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Adam Levine is the lead singer of a successful pop/rock band called Maroon 5. He is also one of the judges on the most popular talent show on the planet, The Voice, beside Christina Aguilera, Cee Loo Green and the gorgeous Blake Shelton.

Adam’s band became popular in the early 2000s and even more recently with their latest album “Overexposed” and their hits “Payphone” and “One More Night”.ย 

I think Adam has a very cute scruffy face, maybe too many tattoos…But he is a very handsome man.

Not only very cute, but I like his confidence and I think he is very talented as well! I’m a fan of his work and I like him a lot!

What about you? Do you find him Hot or Not and why?

Let me know !


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  1. Chris J.

    I absolutely love Adam. He is so damn cute. I love his personality and tats. He so cool and lovable. I would love to just cuddle with him and maybe more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. exfednurse

    OMG what is not to like or should that be love about Adam. He is hot, great looking hell he could eat crackers in bed….no wait after either I eat him or he me, then he csn eat the crackers. OHHHHHHHHHHHH yummmmmm.

  3. Chuck

    Hell yes he is so damm hpt and very sexy love his tats abd i have seen a picture of him in tight levis and he has a big bulge in them and yes i would do him and he wouldlove it too

  4. TheyrejustclumpsoffaT

    He may be outwardly attractive but I would never be able to sleep with him for fear of his huge ego crushing me to death. Seriously, he’s more into himself than he is going to be anyone else, which is extremely unappealing…

  5. Jock

    He’s damned sexy, but he’s got to cool it with those fucking tattoos. This unhealthy obsession with covering one’s self in ink is rampaging. Only sailors and sex offenders ever got tattoos a billion years back when I was a kid. Do these people ever think about how this crap is going to affect their ability to get into better positions when they grow up? Or how disgusting they’re going to look when they hit 50 and the body starts sagging (it gets there quicker than you can ever imagine…I’m still 24 in my mind). I was working a grocery store last night and this tattooed skank was trolling around in the aisles, I’m betting she was a pretty hot party girl in her day, but the crinkled lips from smoking, the stretched out tatts and dark circles around her over make-upped eyes made her look almost exactly like the whore “Patti” from “My Name is Earl”. Sad and laughable at the same time….and she probably has another ten to twenty years to look that way until the hepatitis finally destroys her chirrosised liver. Some small tasteful tatt (if that is possible) would be a reminder from the glory days of youth, but a body covered with smut when one’s life turns to a professional age will be nothing but an agonizing reminder of how stupid one can be in their youth. (laser removal? yeah, right, hard to do when the only low-paying jobs available to you will be Wal*Mart, 7-11, or Soylent Green vendor).

  6. Biohazardous

    I am sorry, he is very attractive; however, he is an asshole and not confident but cocky. Overly cocky and that is not attractive whatsoever.

  7. Cleo2121

    I think he is the most talented person and is a very hot man as well I have listened to him and his band since they were Kara’s Flowers… He is my future husband!!!!!

  8. sam Mehra

    Adam Levine gives me instant erection whenever See his super handsome face.I am still hard when I am typing this…mmmmmm.

  9. Dave

    Well he is cute, and he knows it, he trys not to show it, on the voice, but you can see it, that doesn’t mean I wouldnt lick him all over and circle his knob ๐Ÿ™‚

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