainers actually interact with the animals?

  4. Brian

    The gay “porn” industry has been, the past 20 years, the greatest opressor of gay sexuality, by censoring it with condoms, and refusing to even show it. We wouldn’t even have real porn again today, is it wasn’t for international forces and technological forces that undercut and circumvented the censorship of the LA-based gay porn syndicate. This law, or anything else that puts these jerks out of business is something I’ll support. Go ahead, let idiotic Los Angeles deny itself the tax and fee revenue. They don’t deserve it.

  5. Dave

    As much as I enjoy watching bareback videos (and condomed-videos), and practicing bareback sex with a partner I am assured is negative, I believe the porn industry should require condoms. (I know I sound contradictory — I agree. I cannot assure anything but myself, and I like something that I do not believe should be the norm.) However, I am more concerned about the younger generation who believe that unprotected sex is okay and that HIV can be treated with drugs. I do not believe HIV is something that anyone would actually welcome, and I do not condemn those with HIV. (My brother is HIV+)
    Do I think there should be a ballot measure for this? Not at all. However, I believe there might be some moral or ethical duty that the video producers should consider. Just my thoughts.

  6. Las Vegas Jim

    Move the companies to Vegas. No state income tax for the performers and no business tax for the companies. We already host the porn awards and we are a libertarian minded state. Problem solved

  7. Jock

    You know, it shouldn’t have to take a guy like Mr. Weinstein to force legislation, it should be within the common consciousness of the community to make these barebacking videos stop being produced. Face it people hiv is still rampant and exciting young kids with all this raw sexuality sends a collective message that it’s okay to risk infection. Well, it isn’t, it’s just a matter of time before the virus finds a way around the antivirals or some unseen event will stop the delivery of medications and we’ll be right back where we were in the ’80’s, demanding that the rest of the world give a damned about us, begging for a cure. It’s gonna be the boy who cried wolf the next round. The time to stop this plague is with this generation. Filmmakers should be more responsible and encourage safe sex without the force of law, that said humanity is prone anymore to sink to the lowest common denominator and barely any company cares what happens to customers using their products as long as the big bucks keep rolling in, ethics are dead. I wish Mr. Weinstein good luck with his efforts.

  8. LJ

    While I hate using condones myself, I understand that there’s a mindset when someone watching porn without them being used…it somehow condones the fact that they are not in use despite public health warnings.

    I am HIV positive. Contracted in 1998 from a man I had been faithful to for 17 years (pre AIDS). Imagine my shock when my doctor told me in the course of routine testing for a new allergy drug.

    What I font understand here is how do they expect to enforce such s law? Governments can’t pay for what they are doing now so who’s going to screen every porn movie? Go they plan to have inspectors on set? Will it be random inspection?

    All sounds like the usual election year bullshit to me. What they should be thinking is how many new infections they are saving by keeping folks at home masturbating to porn rather than going out, spreading (or catching) any bugs at all.

    Do I get the porn of my choice as a prize? Lol

  9. MarkyMarc

    I think people should have the right to choose. Yes I can understand why chi chi does not like giving away the bb award, however I feel that guidlines for bb porn studios should be placed when working for such porn studios like treasure island media. Im sure they already have safety procedures in place hopefully. However if an actor becomes infected with an STD than a fine will have to be paid to the health district, NOT THE STATE, along with compensation and medical costs for the actor. If an actor becomes infected with HIV or AIDS, then a slightly bigger fee would have to be paid to the health district and NOT THE STATE, along with full treatment costs and a largly generous compensation amount. This will inturn result in bb porn studios further investing more money on actor safety rather than gadgets.
    This will result with the actors and studios right to choose yet set up safety regulations to help keep all std’s & hiv at a decline 🙂
    Right to choose is still upheld & michael weinstein can shut his mouth. He should have thought twice before opening his legs just like the rest of the earths people. Don’t blame the world for your actions…

  10. Josh

    I think this is crazy. Bareback is how fucking was meant to be skin on skin feeling connected to the one you are fucking with. I have never used a condom and never will. Before you say anything I am POZ and I let everyone that I play with know that

  11. MarkyMarc

    @lj I understand ur rational theory however what statistics have shown is that people all over the country mimic what they see in the media. All I see now-a-days is bb porn. my friends all think its ok to have bb sex bcus theres so much of it out there. Some of us may be faithful such as yourself & I but as a result of your situation, you were in a relationship with a man of 17 yrs & you contracted hiv. Single gay men today dont really pay attention as much as they did 7 yrs ago. Hiv related cases are on the rise along with bb porn, however regulations will be required to help preserve our rights to choose as well as keeping bb studios up to date with todays health & safety regulations regarding their specialty for bb films.

