Hot or Not : Gloryholes


The last sex story that we published was about a guy who sucks cock through his gloryhole. The post was VERY popular with tons of comments and traffic.

The comments and traffic confirmed my thought;  gloryholes are something very interesting and fascinate gay guys….

Either you like to suck anonymously or you like to get sucked anonymously, but obviously you like gloryholes.

I’d like to know what turns you on about gloryholes ?

Is it the mysterious and forbidden side of sucking dick through a hole ? Is it the anonymous nature of not being able to see who is on the other side, while your imagination plays with your mind ? Is it because you simply like to suck or get sucked and “whatever’s on the other side does not matter, as long as it feels good” ?

Here is a link to my favorite gloryhole site…very exciting, you should take a look !




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  1. David

    kind of hot, i am really into a guys face so seeing there face wile giving a bj is a big part of it. the other thing that is kind of a turn off is its random.

  2. Harv

    I’m one of those straights that got “sucked in” to the gloryhole scene as my first gay experience, and as they say, your first is the lasting one. I’ve been hooked ever since and have gone beyond being the giver to also the receiver. It is totally hot to give and receive annonymous blow jobs.

    My experience has also shown it’s best not to sneak in a look above the tummy before doing him or him doing you. It totally adds to the excitement, then take the peak when its done and he’s on his way out, and you know what ? The guys I’d normally pass doing or getting done by are the ones with the best bj’s or dicks. The hottest ones are the ones that don’t know what they are doing! It has changed my opinion totally on what guys are REALLY the best at sex.

    My gloryhole experiences happened at a book store in Des Moines and progressed to the point of where I couldn’t wait for my noon hour so I could slip downtown and get off. I also ran into some very kinky guys, Mr. Blue Balls was one who LOVED having his balls squeezed and pounded as he cum. He would raise all sorts of noise as I did that to him and shot the biggest load I’ve ever seen on a man. As he left, it was that Mr. Straight Laced professional banker type guy you’d never guess that was into that.

    A bud and I use to “run interference” at the book store, hogging a hole so someone else wouldn’t get the hot man in the stall next to us, especially if it was a type my bud liked and I didn’t really care for. We managed to land many guys that otherwise would have been gotten by some other guy.

    Now banned where I live, I have my own portable GH and continue on with my favorite fantasy

  3. D'Juan

    I’m not really the paranoid type and I consider myself pretty sexually adventurous. I can certainly see the appeal of an anonymous mouth sucking on your cock but I can’t get passed the idea of sticking my dick in a hole for anything to happen to it. He and I are pretty tight and it would seriously break my heart if anything bad were to happen to him.

  4. Gaemn

    Loved em, pretty much a thing of the past , atleast public ones here in the states. My first exp was in the old vid arcades between the smells , sounds of moans and quarters , slipping your cock thru a dark hole into a wet mouth is the ultimate!!!!!! Shame they are SO hard to find these days , back then it was the best in uncomplicated sex

  5. Steve

    Wow I have not found a glory hole in years,I love those holes and sucking cock threw them. There used to be a few big holes at the rest area near me and I got alot of trucker cock. Miss the hell out of those glory holes

  6. Bimascjock

    Gloryholes are NOT HOT they are dirty and guys usually suck multiple partners meaning you can be 10th in line that day. That’s Gross especially with so many diseases out there. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. I just don’t believe how much unsafe and unsmart sex goes on in the gay community. Kind of sad if you ask me. I value my health and would rather not be sloppy 11th of the day and who knows what semen or diseases are still in the mouth. Also I like a hot face anonymously getting off with someone who could be my grandfather or the crypt keeper on the other side is just nasty. Ewww

  7. Scarpien

    Never tried it. Never even thought of trying it. Just doesn’t appeal to me.
    I guess I’m too darned visual (twice I’ve tried phone sex and could not get into it) in that I need to see who’s sucking Jr or who I’m putting my mouth on.

  8. Hairyltn

    Floryholes are like truckers… They are much hotter in my mind than in reality. I agree with Bimascjock, in reality they are high risk sex, most likely creepy and not hot… I will stick with matching them online, and not try them.

