Hot or Not : Getting Fingered


One of the essential things for me -as a bottom- when I’m having sex is to get rimmed.

If you don’t rim, well I’m never gonna call you back !

Another thing that is really satisfying for me is to get fingered.

There is something very sexual about having a man fingering me with 1, 2 or 3 fingers.

My favorite position to get fingered is on my back, legs in the air. I want to be able to reach to him, touch his arm/bicep, pull is arm towards me and make the fingers go deaper.

I also like to establish eye contact with my man while he is fingering me, I want toย see him “loving it” and “work it”.

You know sometimes I dont necessarely need to get fucked all the time… I love soft sex as well, sucking, rimming, kissing. It’s very sensual and good!

So all my bottom or versatile friends out there…You like to get fingered also?ย Or do you always need a cock in your hole?


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  1. Rainbowice61182

    I agree, i love being rimmed, but i totally agree that i love having a finger in my tight hole, having him stretch out my hole before he puts his cock in. Now thats what you call finger licking good. LOL

  2. david

    this article turned me on. as a bottom I also love to be fingured while looking at the guy. I love one fingure and no more than three, he can put his cock in me if I know he’s thinking about it

  3. JayLarkin

    It can be hot, very hot actually. But if it leads to fisting, well that’s just not my thing. But to each his own of course.

  4. Will

    LOVE to get fingered– up to 4 fingers gets my hole ready for a nice cock. Fingers can hunt for the prostate better than some cocks can find it.

  5. Skip

    Total agreement…love being fingered…slowly, tenderly…most explosive orgasm I ever had started this way and ended in a prostate massage, it was uncontrollable

  6. Dane

    Dave, I am verse and I have to agree with you. I luv fingering if I am topping , there is just something about seeing those masculine thick legs wide open and the hole just swallowing my fingers. And on the reverse when I bottom I love the eye contact and the sheer submissive , vulnerability of allowing some one inside of you . I really get off on getting fingered and fingering.

  7. Dee

    as long as it’s clean, nothing better than diving in between a nice pair of butt cheeks and savouring the flavor.

    as for fingers, the more the better, of course i like to occasionally take a hand also.

  8. steve

    I enjoy getting fingered and making out also. I like watching how he likes it. I love being rimmed but can rim for hours. I enjoy kissing, sucking and soft sex. it can be tasteful.

  9. gw

    if i know i’m gonna get fucked then leave my hole alone. there’s nothing that feels any better than a pecker head opening me up. love to get it streched. the thicker the better. a little pain while getting streched is also good. if i’m not getting fucked a good fingering is alrighe and a rimming is always hot especialy if he has a moustouche or some kind of facial hair.

  10. Bklynguy

    A finger is always good, especially before he slips his cock into my ass.
    Rimming is the best before a finger or two or three goes in.

  11. charlie

    I LOVE TO GET FINGERED!! Many times, I prefer to get fingered then having a fat cock up my arse…..I love having my prostate played with and when doing so, it has me climbing the walls!!….so YES, having a dude finger me is essential……rimming comes next. I also love jamming my fingers up a dude ass as well. One day my quest is to finger one of my straight buds…….one day, indeed.

  12. Bklynguy

    I love getting fingered right before he shoves his cock up my ass.Rimming is a necessity but i have yet to find anyone who loves rimming more then me.

  13. Ron

    You betcha! Love to eat a nice clean hole then finger it…maybe even four fingers! Would kind of be disappointing if I didn’t get to go the distance.