  12. MarkyMarc

    @ Jim, shut up, im a las vegas resident (Aliante) also & honestly we already have enough butt sluts and prostitutes to keep up with the dirty tourist demand, we dont need a bigger epidemic… Think with consideration to the people of southern nevada before you speak.

  13. Eric in FL

    While I firmly understand and support the use of condoms in sexual activities, particularly those with random, non monogamous partners. I do demand however that my privacy and rights as an adult however be respected and maintained. As an adult I have a right to choose and form my own destiny. This nation was formed on the very basis that all people are created equally and that we are endowed by our creator that we are all entitled to live our lives freely and to pursue a course which provides for us a quality of life that we deem fit for ourselves. For a state through any means to intercede and deprive a fellow American that which this nation was formed on is an atrocity against the very fabric of America. I do not condone promiscuous sex. I do not condone unfaithfulness to ones partner but more than that I do no condone any person or persons interfering with the right of a sane man or woman from doing for themselves that which they choose to do. Some will argue saying well then that would apply for drugs and alcohol as well or even driving without a seat belt. Not so. Drugs, alcohol and driving without a seat belt are things we do or consume or ingest. Sexual activity and the steps to get to reproduction are normal biological functions much the same as breathing or having a beating heart. I do not live in California but I would caution the voters of Los Angeles County to consider this ballot as an attack on the rights of the American people and to vote NO on the issue. This is. A dangerously slippery slope and must be dealt with accordingly.

  14. chrism

    I think it would be a stupid storyline, but if the story showed guys that know each other well having bb fine, if it’s a pick-up storyline, emphasize the use of protection (againg being a choice). It would be the moral duty of the studio to show the importance of being safe, but not being forced into doing so.

    Governmental control is outragious and wasting time in the courts is just foolish ways to spend money. Maybe instead of sueing the money wasted on laws being passed and court costs could be used towards finding a cure! And fear is always the way to get things passed, that’s why we still cannot get married in most states. What happens when someone high up gets caught in a porno that is “unprotected”. It does not say gay sex, it says unprotected sex on video or private/public viewing straight or otherwise. Most states have laws against sodemy, man on man or man and woman. Losely written laws are a danger to all.

  15. jae

    Why is this even an issue? If ppl weren’t so fucking nasty and out fucking bareback in the first place we wouldn’t have this issue! Put on a fucking condom and stop spreading diseases. Its that simple. Porn is so influential that dumb fucks want to imitate what they see, so porn should lead the way by showing only safe sex practices. If they did in the first place maybe all the actors wouldn’t be catching things.

  16. Ok

    I am so sick of people trying to run everyone elses lives…everyone knows the risks wen having sex. Yes it is smart to use condoms.. but if you make the porn industry do it.. whats gonna happen then? People want condomless porn… get over it!! If they make everyone wear condoms then there will be a black market with bareback porn that will not be tested at all… do people even think before they try to run someone elses shit…

  17. Jay in Chicago

    I too question how they would enforce this because it does bring up the questioned posed by another commenter of whether they’re going have city officials on the site making sure a condom is on every hard dick that goes into a bodily orifice in each shot. Or will they have someone sitting and watching every video that gets made to be sure all the dicks had condoms on them that went into an ass or vagina? Those questions aside though, I can still see the good intentions of those who might want this law. And I take issue with the flippant attitude I see yet again from a blogger on the issue of the porn industry being more responsible about raw fucking in porn. Time to start taking our heads out the damn clouds about the fact that we have a lot young gay men who may be learning the ins and outs of what to do in gay sex from porn. And the gay porn industry especially does send a signal that raw fucking is sexier than fucking with a condom. Very few show that putting that condom on can be a sexy part of the sexcapades and ways that can be depicted. Plus the fact that the industry had a syphilis problem not all that long ago shows they need to start getting it together and looking after these actors’ health. And just how the hell do you know if the porn actor in the blog caught HIV more likely at a different shooting location or in his person life? Especially if the other location had condom use when the California one was loose on condom use? That makes little sense and sounds almost like you’re trying to say you’ll be fine if you fucking raw but will get HIV when you start worrying about condoms.

  18. Gay Tony

    Ha! All this is going to make the business move elsewhere. The West Hollywood porn studios will just move to Texas, Las Vegas or Florida or even New York City.

    Like it or not, bareback porn WILL be made and this dumb law will NOT stop it. So don’t get butt-hurt, so to speak, over bareback porn.

