Fantasy : Straight Man Tricked

Imagine this hot scenario… you and your friends are driving around town when you come upon this guy who is in need of gas for his car. You offer him a ride to the nearest gas station, but he seems hesitant. Using your charm, you butter him up enough to make him feel safe. Once inside the van, he seems a bit shy but once he sees Vanessa, (your hot-big-boobs-best-friend) all of that shyness goes out the window.

She starts talking about sex with him in the back of the van…. and then she asks him if he would like a BJ: “If you get blindfolded, I will suck your big cock” she says.

He accepts without hesitation, but then YOU jump on his straight cock pretending it’s Vanessa sucking him…. The guy has no clue it is you until he takes off the blindfold.

Obviously, he gets verrrrrrry mad at you cause he really thought it was her. To calm him down,  you offer him 100$, but only if he fucks you … He accepts… Hot eh?

You like this kind of scene ? Click here to see other hot straight men getting tricked into gay sex…


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Photo credit : Baitbus

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  1. HolePunchSD

    Only an IDIOT would pay to join that site!
    Dave, I understand that the porn sites advertising on A4A is what keeps Adam free for its members, but come on–you’re actually trying to promote that ridiculous smut?!
    Sorry, but I don’t wanna see women pulling tricks on “unsuspecting (supposedly) straight guys” and fooling them into fucking dudes for money. It’s almost an insult.

  2. Dan

    wish the acting was better in theses things
    its a hot scene, but the acting makes it less than believable
    at least the ones I have seen in the past from them

  3. IDKWTF69

    I find this bait bus hard to believe. There is no way you can get a str8 guy to fuck any guy for 100 bucks. I am the idea sounds hot as hell but in my experience the closest for any gay guy to hook up with a str8 man is to get one who says he bi or losts and lots of booze

  4. jeff

    These dudes are all gay, have seen them in vids. Only thing I get out of this site is a flacid boner. Notice they never have sex with the femail. HMMM….Baitbus won’t allow previews anymore.

  5. kipper17

    Now this is my type of scene! I love Bait Bus, it’s definitely on my “most visited” list.
    I love tricking straight guys into letting me suck them off! A few even came back for more.

  6. Romoni D'Aubigne

    I didn’t know that Tristan Jaxz did a scene for BaitBus. Wonder if his boyfriend Cavin knew? Anyhoo, there’s a straight guy that has been tricking us for years. We know he’s a fraud but some of us buy his porn anyway. His name is Cody Cummings, perhaps you’ve heard of him.

  7. Enzo

    Lame site, always has been, but guys be str8 turn me off. Why would any guy, str8 or gay, agree to let some chick blow them if they let her blindfold them. The bait bus thing once, but all of their movies seem to have the exact same scenarios. To make it worse, they have well-know gay porn stars pretending to be random guys they just happen to pick up. Boner-dropping yawn-fest.

  8. Todd

    There are very few “straight” men. Given the right opportunity most guys will at least do something sexual with another guy. This has been very true for me. The less feminine you are the higher the success rate. I would say only about 20% of men are actually hard core striaght the rest will play in some form or fashion. Damn, I should write a book. You would not believe the straight guys that have sucked my dick!

  9. Couverdude

    I think the idea of “rough trade” and sleeping with straight men is a hot fantasy. That said, most of these web sites do a piss poor job of executing on it. The odds of finding a straight guy who all of a sudden wants to be topped, and has no problems posting a video of it on the internet where anybody can see it, are pretty damn slim… so I can understand the difficulty of producing it.
    The acting is so horrible and obvious that it really kills the mood. No way in hell would I pay to watch it.

  10. darryl

    Listen Guys we all know that Bait Bus is a site where so called straight men are tricked by being blind folded, only to find a guy sucking his cock. Trust me if a straight guy found a dude sucking his cock he would do more then just yeah and scream into the camera. This site would not exist. That said, let’s all get into the fantasy of a guy enjoying a hot bj, then finding out it’s another guy working over his cock. Thinking what the fuck i’ll let this guy suck my cock. Even better getting the chance to pump his hole for alittle cash, who’s gonna know, right? Some of this saps are hot as hell, and i’am sure we all have a slight curiosity of flipping a Straight Dude…Gay Men have egos too.

  11. Osei

    Bait bus is ridiculous. Which straight guy would so easily give in on camera having sex with another man. The acting is a farce and down right boring. Don’t know why gay men would want to “trick” a straight man into having sex. How comes we never see anyone get their ass kicked real terrible on this silly drama.

  12. WBFF

    What is unbelievable is that years later Baitbus is still active, still making the exact same video, and that there are still people discussing whether or not it is for real.