  14. Red27

    I love to get fingered as well as do the fingering. My favorite position to get fingered is me face down ass up in the air do that the guy can rotate his tongue and fingers in and out of me. I like I do the same. Best moment was when I was messin with this DL supposedly straight guy and before I knew it I was eating him and had about 3 fingers in his perfect chocolate ass. Needless to say he loves when i put it on him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. daniel (elidaboy)

    I only like to get finger if the guy that knows how to do it. Like the one time a had a guy finger me so good i feel like i had his cock in me n he made me cum just by fingering me then fucking me

  16. Eli

    I love getiing fingered!!! It helps me cum faster than getting fucked. I do enjoy the eye contact as well. It helps me connect in a way, deep in their stare as they tickle your prostate

  17. Adam

    I guess if a person does not call you back for not rimming them, then they are not really worth it. Frankly, some people you do not want calling back anyhow Plus not everyone wants someones ass hole on there mouth, or their fingers smelling like ass, not everyone has a very clean hole.

  18. JayCee

    I LOVE IT! I love having it done while kissing, “you gotta pre-heat the oven before you start baking!” I always say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. darryl

    One of the things i really enjoy doing to my bottom is working a finger or two in his hole to warm that hole up. The way it feels sliding up to reach his prostate muscle, really them us both a thrill. Sometimes you need to get that hole ready for dick.

  20. chicon

    i’m always afraid of being too rough when i finger a dude!! i don’t know if i’m cutting up his insides with my nails or something. i usually try to go directly in and find the prostate and play with it instead of the in-and-out motion! the few i’ve been able to do it to love it as much

  21. Cory

    I have a hard time letting someone put their cock in me, so fingering and rimming me is usually off limits, especially poorly maintained fingernails, etc which usually hurts when inside.

  22. let's have a kiki

    For me personally, I don’t like to get fingered. As weird as it may sound, it actually hurts.

    Rim it, eat it, suck it, and kiss it…just don’t stick your finger in it, skip that part, just stick your dick in! hehe

  23. Sparks811

    I am a bottom for the most part and don’t really like to be fingered. Yes eat it out I love that but sometimes a guys fingers are a bit rough or nails not fit for it so I’d rather skip that part.
    Rimmed hell yeah, fingers not so much

  24. Ariesk

    Love fingering when I’m topping and it gets me in the mood when I’m going to bottom. But you better cut those nails! Lol.

  25. payyan

    It sounds hot but it doesnt feel good at all.
    and i love the second paragraph, I would do the same Lol
    Get rimmed is the ultimate ๐Ÿ˜€
    But get fingered is not my thing.
    I prefer boneless meat.

  26. daddy'sboy

    nothing more sensual after i get him off and i am finishing myself off is to feel his fingers in my ass…. i love it…. so hottt….. it makes me shoot so intensely and almost immediately…… i like it on my back my legs spread feeling his leftover cum running down my leg….. mmmmmm daddy

  27. txman49

    If done right it can be a better feeling than getting fucked…slow and easy with him licking or sucking my nips while I jerk my cock…man I am off to the races before you know it…love rimming and being rimmed…

  28. Jason

    I am a vers and often to long periods between getting fuck so I have to be fingered to relax and able to take a cock. I love getting fingered, it sets the mood.

  29. HolePunchSD

    All the bottoms on here better say fingering is HOT. We [tops] do it to losen you up. With me, you have a choice: I can eat your hole and finger it OR I can rimm you then shove my dick in. And my dick is way thicker than my finger!
    Fingering doesn’t lead to fisting; fisting leads to fisting. Fingering is foreplay.

  30. Drew

    i’m ALL about getting fingered i love to be going down on a guy and have him reach around and slide a finger or two in while i’m blowing him it usually don’t last long because i’m usually laying him down and squatting RIGHT onto his dick because to me it’s a HUGE HUGE turn on!!

  31. David

    I love getting fingered. Like to have a guy kiss and take charge, then have me suck him off lying on my back while he fingers my hole. I feel so dominated and turned on! Fingering also definitely halos spread the lube and open me up to get a good fucking.

  32. monkeyboneking

    personally i dont like fingers in my butt lol it feels weird.. rimming is ok if i know the other guy is into it otherwise dick is M A ZING!!! especially if he knows how to swing his bat.

