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A full beard is the classic expression of maleness. That might be the reason we are seeing a lot of gay men growing one these days….

Beards do have many manly aspects… they accentuate the facial structure and they give men a beefier look.

I have to say that I love a man with a full beard… a beard that is more than just a two day shadow!

But dont get me wrong, I love the  the scruffy look too! For me, the scruffy look is better than the shaved look for sure! … to get my ass eaten by a bearded face… or see my cock disappearing in a forest of facial hair when I get sucked.

Do you like full beard too? Do you find it Hot or Not ?



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  1. William P.

    A dude with a full beard is a major turn-off for me, as well as a very hairy body. If I wanted to have sex with a dude who looks like a homeless person, I would cruise the local Salvation Army. Yeah, I know that different things turn on different people, so live with it…or not.

  2. Khanfessor

    I don’t mind full beards but it seems a trend nowadays is to let the beard grow w/o any grooming which is, well…nasty. Makes the dude look like a rat hiding in a clump of bushes. My thinking is if you grow it, keep it neat.

  3. Drew

    I think it all depends on the guy wearing it. Some men look great with a full beard, while others don’t. For me, I like a guy with a full beard as long as its well-groomed or trimmed to look well. If it tends to look out of hand then I tend to pass on that one…like guys with shadow also.

  4. Does It Matter?

    Not EVERY man can “grow a successful beard”. Beards don’t fit EVERY man well: some look GREAT with them, some look awful. While I can grow a GREAT beard, I don’t like the look on me, as my facial structure is “not condusive to wearing a beard”.

    What I don’t get are the slobs that think that the “slob look” is HOT/Cool looking. It’s not, it’s just “sloppy”.

    Oh, and those “patchy” beards look that WORST.

  5. Charlie

    I like a hairy natural man as much as a shaved man. If it is a neat trim beard (like pic above) that’s fucking hottt. Get old and gray like me I shave it off lol

  6. Brad

    I agree with the beard with a shaved head comment. That just doesn’t seem to work for me. But I do love a man with a short beard that goes beyond five o’clock shadow. And beards can feel very hot when rubbed in the right places while doing the right thing.

  7. Eric in Spring Hill, FL

    No!!! A goatee, a nice mustache, even the proverbial 5 o’clock shadow look is fine but a full beard? Absolutely not! Maybe it’s just a Daddy issue for me as my father has a full beard and well, he is just an asshole, in his own loving way! :-/

  8. Trizzy Troy

    As a dude from Philly I see guys with nicely groomed full beards all day. We have a high concentration of Suni Muslims and they r masculine n oh so sexxy! Grooming a full beard is like taking care of a full head of hair.

  9. William Austin

    Nothing like clean fresh face! I enjoy a beard on younger guys if groomed ! A beard on older guys to me, not so much, actually a big turn off! Soup strainer and everything else!

    I had a full beard in the 70’s and the Tee shirt and gens…Pasay…. They are really a lot of work! I shave everything! The older the guy, the less hair, the younger they look ! keep them guessing! Gray hair gives away the age!

  10. Jay in Chicago

    If a beard is nicely trimmed and well maintained, it can be quite sexy on certain guys. But I’m more a goatee man myself when it comes to facial hair as I myself have sported a goatee for almost 5 yrs after spending most of my adult life into my early 30’s smooth faced and averse to sporting facial hair. I like the matured appeal it adds to my looks after so many years of strangers often mistaking me for a teen boy instead of a 20-something adult heading into his 30’s. I still have some who say I have a youthful face but being in my 30’s now it’s less a hassle not having folks mistake me as a kid. I can take youthful adult lol

  11. Alex

    I have to agree with Jesse and Jackson. It all depends on the guy. If it’s a well-kempt beard, it can be very sexy, provided it’s on the right kind of face. But the ZZ-Top variety that looks like a bird’s nest (and God only knows what might escape just when you ARE looking), to say nothing about how they sometimes SMELL (!), I’m inclined to pass.

  12. Steven

    Jackson must visit some really gross places, he always is in the eewww mode, lol, might tell us something about him. personally i have recently grown a great full but short beard and find, not only do i love it, but a whole lot of men have hit on me since, not that i had much trouble before. the beard does retain some of the smell of some great ass, crotch, balls, and cum smells.. wwwwooooowwwww, for a short period of time i might add tho.

  13. e

    I have gotten a lot more positive feedback since I grew my facial hair, I don’t have a full beard, I could never grow it evenly, but I have enough to fake it into scruff

  14. Love

    Full beards are cool. Especially when the right one wears it, so its hot for them. Its almost like don’t touch it, because it looks so good. Its hard growing one in, but its worth it.


    I’ve had a full (thick) beard for forty some years – wouldn’t go anywhere without it. i like it even more now becuase of the salt & pepper effect.

  16. Javier

    I believe is really hot. You should post some pictures like you did for the recent post about bubble butts! I’ll love to see the hot pictures you’ll come up with!

  17. George

    I love a man with any facial hair and big tits and smaller waist. Not necessarily a 30 inch waist, but not a 44 inch waist. Also at least semi passionate.

  18. Storm

    I like beards if they’re trimmed neat and fairly short, and I’ve worn one since February. But five days growth is my limit. The beard at the top of the blog is too long and does nothing for me because it detracts from the model’s face.

