Hot or Not : Cigarette Smokers


Some guys seem to find it hot when a man smokes cigarettes…

Some find it sexy, manly, elegant…

I personally don’t like it…

I’m a very active guy, I workout at the gym almost every day, I play competitive volleyball, I’m always on my bicycle and I can’t stand the smell of smoke on my clothes, skin or hair…

I’m actually very happy that smoking is now forbidden everywhere….well in my city at least. 

When it comes to dating, it is very clear for me that if a guy smokes, chances are I will never meet him !

Smelly fingers, bad breath, yellow teeth are not my cup of tea and I definitely don’t find it sexy…

But what about you? Do you like smokers? Find it sexy? Hot?

Let me know!




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  1. Rickey

    I really don’t like a man smoking around me.It seems as tho i just can’t breath and if he wants me to give him a great BJ then he better not smoke because if i can’t breath he want get the best.And it sure is not sexy at all and it stinks.Also if you take his load of cum it will taste like what he is smoking.

  2. Marco

    I totally agree! Smokers are such a huge turn off to me as well. The stench of stale cigarette smoke never seems to go away, and it permeates their skin as well as otherwise tasty bodily fluids. 🙂 I have tried to date to smokers in the past, and even with aggressive Showering, smoking outside, keeping their dirty clothes tied up in a trash bag, It just never works out. I know that smoking damages the sense of smell for smokers, but can’t they tell how awful they smell?

  3. Christopher

    Do you drink? I don’t and I don’t like people that imbibe in any alcohol. Smelly clothes, sticky fingers, smelly breath.

    Exercise! I knew a man that jogged, ate healthy, never smoked or drank or did drugs and he died at the age of 33 from heart failure.

    There is nothing that any of us can do to prevent from dying or even slow down the aging process.

    I am overly tired of hearing and reading from people who are so overly sensitive about smokers. If you are not a smoker then dammit stop stating your opinion as fact. It’s so sad that you may pass up a person that could potentially bring you contentment because of your hard-line rules and refusal to compromise. Second people need to stop licking ashtrays, smelling walls, burying their faces in people’s hair. Dammit if you are that kind of a freak then you shouldn’t be looking for anything but your next kink fix.

  4. Todd

    Hell No! If you smoke I don’t want you near me. It’s very unappealing. Of course, I am not the norm. I don’t want to meet you if you have tattoos or piercings either. Anything that desecrates your body is a turn off.

  5. mark jones

    I tgink its sexy to smoke and I think the government sucks for telling people where they can smoke! If you don’t likeamoke stay your ass hone

  6. joey

    I enjoy smoking I actually was a chimney smoker! but invested in the Electric cigarette and now I can smoke wherever I want and not smell or have ash tray breath not to mention it cost SO MUCH less then cigarettes and is safer because your just inhaling a vapor and not smoke

  7. Larry54

    I do not think cigarette smokers are sexy at all since it makes their breath stink if not make them reek of it in all their clothes.

  8. William P.

    Smoking is a vile, disgusting habit. At the same time, it is a man’s choice to smoke just as it is my choice to avoid him. He can be incredibly hot looking, but a cigarette in his mouth and the rancid tobacco odor around him is a complete turn-off.

  9. StarrySparks

    I think it’s fucking hot when a fucking hot guy is smoking with his shirt off… And when an ugly guy is smoking I just wanna throw up…

  10. Brad

    There are some exceptions but very few. Like if the guy chews gum or whatever to freshen his breath and is a light smoker so he airs out before we meet up or cologne can mask it w/o being obnoxious.I’ll admit I have had great fun w/ dudes that smoke but in general I dont like they way they, their clothes, or breath smell. I cant stand it on me either. Cigars are a different story, I still dont really care for the smell on me or them but its a different smell I can tolerate and I think its sexy as hell to see a dude w a stogie call me a hypocrite but there it is.

  11. Adam M. Horton

    Woohoo! First to comment! Haha

    I’ve seen some people (males and females) really pull iff smoking in a sexy and confident manner. Seen plenty of people look like they are sucking on there last straw, so-to-speak. It has a lot to do with confidence with me, I guess.
    Look like you are proud and own the smoke! Don’t hold it like a girly wimp!

  12. Benjabrownsuga

    NOT: I used to smoke (stopped for good 14 years ago). Watching a guy (boyfriend or not) smoking is NOT hot. Think about kissing that dude when he’s done with that…cigarette (I can’t use the United Kingdom term- the “F” word). That wouldn’t be hot, would it?

  13. miguel

    I absolutely do not like guys who smoke. I convinced my bf to quit because it bothered me so much. He is currently taking Chantix and it is a miracle pill. We are both so much happier now that he has quit. It is definitely not sexy manly or elegant. It’s a disgusting habit.

