Photography : Patriota Twins #2


Few months ago I had posted on the Patriota twins and I remember that you guys really liked it.

They are back together in a photoshoot by Damon Baker.

A little edgier, darker and dirtier than the previous one by Rick Day, this session features the hot brazilian models …in white underwear again!

But isn’t that how we like to see them ?


Photo credit : Damon Baker

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  1. ouah

    they are twin , played , acted erotic together,,, kind of degenderation.. Even people have a close with brother or sister , never acted like those photos , just like animals ate them fellow . It is sick

  2. edgar_truth

    …Meh (cue shoulder shrug). I mean they’re cute and i like twins (some of the best sex i ever had) but i’m not feeling these two, which is insane because i do tend to lust after brazilians something fierce.

  3. specs

    @M:They aren’t ripped… They’re skinny. Those muscles are just the natural ones that everyone has and because of their low fat content the muscles are more visible… along with the help of make up and lighting. Someone that is “ripped” is a lot beefier w/ cuts then these two. They do nothing for me lol

  4. Twin lover

    We have the Owen twins in Harrisburg that live together and everyone thinks it is hot especially when they both cruise A4A. Playing with twins is every mans fantasy.

  5. Marco de Narco

    I’m gonna agree. Decent bodies, if somewhat underfed. The whole “taboo / incest” thing is a bit of a turn off to me. The ultra fem / overly groomed look is a big deal breaker. I don’t care about how “ripped” (or anorexic) you are, or how big your cock is, but a face like a cracked out drag queen? No thanks…

  6. HnsmHRY1

    These guys r TOO SKINNY. Sure they’re cute but they need to be beefier and HAIRY…give ’em 15 years and they’ll look hotter ,I’m sure

  7. Enzo

    Hmm … Not so much. Sure, they photograph well, being skinny kids with moody hair and harsh angles, but, and I will probably lose most of you on this one: nothing is less sexy then two brothers kissing. Nothing says “i’ll do anything for a buck” or ” I’m so fucked up on meth that I don’t care what I do” than brothers pretending to Fuck.

  8. truckercouple

    1. u can be skinny and not have that muscle tone, so NO it’s not everyone’s natural muscles and 2. they don’t do anything for me,, not a fan of sexual tension among twins in pix or even porn,, no thanks

  9. Greg Burton

    Once again, paraded in front of a bunch of vain, shallow, and superficial bunch of bitches who look at another man like a piece of meat! There is more to a man than his body, looks, age, and dick size. These pics do nothing for me either. Quality of a guy is determined on the inside for me.

  10. Parker

    nice tight bodies, but it is just an underwear add and not a brand that is hot! Love the lighting but the posing is bad, love the guys!!!!

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