  9. Bibeaufortguy

    I have given head to several guys with a gloryhole. First time was a marine that needed to get his cock sucked but did not want me to see his face. I met with him for several years after that and everytime it was under a cover. He would come in my house and I would have a blanket covering me. When he want to suck me, he would pull the cover over him.

  10. Alex B.

    I confess I like watching GH scenes in porn, but having that as my coming-out experience puts me off in terms of being an active participant. Beyond that, I have one question for everyone: Have you never seen the movie, “Cruising”? C’mon guys. With years of working in law enforcement behind me, I can tell you … it happens. Watch it. It could change your life… by letting you KEEP it. I’m not an alarmist (for those of you who are automatically thinking that); I’m a pragmatist. I say build one at home for your hook-ups if you have to have anonymous sex, but keep it at home where it belongs.

  11. Charlie

    Totally hot…my first experiences were at the local rest area gloryhole as giver…then receiver loved the risk of getting caught.

  12. Hunter

    AbsafuckinlootlyNOT! There is no way I’m turning my penis over to just forkin’ anyone. And NO forkin’ way I’m sucking just any penis that shows up.

    Glory holes … just another excuse for loser guys who are such losers they cannot get play dates and cannot maintain relationships with buds to play with longterm.

  13. ImGame

    I love them. It was how I got started, 18years old in a video booth (anyone remember them). I dropped a few quarters in a booth and this hand reach out pulled me to the hole. My first blow job. I fucked my first ass that same day. Since then I give receive pitch and catch through holes. Love to stick my cock through the hole and not know until it starts if I’m getting a blow job or a raw hole to breed. Glory holes are hot and we need more of them

  14. Bob

    My first black cock was through a glory hole. It’s been a few years since I sucked him off, but still the best I have had the pleasure of doing. I like the idea of no face, no idea what kind of body is on the other side. The only thing is the cock sticking through and me. I have enjoyed many a cock through glory holes. And as far as being the 10th one for me on that day, If only I could be that lucky.


  15. ironman7

    Gloryholes are really great i think there should be more of them, its just hot an hot to watch from another seeing someone else enjoying it.I go to them where ever I can find them, an more guys are putting them up at home an thats really GREAT, love anonymous sex.

  16. operation7

    Last guy is a priss…..guys sex is great…my first real blow job was in a bookstore, couldnt believe I put my pride and joy through a dirty hole, when I came I screamed like a girl

  17. ghboi

    True story: I went to the zone los angeles a month ago, it was hott but I got a sore(could be syphilis) on my foreskin. I had coldsore on my tongue then swollen lymph nodes. I hope im not hiv pos.

  18. Will Swallow

    I’ve had my private gloryhole for 7yrs now and the type of men that frequent either have a wife or a gf that will not or cannot suck dick.
    GH allows a man to enjoy uninhibited sex and also allows him to do what he would normally not do with his spouse. If a guy has no interest in a gh, he will never learn or experience the ultimate pleasure that a an anonymous mouth can perform. Its hard to explain the mystery of the GH, but as long as men need an anonymous mouth to unload in, I will always accommodate.
    I respect the concept, purpose and need for the GH and over the years I have acquired quite a few “regulars”.

  19. Hank

    I have a gloryhole in my garage. I have a girlfreind but love having my cock sucked by a hot guy at my place. And I love to suck a big dick now and then thru the GH as well. I live in the foothills of Sacramento so I don’t get to many takers since I live a little far. But Im a hot handsome hunky str8 boy that is safe and clean.

  20. MrJoey313

    I’ve never had the pleasure, but I’m curious enough about it to want to try. I haven’t seen a real GHole outside of a video ever.

  21. Lorenzo

    I have been to many glory holes in Palm Springs Ca, I love to be on the other side sucking as many cut cocks as possible, I think last night I sucked 25 cut cock, it was so nice, my mouth and deep throat are kinda tired today but I will be back tomorrow and I sure hope to suck at least 30 cut cocks, cut cock feels so good when sliding in and out of my cock hungry mouth, I can never suck enough and every once in a while I get to eat a squeky clean bubble butt ass fuck so yummy.

