Watch This : Hmmm.. Sexy Romney Parody

Hey guys, watch this!

When 5 cute guys decide to take a boy band anthem (One Direction’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful”) to create an amazing Romney Parody, this is what it looks like !

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

Oh, and if you want to sing along, lyrics are after the jump !


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You’re insecure
Some Say a Bore
Morally bankrupt but you profited some mo – oh – ore
Outsourcing jobs
Bain cover up
Two years of tax returns really ain’t enough

Everyone else on TV can see it
Everyone else but Fox News

Romney you lie to voters like no body else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
But when you smile at your wealth it ain’t hard tell
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below

If only we saw what Ann could see
We’d understand avoiding Maddow so desperately
You change positions for elections, what should I believe
You won’t show

What you’re hiding down below oh oh
You have got to disclose

So c c c’mon
The Right is Wrong
You’ll be exposed as a fraud
Before too lo-ong
I don’t know why
you’re telling lies
You made billions by firing the “Average Guy”

Everyone else on TV can see it
Everyone else but Fox News

Romney you lie to voters like no body else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
But when you smile at your wealth it ain’t hard tell
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below

If only we saw what Ann could see
We’d understand avoiding Maddow so desperately
You change positions for elections, what should I believe?
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below
Oh oh oh
You have got to disclose

nah nah nah nah

Romney you lie to voters like no body else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
I’ll bet I’ll smile once I see your “off shore accounts”

Romney you lie to voters like no body else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
But when you smile at your wealth it ain’t hard tell
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below

If only we saw what Ann could see
We’d understand avoiding Maddow so desperately
You change positions for elections, what should I believe?
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below

You have got to disclose
You have got to disclose

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  1. Randy

    Yeah, how about Obama disclose all his “green” contacts, like Solyndra. And why can’t Obama talk about the last four years? Pretty sad president. And OMG, the Middle East! Every embassy now compromised, and he’s off to Las Vegas to ANOTHER fundraiser! And nothing screams incompetent like trying to pin the blame on a film maker (and having him arrested! in America!) for his foreign policy screw-up. So much for free speech. Finally, let’s definitely not mention how many current Bain executives are money bundlers for Obama’s campaign.

  2. Jon

    Are we supposed to assume from this that Obama is somehow poor, therefore much more compassionate about the middle and lower class? As they jet set with Beyonce and Jay Z, taking endless vacations, dining on Kobe beef?

  3. shawn

    It was very well done, the guys are all hot, and they are showing good facts on why romney dose not need to be a president, 4 more years 4 OBAMA!!!!!!

  4. Another

    I’m pleased to see that there are young gay males that actually care about the future of the country.
    Regardless of political point of view, I don’t see many homosexuals talking about politics and the economic climate of the nation.
    My applause to this group of conscious and good looking guys to express their political point of view.

  5. hadenoughalready

    wtf is wrong with our community? here are some fun facts that might help you to stop thinking of yourself:

    Highest deficit in history
    Highest unemployment in history
    Highest number of people on welfare in history
    Highest nember of people on food stamps in history
    Highest tax hike on the middle class in history (obamacare)
    Lowest rating on our country in history and was down-graded again recently
    Fast and Furious cover up (if he was republican, look out!)
    Solyndra scam on our tax dollars
    Used the LGBT community for political gain with his “evolving” opinion.
    Waved a magic wand and got 1.7 million new votes from making illegals, legal….

  6. denney

    that was the worst attempt ive see in a longtime of trying to get popular . those boys are living under a rock if they believe what they were singing ,, they are all very hot but have brains of a peanut if they fall for that bull .. romney is a breath of fresh air without him the usa will fall and we will no longer have freedom as we know it ..

  7. Rob

    The guys are cute, the lyrics are just plain stupid and uninformed! Romney, although not perfect, has FAR less skeletons in his closet than that MARXIST in the White House right now! Obama is friends with a guy who bombed the Pentagon and the NYC police headquarters (Bill Ayers), plus sat in the pews of Rev. Wright for 20 years listening to anti-American rhetoric and nodding his head the whole time! How about Romney release his tax returns when Obama UN-SEALS his college transcripts that he spent millions on to hide from the view of the voting public? I’ll bet there are some REAL gems in there!

  8. G90814

    re: HadEnoughAlready:

    1) Due to GW Bush spending
    2) Peaked just after GW Bush left office… going down ever since

    Etc, etc, etc… you can’t fix all the issues in 4 years that W messed up in 8.

  9. Marty

    so sad to be inundated with the sheep-like allegiance to Obama and the same robotic dislike of Romney. Neither one is of any use to the US.