  14. Tom

    Smoking has always been gross. Is still gross. Will always be gross. There is nothing “hot” about it. A hot healthy looking man with a great body who lights up a cigarette after leaving the gym is an oxymoron. Tells me he is all about ego and not much about his health. Smoking in all indoor public places should be banned in all states. The more smokers are pushed to the fringes the better.

  15. Alex

    I think the same rule of thumb applies to this issue as to any other. It’s a preference. If a person doesn’t like it, don’t do it. If a person doesn’t like being around it, don’t be around it. Personally, I couldn’t care less about smoking. I find fat people repulsive, so I don’t date them. Again, it’s just a preference. And as for bad breath, yellow teeth and smelly fingers (to use Dave’s examples): breath can be freshened, teeth can be whitened, and smelly fingers can be washed — and all of this in a matter of minutes. Fat doesn’t go away overnight. Every preference is equally addressable, right down to those who do drugs, or work out 8 times a week, or color their hair green, or gamble, or watch ballgames every day, or dance the 2-step, or have blue eyes, or live in subsidized housing, or… well, I think we get the point.

    I will add one thing, however: having a moderator state his views on a forum like this likely results in an inappropriate bias of the poll. I regularly must poll people on their opinions about a plethora of topics, and were I to reveal my personal view on the topic about which I’m polling, there is no question my results would be different. The moderator should really refrain from stating personal views if his intent is to actually get an interesting and presumably more accurate accounting of the views of others. If, however, this is merely a forum for people to express themselves with no intent of calculating the statistics, then my position might be found to be otherwise. Just an editorial comment offered respectfully and in all good spirit.

  16. Alan

    I can’t stand smoking. No one was born a smoker. A smoker made the choice to smoke perhaps due to peer pressure. You smoke, you LOSE. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. In my opinion, if you smoke, you are a big time LOSER and will never be my bf.

  17. Johnny

    Neither hot or not ….
    I am a smoker … a considerate one …
    always brush and gargle before meeting up …
    never had a complaint … always ask if my smoking bothers my partner – when we are outdoors , on the street – never indoors (except in my own home)

    I think anyone who is intensely against smoking, or anything for that matter is NOT hot – indicates a lack of flexibility – too controlling

  18. Justin T

    Don’t like it personally. I dated a guy that smokes. Didn’t like any part of it really. Smells bad. Tastes bad. Is bad. Definitely a turn-off. I probably won’t date another guy again if he smokes.

  19. ajbbincubus

    I used to smoke and thought it was very coo… I guess looking at the magazine kinds of sucked me in.. The extremely hot cowboy with the solid jawline having a smoke appealed to me. But I grew up and saw lots of ads and bio classes of how a smoker’s lung looked like really changed my perception. Friend told me they hated how I smelled, my car smelled, and my home aswell.. But now I appreciate that fact that I gave it up and it’s banned just about everywhere except vegas.. Stinks so bad in some of those casinos, my eyes water, clothes stink, and the stench can last for days. So now I believe it’s a major turn off.

  20. Ian

    I think that most people smoke in bars in order to deal with nervousness – to have something to do or keep themselves occupied. When they get too nervous or the hook up situation isn’t going well, they can always step outside for a smoke (or to be more specific, to get their nerves back in line). I wouldn’t date a smoker, though. Regardless of how many Altoids they chew, their breath is still gross and their clothes reek.

  21. darryl

    I’ll weigh in on this, i’ve dated a smoker for many years and it wasn’t a deal breaker. He didn’t smoke in the house unless it was in the bathroom which was good of him to consider that i didn’t smoke. Kissing him wasn’t gross so i was ok with that. I don’t search out guys who smoke so it’s nothing that really pisses me off. But i do find it strange that a guy who worksout at the gym, and looks fantastic on the outside, then he smokes makes me feel alittle differently about him. But it is his right to be able to smoke as long as he’s not being a jerk by blowing it in my face.

  22. josh

    Unfortunately I am a smoker and I find it neither sexy nor non sexy. Most smokers smoke out of a highly addictive habit forming nature, not to be sexy…at least I don’t. I would also not disqualify an incredible individual bc of it. Being supportive is a much better way to help someone stop.
    I’m curious as to how many of these guys that detest smoking engage in random anonymous encounters. Unprotected hook ups. I personally dont find that attractive. If you want to preach about desecration of your body and unhealthy risky behaviors lets be fair.

  23. PierceMN

    It’s disgusting and the smell makes me gag. The worst thing is that smokers don’t realize how awful they smell, especially their clothes! It is not Hot!

  24. trinpr

    I don’t smoke & I don’t mind others that do.

    I’ve dated a few guys who didn’t smoke and they were total jerks.

