Hottie Of The Day : Group Action !


Today’s  “hottie of the day” is a group of gorgeous men.

There are 24 in total, and all of them are fuckin’ yummy, fit and hot !

I personally have a crush on alllllll of them, seriously !

I wouldn’t mind having hot sex with all of them …

Which one is your favorite ?


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  1. Mysiki

    The Asian one the the the front row, and the shorty dead in the middle.. back row, next to the black guy with the black speedo on

  2. G908414

    They’d all look much better if they didn’t shave all their body hair… not that I’d toss any of them out, but it would be much more appealing (to me).

  3. William Austin

    Silly Rabbitt, you know you can’t be in love with 25 guys all at once! We all know 3 guys at a time is : stimuls overload!

  4. msulinguist

    What do you mean, which “one” is my favorite? they’re all carbon copies of 1 man. six pack abs and artificially smooth. How about a group of diverse guys to pick from? my tastes aren’t this narrow!

  5. edgar_truth

    are there any black guys in this? also, totally agree that there is no diversity in this at all. muscular and smooth… okay…. can i get some chest hair, some REAL ethnic diversity and possibly men who look like REAL men?

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