  22. operation7

    Glory holes are hot….the terror of sticking your pride and joy into the unknown is the kind of adventure that put us on the moon.
    Put a pair of sweat pants on and head to the park, create your own space

  23. Supercubby

    I have visited many at the adult book stores and in my opinion you have WAY more married/curious/regular gay dudes there than some freaky trolls. As for STD, you have just as much a chance of catching one at a gloryhole as you do finding some stranger on craigslist. The only difference is you have the choice of one stranger or a buffet!

  24. HolePunchSD

    NOT HOT. IMO, gloryholes are where married & in-the-closet guys go to indulge in their secret fetish. And I’m nobody’s secret.
    I like to see who’s slobbing on my knob–and it’s never the kind of guys that you see in porn! But rather that guy that you would ever think of whipping your junk out for.

  25. horneyrightnow

    GloryHoles are a thing of the past as they are hard to find. One might find a cruzy bathroom somewhere, only not to be able and finish the job, because that “Hole ” isnt there for your convenience.
    I think they have their place as a means to sexually get off, without the complications and or forplay, that meeting someone takes. With a limited number of gays out there, it takes us right to the point of what we want to do. Have sex.
    I think there should be a push to get them back into circulation.

  26. Ron

    I think gloryholes are very hot! I’m a bi-married guy in my mid-30’s and my first anonymous encounter was in an adult bookstore with the arcades. I was checking out the merchandise in the store and also checking out the guys going in and out of the arcade area. I was looking at a 10 inch dildo and thinking about buying it when a cute young guy (hell I’d say he was just barely 21) smiled at me as I was checking out this hot dildo. Apparently he noticed my very recognizable hard-on and motioned to the arcade. I followed in behind him and he whispered in my ear, “Go inside, stick that hot cock thru the hole and I’ll suck you off”. I almost cum in my pants when he told me that. I rushed inside, stripped down to my boxers, whipped my 6 inch cut slender cock out, and put it in the hole. His hot moist mouth met my cock on the other side. He slowly licked my head and all down my shaft to my balls, then back up to my head again. My knees started shaking as I anticipated his young hot mouth swallowing my cock. He kissed my head then parted those sexy lips and started swallowing my cock in his mouth. His tongue massaged and swirled around my cock as I started pumping his hot mouth. My God did it feel soo good. He sucked me hard and fast, then slow and gentle, then hard and fast, constantly building that very anticipated cum explosion. He was a great cock sucker. I kept fucking his face until he pulled his mouth off of my throbbing cock, then he quickly lubed his ass and my cock and slid his tight man pussy onto my throbbing meat. It only was about maybe 30 thrusts and I was filling his tight pussy with my hot cum.

    My first ever gloryhole experience that I will treasure forever!

    In my state with the new legislation, the arcades area has been banned and the “sex shops” adult stores have to close at midnight. I keep looking for guys who might have their own personal gloryhole, but never found much luck. Hope yall enjoyed my personal adventure…..happy fucking!

  27. face fucker

    I was 22 years old when I visited my first gloryhole. I remember being so nervous, yet so horny and curious. It was located in this guys backyard in a garden shed. The house was beautiful, almost mansion like, on capital hill in Seattle. The set up was intense… Candles lit, and the low thumping beats of Enigma. My legs were shaking. There I am standing in front of the hole… With glimpses of a goatee and a tongue. I hesitate… and unzip. My dick goes thru the hole… and I immediately tense up and actually panic. For the first time, right then and there, a thought comes to my mind… What if this guy isnt who he said he was? What if he’s like 400 pounds. You name it, I thought of it. And because of this…. My dick was NOT even about to get hard. Then…. Something came over me… Took some deep breaths, took in the music… and the rest is history. I’m 37 now. Im a HUGE fan of gloryholes. It’s sensory overload. It’s anonymous. It’s somewhat dirty. I go by the name face fucker. It’s my favorite thing to do. I chose that name because I actually like to fuck face… In other words… Lean back and fuck the gloryhole. It’s hot to watch my cock slide in and out. It’s boring to me how most guys stand flush up against the wall of the gloryhole the entire time. I like to put on somewhat of a show. Happy sucking everyone!

  28. Luke

    Absolutely hot! At 32 years old just started to use them on the receiving side at the bath house! I can’t get enough of it!!! Just plain ole sucking dick the smell the feeling it’s invigorating!!

