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Hot or Not : Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas started his career modeling for fitness magazines after being noticed at a bodybuilding show.

From there, Atlas met erotic photographer Ron Lloyd and this led him to do porn soon after…

At 42 years old, Zeb is one of the most recognized porn star in the world mainly because he is HUGE and hot!

His muscular body is quite impressive… you don’t normally see guys like him in the street.

He is 6’3″ and 225 lbs of pure muscle!

Do you like huge guys like him? Do you find him hot like I do?

To see more images and steamy video of Zeb, click here !


(See pictures of Zeb feeding a boy after the jump)


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  1. s

    Zeb is one of the first porn stars I stumbled across as I started puberty. His body is unbelievable and he made an impression on me then and has held a special place (along with Carl Hardwick & Caeser) in my mind every since.

    Yes…he’s most definitely HOT!

  2. Okane-san

    First time I’ve ever posted…& my answer is not hot but the boy he’s with is! The thing about Zeb is that he’s just too fucking big…great looking cock but appears so small compared to him! Just like with everything…too much of a good thing is too much…& that’s too much muscle!

    Besides, I like a guy I can pick up & flip around to have my way with him.

  3. HolePunchSD

    I’ve never been impressed with gay-for-pay porn stars and Zeb Atlas has never impressed me either. There’s nothing about him that’s hot.

  4. Enzo

    I’d Fuck him! LOL. I’d rather be fucking Jessie Colter – or whatever the name of the bottom in those photos is. Zeb’s body and dopey smile has always caught my attention. I’ve also always heard he is a really sweet man, which makes him even hotter to me.

  5. tim

    He looks okay in the face but I’m sorry he doesn’t do anything for me. He great to look at but he diesnt make wanna jump to my knees and suck his dick. I wouldn’t mind fucking the life out of him

  6. edgar_truth

    yes and no… there’s like something off about him that i just don’t find attractive. I mean yeah he has a hot body and an okay dick but there is just something that when i look at him rubs the wrong way and i can’t for the life of me figure out what that is.

  7. gages

    Good looking guy and all but he’s too big.(never thought I’d say that!) I like my guys slimmer and tighter. I also think he has a great cock but his huge body makes it look smaller than it really is. Just me.

  8. Josh

    Zeb is THE HOTTEST man around. When he was hairy, I could cum just by looking at him stand still. He’s got the hottest body and sexiest face. Mmmm i could lick him all over.

  9. William Austin

    Over developed! And it makes his dick look small! I’m not say’n I wouldn’t,I’m just say’n:” natural is nice”……..

  10. Odie

    Jeb is still freakin hot after all these years. Still like him better au-natural with that gorgeous body hair of his…. just my pref.

  11. Doug

    Zeb is hot, no question. Esp at 42 now. WOW. I don’t like him in long hair and I hate that 1/2 sleeve tattoo. Still, the mat is HOT

  12. Danny

    Ewwww… He’s not my type of guy … And if I had the chance to ever see Him on the street he wouldn’t catch my eye even for a split second … Gross… I think either he is deformed or he does steroids lol

  13. David

    No, I don’t find him hot. Also, any respect I had for him (and any others who do it) I lost when he did Jake Cruise… you know that creepy guy.

  14. Sunny

    When I was younger I always had fantasies about him coming to my house and just making me his bitch LMAO, but then after a while I got tired of him so I moved on to better guys. I still think he is hot!!!

  15. organman46

    WTF is the deal with guys and tattoos all over their arms… yuck! Zeb is sometimes hot, sometimes not — not a fan of the shaved pubes. His cock is obviously big enough to show through at least some trimmed masculine hair down there.

  16. Charlie

    Not really that hot for me but that fist pic of the boi kneeling and begging for that big cock is real nice. I wouldn’t throw him out though if he wanted to use me like that kid

  17. blk9stud

    Zeb Atlas….is way hottt…he was the first gay porn star that i absolutely wanted to have…and that was when he was doing straight porn…best muscle and sized cock for me

  18. Jeff

    I don’t care for the big guy Zeb… not really my type, but I know the other guy, Jessie Colter, he lives just a couple streets away from me… Now that’s one hot dude…

  19. Paul

    Zeb is my ultimate fantasy. There is no one hotter working in porn today than this Greek god come to life. One night in bed with this stud would be a dream come true.