    If I meet a great guy and he smokes…fine with me! He can always smoke outside…and hold my hand with the one that doesn’t have a cig in it! 🙂

  25. Taddybear

    I am not personally attracted to smokers. I have give n bj’s to a couple, and even their cum has that acrid, sour, tobacco taste. Everyone has the right to choose. I will never smoke, or be with a man who does,but we all have the right to choose…just like we all have the right to complain…even if no one is listening.

  26. Sevas.Tra89

    I smoke and I enjoy it, and maybe one day I will kick the habit. But, I’m tired of these go-green, health nuts pushing their fascist agenda upon me and other smokers. Drinking isn’t healthy, yet a lot of “fit, healthy” guys do it. We are humans. We defecate, urinate, burp, sweat, and have tons of molecular bacteria on our bodies. If you dont like smoke, then get out the city! Cities are full of pollution and smog. I’m tired of this ‘be perfect’ mentality that so plaques the gay community. If someone doesn’t like it when I smoke, then go somewhere else.

  27. Jake

    I could careless if people think its hot or not. I see all these profiles saying EVERYONE loves to drink,..LOL your breath stinks and i don’t wanna make out with a person that has no idea of whats going on around them. As far as im concerned you are willing to exchange one drug for the other..and they BOTH kill in the end. Then people wonder why the hott studs want nothing to do with YOU..because you are a hypocrite that thinks your booze problem is better than 2nd hand smoke…think about it!

  28. ouah

    my customer he is very handsome smoker , his breath is horible stink smell , everytime speak to me is very scary , i cant stand it…. Turn me off

  29. chris

    I do smoke..never will say it is good for you. With that said guys dont know i smoke. I hate bad breath and keep my mouth clean. My testh are white and my fingers are not yellow. Light smoker..i dont even like a smoky room. So to each his own. Am not offendef by anyone who is offended by smoking. I would like to quit really.

  30. Khanfessor

    lol…smh…really? I’m of two minds on this. I know dudes who have issues with kissing a smoker but have no problem licking someone’s ass who hasn’t at least provided the other person the courtesy of bathing first. Figure that one out…

    Beyond that, while I respect the fact that EVERYONE has their right to a preference, I cannot help but wonder how much of it is real vs. societal expectations and, I apologize to those who’ve posted, I hear (errr…read) a lot of societal expectations here in this post. Being an older guy (that is, 40+), I remember a time where smoking was socially acceptable and daresay even expected. I remember TV shows (Bewitched and a few others) where the actors regularly lit a cigarette and fixed drinks. Go out to the clubs and dudes smoked and it wasn’t a big deal. But today doing such a thing is just not the “in” thing. The “it’s bad for your health” concern isn’t voiced as a true concern, but to hide an overall prejudice against folk who smoke because you as an individual may not. The biggest issue I have with it all is that Americans (and make no mistake, I am 100% American) have a really bad habit of telling other folk how to live their lives, which is ironic because there are non-smokers who feel perfectly justified in telling others that they should not smoke yet pitch fits about, say…folk telling gay men and women they shouldn’t marry. In short: Pot meet kettle and call him Black. /shrug

    To this I say simply: If it’s not your thing, then cool. If it is your thing, that’s cool too. But if it’s not your thing and to hear you go on about how gross it is and how it’s like licking an ashtray, and so on…I’m only forced to ask are you that against it or are you just being an overly dramatic drama queen?

  31. Whatever

    More then half of you freaking make me sick. You people act like your sh*t don’t stink and I bet more then half of you got the worst smelling breath and it’s not from smoking.
    I totally agree with Christopher,
    I am overly tired of hearing and reading from people who are so overly sensitive about smokers. If you are not a smoker then dammit stop stating your opinion as fact. It’s so sad that you may pass up a person that could potentially bring you contentment because of your hard-line rules and refusal to compromise. Second people need to stop licking ashtrays, smelling walls, burying their faces in people’s hair. Dammit if you are that kind of a freak then you shouldn’t be looking for anything but your next kink fix.

  32. HnsmHRY1


  33. Ryan

    I prefer guys who don’t smoke, but if a dude is a social smoker it’s cool. My entire family smokes and I actually like the smell of second hand, but have never touched a cigarette myself. What has ultimately turned me off from picking the habit up are those whose clothes wreak of stale smoke to such an extent that I end up smelling like it just from being around them. Obviously if a dude is killing at least a pack per day it’s a deal breaker because he’s likely coughing constantly which isn’t sexy at all.

  34. Kik

    As long as their teeth are white ok , as long as they dont get cancer, it is ok , as long as the house doesnt stink as smoke then I want a sexy smoker guy for me and my pleasures

  35. John R

    It’s a fucking nasty habit! But don’t we all have people assuming nasty habits? I smoke; however, because, I constantly have gum, breath fresheners, etc in pocket.

    It’s an unfortunate addiction that I feel into, unlike ‘Tina, etc….

    Gonna quick the “nick” habit in 2013.