  33. buff

    I like being fingered although, the last time, the guys nails created a fissure that was painful for several days. I hate being rimmed and rimming. There is just something so unappealing as a tongue to the ass to me. But finger me and fuck me, both are good.

  34. Len

    A skilled top takes his time preparing for smmoth entry. Rim, finger lube. Most bottoms want pleasure not pain. Rimmng or fingering either or both can produce full body orgasm without a penis at work. Each a sexual art, see kama sutra.

  35. Brad

    fingering my ass is definitely a must for me as an eager bottom. I am really upfront with any intimate situation. Rarely am I turned down so I believe it is a f
    ar more desirable sex act than we all think.

  36. Michael

    I don’t care much for fingering. I love to finger myself when I jack off, but for some reason, it hurts when someone else does it. Maybe the’re not doing it right. It’s weird, I love a dick in my ass. But, not a finger. Lol. I love getting my ass ate for a long time, rub that dick and some precum on my hole, eat it some more, spit on it, and then fuck me.

  37. Scott

    I guess I’m a top for a reason, however, I’ve met many tops that seem to love the finger, but are they truly tops if I’m with them in bed in the first place??? Personally, a finger going any where near my hole will make me go limp so fast that some guys have taken severe offense by me losing a raging erection in less than 2 seconds. Now, you put a tongue back there, and you can work it ALL DAY LONG and make me blow like a volcano. Two rules…1.NOTHING goes in the belly button and 2. The only thing near the hole is a willing and resourceful tongue.

  38. cntryman

    Love getting rimmed and fingered too. Hottest fingering to me is when this hot dude at my gym showers in the spot beside me, and fingers me with one hand while we shower, and jacks me with his other. He could fuck me too if he liked, but he’s not done that yet.

  39. kevin

    love fingering a guy getting him to open up usually as i am sucking him. getting to open up for me. is a turn on for me..tend to get turned on and rough sex him. throw those legs up over my shoulders and pile drive my dick into him. usually guy dont like that but i fuck him rough.. he may not ever come back. but i love it..

  40. Lorenzo

    I just love to be fingered by a guy that is going to fuck and rim my hot tight latino ass, it feels so good and I cannot wait to be rimmed and fucked yum yum I love to fingered rimmed and then the guy eats my ass yum yum feels so fucking good.

  41. Neil

    I love to finger a guy while I’m sucking him off. If he’s concerned about my fingernails, which are usually kept trimmed, or one, or both are concerned about cleanliness, I’ve always got some latex gloves on hand.
    There’s just something about opening a guy up and getting him ready for a cock, or just ready to blow his load, that really turns me on. Once I get a guy to three fingers he’s ready for my cock, or just ready to cum. Whether it’s around my fingers, or around my cock, I just love being deep inside a guy when he blows that white, hot, tasty load.

  42. CaliRoyalSwag

    Im Versatile, but personally i loved to be rimmed and have m ass get all wet up, then the guy start slow with his finger and then tongue and spit to keep it wet, then fingers again to stretch my hole and lastly get that dick inside me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  43. scorpioli

    I don’t enjoy being fingered, but love to finger. 1,2,3,4 fingers and even a fist. It is a hot scene to watch a masculine dude just allow you inside of him and totally let go. Rimming on the other hand, wow, eat my ass all you want and i will return the favor in an instant, specially love to rim a furry butt.

  44. Justin

    I will for sure have to agree that my ass must be licked before it is pounded. Up until now, I have never been a fan of fingers in my ass. I guess I always prefered to having the real thing. After reading the other comments, I didnt realize how many dudes either liked to be fingered, or fingering another dude’s ass. Maybe I will have to give it another try if it gets a dude that hott. I guess I will let a man proceed next time he begins to finger my hole.

  45. John

    I LOVE getting fingered .. and I’m a top. I also love getting rimmed .. 69 rim is best.

