Hot or Not : Model Lucas Medeiros


Hot or Not ? …

I think I already know your answer!

I’m usually not into young boys but his guy has something…

Born in 1993, Lucas Medeiros is a brasilian model.

If your jaw has already dropped, wait until you see the short video after after the jump, you might have a heart attack !


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  1. Skye

    He’s in really good shape but not my cup of tea. Now Hugh Jackman! wooooo there’s a man I’d love to get personal with Those muscles and that hair body just make him I personally think the pinnacle of what masculinity is just talking about him in (X-men wolverine origins. I know you could say depending on who you are “Well who’s to say what masculinity is” Well for many many decades we’ve had some sort of idea which is why there is the picture of a strong hairy man that some of us really do appreciate and strive to be like. It’s good to have goals now I’m done with my ranting. This guy just is smooth like a 5 year old and just not doing it for me so I’ll go with “NOT”

  2. Jim

    If I was laying on a bed naked and he came to ravage me, I hope I could keep from cumming long enou to see him naked. That man is gorgeous

  3. RoadRunner86

    I thought he looked better in the intro pic than then vid, but hey, maybe that’s just me. Judging by the video, he doesn’t appear to be too well um, equipped.

  4. Lorenzo

    Lucas has a great body, I wish he was hairy but anyway I would just love to eat his squeky clean ass and make him moan for my deep throat and then I would let him fuck my face, my deep throat until he shoots his hot load yum yum.

  5. NicoSoCoCA

    Y A W N
    what a waste of ink and film.
    no appealing qualities whatsoever….
    another hot brazilian… how ordinary

    okay OK I had to feign indifference
    isn’t that the way they notice you?
    and yes, indeed my left arm is going numb
    from the heart attack you pervs..

  6. Eric H

    I love it when a young stud like him is aggressive and dominant (I don’t know if he is, but I am imagining him that way).

  7. eddie

    He is well-built, sexy and attractive although, if one were to be critical, doesn’t look like much in the “package” department

  8. CHET5409

    to light for me not to mention he’s a young’N way to young didn’t even watch the video it might be child porn to me….depending on your/my age …me 40yrs old…which iz still young

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