Hottie of the Day : Danell Leyva


Today’s hottie is “my man of the year ” !

Danell Leyva, 20 years old, Olympic gymnast, he is hot hot hot!

He is kinda short (5’7″) and I usually go for tall men….but I would make an exception for him lol !

He just looks fabulous; olive skin, toned body, big chunky legs, gorgeous face and Olympic athlete, what else can you ask for ? A gold medal?

Let me tell you that these Olympic Games make me horny ! Ahhhh!

Enjoy more picture after the jump !




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  1. Julian

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Is Right ! I have seen other photos…some appear as if he has nothing on, the picture being strategically cropped just above the “pubes”. No self respecting STRAIGHT MAN would be this Hot & Handsome, nor take such provocative photographs… He is from Miami & I am in Ft Lauderdale, so I will be on the look out for him.

  2. darryl

    He is a hot little fucker, just watching him on the floor exercise is enough to give my cock a nice twitch. His flexibility makes one wonder how much fun it would be to play with him sexually. That hot ass, those hairy legs, yum!You know he has a gentle quality, just look at those puppy dog eyes. And how he melts into his father’s arms after he’s done with his performance. The guy is smokin hot. The whole team is, god bless the USA.

  3. Darby

    For his age he looks much older and mature. I like that he manscapes his chest. Those first two pictures that he is taking with his camera look like ones that someone would post on Adan4Adam. He is totally hot. Thanks for the eye candy.

  4. umich boy

    sam mikulak is gorgeous… and goes to my school πŸ˜‰
    also, jake dalton is a beauty. they all may be short, but some are too gorgeous to ignore…

  5. frank

    He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I’d love to see any other pix of him that are out there. I was glued to the television watching him perform and wishing I could see the entire package. He really is hot, hot, hot. He obviously inherited his dad’s looks. His dad is kinda hot for an older man. I think the son is absolutely one of the hottest guys in this Olympic games.
    Anybody know where to find other pix of him?? Anybody know anything else about him.
    Please keep us updated!!!!!

  6. Scarpien

    LOL @ y’all. I have already claimed him as mine so you guys are VERY late!! He’s JUST my flava, and it doesn’t matter his height. He’ll just have to stand on my feet whenever we kiss!! LOL

  7. Cadiboi

    I’d stick my tongue deep in that asshole! The underwear pic makes him look uncircumcised, which is surprising since he was born in Cuba. Either way it only makes him sexier. I hope he wins a gold on high bar to take home with his all-around bronze.

  8. Scott

    yeah…clipped chest…who is he posing for in the mirror pic…and ya again…no str8 guy does that…and Dave..what about that hairy butt….munch….!

  9. WALDI

    OMG when i was watching the games and he showed up i could have sworn that i jizzed my pants lmao he is soooo hot…i love me my cuban men

  10. WALDI

    OMG when i was watching the games and he showed up i could have sworn that i jizzed my pants lmao he is soooo hot…i love me my cuban men!!!!!

  11. Wanker Management

    Hell yeah! How ’bout that Anderson guy on the Vball squad or those hotties from the men’s synchronized dive teams?? Yuuuuummy. πŸ˜‰

  12. Rick Hawkins

    Danell has kept my interest in watching. He is definately number one in looks. Hope we can see more pics of him in undress. Damn he is hot!

  13. Kevin

    so happy you posted this! since seeing him on TV ive been tripping all over myself. this guy is so hot it hurts. da-yamn!

  14. Steve

    His dad kissing the top of his head before and after each event is one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen in the Olympics … maybe the sweetest I’ve ever seen between two men on TV.

    Didn’t realize he was so, er, height challenged (but most gymnasts are smaller statured so shouldn’t be surprised) tho LOVE short guys so a plus in my book.

  15. Jeff

    This one hot young man. We have hot olympians in general. I usually don’t go much for asians, but have you seen Nathan Adrian?

  16. get2thepointpls

    Guys keep posting those pix elsewhere as if no one will notice that it s not them but I guess some guys will fall for it

  17. Lorenzo

    He is so hot and hairy, first I would bend him over and then I would eat his hairy squeky clean ass and when he starts moaning cause my tongue feels so good, I would stand him up, me on my knees and I would slide his big cock into my nice warm latino mouth and let him deep throat me yum yum hot man.

  18. Frank

    Is that first pic his Grindr photo? I’m guessing he’s a bottom.

    Cuban.. go figure. They’re always hot in a hairy-tan-masculine way.

  19. Robert

    You bet your ass I’d do him. He might not want ME to do him but I would do him if he let me. I mean, who wouldn’t do him, really!! Come on.

  20. NICE!

    Danell Leyva is a remarkable athlete, who strives for perfection. I admire him for shaving his head in commemoration to the cancer patients. Leyva’s valor is what attracts me to him more than his appearance. It is rare to find someone as handsome as he, who isn’t shallow or egotysitical.

    Thank you.

  21. Ohh Yes

    OMG I totally agree with everything…i become hornier every four years when the Olympics come around… keep them coming πŸ™‚

  22. JC

    Yes, he is totally HOT HOT HOTT!!! And, he’s actually tall for a gymnast. Most of the male gymnast’s average height on the is 5’3-5’5. They look like hot and buff ewoks!

  23. Alan Louganis

    Danell Leyva; He is HOT< HOT>> Perhaps the hottest guy next to the Iranian wrestler or Boxer. But I do not understand, that when he was born in Cuba they did not know how to spell Daniel? Why his step-father is such a crazy moron? I like to know that why he is biological father is sitting in Spain and not in Uk supporting his gorgeous son who is capable of winning an olympic gold medal. I will marry Danell anytime. Did he take those pics of himself when he was posing and posting stuff for Adam for Adam?

  24. Jimmy

    5’7″…kinda of short???? I resent that, I’m 5’7″ and consider myself average, for a short person…LOL Have watched ever moment of the Olympic swimming and gymnastic coverage and have been getting blueballs because of it….LOL If he is from the Miami area he probably is on our side.

  25. Abby

    The first pic in front of the mirror and the one next to it are pics one would use for a4a or grindr! He’s super hot, although I’d rather him not shave his chest!

  26. Charles

    My son has competed at gymnastics meets with Danell. He is a very nice guy. The right combo of personality and looks…..

  27. mario69

    HELL YEA I WILL DO HIM, THATS ONE HOT LITTLE FUCKER….jst serve him up to me any time,or day of the week…i jst cream everytime i see him do his moves…by the way they got some hot ones on the drive team tooo…yum yum yum yum

  28. Scarpien

    LOL @ Chris. I hope you included yourself in that category. Afterall, you actually clicked on the link to check him out too.
    I guess when all you hear is negativity about your “group” anything that serves as an escape is all good. So I can relate to why this blog is getting so much traffic as opposed to the other. But like I mentioned in that blog, if hate crimes are to decrease then we as gays have to first change how we view ourselves which in turn will affect how we handle/deal with would-be gay bashers. Sorry to say it but there is no white knight in shining armour waiting in the wings to save us this time. It’s all on us.

  29. Thom_72

    Everyone has their types. For me, the fame & medals aren’t a plus. I don’t need a guy who has to prove themselves to the world. If you don’t think you’re good enough, then why do I want you?

  30. Sexyblaze

    Just awesomely hot hot 10’s all across the board. By the way, I dated a gymnasts as I being a former professional dancer. I can say I would love to see Danell Leyva and like you Dave. Those Olympic Games drove me crazy. Keep up the great work!

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