Stories : A Straight Man at My Gloryhole


Last night, I was very horny….as usual.

I went on a classified site and found a post from a straight man that was looking to get sucked off by a woman.

His picture was so hot that I could not help but contact him (even if he was looking for a woman) and offer him my oral service; a blow job at my private gloryhole.

He answered in less than a minute, saying he was horny as hell.

I could tell from his emails that he was hesitant and nervous –  but he explained that it was very hard for him to find a hot girl who was willing to just suck his cock. “My girlfriend doesn’t like sucking dick that much and she doesn’t swallow”  he said.

After about 4 or 5 emails he finally sent me a face pic, a pi of his cock and then asked me for my address!!

I was a totally surprised that he accepted by blow job offer, but I was very happy at the same time.

Without hesitation, I gave him my address, my phone number and explained  the scenario to him.

An hour later he arrived at my door and texted me : “I’m here!”

I turned off all the lights, opened the door and showed him where to go for the glory hole, and then I disappeared in the back of the Gloryhole.

He seemed a bit stressed… I thought he would run out and leave, but he stayed. Obviously he needed to dump a load and empty his balls.

I had setup my laptop to film the whole thing, Behind my goryhole, I wanted to remember that cock.

I pressed the record button and was ready for his cock. He pulled down his pants and his underwear all the way down to his ankles.

Hmmm… what a gorgeous fucking cock. It was not hard yet so he played with it a bit and then put it through the glory hole. It didn’t take long before he was hard as hell. That cock was about 8 inches, cut, surrounded by trimmed hair, just perfect for deepthroating.

I sucked him a good 7-8 minutes before he started to groan and thrust his cock down my throat, then came the explosion of hot cum. OMFG!

I love how straight and Bi men moan when they cum. It is loud and sooooo manly. Just writing about it makes me hard….

And the load…. thank god I was thirsty cause that was a huge one. I had to swallow like 3 times, cause it just kept coming.

The way he came so hard, I felt like this man must not have cum for years lol !




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  1. Dominic K.

    Wow! GR8 story! I must say you’re only (really) “straight” if you walk the line, and he wavered. The guy was obviously the least bit curious if he knowingly allowed you (a male) to blow him. Regardless of how horny he was, if we were as “straight” as he potrays he would’ve found a woman to take care of that urge. IJS.

  2. cravenmoorhead

    Liar! But Great Story. Love the Nastyness of your Words ~~~ and sounds like your fans are screaming to see the Video so if it does not really exist, I could help you make one 😉

  3. Dylan

    Thats totally hot (I happen to be typing this from a video store with a bunch of glory holes, I guess they have movies as well). I aplaud you efforts in setting up a glory hole at your house. I travel on business with a pack of thumbtacks, a sheet w/ a hole in it for emergencies. BUT…. you met the guy and showed him where to go? That’s not how it’s suppose to be.Then why the GH? You should have just blown him in the living room. A GH is set up and designed for the guy who is either married, GF, shy, closeted or just looking for a lil excitement on a Saturday night. He is not supposed to see your face and you are not supposed to see his. Thats why the str8s like coming to the GHs. You violated a major rule in edicate w/r to GHs. AND…as far as the video, I sit on two sides of the fence on this one. If he somehow found out he was being recorded you’d prob be carrying your teeth in a sack, str8s can be funny like that and you would never “see” him again. I’d def get off watching myself blow the guy long after he left, so that would be hot. You keep up the good work concerning GHs and make us proud. Got to go….coustomer.

  4. Lorenzo

    I often go to an adult book store where there are big holes between the stalls. I wait until a nice cut cock put his cock thru the hole and I suck like wild. I am able to suck 11 or 12 cut cocks through that hole. In face the hole is so big, one of the guys with a cut cock wanted to eat my squeky clean hot tight latino ass and he did it was fucking amazing. I meet him there every other day so most days I get to suck many cut cocks and every other day a dude shows up to eat my squeky clean tight bubble butt ass…it is always amazing, I might go there now to suck cut cocks all night long. I can never suck enough cut cocks, they feel so good sliding in and out of my cock hungry mouth and down my deep cock sucking throat.

  5. frank

    I’d like to see that video, too!!
    It sounds so hot!! I’ve always wanted to set up a glory hole like you did and have some fun.