  13. Hammie

    These sites are both bullshit and, if you think about it, pretty offensive.

    First of all, it is impossible to trick a str8 guy into fucking you. Well, a str8 guy who isn’t an idiot/mentally impaired.

    Secondly, even if you did trick someone into fucking you, how is that not rape? Rape is a forced and unwanted act of sexual intercourse, right? So even if you’re the top in that situation, tricking someone against their will into fucking you is forced and unwanted and therefore rape.

    Can we be better than Rep. Akin? Can we not promote rape (or dumb porn sites for that matter)?


  14. Jerry Spaniard

    I’m always surprised when people feel the need to point out that it’s not real.
    Of course it’s not real!! 🙂
    It’s just a fun fantasy to indulge-in occasionally.

  15. Shadow-

    I find this scenario offensive. It basically says that a straight man is so much more desireable than a gay man that it is worth treachery and deceit to be with one. Why is being with a “straight” man better than being with a gay man? Why elevate them while putting ourselves as lower and less satisfying or desireable? Besides, if sex acts are what define us as gay the minute anything sexual happens he’s no longer straight! I honestly do not get promoting the stereotype that gays are predators and are out to try and change straight guys. It sets back our own causes of equality.

  16. Loutz11

    I know I sure had my fantasies cranked up in high gear when I was a younger man… my apologies to Shadow, but there were very few gay men who I found truly attractive, most notably the effeminate ones. I fell for the straight dudes, the rougher around the edges the better. But the only straight dudes on the bait bus would be the ones somewhat/remotely intrigued by gay sex– but they’d all be the super macho guys who just want to flip for a few moments: they all want to get fucked. Once. Swear that’s it…!!
    Phooey… I don’t want a straight dude who secretly harbors thoughts of getting fucked! Why not a French Maid costume as well…?
    I want a guy who’s going to lower himself for a short while into allowing some queer to suck his dick… and the higher they are, the better those chances become.
    I was fortunate; the dude I obsessed over was hung huge and had a VERY strong sex drive… he could be convinced he needed it quite often, and urgently.
    So you might assume that I was lucky enough to get some pretty frequent straight dick to go down on, right?
    Unfortunately, I never got to service him; I was pretty much a big chicken shit and when it came right down to it, I was scared to death that if I somehow managed to convince this relatively screwed-up ex-convict (yep, he served time for drugs) meth addict (yep, hardcore addiction to the CHEAP stuff) construction worker (yep, the hot fuckin’ work boots and leather tool belt) married father of FIVE (knocked her up senior year) that if he wouldn’t mind TOO much I’d be pleased as punch to pleasure his penis orally and in a way that was identical to a woman’s so as not to disturb him TOO much… I was terrified that if I even put my lips anywhere near his cock that he wouldn’t hesitate to beat the crap outta me…

  17. Dred

    I think this entire concept is just stupid in my opinion. Im a solid believer that being gay isn’t a choice so this obsession some gay guys have with having sex with straight guys is just down right insulting. They wouldn’t be straight if they are having sex with you. I mean there are probably a lot of gay men to go around why so many gay men go after straight guys ill never know.

  18. ChipD

    I used to watch BaitBus every once in a while when the site still had free previews, but soon grew tired of it because the premise wears very thin after the first few “tricks” have been tricked. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for this site for very long, but you can never underestimate the gullibility of the American public.

  19. MattE

    BaitBus is totally fake. I actually know a couple of the “straight” guys that performed in the videos. One of the guys and I used to dance together in gay bars and he and I even went out for a while.

  20. tomzuk

    there is no way this site is even remotely believable and i don’t know why anyone would pay for it. No truly straight man when the blindfold comes off and sees a guy sucking his cock would be ok with it. continue with it. or turn around and fuck or get fucked. me would be the crap out of the guy. probably kill him. this is the lamest site. now i know it is fantasy. bad acting. like most porn. but come on.

  21. Commenter

    The supposedly straight guy who was supposedly tricked in this scene is Andrew Jaxx, a well-known gay porn actor. This is totally bogus.

  22. james

    It’s all fake anyways I’ve seen other porn movies that have these “straight” getting fucked, sucking dick, and rimming! This whole straight bait bus crap yeah not worth it. Would rather see a real straight guy go gay for a day but it’d have to be in real life. Anyone can say anything on camera just to make a buck…..

  23. paul anthony odell

    the fakest thing about this site is how the woman are wet fantasising about thier man fucking or sucking another man im bisexual and i have yet to find a woman other than a ho that “gets so hot over two guys together” i had this redbook whore that said if i wanted to i could fuck her in her ass while my partner fucked me in my ass he opted out and i fucked her ass

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