  10. terry

    AWESOME video! I dont think Romney is a bad guy, but come on, he is so far removed from the middle class, he hasnt a clue about their problems. His robotic and fake concern for the middle class, is laughable. He doesnt seem to have any answers for the important questions he is asked. People forget it took the US over a decade to pull out of the depression, and Obama is expected to do it in 3.5 years. Obama was attacked for his policies, on day one of his presidency, and there has been no let up since. I am sure most of you Romney supporters, are from weatlhy families, and never had to deal with being poor or the struggles inherent in that. As gay men you need to appreciate a president that recognizes us as equals, not something to be ashamed of or swept under the rug as the republican party would like to do.

  11. Jerry Spaniard

    What they lack in substance they make up for in beefcake, for sure.
    I’m gratified reading the posts here to discover that not EVERY gay man alive is in the tank for Obama.

  12. Phil

    the comments prove we have both republican and democrat gays which is great as we wont have any gays once Rommney is in. A non partisan silencing of freedom. Rommney is as ignorant as the leader of Iran who says “we dont have homosexuals in our country”.

  13. K

    that was a fun video. Don’t think this is the place for a political discussion though. How is it that a few of us gays still vote against our best interests? No matter what u think about either candidate Obama is the only one that cares about our rights(even if just a little). Look at the mess this man has had to clean up. 8 years of an incompetent leader before him, and with members of the house & senate opposed to his every move. They are the ones who need voted out of office. 4 more years!

  14. truckercouple

    funny topic and funny vid,,, to bad the guys couldn’t all figure out when to move their mouths as well as the ones who did, OVER SANG like most famous singers do when they lip sing in their vids, LESS mouth is more realistic…

  15. truckercouple

    obama is not fixing bush’s mistakes and bush couldn’t fix Clinton’s mistakes.. HELLO voting public,,,, voting on a president to FIX the country is like voting for an american idol winner, IT’S ABOUT WHO’S MORE POPULAR based off their sad off stage sad stories and blah blah blah.. it’s NOT about who is actually BEST………..

    NO president has really EVER accomplished everything if any of the things they promised and to actually believe they CAN, is idiotic and ignorant,,, it’s the senators we have to pay more attention to when voting……

    i think the voting public need to STAND UP and take all these issues in their own hands and GIVE PINK SLIPS to politicians or in the least, LOWER THEIR PAYCHECKS,, why is THAT never on the menu….. gay prices, no jobs, illegal aliens taking over and yet GAY marriage is an issue, marijuana is an issue, candidates tax records,,,, REALLY who cares since none of these candidates really care about US, the REAL issues that WE have to deal w/ on a daily basis,,, working, food, affording gas or even TRYING To get a job for most,,, college tuition to outrageous, health care to expensive,,, Y should i pay 75 dollars JUST TO WALK THROUGH THE DOOR,,,, REALLY…….. this country has it’s head on backwards and needs to figure it out instead of relying on a STUPID president to accomplish something THEY CAN DO REALISTICALLY DO as president if the congress is against him……… and NO ONE of these idiots truly care about US and if they do, they just are new at their jobs and haven’t beeen corrupted yet…….

  16. Synn

    hadenoughalready, are you freakin’ KIDDING me?!

    Pay attention:

    In three years, Obama & his administration have:
    1) Called for/signed the repeal of DADT. Regardless as to what you might choose to believe, tearing down the most visible federally-codified discrimination, is kinnnnda sorrrrt offff a HUGE deal.

    2) Hired 149 open/out administrative staff, nearly double that of any other President. (as of December 2011)

    3) Issued an official Executive-order mandating that hospitals treat LGBT couples the same as straight ones, in emergency and bedside access; this despite its high vulnerability to judicial challenge (not politically expedient at all, but still done).

    4) Upheld DOMA while it was law, but immediately moved to refuse its upholding once it was judicially challenged.

    5) Signed into law that Federal Housing Authority loans can no longer consider the sexual orientation of applicants.

    6) Successfully pushed for Federal child-care subsidies to be accessible/used by the children of LGBT domestic partners, even in states where they can’t marry.

    7) Successfully pushed for the Labor Department to modify the Family And Medical Leave Act, allowing a gay federal employee to take leave to care for a child with his partner.

    8) For the Lesbians, he (via Eric Holder) had the Violence Against Women Act reinterpreted to cover partners in a same sex relationship.

    9) Became the first sitting President to ever express support for outright marriage, over civil unions.

    ……list goes on and on. And you call this “Using the LGBT community”??? Good lord, I could double this list with little effort, but the case-in-point would remain the same: the man’s done farrrrrrrrrrrrrr more for “the gay community” than the last ten Presidents combined, and may very well do more.

