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It is time for my annual physical, and my doctor’s office is almost 20 miles away. It is a hassle but it is worth the drive because he is just so fucking hot! He is about 32, toned, tanned and tough but has the bed side manner of Florence Nightingale! Also, I am not a bottom at all, so if a man is going to put his finger in my ass he had better be something special!

But my thing for doctors didn’t start with this one. Ever since I was a little boy I have always had a thing for doctors and dentists. I remember when I was younger, I was at the doctor’s office getting my annual physical. It was the first time I saw the doctor without my mother in the room, I was 18.

I was naked on the table and as the doctor was looking in my ears I could have sworn I felt his hard dick brush against my elbow. I was old enough to know that I liked men, and old enough to know what a hard cock felt like. After he looked in my ears, he asked me to stand up, I was getting hard from the thought of his dick and I could not stop it. He reached out and cupped my balls in his hand and asked me to cough, the second he touched my balls that was it, I got rock hard. I was so embarrassed!

He just looked at me very compassionately and said, don’t worry, I am a doctor, that is a normal reaction to being touched ‘down there’. So maybe that event is why I have always had a thing for Doctors and Dentists, well, I guess I need to include Barbers, since I always pick hot barbers as well, hoping they will rub their cock against me as they cut my hair…


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  1. Darren

    I totally got hard the first time I had to have my Dr. check me out down there. He never said a word, just kept doing what he was needing to do. NOT what I was wanting him to do. (my wife never heard about that)

  2. charlie

    I’ve always had a thing about “Doctor Exam” porn…Turns me on more than anything!! The whole invasive thing gets me soooo horny!! I love anything involving Rectal exams….temperature reading, Digital exams, probing with instruments etc….all a hard-on ready to burst!!!! Still waiting for my dream man to play doctor with me….or better yet for me to play Doctor to my dream straight or bi man…..

  3. Osei

    While in college, I spent a year in a foreign country as an exchange student. I had to visit the clinic for routine exams and the doctor asked me to drop my pants. I never understand why he ask me to drop by pants, but I decided to let him enjoy himself. When I was leaving I told him that there was no reason for me to drop my pants with him, however if he wanted to see a big dick the next time he would need to give up some ass. I was tearing that up for the entire year of my exchange program. Also got a lot of language practice out of him.

  4. BearOKC69

    My first prostate exam was done by this hunky doctor when I was in my 20s, so I can relate. Also have had many a barbers pressing their hard cocks against me when I was younger and had some hair…LOL

  5. ouah

    this is real story happen. When i was highschool . I played sport , my leg is broke . My doctor toll me take my pants of and he checked all area my leg and rub it and gave me massage . He made me hard . That is embarrassed moments

  6. truckercouple

    at 38, I don’t recall EVER laying NAKED on a table for a physical.. sounds to me like a fantasy gone to far here…. physicals have ALWAYS been, eyes, ears, breathing, tap the knee and feeling ur gut and not usually the cupping the balls unless u are playing sports EVERY YEAR, other than that, u don’t get a physical every year……

  7. Rick

    I’m a dentist by profession.
    I see hot guys all the time.
    Trust me….. We like our patients to!
    Glad we push your buttons.

  8. David

    Whenever i go to the Doctor, Dentist or Eye Doctor i always sit or lie so i can extend my hand or fingers in case he gets close.

  9. Dave

    Sounds like fun, I can remember when at m eye doctor, a med student from the local university was examining my eyes and my arm was on the armrest. He was gently pushing his bulge against me for at least 2 mins. He must have known, l hoping there would be more to tell ,but

  10. Eric

    Ok I must be the oddball here as docs do nada for me. Certain ones, yes, but as a rule no. There is one local barber though, mid to late 20s, dark hair, always wears these tight khakis and has a very nice bulge. He just loves to rub his crotch against you. Maybe I will reach out and grab a handful when I get my haircut tomorrow. Hehe. Could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship lol.

