Entertainment: DLTA Premieres Tonight!

Are you ready for DTLA? I know we are. It has been too long since there has been a good gay series on television and Adam4Adam is proud to be a small part of this exciting show with an amazing cast and crew!

Tune in for the premiere TONIGHT on Logo and OUT tv  at 11/10c, following the premiere of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race.

We were able to get the skinny on DTLA directly from the show’s director Larry Kennar!

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The long wait finally ends tonight…

I have been trying to get this television series made the last 4 years. DTLA may not be for everyone but it is an example of the way I have experienced life as a gay man. I feel so blessed to be able to have my vision appear on Logo in the U.S. and OutTV in Canada tonight. Im also thrilled to have A4A as a supporter.

All of us involved with this show have busted several neck veins to make this a reality!

Around all of the rough edges I hope people find something relatable in the honest and hard work coming from this beautiful cast and crew. Most importantly, please encourage your friends and family to tune in or set their DVR’s.

Even if you don’t love it, the success of this show will open the doors for many new shows and points of view.

It’s time to let go and see what happens!


Larry Kennar Entertainment
Los Angeles, California

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  1. Leo

    Would have been nice if they said something about the show. It’s more than pretty faces and gay focus, isn’t it? Is it comedy? Drama? Talkshow? Reality? He doesn’t say…

  2. BryBry

    I don’t have cable either, so have to get access to Noah’s Ark, Queer as Folk, Shelter, etc after they are out on DVD, which I don’t mind doing, but it would be nice if there was a public access channel where some of the LGBT programs are viewable during as first run series, a la Downton Abbey. Hey PBS! are you listening??

  3. edgar_truth

    it was okay, a little iffy on the acting and the characters, but it’s just the first episode. Although i didn’t get a sense of chemistry between the lead couple. and the speech Leslie Jordan gives is hilarious. I’ll give this show a couple of weeks to hit it’s stride.

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