    One night had a guy get me off just by rimming me .. never touched my cock .. just rimmed me.

    Maybe I’m not as much as a top as I think I am …:-)

  46. Thom_72

    Meh. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it. Usually it’s a warning sign that I’m about to start training a top on how to fuck correctly.

    Or I’m at home alone and need a little something extra to push me over the edge.

  47. Benjabrownsuga

    NOT. I only expect to be fingered to prepare for the cock. Like lubing or just getting ready for that big thang. Being fingered is not a turn-on for me. But if he wants it, he’ll get it from me.

  48. Marky C Baby

    Finger fucking is hot, when ur fingering a nice, tight, clean smooth ass. I love to have a hot smooth ass sit on my face.

    • Bill

      Your description fits my ass to a tee… Last year, in an adult theater, on a couch, I sat on a dude’s face as he kissed, slurped, sucked, and tongue fucked my smooth ass, and after it had been fucked royally, for over 30 minutes. We were both sweating like pigs afterwards. It was the best I’ve ever had and now I am hopelessly spoiled. (I fed him a monster load as a reward.) About an hour later, after chilling out, I hooked up with a M/F couple. The guy tried to fuck me missionary position on the very same couch but could not get hard enough. I stood up and he kneeled to suck my hard cock as the woman began to finger fuck. She was very experienced and knew exactly where my prostate was located. OMG! This went on for 15 minutes ’til I came almost screaming. When the couple left, two guys who had been watching, just took me from behind, one after the other as I laid prone on the couch recuperating.

  49. Jon

    Im a top more often than not, but I insist on being fingered. It’s erotic. It completely turns me on, and for some reason I love being fingered with my back turned, or if I’m being spooned. There’s something so provocative about a man who will finger me (the top) from behind without asking my permission. I often finger myself while I’m fucking someone so that my orgasm is more intense. It’s a must! Fingering is hot!

  50. rainbowtunatrout

    i’ve never been a fan of getting fingered. Maybe it goes back to the first guy who ever fingered me, my best friend growing up. He would get to into it and it was to rough and I never liked it and haven’t liked it since. The minute a guy goes to insert a finger, I jump higher up like a patient in a dentist chair, lol. Now getting rimmed, THAT i enjoy and getting tongued is awesome.

  51. John

    I Love to Be Fingered as well it relaxes my Whole to there is very little pain while excepting a “Hot” Tool Deep Inside Me without taking away any of the Pleasure of Bottoming for the Right Man ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. @GeorgeOdem

    i’m vers, and i’m not really a fan of being fingered, but i LOVE to finger a guy. even more so when he lets me do it really rough.

    P.S. if you don’t have a clean hole, then you shouldn’t even be having sex!

  53. BTM

    i love to get finger but he better know what hes doing and his nails better be neatly trimmed. nothing kills the mood faster than having a sharp nail jabbed up your ass

  54. William Austin

    It’s all about the little prostate button [ inside sex ] Very powerful!
    If you massage his prostate while you are orally stimulating him, he will come back for more, lots more, because it is so intense -powerful it is addicting!
    Size is not the issue here, it is be ON-POINT ! If your doing it right He will have an earth-shacking climax, better than anything he can do or his girl friend!

  55. unmenude

    I agree with Kiki. Don’t know why, but getting fingered as always been uncomfortable. Have no problem with a dick, it slides right in.
    As for rimming, giving it is more enjoyable to me. I have always loved rimming a clean ass. Makes no difference to me whether he is hairy or smooth. Nothing gets me off more than rimming a man who truly appreciates a good ass rimming.

    Hey Dave,
    I would never call someone back who didn’t like getting rimmed. I think we should get together. I love to rim, finger, kiss, touch and feel.

