Fantasy : Cocky Priest

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with a Priest or Clergy when you were younger?

Well, in Belami‘s latest video scene, the young priest and his “friends” are having a blast, nothing less!

At the beginning of the video, the Priest shows his students where he lives, showing them around his house.

But then they all sit and he ask them to show him what they have learned this week.

The priest must have talked about sexual education the whole week, because as soon as he asked them, they start putting their education into practice, caressing him, playing with his cock, sucking his huge meat – one after the other… It was a Big Church orgy !

Have you ever fantasized about playing with a priest’s cock? Isn’t it the most forbidden thing to fantasize about?

Click here if you want to see the whole video!!!


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  1. Lorenzo

    I had sex twice with a catholic priest, he had a great cock for me to suck and a nice clean bubble butt ass to eat, it must have been a long time since he had sex cause he released like a 1/2 gallon of cum for me and his squeky clean ass was so nice, I hated to stop eating his bubble butt ass was so yummy.

  2. YounginSD

    I don’t really think it’s that sexy when it actually does happen to kids out there. Yeah it’s a fantasy, but it’s not like 18 year old high schoolers.

  3. Luis

    It’s just my view, but how do you expect other people to respect us (gay community) if we put them out like this. This is disrespectful even to me and im gay….if we want our rights the. We should respect the same back

  4. Jay

    I dated a Lutheran pastor some time ago. He was one of the kindest, loving men I had ever dated. There was never any pressure to have a relationship with his God and I appreciated it. Unfortunately he started dating me and I broke his heart, twice. I know that he has met another man he shares his heart with. His partner also loves him. Jeff, the pastor, deserves all the love I denied him. I saw him in my place of business once. He was curt, yet cordial. To this day I wish I had treated him better. Eternal thanks that he taught me how to be a better person. By the way, THE BEST SEX, EVER!

  5. Brawny Tony

    First guy who ever touched my dick was a Baptist youth pastor. Wish we had done more now, but I freaked out since it was my first time, and he was married. I jerked off everyday for a solid year just from the thought of him. Wish I could run into him now. I’d fuck him so damn hard! (I heard his wife divorced him….)

  6. Disgusting

    Are you kidding me? This is disgusting! There has been too many accounts of priests sexually abusing young boys out there. This video is highly offensive and they should think twice before putting such outrageous situations in pornography. Shame on them!

  7. noweighhosay

    as a former catholic, i find this truly disgusting, not because of the portayal of a clergyman, but because of all of the young boys who were abused by their priests. this is disrespectful to those who should have never had to endure sexual abuse from someone they are supposed to love and trust. in a nutshell, hot or not is DEFINITELY an ABSOLUTELY NOT

  8. Miguel

    I also find this particular topic and the video very wrong. It touches on a topic that is very sensitive to so many, victims included. No, never, no one in a position of authority should engage in sexual activity with those under his supervision. It NOT consensual, because they are not equal. Very disappointed at the Studio.

  9. sjohnson

    get over yourselves…it’a movie!!!
    at least they of legal age!!!
    think this would still be up on this page
    if they were not! DUH

  10. Alexis Cuchimba

    First of all I find this very disturbing and of very bad taste, not only that, but if we are claiming our rights we need to show respect back.
    The concept of this video actually turns me off and makes me think that it comes from a sick mind. It is my personal opinion but I do not see anything hot about it at all, there have been many kids abused by priests, must say not only catholic, but from other religions too.
    This is outrageous and disgusting and to be honest it can trigger the fanatic catholic people to see us as very bad people and they can even try to hurt us physically.
    As an example see what happened a couple of months ago in the middle east due to the stupid youtube video some smart ass director put there insulting the muslin community, all the fanatic Muslim people went crazy, they killed and ambassador, they burned KFC and they wanted to kill all americans. Now this stupid Bel Ami director comes with his smart ass idea of profanation against the pope and the catholic church, just wait for the video to get to the eyes or ears of the fanatic catholic people and you will see what will happen. Good bye to our rights, continue to be classified as sick minded people, disrespectful, perverted, etc, the discrimination will continue to get worst and worst.
    Definitely this video is an insult to the whole catholic church and something of very poor taste.
    Not to offend some people here, but I do not see anything to fantasize about having sex with a priest, to me it is disgusting as I do not find child abuse something nice, unless you are a sick minded person like the director of this disgusting video. by the way I am not even catholic neither I believe in any religion, religious to me are just ways to control people and to cause wars.

  11. John Ruis

    To sjohnson,
    Yes it is just a video or movie, but when it is targeting a group of people in this case the catholic people, who is a gigantic group it can cause severe consequences as the video is disrespectful and offensive.
    It is just a video yes, but look what just a video on youtube provoked last month when the Muslims went on a riot and killed the US ambassador, destroyed property and even burned a KFC. It was just a video and very stupid by the way, but this belami video is going too far to the point to infiltrate the vatican and then use it for I am sorry to say but “a perverted minded video” and I am not trying to offend anybody here. It happens that I know somebody who was abused by a baptist priest and his life has been miserable since then, I know there are much more people who their life has been ruined because of rape by priests, So in conclusion YES it is a video, but you need to use your brain before actually doing it and selling it as it is very offensive for a lot of people and to other it can remember them of the pain and trauma that they suffer when they were raped or abused.
    Very very low and poor taste.

  12. flzippy1

    I like morman missionarys who cum to my doors then,undress and have me suck them off or 69 with me usa florida gospel

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