Watch This : Victim of a Hate Crime


This video was sent to me by email from one of our member who was the victim of a homophobic hate crime.

A gang viciously attacked him on June 24th, the day of Gay Pride in NYC.

This is a very sad situation that happens way too often !

Please spread the word and share this video with your friends on Facebook so we can raise awareness and work to prevent hate crimes like these.

Hate and homophobia are some of the main reasons why we must celebrate our pride and unity around the world.

I can’t believe how laaaaame these people are ! I’m terribly frustrated to see these images… and I’m sure you too feel that pain.

Thanks for your time and don’t forget to share that video !

(To contact Pablo, to show him support, or send him encouraging messages, click here !)



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  1. ajbbincubus

    Dyum, watching this video makes my blood boil!!.. The fuck these idiots have to gang up on one guy? They’re the true cowards, hitting another guy from behind and running away like scared little bitches..

  2. marquee

    Sorry this had to happen to you. It’s crazy, you almost have to fight violence with violence with these idiots. This make s me want to got out and pick a fight with a straight guy homophobe, so that I can kick his raggedy straight ass!

  3. todd

    what a shame that people do this to others, just because they are gay. Some people do it because of religion, or race, or just because. I hope these people are brought to justice. I also hope that Pablo heals up, and finds the peace that he deserves.

  4. dee

    Although the video is disturbing it makes me wonder was this attack completely unprovoked or was it a result of a queen with a smart mouth who got what she deserved? Just a thought

  5. Scarpien

    I agree Houston. People seem to think just because it’s 2012 we are automatically “supposed” to be beyond this type of thing. But as we’re being reminded on a daily basis, hatred of some sort is here to stay; old habits die hard. If it isn’t racism, then it’s homophobia, anti-semitism, etc. People just seem to need someone/something to hate in order to feel better about themselves.
    Having said that, gays can’t go on playing the victim. Like you said, learn how to defend yourself. As long as gays continue being victims the homophobes will continue to see them as easy prey. In cases like these you have to “fight fire with even more fire.” And I can guarantee you the minute gays start fighting back and kicking these guys’ azzes the hate crimes will decrease considerably, since it will force these homophobes to think long and hard before picking on another gay man. Remember, straight guys have very fragile egos so the thought of having their azzes handed to them by a gay man–someone they already view as weak and effeminate–is not something they expect. So it’s up to us to show them different.

  6. fairprince2

    read this and as it is where i live we have a gang of guys that use adam4adam to pick up or lure guys into their trap then beat and rob them its sad

  7. AJ

    Dee, NOBODY deserves to be bashed. I’m saddened that you assume the worst about someone you don’t even know. Did he “deserve” to be bashed? No. Did Matthew Shepherd deserve to be beaten so severely and left on a fence in Laramie to slowly die? NO. Does *anyone* — gay, straight, bi or anything else — deserve to be ambushed and have the shit beaten out of them? NO.

    Get the picture, Dee?

  8. N.J.

    The video is no longer available, but maybe thats a good thing becauce of the rage it would cause in me. I lived in N.y. for a long time. Its gotten so out of hand. And this political climate with our elected hate mongers dont help. Lets push for more of our brothers and sisters to take self defense courses, and take our liberties even if by force

  9. edd

    I wanted to watch this video,but it is no longer available. If anyone has possession of this video or if they downladed it please let me know,


  10. goldenloverinmym

    I couldn’t see the vid but the idea of it pisses me off.but I agree as a ex military guy I can hold my own against most guys unless i’m not queeny or femmy so if some guy thinks he’s gonna kick my ass he better be ready to open a can of whoop ass cuz I will surprise the hell outa them. Especially if I see them coming or hear them talking shit. the last fist fight I was in I felt like hell but I was better off then he was. what scares me now is people with guns and knives if they are getting a ass kicking they would not hesitate to use it i’m sure.because what could be worse than getting beat up ?lol getting beat up by a OLD GAY MAN Dean

  11. goldenloverinmym

    self defense is the best option, be it turn n fight or run for your life what ever the situation calls for, common sense goes along way in this day and age, and always be aware of your surroundings. Dean

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