  36. steve

    non smokers and ex smokers think they’re better than people that smoke. well, you’re NOT any better. you probably have habits that other people don’t like but they don’t condem you for it so lighten up. if a guy smokes it isn’t going to be a deal breaker as to weather or not i’ll be friends with them, kiss them, or suck their cock! some very nice people smoke and you could be losing out on having a good friend or even the best relationship you’ve even had just because you can’t see past one “fault”. stop judging people based on one habit they have. it’s you missing out, not them!

  37. Shane

    Booze is no better, i don’t wanna make out with anyone that has their breath reek of 20 different brands of booze. Those that like to drink & don’t like smoke are hypocrites! They are both drugs….period.

  38. bionicdance

    I know you will see this and remove it,..LOL go fuck yourself you hypocrite! You got 30 or less people that YOU want to agree with your way of thinking..if you wanna silence people then don’t ask for their opinion! You people are retarded!

  39. boutgoodlife

    Many of the comment’s posted reflect on
    How a random guys load tasted that smokes,
    I’d personally rather smoke a million cigs than
    Suck off 1 cock to seal the death deal…..

  40. Fred-Claret

    The worst are roll ups, the smell is really vile and sticks to the smokers clothes and breath. They can’t tell how nasty they smell. Even worse is when they pick stray strands from their mouths. Totally vile.

  41. HMDOC

    Not attractive at all! It says you don’t care about your body, inside or out. The smell is revolting and it’s so unattractive.

  42. Markus Willbee

    Smokers: Imagine you’re on your knees and a hot guy is standing in front of you with his cock in your mouth. As you go to town on his cock you get a taste of precum on your tongue — oh, it’s so good. He moans as he is closer to cumming and then….what’s that smell? Oh, I guess he failed to take Beano before having that bean burrito for lunch. It was silent, but deadly. Disgusting, huh?!?! Maybe you can relate to someone offended by cigarette smoke.

  43. alejandro

    They may look hot from a distance but when it comes to kissing not hot at all its I kinda find it gross I normally don’t kiss with smokers

  44. Ulysses

    Wow guys!!!! Almost every one of you sound like superficial a-holes. Judgmental and hateful. I don’t judge people for smoking or not. I’m more interested in their dick size and what their body looks like. That’s what really matters in life!!!

  45. Dominic K.

    Smoking is practically a deal breaker for me. I’ve been there done that. I do not wanting to kissing you when your mouth tastes like an ashtray.

  46. Frank

    i like it in film noir but not in my boudoir. guys who smoke carry around another addiction and way to check out. it is something for which i have sympathy as i have an addictive personality myself and had to quit some things a while back. sexy. no. understandable given the level of hatred aimed at gay men and women? yes.

  47. Joel

    I don’t care how hot I find the guy; if he lights up a cigarette, the attraction is gone. There are entirely too many gay American males who smoke.

    Those of you who use electronic cigarettes should NOT be saying you can smoke where you want. That depends on the property owner and, in many cases, local laws.

    Don’t like government telling you when and where you can smoke? Well, I don’t like government telling me when I can and cannot drive through an intersection (traffic lights). The only difference is that I’m not whining about it. Sheesh.

  48. Danny

    Who fucking cares. Do what you please. Im tired of the nanny states of america. Smoking a cigarette doesnt change whether someone is physically hot. Gay people are the epitome of superficiality.

  49. noteasy2get

    As a smoker I will say this: a lot of guys have missed out on a great opportunity dating me because the fact that I smoke was just anathema to them (some of them even smoked weed like it was cigarettes). I only smoke around smokers and when waiting for a bus or otherwise by myself. If you don’t smoke then I don’t smoke around you and that can last for as long as I am around you. I try to quit every third month (I really do), but it is really tough. That being said, if you drink, eat meat, use sugar, bicycle in the city, ride a motorcycle, sun tan, use various herbal supplements, etc, then you are just as at risk for dying a horrible death as any smoker of tobacco. I will grant you that smoke smells worse than any of these activities but there is little differentiation in risk factor. Also, smoking and drinking is fun and well, funk you if you can’t understand that just don’t expect any calls from the Rat Pack to hang for a legendary night out.