    Bareback studios like Paul Morris, Chaos Men, Macho Fucker and Hot Desert Nights are killing Chi Chi LaRue’s and Corbin Fisher’s boring crap. This is why you see them resorting to desperate tactics like suing teenaged porn downloaders.

    I’m a very liberal person but condom nazis like Chi Chi LaRue and Weinstein here are basically imposing too much statism. They DESERVE the lost porn revenue, and that’s all they’re going to get if this law passes.

    Hopefully West Hollywood voters aren’t that stupid.

  19. Kevin

    I don’t believe this should be REQUIRED. Studios and models should be able to set their own rules regarding bareback material. They should also use the instant tests (I think it takes like a few hours) before a shoot. It should however, be the studio’s job to talk to the models beforehand about the risks involved in bareback sex. They models really should know this stuff ANYWAY, but a lot don’t. Then let them decide on their own if they’re still willing to do bareback scenes.
    I don’t do porn, but I do bareback. I know all the risks, and still choose to bareback. That’s my choice.
    I do NOT like porn with condoms in them. I will watch them if I REALLY like the models, but it would be a MUCH harder to get me to buy a porn with condoms than one without.

  20. Osei

    Should porn actors (male and female) decide that they want to use a protective mean, they could be forced out of the industry by producers who think it best to have bareback sex since in their opinion this may allow for the producers to get higher profits on their sale. So do porn actors really have a say in how they risk their lives?

    It is pretty obvious at times that an actor is wasting away yet you see the same actor interacting with other porn actors. I will not mention the studio that it has become obvious to anyone with common sense viewing that something is very wrong with some of the actors. Yet the production continues.

    I enjoy watching bareback porn (straight and gay), however I often wonder why these actors put themselves at such risk. Would I enjoy porn less with actors using protection? No. In fact… some of the stuff that goes on in porn is just a little over the top for my understanding.

  21. Sevas.Tra89

    Let the pornstars get sick! People dont actually loook at them as human beings, but as sexual objects and puppets to watch and play with. All that matters is the monkeys keep fuckin for the entertainment and gratification of the masses. 😀

  22. Me

    The idea that anyone in the industry opposes requiring condom use in video shoots APPALLS me. The videos guys watch help create the mind set that condoms (or bb) is the way to go.

    Shame on you, Michael W. Fattorosi! Shame! Shame! SHAME!

    Shame on you, adam4adam, for posting this crap!

  23. e

    We all know what messing around without a condom can do, this is not rocket science, and we know that ANY form of entertainment, be it action movies, reality tv and yes even Porn can be very influential. It is up to these companies and studios to be more conscience, and if they are not going to do it on their own then I support a legislative effort to the cause.

  24. David

    Porn is supposed to be a fantasy. I fantasize about having sex, not some approximation of sex that’s more appropriate for disposable guys you just use as a living dildo.

  25. Dayvid

    I guess then you’d need to ban str8 sex without condoms too…this is ridiculous and not the government’s business! And to the guy who said “he doubts anyone would want to be HIV positive”, have you ever heard of “bug chasers?” I suggest you do your research before running your mouth pumpkin.

  26. einathens

    are there actually people out there who are so stupid they cannot differentiate between pornography and reality? maybe what we need is an IQ test before you can watch XXX.

    larewnce o’donnell did a logical, thought-out, hysterically funny piece months ago on why republicans have to support bareback porn. google it.

  27. Jack

    Yeah…don’t see the problem here. If you’re being paid to have sex on camera, the least you can do is promote safe sex. Especially in the gay community where safe sex is sadly not cared enough about.

  28. Ron

    I must ask…how can “IT GET BETTER” when we focus our thoughts and actions on such stupid and trivial things such as porn actors…because very few are stars…fucking without condoms. With all of the money in the porn business, if such a law were to pass just CGI thecondom out in the editing process. Most of us, myself included, go to free sites and watch porn there anyway. I can’t tell you the last time I bought a video. I have so many on my phone its pathetic. If these actors would pay attention to their scene partner(s), stop looking in the camera and fuck as they are paid to do and fuck well, I could care less about a condom. I hate to see a guy looking at the cameraman or director for direction…leave that for behind the scenes or the editing room floor. What law should be passed is one that states that the tops dick should be hard for the entire scene, and that the bottom have walls and not be able to take an 8x5inch+++ dick with no reaction…that’s a law I would mos def rock the vote on!

