Jack-Of Material : Strictly For Bubble Butt Lovers


Hey guys I thought you might like these bubble butts !

Let me know which one is your favorite…

Mine is number 1 I think…the boxer πŸ™‚


(more pics after the jump)




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  1. Randy

    I’m gonna have to show you what a bubble butt is cuz those are not it…but I will say that I’d have all of them sit on my face πŸ˜› ( ! )

  2. Jc

    Love that last ass pic – hairy asses and hairy legs are so hot. Love to tongue a sweet fresh clean hairy hole then mount it! Thanks for the pics. Also love big low hanging balls.

  3. al

    Numbers 3, 4 and 5 arent bubble butts, just your average fit ass. Theyre crack is too open because they lack the depth of actual bubbly glutes. Suprised no black or hispanic guys are pictured, they tend to have bubblier butts. Number 1, 6, and 7 have the nicest ass and are actual bubble. The last one is just bony. 2 isnt that bubbly either.

  4. edgar_truth

    i’m not going to lie… sometimes dudes can rock the hairy crack look, but i think it depends on how hairy and how round that ass is.

  5. darryl

    All i can say is finally thank you! For all us ass lovers, we are tickled pink with all the choices given to us. Each one made my mouth water, so i have to give you a standing ovation. This guy is very happy, and hungry for something butt what?

  6. Shane

    My favorite is defiantly number 2. I wish they had a picture of a guy in compressions shorts cause that makes a bubble butt even more bubbly haha. It’s like yoga pants for guys πŸ™‚

  7. The Cincinnati Kid

    I like a nice round, brown, black or yellow bubble butt…..but unfortunately it seems that you were only able to find white butts.

  8. Pierre La Fon

    How can I choose from all these beautiful booties!!!
    if I have to choose it would be #3 … mmmmm!!!
    But then #7 makes me hungry …
    Thanks for sharing these pics… my dreams will be awesome tonight;l

  9. G90814

    I wouldn’t turn any of them away… and I’ll go with the guys who like ’em natural… keep the razors away! Hairy is nice, smooth is nice, butt stubble sucks (and not in a good way).

  10. hnsmhry1

    DAMN..why can’t my gardener look like a hot, blonde surfer dude,,,but think the guy with the LOW hangers is my favorite (could use a little more fur on those cheeks)

  11. Lorenzo

    nothing hotter then eating a squeky clean bubble butt ass, I had a b/f who couldn’t wait for me to eat his bubble butt ass, he was a pro figure skater and had a hard bubble butt ass that I would fuck and eat several times a day, once when finished he bagan to rub my crotch which ment I would fuck his hot bubble butt ass till I would cum and he was never satisfied, good for me.

  12. truckercouple

    the guy laying down on the couch was the only one i liked,,, even bubble butts look flatter when you bend completely over like most of the guys were doing…… I will say that if a guy has a hot bubble butt, it’ll turn me on more than his body type usually…. a lot of heavier guys can have some super fine ass bubble butts just as much as thinner guys….a hot plump rump gets me hard,,,, and my husband does it for me every time…

  13. Troy

    I’d love to eat all those asses out. I don’t believe those are bubble butts tho. They are muscular. Which is fine πŸ™‚ But in all…I would have to go with number 3. Awesome ass and nice hangers!

  14. whatever

    Funny… Black men have some of the biggest and roundest butts yes non of these men are black? Things about adam4adam that make you go hummmm.

  15. The Jersey City Kid

    Hmmmm! Ok all you bubble butt boys! The census is leaning towards hairy asses Rock! So please stop shaving!!! I like to munch and floss all at the same time! All pretty ass, 2 & 7 are my favorite. I agree that more variety is needed (come on A4A you can do better), brown, tan, black, blue black, and even some yellow tail! The prettiest ass I ever seen was on an Asian guy!

  16. Lee

    The second one has the best looking ass but the last one with all the hair is a big turn on. I’d like to eat number 2s ass and I’d like to fuck the last guys ass. But they all have nice ones.

  17. Papi Rico Chico


  18. thomas

    Those are not bubble butts……….and how comes they are all white…….I thought bubbles came in all different colours.
    Granted they are good looking attractive guys, but after reading the title and then seeing the pictures…….

  19. HoseJockey

    #1 & #2 are the only ones displayed as “bubble” & that’s my vote in order. The rest are great muscled asses. I have to vote for #3 too, but that’s not for his ass but his low hangers…

  20. carlos

    I agree with MORENO and WHATEVER…..Why are ethnic and or Black men always ignored during these otherwise silly questions?? Although I can’t tell whether some of the men up there are not latin or asian because lord knows we come in all sorts of shades but I’m pretty sure they’re white….What gives?? I’m sure this is not intentional but in my opinion I believe what we think is “HOT” really starts with skin color….which is another topic maybe we should touch a pond one day.

  21. Merl1n

    Number 7, just because I’m totally in love with Quinn Christopher Jaxon, and number 8 because it’s the definition of man ass personified. I like the feel of a hairy ass crack bouncing against my pelvis as I’m fucking it deep.

  22. Qnzsexyitaliano

    Where are the pics of the hot black me even though im white I live for hot black guys but rarely any pics of them are not posted in the j/o blogs sup wit that need more attention paid to my hot men of color

  23. twilight

    hey whatever my man is black and he thinks mine is better then his and i am white he says I m a black black trapped in a white boys body with a butt like mine

  24. domtopman2013

    2nd pic after the jump…ass up, on all 4s looking back…nut sak hanging…fuck the hell out of him…raw fuck that home…fill his sweet tite mancunt up with loads of cum…

  25. timberrrr

    As much as I enjoy looking, I want to TASTE. Hmmmm. . .
    It’s #2, goes with my hard on n fetish for men stripping
    out of their boxers. Gggrowwwlll. . .

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