  50. LarryinWaikiki

    I would hook up with a smoker but could never date one! I watched my Dad die of lung cancer from smoking since he started at 17 in the Navy. I hate the smell of smoke and nothing is nastier than kissing a smoker. I have tried to date a few that were quitting, but then they resent you for not being able to smoke around you. I can be friends with smokers and work with them, just don’t want to inhale their second hand smoke. Aloha

  51. Hoss

    I am allergic to cigarette or any other kind of smoke. I love going to bars and nightclubs but I very seldom go anymore because of this. If I do go, I have to dope myself up with allergy medications so that I can breathe and survive the night and the next couple of days. Thankfully the bars around here are starting to realize that they are losing money because the non-smokers are choosing to go other places therefore they are clearing up the air with sophisticated air purifiers.
    I will not bring anyone home anymore who chooses to use tobacco. I was married for 24 yrs to a smoker and I could not take it anymore so I divorced her. I was in a relationship with a guy for almost a year and a half and he is no longer in my bed because I got tired of telling him to wash his hair, face, hands and cock before he came to bed. I would cough all night long because of his nasty cigarette smell. I have not swollowed his cum or even let him cum in my mouth because his cum tasted aweful. It would make me throw up.
    No more smokers for me. I enjoy my smoke-free life too much to be with another smoker. Hell just thinking about the smoke and writing about it is making me nauseous. I’m not perfect but I know I’m respectful of others and wish they felt the same.
    So to answer your question: it is NOT hot!

  52. FreeRangeRadical

    It depends. If the guy is hot, thin, and under, say, 25, then it doesn’t bother me. But if he’s out of shape or fat, generally unclean or over mid-20s or so, then no, it’s not very appealing.

    I don’t smoke, but sometimes I think it’s hot if a hot guy smokes while I suck his dick.

  53. Greg Burton

    Smoking is gross!! For those who think it’s wrong to ban cigarette smoking in public places, please remember non smokers have a right to breath clean air. I for one likes to kiss, and it’s no fun kissing an ash tray! There is nothing any worse than seeing what smokers do to the seats, and carpets in automobiles!

  54. Gary

    i think it is a BIG turn off. if i see a sexy guy and then i see him light up, i am done. with all the problems we know smoking causes i cannot understand why someone would continue to smoke. to think u are cool to smoke is even more ridiculous. smoking shows a lack of intelligence, lack of common sense and no self respect.

  55. keith

    dont want u in my home if you smell of smoke let alone giving you a loving kiss. smoke even taints the tasted of a clean cock to suck

  56. Vegasdealer1

    Would agree with Steven, but would add kissing a guy etc is like making love to an ashtray. Do not like men who SMOKE period.

  57. Brian

    Smoking is a total turn off. Cigarettes stink, pollute the air we breathe and cause cancer, emphysema and numerous other health problems. I wish they’d ban smoking from sidewalks. Let people smoke in their homes if they wish, but I should not have my health jeopardized by second hand smoke. Filthy and disgusting.

  58. Tim

    I am a smoker. I see the addiction to them as a personal weakness. I hate that cigarettes alienate me from some otherwise wonderful friends and potential lovers. Smoking is similar to tattoos in that some guys can look sexy with it. Most however cannot. The reality is they stink, they make the smoker stink (yes hair, breath, clothing, home and car, and even semen). They can also contribute to clogged arteries including the ones pumping blood to the penis. I regret ever starting to smoke and I caution anyone against starting. I certainly can understand when someone prefers not to be with a smoker.

  59. Joe D

    I do find some guys sexy when they are smoking. I am a smoker myself, however, I really to dislike the ADDICTION. I would like to ask those of you who feel sooooo negatively about smokers to remember that it is an ADDICTION. Matter of fact it is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, if not the hardest. I do understand your dislikes about cigarette smoking, however, I ask that we put in little WHOA !! in being so harsh.

  60. Lorenzo

    After eating this guys squeky clean bubble butt ass I would lite up a cig and blow it all over his bubble butt ass, once a guy was actually smoking when he fucked my hot tight latino ass with his nice cut cock…was fucking great.

  61. Barboi

    I smoked for over 30 yrs. Now as a non smoker yeah cig smoking is a total turn off. All I can do is apologize to all the people in my past that weren’t smokers and had to deal with that stench.

  62. eric

    Doesnt matter one way or.another. I smoke and have had people act surprised when i have a cig. Saying it taste like an ashtry, well guys lick ashtrays that much to know. If you say no to a guy just cause he smokes that is really low. There are waaay worse habits to refuse a guy for an smoking doesnt come close. Notall of ussmell lile smoke. I would rsther.smell smoke on a guy over some of that god.awful cologne that most gay guys wear. Biggest turn off isnt the smoking its the shallow guy that judge you based off of the smoke itself

  63. Brian

    I think smoking is definitely no longer hot…it was something different in the 70’s and 80’s, but now its just stupid to smoke…

  64. Alexander

    I like men that smokes, I find it rugged and sexxy. but hey, thats just me. Personally it does not really matter to me but as a smoker I have to say I can smell and i use cologne and gum. I’m always on my A game!

  65. Grego

    I agree that cigarette smoke is gross even though I do smoke. I don’t even smoke in my own home cause of the way the smoke lingers. But I do a very good job of not smelling like it and knowing when not do it. Cleaning, eating particular food and fruity gum are good at getting rid of the smell. And anyone I’ve ever, kissed, dated or had sex with was shocked to find out I smoke cause I never seem to smell like it.