  29. Matt

    Come on people. Porn is a depiction of a sexual fantasy. I don’t know about you, but there aren’t any condoms involved in my fantasies. There are also a whole lot of other things that happen in my fantasies that wouldn’t or shouldn’t occur in reality. Like winding up balls deep in the pizza boy. If porn actors don’t feel comfortable fucking bare, then they shouldn’t do BB porn. A pacifist who refuses to touch firearms shouldn’t become a cop. This outrageous proposition, if passed, will only serve to do what every other business-unfriendly on CA’s books server to do–ship money and jobs out of the already nearly bankrupt state.

  30. Charles

    I disagree with this author. The porn industry has coerced many women to do disgusting and extremely risky acts including consuming their own feces. It’s about time that someone took a stand. These women are not doing it on their own free-will. Many of them have mental health and drug abuse issues. They are bullied into doing these acts and putting their health at risk. By the way, this whole thing was initiated by Shelly Lubben, a former female sex worker who was abused by the industry.

    I actually think that this doesn’t go far enough. If it were up to me, I would add addition restrictions for the porn industry:

    1. No pregnant women
    2. No fecal consumption
    3. Must be at least 21 (instead of 18).
    4. Mandatory tests for herpes
    5. No ejaculation on a person’s face or eyes

  31. TruthAddict

    The porn industry is always talking about becoming “main stream.” Well, in “main stream” America, we protect our workers from known hazards. Wrap it up !!!

  32. Michael Fattorosi

    I am the author of the article.

    The readers of this article should also be aware of that there is current Cal-OSHA regulations in effect that already require barrier protection (condoms/dental dams/latex gloves) for anal, vaginal and oral sex depictions in porn production. Those regulations are state wide.

    Ballot Measure B is simply overkill. The general public should not be voting on worker safety laws for any industry.

    Ballot Measure B merely increases the levels of governmental bureaucracy involved. It also takes a violation that is a fine under Cal-OSHA and turns it into a criminal offense punishable by up to 6 months in jail.

    Ask yourself a question, if state regs already require condoms, dental dams and latex gloves, why is Michael Weinstein and AHF pushing for Ballot Measure B ? Why did they push for the City of Los Angeles “Safer Sex in Adult Film Ordinance” which passed in January 2012 ?

    And if you believe that performers are coerced into porn I invite you to visit

  33. Eric

    The porn industry just really needs to protect its actors/actresses I myself am a porn actor the company I work for requires that we get tested and that we must use condoms I for one believe that all porn companies should be required to use condoms

  34. Phine50

    I don’t live in LA so I can’t vote for this yay or nay, but something needs to be done about bare backing and raw gay videos and probably the straight videos too. From what you’ve posted here it’s unclear if this is the action to take but it’s a step in the right direction. I don’t care if the producers have performers regularly tested. The porn industry is relatively lax and I assume alot slips through the cracks. The top companies might have some standards but what about the little ones and independents who produce flicks will-nilly? Yeah its fantasy, but that fantasy influences viewers behavior in real life. Also porn actors are very sexually active on and off camera, so the tests on sets is insufficient. I think we the viewers need to take action by refusing to watch the flicks which bareback. When they can’t sell the product that’s when they’ll listen. I personally have stopped patronizing them. And you know what, my choices of gay videos to watch is getting slimmer and slimmer. Another problem is few members of the general public will join in a boycott if they have to reveal that they watch porn. Earlier on in the AIDS epidemic gay videos used to be the responsible ones which used condoms.

  35. Synn

    This is a toughie. I mean, I believe in choice and all that, but I also think consequences matter. Especially with national healthcare likely to stay in place should the POTUS/Dems maintain their positions. So I say make it legal to do bareback porn ONLY if those who CHOOSE to do so, identify themselves prior, and waive any entitlement to state/taxpayer funded healthcare. Thus if they make the choice to fuck raw, fine; just don’t expect the taxpayers to bail you out on HIV treatments when the quasi-inevitable happens.

  36. Jeremy

    Go ahead and pass the law. Porn companies will take their business and tax dollars elsewhere. You are not going to stop bareback sex with this law. Bareback porn is viewed voluntarily by people who enjoy it and many use it as a way to enjoy their fantasy without any danger. Those individuals who choose to engage in bb sex know and accept the associated risks. For those that argue that bb porn makes people more likely to engage in that behavior, does watching a movie with someone jaywalking in it make people more likely to jaywalk? If so, when some moron gets run over by a bus should we outlaw any jaywalking on film? We all have brains, it’s up to you to use it and make choices that are best for you. If you want bareback porn to go away, don’t buy it. The marketplace will dictate if people want it around or not.

  37. Charles

    The marketplace has no conscience. Of course people will buy porn because they enjoy watching it. The average person does not care about the sex workers. And like I said previously, many of these performers do not choose to engage in raw sex. They are not given much of a choice. I mean seriously, who would volunteer to eat their own feces? You all need to read between the lines. Just because they pretend to enjoy it does not mean that they actually enjoy it. They are acting!

