Entertainement : DTLA The Series – On TV Oct. 24!

Do you remember few months ago, we talked about DTLA a new gay television series…

Well, the series will begin airing on Logo in the US, and in Canada’s OUTtv Wednesday October 24, 2012 at 11/10c.

It is produced by L Word veteran Larry Kennar. The show follows a group of friends in Downtown Los Angeles as they deal with life, starting with the breakup of boyfriends Lenny (Darryl Stephens) and Bryan (Matthew Stephen Herrick).

“OUTtv is committed to the development of new dramatic TV series that tell the stories of the LGBT community,”

The show is shot in what creators call a “European” style, meaning there is way more sexy scenes than you might be used to. (I looooove that !!)

It also features familiar faces including Stephens (Noah’s Arc), Danny Roberts (MTV’s The Real World), Erin Daniels (The L Word), Tiffany Pollard (I Love New York), Luenell (Borat), Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show), Internet superstar B. Scott, William McNamara (Doing Time On Maple Drive) and Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) and is mostly improvised and often based on stories from the creators’ lives.

In few weeks, we’ll have the Director talk about his show just for you guys… I’ll keep you posted…But for now, mark your calendar!!!! October 24th, is the first show.

Oh, and I have a little scoop for you…. They mention A4A in an episode ! I saw the scene and it gave me chills….

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(Watch the trailer below!)



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  1. Gary

    WOW, how many years has it been sence there was a new series on LOGO? I stopped supporting the advertisers and the network when everytime I turned it on, the only thing showing for what seemed like days and days was Ru Pauls Drag Race.

    One has to hope that this production, shot in ‘european’ style, is not as edited as Queer as Folk when it came to sex scenes and language.

    I was very disappointed to see that Leslie Jordan would appear in the show after the way LOGO and the powers at be treated Del Shores. I noticed that his credit was for Will and Grace and not the LOGO show ‘Sorded Lives’. Why did LOGO not use ‘Sorded Lives’ as the Leslie Jordan credit.

    I can only hope that the writers and all involved got their money in advance.

  2. Tim

    Just what the world needs another gay themed tv show with no characters that represent the real world. More sterotypes ahead im afraid

  3. edgar_truth

    i’m like “meh.” i’ll probably give it a gander but not into the whole improvised part but it’d be nice to see gay people of color getting some notice and i will admit when that old guy is all “is he white or black?” i kinda laughed because i think that should be addressed, the interracial dating stigma goes both ways. However, i’ll be generally surprised if this lasts longer than a season.

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