  66. bestscreenname

    I wonder how many of the anti-smokers rim? I smoke but do not want to lick an asshole. We’re all different and that’s good.

  67. William Austin

    Forget Kissing! Cigarette Mouth & teeth are gross! Cigars on an older guy looks kind of cool, but really stinks up the room!
    Movies of the 40’s portrayed smokers in bed, and the Cigarette Companies paid to promote smoking that way! Nothing dirty-er than an old ash tray, and the smoke gets into everything! No way to hid it


  68. Jason

    Yeah it is fucking sexy as hell. I love to smoke and have sex while i smoke. I find that alot of the fuys that have fucked me like for me to be smoking while we are in the middle of sucking fucking ect.. To all of you haters out there. There is alot more to find about people that is bad you can pick on besides whether or not they choose to light up. I will light up when i choose to and if you think it’s hot great if not then well to hell with your freedom to do what you coose to be addicted to.. Keep smoking smokers :*

  69. Jordan

    I think to many people worry about what other people do or dont do, to me a smoker can be very sexy an other time a turn off, I am a lite smoker myself an i promise you unless you see a cigarette in my hand you would never know i smoked so guys disspite your comments on here you not all people who smokes smells like a astray.. although you can not disguise the smell of a drunk. and how many of you guys that knock smoker do drugs you know it doesnt have to be the hard stuff Poppers are just as bad if not worse than smoking

  70. christoph

    the smell and taste turn me off. That said i don’t connect habits to my concept of what is sexy. If a guy is cute then he’s cute. If he smokes, well i won’t be kissing him.

  71. Carlos

    As an ex smoker. There is nothing more stinky! Rotten meat breath. Body odor. Just nasty. I understand that ex smokers are more sensitive. Smoke is just gross.

  72. doug

    I’ve seen guys at the bar that, on a scale of 1-10, are a 10 or close, then they take out cigarette – they plummet to a 1 or 2. It’s bad enough I live in a backward state (Pennsylvania) that allows smoking in bars and casinos – I guess we don’t have the right to good health. But the stench on my clothes when I return from the bar – I hate it. And smokers seem to be unaware of how bad THEY smell – and even their tongue tastes horrible. I do drink at a bar, but I don’t walk around spitting my beer into another’s mouth. Yet smokers are so insensitive as to make me take in their carcinogens. I live in Erie, PA – the guys are out of shape, mostly fat, smoking, totally unhealthy. You don’t want to visit here – take my word for it.

  73. Carlos

    I guess that the moderator is a smoker. I’m a hairdresser. I have many clients that smoke.The heavy , most. Have rancid, dead meat breath.The body order us repulsive. How is that sexy?

  74. 7fight7

    I’ve been trying to quit for months. I don’t find it attractive, but I can stand it. There’s nothing hot about a man conciously harming his health. Addiction is a bitch.

  75. charlie

    I just have to say this who gave you the right to take my rights away what if they said you cant go to the gym and work out i respect none smokers but who made all you none smokers god and decide what right for me.It is getting very old right now they are taken my rights away soon it will be something you injoy and then maybe you will understand how to be dictated.Sorry this issue is just old and you all worned it out now get over it like i said i cant wait intill they start taken YOUR rights away.

  76. Michael5591

    it don’t matter to me. I am a smoker and if anyone don’t like it they can well yea. I find it hot then a guy smokes.

  77. Scot

    NOT! stinky, disgusting habit.
    Just spent the weekend with a new guy.
    He smoked outside, and brushed his teeth before kissing me.
    It didn’t help at all.
    His clothing, and breath still reeked.
    After he left, my house still smelled of cigarettes.
    Complete, and total turnoff.

  78. Tony

    I`m a smoker so I don`t mind it but I`m willing to bet that half the ones against smoking or smokers are some of the first to wrap their lips around a joint.

  79. Chino

    I don’t like smoking, but if you ask me if it’s hot to see a guy smoking, that all depends on who the dude is, come on everyone, if it’s a Vin Diesel or anyone we think is hot, we would all think is hot to watch him smoke, especially w/o his shirt on 😉

    So no I don’t like smokers and I don’t smoke, but if it’s a hot Vin Diesel type of dude, then I could put up w the smoking for one hot night w him lol

  80. Tony S

    I enjoy a man that smokes and can make it his own. Like all these people judging them for something that they enjoy. Sure some smoke to try and be cool but others have a serious addiction to it. I just don’t let them smoke in my car or house. But they are great more open people. That can carry on a normal conversation. Why should I ask someone to change just to find him more attractive. So I will say it is there choice. If smoking was still allowed in bars all of you sitting here saying how it smells and how awful it it. You would be in there smelling just like your fellow smokers. So yes I enjoy a masculine man that smokes. It is a major turn on for me. Thanks, Have a great day.

