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Frank Ocean is a hottie! He came out of the closet on his tumblr page few months ago. He explained that he fell in love with a man when he was 19….

I think it is a brave gesture for a young man in the hip hop/r&b community to come out! Famous friends like Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and Beyoncé tweeted their support for Ocean and congratulated him for comming out.

The r&b singer recently appeared on SNL and sang “Pyramids” one of his latest song. The music video of the track is also stunningly beautiful and filled with amazing visual effects.

Do you find him Hot or Not ?

I think he is very cute…probably even cuter when he’ll get to 30 years old….


(See “Pyramids” music video below)


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  1. CwmThomp

    Anyone in the spotlight is HOT when they have the courage to come out and claim ownership of their life and emotions!!!!! GO DUDE!!!

  2. edgar_truth

    i think he’s cute, but i’ll be surprised if anyone but a handful of gays give him the time of day who aren’t men of color themselves.

  3. domtopman2013

    like the sound…rather into cute men of color too…hot as fuck…but i agree, he is cute but give him a few more years…he will be smokin’ hott

  4. ghostyo

    I think he is very HOT. I’m obsessed with this guy and his music right now. He’s seems cool, sensitive, and down to earth. It’s kinda cool to know that one of us guys has a shot at being that “special someone” to him. Hopefully he picks a good one and not some hoe 😀

  5. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Nice that he’s out and about, but otherwise meh! Does nothing for me and the music is blah. I guess I’m too old school R&B where the singing and production values were on par with each other.

  6. Jace Loggins

    Oh hell yes – he’s beautiful. But when he’s on TV, I have to mute it because although I find him so incredibly sexy, his music is painful.

  7. Barboi

    Bedroom eyes and cuteness… I’d certainly want to see more before making a final decision but I’m pretty sure it would be a passionate “hell yes!”

  8. looknatu43

    Frank Ocean is quite hot. He has that quiet mystique about him. Makes you wonder why you find yourself attracted to him. He can definitely get it.

  9. Andrew

    I think he is hot and awesome! But… he didn’t come out as gay, did he? I don’t believe he said he is gay, so we can’t assume that’s how he identifies. He’s been with a man in the past, but that doesn’t mean he is gay.

  10. Eternal Dawn

    I would love to know why there are so many “nots” with no explanations. And really, because Michael Phelps, with his socially inept behavior and satellite dish ears, seemed to get more play, and i would say that Frank Ocean is leagues above him….

  11. Sharam Q

    He has his cute moments, but I’m sorta mad that you couldn’t find a better picture of him to post. Like…that’s a bad DMV picture you have up there. What about one where he’s actually giving the camera something to love? As for me, personally, I try not to hold an opinion on the hotness of celebrities because I have issues with “look but don’t touch.”
    . I’m sure he’s hot to someone, but not really me. But I just heard of him like last week so…

  12. Jig

    He is most definitely HOT!! Very ‘around-the-way’ but still sexy yet rugged look to him. I wouldn’t mind putting a ring on him. 😉

  13. Chero753

    I don’t know. I like to get to know a guy; go out to dinner to observe how he treats the waiter/waitress; observe his temperament, then I decide if he HOT or NOT.

  14. navysoccerboi7

    I find him not to be hot, but Im glad he came out-of-the-closet. GREAT example to GLBT youth, especially in the hip hop and R&B genre. 🙂

  15. BATMAN

    I liek the fact that it is beeter to be real with your self and notthe world but if you come out be ready for the drama and mess you hear but be true to you no the world but i am happy he did what he felt was best

  16. W. Grant

    HOT!, & yeah, I’d want an explanation from those who said “Not”, only because I’ve witnessed the prejudices firsthand, but whenever no one’s around, those same dudes would hit me up constantly to ______ them. Sexy doesn’t have a race, or an age, or a body type. Frank Ocean is definitely a cutie.

  17. Will

    I love his music, love his swagger and I love him for who he is….he’s cute/handsome. HOT mmmmmm Not! Not to me love you Frank!!!

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