  29. SRH

    I agree completely Bimascjock. Plus the edges of real glory holes are usually ragged and gouged through metal partitions, and on top of all that you’re in a filthy public restroom full of germs you don’t even want to imagine. Forgetting all that, if all was going well I’d want to get into it and really have sex with the guy without having that wall in the way between us, LOL. If doing a guy depends upon not seeing what he really looks like I won’t do him.

  30. William Austin

    If clothes make the man, then Glory holes spotlight feature the sex of the man!
    They remove all the objections you might have about this person and just focus on his sex! End result I might suck a cock that I would pass up on other wise! Especially age factors !……………………. A HARD COCK IS A HARD COCK!
    As fun as it can be,, you miss a lot of body language as a man goes through when he goes in to his climax, especially when they reach for your head and hold you down until they come back to earth! Many men are very grateful after the experience! You miss all that with a Glory hole!
    All in all, a Glory hole is sex you more than likely would never get! Shy straights, Married guys on the run,…A different game…: )

  31. DallasGuy

    Gloryholes are completely hot! The anonymous aspect of sucking some unknown person off is amazing. It allows that moment to all about his cock and my skills. Too bad public ones are so few and far between anymore. However, the current trend of men having their own private gloryhole is definately a fun thing.

  32. Purebalance

    Yeah no. I’m all about a guy’s face. If I can’t see what you look like, I really don’t care how well you suck dick or how nice your dick is. If you’re jacked up looking in the face with a perfect body, we won’t be getting nekkid. If you’re a little bit extra and not the perfect body but have an amazing face, it doesn’t bother me. The worst part about glory holes is it’s almost never like in porn with some hot guy there. There’s a reason some people like to have all of that without their face being seen and it has nothing to do with being anonymous.

  33. Dennis

    Well I thing to suck the cream from hard cock of whom u never see is so hot in fact I did it yrs ago at book stores where some days I’ld suck 10 to 20 in a afternoon just to sample the differant cum taists. My cock would get so hard dreaming about doing 100 men is a day but never happened. My favorite is to suck a soft cock hard where I look staight into the guys eyes and watch his face change as his cock gets hard and shoots his load in my hungry mouth. I am a cum slut yes so what lol

  34. Cliff E

    hot i think they are fun. the guys have to smell clean im not sucking some funky smelling guy. the establishment says alot for the clientel that goes there. have a bud that owens one and its hot. alot of hunky guys go there love them glory holes are hot

  35. Charlie

    I did get head at a few before I ever dared go out for real time. I got off but nothing hot about glory holes for me. I get off and walk off feeling like nothing happened. I like to see who I am giving or getting head from. The best for me is giving head and hearing and seeing how he gets off

  36. biinnewark

    i live in newark ohio have never used 1 and dont know where any r…anyone know of any in my area let me know…would like 2 try atleast once.will probabley b hooked…

  37. Dave

    I love to suck hot guys off at my private glory hole in the garage. For me it is not anonymous. I always know who is coming by to get sucked, but the “anonymous vibe” is still there and it is HOT.

  38. vaBiGuy

    Im a bi married guy. When it come to sex with men, that thing sticking through the hole is all i want. Its just perfect for me. Now i just do mmf 3ways with the wife.

  39. Daniel

    I like how the not hot votes moan and groan at how dirty they are and that they are the reasons why diseases spread amongst the community. I bet these same people though have no problem going to the club, dancing their butts off, drunk or possibly high and take a trick home at 2 am or vice versa Thurs-Sunday night. So, please spare the judgement.

    I for one find the allure of them appealing. Do I frequent them at sex shops or arcades or the like? No, I don’t. My personal situation is visiting a few times a month someone who has one set up in their home. Its fun to pop in, pull out, let them do the work, nut and then go. I have no idea who is on the other side and that’s the reason why its hot. Its one kind of anon situation vs another. Are you really going to tell me that GH situations and their anonymity is far worse then tricking at the club, craigslist, or on here?