  56. CHL

    i think this should be a post: HOW MANY GUYS FROM A4A HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH?
    my friend recently got an std from a guy that said he was clean and they used a condom

  57. fairprince2

    check my profile out on adam and you will see that i love to bottom i am not into fingering however with that said i do agree if a guy starts doing that it can lead to a fist trying to go up my ass i have a buddy hes enjoying this right now these days all four fingers are deep in my tight ass it feels sweet but nothing like a sweet cock i love cock anyon e headed to Trinidad let me know

  58. Rolando

    As a top, I LOVE to rim and finger my bottoms. I like to go ALLLL the way up in there with my tongue. However, if you didn’t prepare for it, it’s a HUGE turn off, and well, I WILL NOT be calling you back. CLEAN THAT ASS GUYS!

  59. Adam

    This is provided that a top knows what he’s doing. In most cases, they don’t. They wanna stick it in and wiggle it around rapidly which I find painful and usually a turn off. I usually tell them to forget the fingers and use their dick. I will take the thickest cocks better than the skinniest fingers.

  60. Jonathan

    I’m gonna have to go with not…. Not safe, nails can cut your inside and plus we are old enough to use our penises… fingering is for girls

  61. adam

    For me I love being rimmed it really loosens me up and gets me ready. But on the topic of fingers I get frustrated because I find the idea of getting fingered soooo hot but when the guy actually goes down there it burns. So I am not sure if I just need to relax more and enjoy it or if I am just not meant to enjoy getting fingered.

  62. matthew

    I hate getting fingered! I love being rimmed, and if you wanna rub my hole while you rim me, thats great. But do not put it in me. I love when a cock goes deep in my hole, and its the first thing in there. I have always preferred a cock over fingers. But if u just have to play with my hole, then use one of my many toys!

  63. scott

    definitely…although I am primarily a bottom..if I’m fingering a hot dudes hole, it will turn me on to the point where I just have to fuck that ass. I like fingering almost more than I do getting fingered..I think because I get off on there expressions and how much they’re loving it!!

  64. Xerc

    I like fingering my lovers, and eating them(clean of course) later rim emm. Although I on the otherhand, for myself i cannot have anyones fingers or weiner in me no no no

  65. terry

    would love his fingers up my ass while I suck him off. The dude in the picc is fucking hot, love his cock. He could finger my hole and fuck my mouth till he filled it with his cum.

  66. CTBill

    Dave love to be fingered ! And fisted if the guy takes his time hmmmmmmmmmm Love rimming licking both giving and receiving mmmmm then im soooooooo ready to be fucked !!!

  67. T.J.

    Totally love to get eaten and fingered!!! Nothing better than being lubed up with our natural juices. Also like getting fingered while he slides his big fat cock in and out of me, stretching me even more!!!!!!

  68. R!ch!e

    I never used to like being fingered and still kinda don’t, but since I havent been plowed in 3yrs, I sometimes find it hot depending on the guy, last guy who fingered fucked me made me shake ( guess he hit my spot ) & cum like a fountain… But I LOVE being rimmed, it’s my all time fav…

  69. david

    a poster from up above recommended making a blog post asking a4a members how many members from a4a they’ve hooked up with. i’d actually really love to see the responses to that. and yes, i love to be fingered ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Gay Cop

    Love fingering a bottom bitch!! like to get my cock suck and finger a guy. Only way to get out of a ricket is to eat my load.

  71. Dominic K.

    I think being fingered is only pleasurable if the person does it right. Speaking from experience I’ve being fingered numerous times and while it gave me a sense of pleasure after awhile it becomes uncomfortable. I have a tight hole anyway and never allow guys to to stick their penis fully in me, so anything going inside my hole can make me squirm. However, the plus to being fingred ise the intense orgasms that I have reached, the way my body tightens and my butt muscles clench his lubed fingers as I massively explode cum all over myself while he fingers my hole and jerks my cock.

