Music : Christina Aguilera’s New Single

Christina just revealed her new single this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

The song is called “Your Body” and will be available for download on Itunes monday !

The song is somewhat catchy and shows the amazing talent the singer has and I love her very powerful vocals

I bet the remixes are going to be amazing !

Her album Lotus is due out November 13, 2012.

Like ?

Let me know !


(Listen to the song after the jump)



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  1. hotniqqa

    Okay when I was younger I could play Xtina genie in a bottle while my grandmother grooved. If she heard this she would slap the living hell outta me.

  2. R

    It’s a catchy song… But for her being a mother now I think she’s forgetting that she’s not in her 20’s anymore, it may have been cute in the ” Stripped ” era but I want to fuck your body?!?… my opinion… She’s trying to hard.

  3. Jay

    The irony of Xtina’s song being read-down by R on an A4A blog post, *facepalm*. …Acting as if she’s a woman from the Victorian era, this is fucking 2012 and someone who is sexually liberated shouldn’t get the stigma of “trying to(o) hard.” Do you think your mother stopped getting hers after you were born? Sit the fuck down. She’s in her 2nd year of her 30s not near menopause. Get yours Xtina, I ain’t mad at you.

  4. David Paz

    Really??? How many artists Have way more explicit songs and it seems like this one really gets to all of you?? really??
    Get over it and if you don’t like whatever it is that you don’t like #DON’T LISTEN TO IT..

  5. Keil

    She’s always been a great blend of classy, sexy, and dirrty- like everyone on here likes to think of themselves as sometimes!

    I’ve been waiting for this, I’m thrilled she’s back in Artist mode!


  6. icy

    I LOVE it! I enjoy that she didn’t go with a dance heavy first single. Also, Christina is 31, 31 year old mothers still get horny, still want to fuck, they shouldn’t have to tone it down as a popstar only because they now have a child.

  7. rich

    this is what I’m talking about,its has just the right amount of electro pop vibe but love the urban/r nb twist,her voice sounds very commanding on this sound,its def a hot club banger,u can grind on the dancefloor with it and pump your fist at the same time,well done christina,finally a hot voice back on the radio without auto tune,ps gaga,riri,kesha,nicki and katy are the ones who tries really hard not xtina.

  8. Mark

    Has everyone forgotten that Xtina has always been about sex!? The songs hot, she’s hot, if ur a hater u can suck a shitty asshole. Team xtina!

  9. R

    Jay calm it down boo… Like I said ” my opinion ” everyone has opinions, and I stated mines, so dont come at me because of what I said K,thanks

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