  11. Not for me

    The first physcial I had was for Varsity Cheerleading. Some troll looking doctor did my physical and when she told me to drop trou and skivies too, I did as I was told. So I lie back and she goes in for the kill. She sits there for a while *I think she was just warming her ice cold hands* After what felt like an eternity, she finally says, “Hmmmmm….. Would you excuse me for a second?” She walks out of the the room and leaves the door open and yells down the hall, “DR. CARUANA, CAN YOU HAVE A SECOND LOOK AT THIS PHYSICAL; I THINK THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIS TESTICLES!” So lying there, mortified at the age of 14, while another doctor comes in and tells me, “Alright son, turn your head and cough.” He takes off his gloves and washes his hands and says, “Everything is alright by my standards, call me if you need anything else.” I walk out of the doctors office and my grandmother asks me, “So, is everything good to go mijo?” I reply, “Well if being violated by cold hands twice means I’m ok, then I am doing peachy, Grandma, JUST PEACHY” So, thank you, Dr. Ford, for my body dysmorphia.

  12. T.

    Well I was 18 and my first adult exam I remember this because the doc asked a few times in regarding my age. Rectal exam was just a little longer than I would have expected. Anyway as he is fingerings my hole he is leaning into me I can now feel his rock hard cock pushing against my butt cheek. I really thought he was going to lay his cock into me any second. He asked a couple more questions let out kind of sigh and that was it bet you all a dollar he blew his load right there

  13. darryl

    Years ago I had surgery and while i was recooperating, there was a couple of cute residents who came in with my Doctor to check my stiches and to see how i was feeling. A long story short, one of the residents was making some serious eye contact with me, and he put his warm hand on my shoulder to reasure me. Later that week he returned and this time he actually checked on my progress. As he lifted my gown he had a smile on his face, and his touch was so gentle. Again he looked me in the eye and kept the gaze for longer then most guys do. Months down the line i returned for a check up, and guess who was in the room? Yes it was the hot resident who eyes lit up when i walked in the room. It was one of those things that made you think wow this guy is interested 🙂 I also think that barbers know when they are pressing their cock against your leg 🙂

  14. TEP

    I had a young barber(African American) that would rub his crotch on me all the time. I would rub it back and position my hand under the smock they put on you so when he would cut certain areas of my hair I know he liked to lean his crotch on the chair. He would never move when I rubbed my fingers back and forth on his bulge and he would be semi-erect. Sometimes there would be a lot of people around but I alwasy got my rub down. Our fathers knew each other and he was married. I would leave the shop with a boner all the time. We never spoke of it ever. Dam I miss that!!

  15. aeroguy

    I had just come from traveling in the states and hurt my lover back. Since mexico is 10 mins from my home decided to see a Dr in mexico get a shot and few pills to get better faster. He laid me on the table was facing down and was touching my lower back to see where it hurt I turn facing up and my hand was at the end of the table he got close to me and rub his bulge against I thought I was dreaming snd some how my hand started to react and started to grab his crotch. He got so excited that the unzip his pants and gave him a blow job.

  16. mark

    i loved going to the pediatrician, always being told to strip down to underwear )tighty whities for me) and wait for the dr on the paper-covered table. loved being told to lie down, the dr pulling my underwear down, feeling my penis and balls and then having me roll over to spread my cheeks and insert a gloved finger in my rectum or take my temp. played dr as early as I was able, as a teen, using paper down the bed, thermometers, gloves and Vaseline. totally erotic. have wondered how many others have done this (straight and gay but im mostly gay) and used these supplies or have had these dr experiences.

  17. Bart

    When I was a kid (maybe about 12 or 13) i use to love it when my doctor pulled down my pants. I was lying on a table and he used to touch dick and balls and it felt so good! One time, I got really hard and do you know what he did? He grabbed a bottle of LUBE and started rubbing it on my dick. Her asked me if it felt good and it did so I said yes. He kept rubbing my penis and then, this part is so unbelievable, he got his huge dick put and started masturbating. So we were there, both jerking off. I asked if I could touch his. He said yes. So I rubbed his and it became really hard. Then he rubbed mine. We were both rubbing each other’s penis! BEST DAY EVER. And I was only a kid.

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