  6. Will Swallow

    Nice story. I too love sucking str8 cock and swallowing their loads..
    Have a pvt glory hole and 99% are either married or have a gf. 🙂

  7. SRH

    While I know there is almost no chance of the story being real (straight guys by definition don’t get sucked off by men, and closet cases whatever their self-identified sexuality won’t send face pictures)it gets my hackles up that we’re still playing into that tired old “I did a straight man” fantasy. As gay men we’re still trying to secure our basic human rights and yet we’re willing to degrade ourselves by being the anonymous cocksucker (with no expectation of ANY reciprocation) for the ultimate prize of a heterosexual man’s load. And that bit about how “sooooo manly” they are when they moan just reinforces the self-hating stereotypes we’ve all had to live with that gay men are less than masculine. As someone who doesn’t squeal like a schoolgirl, clutch the pearls and shake out my tutu during orgasm I’d like to think that someday we’d have sufficient self respect to say boo-fucking-hoo the next time some hot “straight” guy starts complaining about how his girlfriend won’t suck his dick.

    • blog

      SRH : U make me laugh…sexuality doesn’t have to be as borring for me than it is for you. If I want to suck someone’s cock through a gloryhole, then good for me. Keep on doing your missionary position if you want too. Personally I think sex has to be amazing. If amazing means gangbang, gloryhole or rough sex for me, why not doing it ? Enjoy your life my friend:)

  8. bihatter,

    reading your story gotm me rock hard and I am jerking it right now as i write my comment. I too would love to see the video. I am cumming all over my chest and stomach right now. I love the taste so I am using my finger and feeding it myself.

  9. lynn1964

    Oh man, you a lucky fucker. I LOVE sucking dick. And all these folks that won’t swallow, hell, what’s the point then. Best protein EVER and str8 from the cow. mmmmmmmm

  10. gaboy4553

    I loved the story, so much I copied and pasted it to my ad. I host a private glory hole and my best repeat men are straight and bi. I also love the way they moan and twitch when they are getting close. The also give you the final warning that they are about to cum, we what the hell, that was what I was working to get! Keep those glory hole stories coming, the boost my ego!

  11. Whatamess

    So you wanted a face pic to suck a guy off in the dark through a gloryhole? And you recorded it without his permission?

    It’s guys like Anonymous who play games like this that make it hard on cocksuckers like me who purely suck cock for the fun of it…and want to make it as uncomplicated as possible.

    • evets oirpac

      i am a certified master cock sucker! i never disappoint and now have quite a following, including 3 generations of boys from same family. they play a game called choke the fag, which is a turn on for all of us the youngest boys enjoy holding my lips tight against their pubic hair and when they finish they bust on more load fo the cock sucker and hold my head all the way down while they pump harder for an extra nut bust and make me swallow which i really enjoy

  12. massimoDSL

    Uhmm…you had me until you mentionned that you answered the door and showed him where it was. I mean, how hard could it be to figure it out. I have tried that many a times and guys figure it out and know what to expect.

  13. Tim

    I think this is a hot story. I am in grad school and for a time was confused about my sexuality, having dated girls. But once I got into college I figured out I liked guys. A much older gay guy than me who works at the bike shop I go found me online and said he had a private gloryhole set up. I hadn’t ever been sucked by a man before and wanted to try it. I am glad I did because he gave me the best head I have ever gotten. Now I never even jerk off I just let him know when I’m horny and want to stop by. He sucks me good and swallows all my cum. I’ve been going to him for almost a year and plan on continuing. Nothing better than a great discreet blowjob especially at a gloryhole.

  14. salsahole

    That perverse desire came to be, as my wife discovered my activities.  We entered counseling, without success, until I came home from work on August 1993 to find my bags had been packed with all my clothing. I was also the consequence of my inability to deal honestly with my wife on an issue that could no longer be ignored.

    The moment I drove away from my home, I knew I had left forever.  I saw the consequences of violating a sacred trust between husband and wife, and I knew I could never again restore the vows.  What followed was a volatile mixture of emotional trauma and yet also the emergence of hope, joy and contentment.  In fact, my worst moment of my life was the cornerstone on which I have built the most satisfying moments of my “new” life.

    Getting there has been hard, however.  My wife and I spent the next few months working out the details as to how often I would see the children at my apartment (two miles from them), how much financial support I would provide (she was not in the work force) and how or if we would continue to discuss our future.  I had to confront an immense pain from not seeing the children except on a “visitation” basis.  I wondered if they would forget about it, stop loving me, begin to think I was “bad,” or outright reject me. (They do not know the truth about their father, yet.)