  40. Ian

    Definitely hot! I used to have a private gloryhole setup at my place when I lived in LA. You cannot imagine how bombarded I was with requests to visit. I think we love them because they’re so much about the sexual freedom that gay guys enjoy…getting each other off with nooooooo hassle. Here’s to gloryholes!!!

  41. Chris

    I have a private gloryhole here in Castro. It is definitely NOT completely anonymous, as I screen guys carefully before inviting them over to make sure they are a) hot and b) neg/std-free. No face pics are exchanged, but I do ask for std status. (Like most sex, there are inherent risks. Everyone who is not in a committed monogamous relationship should get tested–and that includes guys who *THINK* they are in a committed monogamous relationship.) I am fortunate to have a few regular buddies who like the ease of getting sucked off with NSA. I enjoy the ability to focus my attention on the guy’s cock, and I make sure I get him off good so that he will want to come back.

  42. Enzo

    The thought of a guy wanting nothing more than a cock to suck is hot, but I shy away from the gloryhole scene for two reasons. One: I like to see and touch the face of the man choking on my dick. I prefer being able to see his eyes looking up at me, watch his reaction. Two: I can’ but.assume the dude behind the gloryhole is unattractive. I’m not saying all gloryhole bottoms are ugly – im sure they’re not – but I need to be attracted to the man I am face-fucking. Otherwise, I can just jack off on my own.

  43. Just me

    I go to them but I don’t want some father figure or gramdpa blowing me. I pick and chose. the one I go to (and I’m sure all of them) have an unspoken language that pople use to let someone know they are interested in you(or you them) 95% of the time people are respectful of each other and don’t push them self on you. I know who’s on the other side as I see them walk in Their booth and they see me walk in my booth. Good thing about them is, If they suck bad all you have to do is zip up and walk out. not like your at their house or they are at yours. It’s all casual, When I see a goog looking guy I look at his shoes and pants/shorts and remember them so if I go into a booth and I didn’t see them walk in the other one right away I still know if it’s the guy I like or not.

    I do very strongly agree that they could be kept cleaner. there are alot up nasty things out there. If the staff doesn’t want to or the company doesn’t want to be paying someone to clean all the time at least have lysol wipes or something so we can wipe down the hole and wall off to at least help cut down on the transfer of things to person-to-person.

    Anyway, that my story. Hope you all enjoyed.

  44. Mile High Glory

    I love to suck hot guys off at my private glory hole. The thought of a huge cock coming thru the hole and sucking it to its cumpletion is a total turnon for me.

  45. ridesontop

    I love sucking cock through glory holes. Too many people are hung up on what the person looks like when the most important part of the experience is his cock. Seeing a hot guy, steamy daddy or young pup gets your cock hard but with that you don’t know what kind of package your getting. Stick it through and let’s get started! Glory holes all the way! PS Someone needs to start a data base listing the glory holes throughout the US.

  46. uncutgh

    My first time was gloryhole style and i ADORE the scene, i wish i wouldn’t like as much as i do, cause it gets me in truoble.
    What i like i don’t know i defenaly like to c who is in the other side, i don’t need to know them but i do have to see what he look like thats a must, i love glory holes for many reasons, you get to suck unwashed uncut cocks that taste natural, not dirty neseserely, and that you just blow random guys and who they really are plays an interesting role in your brain.
    What i HATE about glory holes, are those guys who wants your cum asap, who doesn’t even enjoy sucking a dick but they are desperate to get the load, i hate that shit, love those who work on your cock for a long time and thats what i do, do i care about the load?, not really yes is nice but watever..But what i HATE the most about gh visitors is fucking in the ass specially those BB sex sluts, can’t tell you how much i HATE those fags!, why?, cause in the 80’s people did not knew about AIDS. Now we do, and cause all the work and support of those who fight AIDS is not taken seriously., now you go to a gay and lesbian center and they give you a drugs to keep your ass alive and as a result of that you keep on having BB sex, totally wrong!
    Some guys whats to get their cock sucked only but there is always that one Fag who puts his dirty sick butt hole in the hole and thats fucking gross at lets they should ask first.
    Now we all know or we should know that fucking BB a sex bottom is still risky, yes the risk is minor but there is a risk and thats how they pass AIDS round!!!!, cause you think you won’t get it.
    BB sluts in gloryholes are sick other wise they won’t get fuck by who knows who that way.
    Sorry went over the subject.
    But yes i love GLORYHOLES

  47. Skipdad

    Personally love them myself.I would like to have my own private but have no idea how you get the word out or advertise.Anyone want to pass on some ideas? Found some hot ones in NYC,who know how long that will last. Thanks for the tips guys!