  72. Eric

    I’m a bottom and I love to get eaten out and rimmed and even enjoy eating out a nice clean ass myself but when it comes to being fingered it depends on the person. I’ve had some experiences where it felt amazing and made the sex just that much better and others where it just hurt. I prefer just to get rimmed and eaten out real good and maybe a finger or two before they stick their throbbing cock deep in me. Dick always feels better after a really hot foreplay.

  73. diamondcrowned

    I am not a bottom, and only vers in relationships, but me and one of my best friends (who is a bottom) were actually discussing this the other day and there responce was, “If they go to finger me, that makes me think they have an STD they aren’t telling me about.” Now as a top, i love to finger the bottom while I’m eatting them out, it kinda just goes hand in hand.

  74. Greg

    Nothing better than fingering and eating a hole and sucking my finger when I look in my mans eyes, letting him know that I savor all of him. I love the musky kinda dirty smell of a hot asshole.. I made myself hard just typing that!

  75. jimmyolson

    As a top I just love having my dick inside my bottom’s hole. Not much into fingering or rimming for that matter though I have fingered a few of my prey.
    As a total top, I dont understand much about the dynamics of bottoming but I think this blog helped me understand it a little more.

  76. JayinStL

    I love to have “71” — fingering a guys ass, while 69ing. Ok. Even though I’m a top, I also like getting fingered.

  77. Tim

    I love to have a fingers up inside a nice warm hole, but my boyfriend, a total bottom, isn’t into getting fingered at all… ๐Ÿ™

  78. dantt77

    I love getting fingered while doing 69 sucking cock like a slut or fingering a hot hole and suck cock at the same time is also hot! I also like to finger my tight hole when I play with myself. Feels soo good!

  79. Dominick

    Coming from a Tops perspective I love a little ass play when I’m getting head. One finger only and never too fast.

  80. TwinBeach

    Never been fingered but am VERY willing to find out what’s so hot (or not) about it. As far as I am concerned you just never know what you like till you try it. As always, finding someone to ‘help out’ is the hard (difficult) part.

  81. David

    I love to get naked , lay on my stomach , sniff some poppers and have a guy rim & finger me.Being a bottom , it’s not the actual fucking that turns me on but , the ass play does .

  82. Reechad

    This is a sensitive subject between my lover and myself, because although rimming totally turns me on, and so does a good ol’ fashion fucking, I HATE FINGERS IN MY ASS! it feels totally uncomfortable and foreign to me. we’re quite versatile in bed, and he loves a finger or two up his butt. i think it might be a lube issue too because sucking on ur finger doesn’t make it wet enough to drive in and out of my asshole and me find that satisfying. it hurts no matter how ya look at it.

  83. Will

    This is something not a lot of top guys I’ve been with get…I LOVE getting fingered, almost more than a dick. I submisive, intimate, and just downright feels amazing. And yes, an orgasm will getting fingered is sometimes WAY better than from a cock. Ask your bottoms, tops out there, if they like this…make us moan!

  84. William Austin

    Black guys are usually very good with their fingers! After I start to go down on him, he reaches around and plays with my ass hole! Having both the large smooth moving dick in my mouth and my ass being worked, all at the same time is a pure heavenly turn on! And almost always leads to his sliding me around and nice slow, penetration and mounting me! And by that time I would let him do anything! And from my moans he knows he is welcome and going to get all he wants! Always a very solidifying fuck !

    Most all of them know how to do this!

  85. fitsweat69

    I love getting fingered. ๐Ÿ™‚ but also taken to teasing guys at the gym so they force me to take their cocks up my ass ๐Ÿ™‚ especially if they are big cocks…how does one go about contacting you on here Dave ??

  86. Murrieta Man

    I thing is is almost unanimous – just about everyone likes getting & receiving the fingers. As a bottom, one big request, get a Manicure first!

  87. Jeff

    I love getting fingered by my nd he will ram me for a bet then slip one Fanger in and ram me some more then put two in me and finger fuck me fir a bet then ram me and then fuck me and then finger me with his cum so hot love it

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