    There were times when I had to pull over to the highway shoulder because I was crying my guts out, after having dropped the kids off at my “former” home, knowing I wouldn’t see them for days.  I made an emotional plea to my wife late one night, sitting on our front porch at midnight, for forgiveness for cheating on her.  I realized that, although coming to terms with my sexuality was a traumatic event for me personally, no pain I could experience would equate to her pain at being jilted.

    Coming to acceptance, gaining peace

    Somehow, though, as fall wore on, I began to calm the emotional storm resulting from the breakup.   

    On those lonely nights, I read and read and out). The hope and joy at surviving this ordeal finally emerged.   I once and for all decided to accept the fact that I was GAY (not bisexual, as I had pretended) and no amount of effort could change that.   finally letting go and flowing WITH the current for the first time. It’s a relief like no other.)

    I also realized that what happened to my marriage wasn’t avoidable, since I could no longer deal with the pressure that my identity confusion was wreaking on our family.  A capstone moment came when I talked with a minister in my town who kindly, gently looked into my eyes and said, “You are OK. Of course God loves you.  He wants a lot more from you than you are giving to him, of course. But changing your sexual identity is NOT one thing he wants from you. Just be who he made you to be.”

    Today, I certainly don’t have it all figured out.  I am taking life one day at a time, though, remembering to keep love and respect for others in the central place in my life.  (I certainly haven’t gotten that one down, yet.)  You could say I took the “full scale assault” approach.  Half a year later, I truly feel loved and accepted by all of these people, although

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I know it doesn’t contain the shame I had always carried around with me for not being who I thought I was supposed to be.  I can’t begin to tell you how many wonderful feelings I have in finally coming to terms with myself, warts and all.   

  15. load4me

    i love to suck cock and have sucked many at glory holes. there were many at ABS’s in my 20’s and my record is 14 at the glory holes (that’s in one day) drank lots of cum! love to get face fucked too. i have always had a private glory hole in the last 5 places i lived. some were wood some have been a heavy curtain hanging on a spring rod to a doorway. a tv/vcr is there to watch XXX movies. i am lucky to have many well hung regulars. may married men who only get sucked! love that! happy sucking at glory holes all!

  16. DadsuckerNJ

    I ONLY suck straight guys at gloryholes – my private gloryhole usually and they love it. Plenty of straight men will use a gloryhole – only the ones who want to see mine or try sucking or touching a cock are not straight. All the straight one just cum, get sucked blo n go…NSA

  17. cuckster1

    started going to gloryholes in my early 20s i have sucked off a lot of cocks if your going to suckum you sure as hell swallow that tasty load i also love to eat creampies nothing better

  18. drl

    Since I set up my gloryhole wall at my place I have sucked many straight, bi and gay men. The straight ones are by far the more verbal, nasty and really like the idea of being a feeder to a cock sucker like me.
    My very first day setting up the wall I had 9 beautiful cocks to service. I had a goatee then and decided to let the cum just dry on it until I finished my last delicious cock.
    I seem to get at least 2-4 nice sized cocks every time I have the wall up. My regulars love the fact I installed handles for them to hold onto so they can really fuck my throat and get a lot of thrust by having something to hold onto. A regular I service has a cock 8.5 x 6 around, it’s beautiful and I slurp up every drop of his batter.

    A feeder with 7 thick inches is on his way, better wrap with up. I could write about my favorite subject all day!

  19. Lee

    My first time sucking a cock was at an ABS I was nervous as I sat there watching a video jacking off and could see another guy in the next booth also jacking off when suddenly shoved his cock through the hole, there was a big black cock waiting for me. Without hesitation I went to my knees and started sucking until he came in my mouth. I was a little light headed after that as is at ther for awhile thinking what I had just done. And realizing I had really enjoyed it. I occasionally visit this store hoping to suck a big cock ore get sucked myself. I find going into the booth really excites me.

  20. McBill

    I’ve met a few married men like that. There wives or gf refuse to suck them. Only thing is they’re not available when I want it and you only see them once every three months, if that. Sucks but hot sex.