  48. BlowieMcB

    Ahh one of my favorite things to do — yeah there arent too many public ones around at all anymore – which is a shame. Besides the mystery of being fairly anonymous, I find the appeal a control issue — as the sucker, I run the show as far as what exactly is happening to pleasure the penis and surrounding area – and as the suckee, there is the appeal of relinquishing the control of your pleasure to another person….Ive had some intense sexual encounters this way — and they also can lead to face to face as well —oh and sex in any encounter is of equal risk — it depends on your actions of playing safe, whether its with a commited partner, or sucking off some stranger behing a bush. I myself find appeal in both.

  49. urhotsox

    luv the scene , here in south florida plenty of places to service hot married cock , luv when a blasts his load in my mouth , , he leaves and the next one cums in , always a hot time

  50. Thom

    It’s not my favorite way of playing, I find the disconnect of visual/tactile interaction to be cold, being one of those aforementioned ugly gloryhole bottoms, sometimes it’s the only way to get that thick, juicy load of sweet cream. And occasionally I’m luck enough to get a load from a guy that’s so hot I’d never get him if he saw me.

    That being said, just as there are ugly gloryhole bottoms, there are ugly gloryhole tops too. People who couldn’t get blown if the wall wasn’t holding that cloak of myster around their cock.

  51. vafratboy

    I think the idea of a GH is hot, both on giving and recieving end, but don’t think I’d every actually do it. Unless I knew who was on the otherside, but then that sorta defeats the purpose.

  52. truckercouple

    i have cum fetish, not into swallowing, but love jizz shot on my back, ass, or my face… my husband and i use to go to bath houses and while he would fuck someone in a stall, i’d sucked the guys cock and let him shoot his load on my face…. i’ve sucked 1 guy after another at a bathhouse and had them all shoot their loads on my face,, it’s so fucking hot…..

    check us out on a4a for hot chat… truckercouple

  53. JC

    As orally inclined as I am, and as good as I apparently am (I’ve been told many times I’ve given him the best head and most guys cum within a minute or two), but I also love affection, touching and seeing the guy I’m sucking. Also, I have to be attracted to him. Not that I’m a stuckup, over-picky guy, and I find legs, butts, eyes, chests and faces all can be really, the chemistry helps. so as much as I love cock and sucking cock, I just can’t risk getting sucked or sucking some really old or really unattractive (personality or body)..and probably couldn’t even get off if I wasn’t sure it was with someone who could turn me on.

  54. hothairydan

    I. Love sucking on a cock through a glory hole! Men give the best head and I love to suck on a guys hard cocktail until he explodes in my mouth..they ALWAYS fun back for more. Wish there were more of em..I would be very busy!

  55. cockboy732

    i’ve never been to one, but it seems like it would be a good way to satisfy a primal urge to get head, or suck cock. i mean anonymous sex in a horny “right now” situation can satisfy both guys on either side of the wall. no hang ups, no strings attatched, mission accomplished.

  56. Tim

    I think gloryholes can be hot but not just any of them. I have never gone to bookstores or anyplace like that, but a bud of mine told me about an older guy who was nice looking who had a gloryhole, and highly recommended I try it out. I knew of the guy already from seeing him at the gym, and he was good looking for someone over 50. I decided to email him and ask if I could try his private gloryhole out. I’m really glad I did because he gave me the best head I’ve ever had. I mean it was amazing and is so addicting I still go back once a week or every few weeks if I can. It’s like going shopping and you find a pair of shoes that fit just right and feel so good you don’t have any desire to change, that’s what it’s like with my gloryhole bud. It’s a perfect arrangement, totally discreet, he loves swallowing my loads, and I love feeding him. So a win-win for everyone.

    I’d reccomend guys find a gloryhole who is private and stick to that, it’s safer, cleaner, and better.

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