  81. OnlyTellTheTruth

    I do not like cigarette smoke. It would be deal breaker for me to date someone that smokes. Someone said that people who don’t like cigarettes are boring. HA! That’s a new one! HA!

  82. Rodney Emauel

    Agree with most here. It’s very unhealthy, smells, looks bad. So many normally carry a bad breathe anyway, smoking does not help the matter. Also glad when they banned smoking in most public places. It’s just altogether gross. Not good for mankind. If one does from a heart attack, could be a family history type thing,we won’t go there. To each his own. Nothing on earth like being with a clean, neat, distinguishable gay male who has standards at the end of the day.

  83. Fluffy

    I don’t smoke,don’t feel either way about it.But,what about the smell when people stop smoking and start jogging to work? A personals ad years ago had me sniggering at its irony;a barebacker looking for “Tina” wanted a guy to piss in his mouth,non-smokers only.As a gay guy,I’d feel like a hypocrite marginalising anyone.There are worse habits.

  84. gw

    love guys who smoke. hate guys who drink alcohol. nothing nastier than kissing a guy with alcohol on his breath. gross. give e a smoker any time. and if you drink shut the fuck up about bashing smokers. you are no better. you have a nasty habit too. it i smoke and drive. hurting no one but myself. if you drink and drive. you are putting my life in danger.

  85. outkast1728

    I agree with Christopher and Joey; e-cigs are a cleaner, healthier solution to ashtray breath as well as the other downsides to smoking. I’ve fallen in love with someone I thought id hate for the fact he smokes like a chimney, but ive managed to look past that to the person he is inside, a good-hearted, loving man who cares more for others than himself, so to all you non-smoking, cigarette-smoker-hating people out there….GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

  86. Andy

    As a smoker I kinda think you are all bitches, and as a smoker I know it’s not impossible to have white teeth clean clothes fresh breath and smell pretty good. I never get complaints on that front. One of my pics on a4a is of me smoking and a lot of guys say shit like oh you smoke too bad I won’t meet you, which is totally annoying but usually an opinion that changes once they see my 8 inch uncut dick, then they don’t seem to mind so much. I smoke and think smoking is totally hot in some situations and not in others. What I think the probablem really is, how judgmental and bitchy some of you fags get about shit like this, to me it’s as outrageous as having some arbitrary rule about not hooking up with people who eat meat or drink soda since I am a vegetarian and don’t eat highly processed sugars, ( I dont think that somehow makes me better than other people unlike the majority of you who seem to assume some sort of moral superiority over snokers) personally I’d rather not limit myself to the few guys who live like me because wheres the fun in that.

  87. JR

    i find it so hard to beleive that so many ppl hate a man that smokes when there are so many guys that will suck anybodys dick and you kiss them..hell give me a smoker anytime.

  88. Sunny

    I really personally do not care but if I am going to kiss you at least brush your mouth so I will not have to taste the cigarette……

  89. Mark

    definitely not hot…. it stinks, and I hate kissing a guy that smokes, its like kissing an ash tray, even seems to affect the taste of their cum. Plus, smokers are litterbugs which is a turn off

  90. Jason

    Find it hard to believe that almost 98% of the comments are against smoking. Most of you guys will sit on A4A for hours on end looking for that right hook up or whatever. Then you complain when you can’t find anyone. Well stop limiting yourselves to a select few people and maybe you might actually find someone. Until then, stop your whining.

  91. blog

    lol, It’s funny that some smokers say that non-smokers who hate to smoke are overly superficial or haters etc…
    I didn’t know that being healthy and wanting to have a healthy lifestyle was bad!
    Oh well…

  92. Jay in Chicago

    Not because I can do without the feeling that I’m kissing an ashtray because it does linger on the breath leaving a bad aftertaste. Trying kissing that when you’re not a smoker. And it does linger in the clothes long after they lit one up.

  93. redsman

    I smoke, although I AM trying to quit. I can understand why some guys don’t like smokers, but I DO. I think a good looking guy smoking a cigarette is hot as hell; that’s one reason why it is so hard for me to quit. I never smoke around guys who don’t, or who don’t like the smell, but given the opportunity to play with a smoker, or even just hang out with him, and I go for it in a heartbeat.

  94. Tim

    The government shouldnt push smokers to the fringe! If you dont like it, dont smoke and leave smokers alone! Honestly i dont care.

  95. vafratboy

    NOT. AT. ALL.

    Quite frankly that’s a deal breaker for pretty much any intimate contact. I do not want to smell or taste cigarettes. Disgusting.