  19. UrDesire714

    yeahh … beared men are SEXY … but not too much hair/beard .. it needs to be cleaned up. It feels good when you kiss them 😉

  20. Odie

    Every face is mostly different… some guys wear beards / facial hair very well thank you…. while others, it can just look odd. I’m not gonna deny the fact that hairy men turn me on. I love facial hair! Shallow but honest…. LOL

  21. Charles

    Give me a full beard any day, anytime, and anywhere. When I see a man with a full beard I feel like I’m in a romance novel and he’s about to… Well you know the rest.

  22. Tallyguy31

    Have had mine since June. I love it!!! The guys are loving it also. So much attention from all types of men. I will have it forever.

  23. AJ

    Never! Maybe on some older guy who doesn’t have much on his head, but when I see a full beard on some 20-something, it’s ridiculous. Hell, even the pic you have posted of that guy looks idiotic. The body’s hot, but give me a Wahl cutter and let me shave his face.

  24. HnsmHRY1

    I have also grown out a short beard..about half inch long. I ,too, notice peolple looking at me more and being friendlier…weird. I think it frames my face nicely. I think it looks HOT on guys !

  25. Benjabrownsuga

    Ok, many don’t consider men to be gay (actually I’m a bisexual/pansexual) and the 1st time I went to kiss a man on the lips I was 15 and he was 24 and he was stubby (5 o’ clock shadow) and I felt sooooooo uncomfortable with it. So when I place ads I do state “clean-shaven” as a preference but not mandatory. I still haven’t found that guy to pucker up to the extreme of hour-long French kissing with so my answer would be NOT. Hairless I guess would be my ideal man. Facial hair doesn’t turn me on.

  26. Carl

    The 2 to 3 day old look is hot but I don’t particularly care for a full beard it looks too back woodsy or middle eastern for my taste.

  27. FreeRangeRadical

    I’m not a fan of facial hair at all, especially a full beard and even more so if it’s grey. I really hope the awful goatee trend passes soon.

    On a young guy, a soul patch can be kinda hot but, like smoking, it’s one of those things you should ditch when you hit about 25 or so…or better yet, don’t go there to start with.

  28. Daypass

    Soft hair above the neck is so sexy whether on top of the head or straddling the jaw line. Test drive a beard tantalizing your nipples and you’ll be hooked for life.

  29. Ray

    I love beards. A guy with a beard gets my attention every time. I grew a beard a year ago and get a lot of attention for it myself. I can’t imagine I’ll ever shave again.

  30. Brad

    I love dudes w/ a beard all types except if its totally out of control and looks like it could harbor small animals or bugs EEWW! Honestly it just depends on the guy diff looks work on diff guys but if you have ANY type of beard from a scruffy 2 day shadow to a nicely trimmed full beard you will def get my attention and I find them totally hot

  31. Gringo83

    While I agree with some of you, a well kept beard does make one appear more masculine. However, personally I dont like facial hair only because I love kissing and it feels wierd to kiss and get my face scratched.

  32. Matthias

    I’ve mine for about three years and keep it well groomed. I do find them sexy when groom and seems to like it’s mostly a trend for some. There is alot of work in keeping one. People need to remember to condition them like you do you hair. My beard is about as soft as the hair on top of my head. As I’m a ginger my hair isn’t gray being I’m in my mid 30’s but touch up the beard. I’m also furry all red and am known as the gingerbearman.

  33. Sjon

    What a bland flat world it must be for some . . .

    I grow beards and mustaches for roles (easier and more comfortable than fighting with gums and adhesives). I’ve had them full and partial including mutton-chops as well as goatees, Van Dykes, imperials, “soul patches,” Amish, and enormous walrus that curved down to become ALMOST a goatee (“Fu Manchu on steroids”).

    The full beard used to hide my youthful jaw line and I’d whisk grey into it for stage work (character parts). Now, it’s naturally pepper-and-salt (and spreading to salt-and-pepper fast) and it hides my ageing jawline (and I can whisk brown into it for stage work, if need be).

    What suits me best (after 30+ years of everyone’s opinion): 1) Moustache and imperial
    2) Full, neatly-trimmed beard
    3) Clean shaven

    Clean-shaven and full beard move up to #1 and #2 spots when my hair is longish.

    As to sexy? I’ve gotten more action with the neatly-trimmed Van Dyke and moustache than with any other combination – probably because it’s my “in between faces” mode, when I feel most myself and comfortable in my own skin. THAT (being content) is apparently what makes “the sexy” happen for me.

  34. darryl

    I feel it all depends on the guy, and the type of beard he has. I agree a guy with some stubble looks pretty hot. A nicely trimmed beard makes a man look masculine without having to turn into king kong. Love men who let their beards grow right before winter turning into the woodsman gathering all that he needs for a serious hybernation. Salt and pepper is fine when done well. And finally, a bright white beard on a man with a deep voice asking me what i want for Christmas while i’am sitting on his lap lol. Now it’s not what you’re thinking you pigs…

  35. beardsarehot

    I love a nicely trimmed beard. It is very HOT! What I don’t like are goatees. Either go all the way with a full beard or nothing at all.

    Why is it that it is usually the fat older guys have the goatees? It just makes them look fatter.

  36. wildmad

    beards are very sexy,I had more fun ever since I grown my beard few years ago,
    Thay fell so nice on my kneck when me and my guy is making out,

  37. southernboisb

    Not. However, the 5 o’clock shadow can be pulled off by some guys.

    As far as for me, I like a guy 100% smooth all over – just like me.

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