  20. dm

    In these photos Zeb does look good. I give credit where its due. However, in general he doesn’t do it for me. Plus I find the whole gay for pay thing kind of a buzzkill. He came to do an appearance at a gay club where I live a few years back and he seemed so awkward. In fairness I’m sure those appearances are awkward for performers, but I was close to the front of the stage when he came on and I had to move away immediately. For some reason it made me really uncomfortable and I thought his whole presentation and presence were really kind of bizzare. It wa just a weird thing that is kind of hard to articulate.

  21. Glenn

    When Zeb Atlas burst into the scene way back when he was fresh, everyone wanted him I would have let him use me however he wanted.
    . But now he has that desperate gay for pay look which shatters the fantasy. I no longer think he is all that.

  22. jeffrey

    He is way too muscled…at some point it becomes very unattractive to me. He is well past this threshold. Also, he is all completely shaved and I’m into guys with body hair. Pretty much a total turnoff for me. I can understand why he would shave (mandatory for bodybuilding contests).

  23. Miguel

    He is morbidly big… The human body was not made to look like that hate the neck! Steroids are bad for you dude. Have you heard of Erik Rhods? When would we learn.

  24. Andru

    Zeb is the hottest thing on the planet! Recognize yall!!! His muscles are sick, his dick is beauty, and hes a sexy ass motherfucker. When im rich n famous i will def hire Zeb to fuck the shit outta me! Granted, hes not for everyone, but i think hes superhuman and an amazing specimen of the male species. I heart Andy Biggs (his real name) forever!!!

  25. Carl

    He reminds me of a former boyfriend of mine. He was a 6’2″ 223 lbs muscle stud with just the righ cock for his size. We used to have these fuckathons that could last all night ’till next morning. I guess I’ll get in touch with him again 😛

  26. tdogca

    He’s got a handsome face, but he’s far too big for my tastes. If you google images of him from when he was younger, he had less mass but was still muscular. He looked WAAAY better back then.

  27. Taylor

    Every since I was 15 I’ve love zeb atlas. I love beefy guys and it’s even better when their muscle beefy. I wouldn’t mind him fucking my virgin ass, he would have to do me raw though because I want his cum in me.

  28. Hunter

    One big bull of a man. If you like that, he’s your stud. If he was hiring a houseboy, I’d apply. Might not accept the job, but hell I’d apply and would go through an interview.


    This is an easy one.. gross, not, and um.. sad to watch a totally ripped guy go from ok, to a heavier, growing out the hair to look younger, “I don’t do porn” to a full on porn actor.. and he’s gotta be like what? 40.. tragic

  30. truckercouple

    roids or not, i find it amazing what the male body can look like either way and I appreciate his body type and it’s hot on some level, but just TOO big to truly enjoy.. without custom fit clothes, a man that size would have a hard time buying clothes and most of them walk FUNNY because they’re legs are to big…. Zeb has the classic gay man’s buffed disease,, he probably was a weakling growing up, awkward and deciding that working out and building his body got him more attention than his natural looks ever would…. Most gay men hit the gym 7 days a week because if they don’t, no one would pay much attention to them.. sounds rude but it’s the truth.. Zeb, along w/ many other built guys have odd faces, sorry but true and the body takes up the slack……

  31. jey

    Well I must say that where ever you got your info on zeb atlas is wrong. He’s 29 years old, NOT 42. I’ve meet him and he looks like crap in person.

  32. Mr Mack

    damn he does it for me for sure. What does gay look like? I know what Queeny looks like and fem but gay is a man who has sex with a man. and all gay men are not the say some are masculine and some are feminine some are fat some are skinny some are short some are tall some are hairy some are smooth some are white some are not. some are tops some are bottoms some are both. So really what does gay look like???
    Now having said that. This guy is fucking beautiful, I’d sniff his dirty draws

  33. Bill

    Zeb is hot! But will he disappoint his fans like Tom Katt and Arpad and claim to be straight and not gay. Did he just do pay for gay or was it real????

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