  38. Adam

    This is what happens when government continues to explode! Government thinks it knows best.
    It’s interesting the same group that typically supports bigger, bloated government by electing those type of representatives, yes I mean democrats. Now see first hand what happens. Any it should be up to the star, whether they choose to work with or without a condem.

    Just food for thought! I don’t want any special treatment or special rights…just way less government before we end up like Greece and I have no money left to buy whatever kind of porn I want….

  39. Micho

    I’ll keep this short:
    I’ve chosen to be abstinate for the past four years, and I love bare back porn as its the fantasy that I’m not part of. I’ve often wondered where they get condoms and lube from in certain scenes in videos I’ve seen.
    Also, i’d like to know when condoms be came 100% safe? If woman can still get pregnent when her partner is wearing a condom then can’t you still contract hiv with one?
    We’re all adults and we all know the risk. It’s realy quite simple.

  40. Ed

    People not wearing a condom has little to do with anything other than laziness, as far as I’m concerned. You don’t feel like going to the store, your already SOOOO horny so just this one time won’t matter, he doesn’t look sick so I can risk it, the list goes on and on for all of the excuses we can make not to wear one but in this day and age as an adult you should think before you act. It has nothing to do with porn. And some of you are saying, but kids sometimes can get a hold of it and we have to keep that in mind. F*8k that. Beginning the conversation about sex/sexuality early will raise kids that are more conscious and hopefully, more protective of their bodies. It needs to start at home. All this will do is remove that fetish from the market. And guess what, if they can’t find it at home they WILL find it somewhere else. The focus should be on health education for parents and prospective parents(how old before its ok to talk about sex, questions your kids will ask, how to open that dialog). That is what is going to help this country get HIV free.

  41. jorge

    Maybe they can have a warning in the videos about how unsafe BB sex is like cigarette packs have to have about smoking. Or some kind of public announcement promoting safe sex or donate part of the procedes to an aids foundation, etc. These things would be much more beneficial, I think.

  42. Jake

    I think the porn industry SHOULD be required to use condoms.

    I believe gay porn barebacking films just promote UNSAFE SEX.

    People might not think so but porn movies condition people into thinking unsafe sex is fun and HIV is a thing of the past when it isn’t.

    Also, HIV tests only prove a person is not infected within a three month period. Let’s say someone gets infected after having an HIV test which indicated they were negative.

  43. Lee

    I’ve noticed that since the public sex, flashing sex, etc. sites starting showing that those sort of sex acts have negative consequences that people stopped getting in trouble for actually doing it as much. The same with the BDSM sites showing the actors as equals after the shoot, laughing and having a good time and that the attitudes they display on video are really just fantasy.

    In the early days I think there was a lot of government interaction because the promotion of risky or dark fantasies is really a lot more influential than people think. From what I can see the pressure to have a positive message has had good results for all parties. I don’t think condoms should be necessary (people will go elsewhere to fulfill their fantasies) but I think at least an amped up disclaimer that this sort of thing is risky business is really all responsible adults need to help them make the right choices. Some people you just can’t help in that regard and there is really no need to twist your brain into a pretzel to figure out how to compensate for that, that is their right after all.

  44. Bede

    If they don’t use rubbers in the porn, then why not offer PrEP? PrEP=Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
    (basically, they give u HIV meds to help prevent infection if you slept with someone who was positive, unprotected: its like how they put me on malaria meds b4 i went overseas to Malaysia)
    I personally prefer watching bb porn myself, and the actors in it are consenting to it. If they want to further decrease the chance, just have them go on PrEP. Shouldn’t be any ballot crap going on about it.

  45. MistrFistr

    Let’s see now, shall we? The rise of the “bareback studios” started JUST BEFORE the meteoric rise in new HIV infections in Los Angeles County (source: County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health, May, ’15) and the numbskull GenYers and Millennials AND some of the GenXers and even Boomers take on this L. Ron Paul “Losertarian” bent. DUH! ACTIONS, CONSEQUENECES, IDIOTS! As for “making the gay porn industry wrap it up,” that ship’s already sailed…MOST of the porn industry out in Chatsworth and Newhall has already pulled up stakes and has moved to a “Losertarian” environment…Texas. Good…maybe that’ll kill off some of those idiots down there! This is why I refuse to deal with ANYONE under 45 anymore…too dumb for their own good.

  46. Matt45342

    I do not know about anyone else but eh day I have to watch porn with condoms and dental dams is the day I stop watching (or buying) porn.

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