  21. xpertservice4u

    I’m a Bi male who only has one “vice” and that is giving head to straight & married guys. I already love gloryholes (can’t tell you why, but they are an absolute turn on for me) and found out that I can get plenty of straight & married guys to suck if I go the gloryhole route, and yes I already know the debate that if a guy will let a guy suck his dick…I don’t care, some of my hottest sucks have been straight/married. I live in a small South Georgia town but have been surprised who has come to my GH. I do have a hidden peep hole where I can see who comes in the door. My GH is in a large outbuilding that has 2 sections. There is a wall down the middle with a door, where hole is. Both sections have separate entrance so neither party will see the other. Anyway, three very hugh surprises! One was a man who own a large hunt camp and is on TV with hunt shows, the second was a race car driver in the area who is always feature on the race circuit news & win a lot of races, the third was an awesome TV reporter who had a 9 in cock and tons of cum! All three of these were in the dead of night (between 1 & 5 am) drop by’s. I’ve also found that in an ad (mostly Craiglist) to make it elequoent & not trashy. Learned this from a Lesbian friend. Especially with straight men if you make them horny while reading it & it doesn’t sound slutty, you’ll get some you may not have otherwise. The key is in the wording & sentenance structure. I know this may sound odd, but it has actually worked.

  22. dude8140

    knew someone lived near me in northern CA, old house, had a glory hole in two of the basement rooms doors.. a good friend older than me owned the house and put ads in CL, etc to have people come to them.. I went, was fun, the guy who owned there stopped me when I was leaving, said I seemed nervous, did i want something to drink.. I did.. we went to a back room and I calmed down a lot, not sure why I was nervous, said he knew I was bi-sexual from a friend of his. said he had a proposition, would I be interested in manning one of the glory holes for him to keep them open for people.. I thought that was hot, never thinking of doing it.. he took me down, showed me one that was empty, said get in it, I’ll close this, see what you think.. he pushed a rather large cock thru the hole and told me to suck it .. I did.. I kneeled there and sucked til he came.. then he asked if I wanted the position, I said sure, I’ll try it out. That Friday, I got there early and he gave me snacks, water, towels, etc. said to strip down and get in.. figured what the hell, sure.. I stripped and got in the chair there.. closed and locked the door.. locked? hmm in awhile, heard people talking and walking, then a dick came thru the hole.. I licked it and then sucked it for awhile, nice cut dick long and thick.. he finally came, I swallowed it all. enjoyed that.. just sat back and another dick was there.. shorter and hard as steel.. sucked that dick for short time and the guy literally exploded with cum in my mouth.. said thanks man, that was awesome.. then another dick. I was surprised at this, was told it was slow business.. I sucked my way thru 14 dicks in about 3 hours…having enjoyed it a lot.. one guy passed his cell # thru said to call him, wanted to use my mouth and maybe my ass with his rather large cock.. figured I’d call later in day.. a rather large dick was pushed thru and then pulled out.. guy said put your ass up the hole, I’ll be real nice and breed you.. I thought for a moment and then lubed my hole and turned around, using the brace on back wall to push against the hole.. felt a finger then a tongue.. then slowly but steadily, this large dick was pushed into my ass.. he stopped when all the way in and then he slow fucked me.. telling me what an awesome ass I had and we needed to know each out outside of here.. he fucked me for some time, then asked if I was ready.. then he piston fucked me for about 10 minutes and shot a huge load in my ass… left it there for awhile, said just relax and enjoy.. he pulled his cock out and suddenly there was a large piece of folded paper pushed thru with is pic, his name, his number and address.. said to be there the next night at 7pm. wasn’t sure about it. but next day, I headed to his address and at 7 he answered the door wearing just a t-shirt , his large dick hanging down.. he said I was in for the time of my life… I told him he certainly surprised me yesterday… he had me get down and suck on his dick for a bit, getting it really hard.. said follow me.. we went upstairs and into a bedroom.. with pillows on one sid of the bed.. he said strip and lay over these pillows and spread your legs.. I did and spent the next 4 hours having this guy fuck me til I was shaking… I had never known you could be fucked for so long and so deeply inside your butt.. by the time he came, I almost passed out.. he said plan on sleeping here tonight, I said sure.. turns out he meant lay on my stomach with my legs spread and pillows under my hips and his most awesome dick buried in me for the night.. said it was the only proper way to introduce me to my new future, being his bottom boy from then on.. and I am.. loving every single night he impales me on his huge dick..

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