    Granted I’m sorry he can’t wave his magic black penis and make it all happen on a time-scale that YOU approve of, but the fact remains, he and his people have done a shit-ton for us!

    And he’s rewarded for it with a bunch of “it’s not enough” whining, by people who are so engrossed in their pursuit of the PERFECT that they can’t see when PREFERABLE is staring them right in the damn face. *sigh*

  17. edgar_truth

    ugh… i really don’t like my politics and sex mingling… that and i was hoping for nudity not just generic pretty boys prancing around, hell i could have gone to any gay bar for that.

  18. ajames

    Where are you guys getting your about Obama from. Clearly no of you have read the document called Obamacare which by the way replicates Mitt Romney’s proposal almost to the letter. In an attempt to be bipartisan might I add. Obama my have evolved his opinion for political reasons but that is better than outrightly saying No they can’t marry because if they do god will frown on my marriage. Further Mitt is going to create a class rather like never before seen in the USA and that my friends is a fact we learned from Rome and Greece. History teaches a lot if you will read it. I have read the proposal Romney is wanting and the law now in place. Fellow republicans do your homework better. Yes I’m a proud republican but Mitt Romney spells disaster. Normally I would not say a president has that much power but when the House and Senate is majority one sided that side has too much power. This is not the system our fathers wanted. Please consider my words find the documents read them and think long and hard about the history behind each move I promise this as all been done before and the end is tragic. Hot guys in video.

  19. Jerry Spaniard

    I love it how the guy who says “Don’t think this is the place for a political discussion” immediately chimes in with his own political position. I am fairly certain he would not have led-off with that comment if it was the usual completely Liberal echo-chamber found on most Gay-related blogs.

  20. Cockoholic

    There’s a lot of rancorous debate in these comments, most of it misdirected and much of it pure fiction. Please note that the video criticizes Romney (and Fox News) but does not mention Obama at all. Romney in 2012 is in the same position as Kerry in 2004 — a ridiculous affluent candidate who is fundamentally weak due to his inability to relate to voters. Many D’s in 2004 wanted anyone but Kerry, and many R’s want anyone but Romney now. And it’s likely that Romney, like Kerry, will lose an election that should otherwise be winnable for him.

  21. Hunter

    A group of young equally easy on the eyes Romney supporters could easily do the same take on President Obama. The runtime of the video would be much longer, however.

  22. Adam

    I can understand there being gay republicans, but I can’t understand gay Romney supporters. You willingly want to elect somebody to the White House who despises you and wants to undo the entirety of our rights? Someone who calls rape victims deserving whores and then won’t let them buy plan B or abort because if it wasn’t meant to be GOD would have stopped it? Someone who believes that the answer to solving the debt crisis is cutting the tax on our highest earners? Someone whose claimed policies would bankrupt Medicare by 2016?

    I understand not wanting to vote Obama. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about him either, but to blindly vote Romney-Ryan (and don’t even get me started on that crazy fucker Paul Ryan) is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Maybe when Republicans aren’t dead set on nominating someone who wants to send us back to the Christian dark ages I could see myself voting Republican again.

    And now for the obligatory. Hot guys, not crazy about the 1D song or their take on it but I’m behind the message. (Or at least Romney should have a better response to the allegations he’s been dodging taxes than “no”)

  23. Johnathan Myers

    Ahahaha.. You guys are funny.. Thanks for the great blog post Adam4Adam.. And Chris thanks for the sole positive comment.. I think I’m in good company following this life philosophy.. I only get worried when people aren’t talking…. It worked for Wilde 😉

  24. EJ

    Two thoughts here.

    One: that video is awesome LOL. I rather enjoyed that. 😉

    Two: On a more serious note, I grew up in Detroit, located in MI where Mitt Romney was born and where his father held two prominent positions. One was as Governor of the State of Michigan and one as the CEO of American Motors Co and Jeep. Having said that, I ask you to think about MI, it’s piss poor economy, failed infrastructure, it’s complete dependence on the auto industry and ask yourself is that what you want America to become as a whole? Ask yourself are the rank and file hourly workers of AMC/Jeep better for having a Romney at the helm? I know where Romney was born, I know where he went to school at Cranbrook Institute and I know the elite group he was raised around and let me assure you it is the brunch with Buffy crowd and not the average working American. That mans only connection with the working class is when they take his order, wash his clothes, make his bed, etc. Now I know I compared Mitts dad in this but understand the difference between Mitt and his father is that Mitts dad at least pretended to care.

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