Contest : Best Halloween Costume

Hey guys!

We received tons of pictures from you all, thank you very much!

Monsters, sexy navy boy, batman, zombies etc…

But I’ve made my decision….

This year’s winner is very very cool and we are very pleased about it….

It is a A4A Superhero and it’s our friend Ltnbttm89 from Chicago! So original and cool!

Ltnbttm89, thank you very much, starting tomorrow you will get our “Supporter Package” for one full year !




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    • blog

      Simply Touched…there was very nice costume but, we liked this one better cause came up with the idea of doing a A4A superhero costume, and created it with his hands, so we liked it!

  1. Simply-Touched

    if anyone would like to see a real superhero I have my pics of my full body painted Robin costume from when I competed in a national modeling contest and more than glad to email it out my a4a is Simply-Touched HMU

  2. jerry_2012

    It was not a wise or smart thing to admit to Josh that the Best Costume might not have been the BESSSSSST costume but had to pick it because of it being an a4a super hero. Why didn’t you give it the best a4a super hero costume and select a REAL best costume? By doing it your way you created unnecessary controversy!

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