  96. William

    ROFL@Everyone! Ever cleaned up after a bar or club after 2am? IT REEKS of drunks & makes us workers wanna throw up on you! And btw..this is a non smoking establishment. Nobody wants anything to do with…or wanna make out with rubbing alcohol!! Im not a smoker, but i have had my fair share of having to deal with both smoke & the rotten scent of booze, one is no better than the other. When you get over 5 million comments..LOL lemme know, otherwise 200,000 sum comments are not worth my time or effort, got better shit to do than listen to a bunch of uneducated hypocrites that change their profile to FIT those they wanna fuck & suck on a4a.

    You don’t want anything to do with smokers…& we don’t want anything to do with disfunctional alcoholics either! So remember that shit when your on a4a next time, & take your profile somewhere else, instead of trying to EDIT your profile to FIT what the other person does or is looking for.

  97. Jason

    RE Blog lol it’s funny how everyone who isn’t a smoker complains when they don’t get laid. If you want to limit yourself, by all means do so. But with religion, it’s my choice to smoke, or not smoke. I don’t expect religious fundamentalists preaching their religion to me when I am not in the confides of their place of worship. Just like I don’t expect ADULTS to preach the same to me about smoking. You don’t have to meet anyone who smokes, but don’t bitch and moan that you aren’t getting laid. I say again: grow up.

  98. Paul

    Well well well. Look how many “All-healthy” guys and comments we have! AS IF! (nothing personal here. Hats off for keeping our self healthy)
    Stop pretending for eff sake. You like when you go to Europe and have some great time with a hot Euro guy(s) that’s having a 90% possibility of smoking cigs.
    I wonder how many of you stating smoking is gross, have NOT enjoyed 420

  99. Philip

    A hot guy can smell like an ashtray or make others close to him smell like smoke. All things otherwise equal, choice between two guys goes to the non-smoker.

  100. clr2932

    Him whose without some nasty habit let him cast the first stone aka over weight people, 420, unsafe sex, staving yourself, drugs (any kind), in debt, racist . . . . should I go on?

  101. art buldra

    well i smoke and it really doesnt really matter to me and before i even kiss some one i always put some kind of mint in my mouth first of al least brush my teeth…please guys quit makeing sush a big deal out of sush thing theres more in life to worry about…..i also love a mans cum in my mouth and i still kiss him

  102. Silent scream

    Thats really just too bad/sad some of you feel that way. I am a smoker with a FUN CARING personality and there’s not a man that is attracted to other males, top or bottom, that won’t talk to me whether or not they are attracted to my appearance. Yes, I am barely legal and it will lead to an early death but who said I wanted to be old someday? I’m just looking for a hell of a ride and I want as many NON FAKE people coming along with me. Yes, it is disgusting but if the person makes you laugh for whatever reason I think it’s worth it. There’s nothing worse than a stiff ass superficial person. All right, nuff said as some put it. Oh yeah, the silent scream is coming to Palm springs within the next year. With that said have fun people.

  103. Josh

    I am a smoker, but not by choice when i was 4yrs old my mother had a bf that smoked and he forced me to smoke a cigar and than a cigarette, it didn’t take long for the addiction to kick in since i was at such a young age i have tried quitting over the years and it hasn’t worked for me, i have tried the gum (didn’t work) the patches (made me smoke more) and even tried quitting cold turkey that didn’t work either, now i am gonna try again cause i don’t like what its doing to me, but i am going off topic, to me smoking hot or not, i don’t really care if they smoke than they smoke if they don’t than they don’t its their choice and i am tired of seeing people trying to control what their partners or hook-up do to their own bodies, thats a crossing the line from concern to borderline possessive and controlling so i don’t care if a guy smokes or not it don’t bother me the only thing that should really matter is whether the guy is a good person or has a good personality, and always a bonus well endowed so if your going to turn a guy down just cause he smokes than you need to turn around and re-evaluate your life… That said GOODNIGHT PEOPLE…

  104. Topworshiper26

    I am a non-smoker and although I am not terribly keen on a smoker in a relationship for the health reasons, and the hygiene. I find a fit and inshape man can be absolutely bonerific. Seeing a guy take that drag on a cigarette or cigar just makes me hot! I totally love giving a guy smoking a blow job and letting him get pleasure from both. I haven’t had the opportunity to have sex while a top was smoking and fucking me, but would be there in a heart beat!!!! Ofcourse sexy is held in the eyes of the beholder…hahaha.

    The question is, do other people find a guy with tight jeans and a skoal ring sexy? I don’t like the dipping so much, but a masculine man that dips is also very sexy!

  105. Steven

    Smoking is a very nasty, smelly, disgusting habit. It is illegal to smoke in many places now and i will never invite a man into my house that smokes. not sexy not healthy and plain nasty..

  106. Love

    Cigarrettes are horrible but the smoker is usually hot. Its not the healthiest, but that’s not the question. The answer is as long as they care to brush teeth, freshen breath and smell good afterwards, its hot knowing they care about themsleves being clean. Offer a smoker some hand sanitizer, a new toothbrush and paste, if its problematic. Love, just sayin…

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