Health : Yes, You Are Gay; Eyes Don’t Lie!

A new study, “The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns” from researchers at Cornell University, claims that optical reflexes reveal a person’s sexual orientation.

This is the first large-scale experiment to show that pupil dilation matches what people report feeling turned on by, said study researcher Ritch Savin-Williams, a developmental psychologist at Cornell University.

Comprising of 165 men and 160 women, including gay, straight and bisexual participants, the study participants watched one-minute videos of a man masturbating, a woman masturbating in from of neutral landscape scenes.

The pupils of Gay men responded to sexual images of men, bisexuals responded to both men and women, but women were more complex, responding to both. No, not all straight women are secretly bisexual, but Sex researchers aren’t sure why straight women dilate basically equally in response to erotic images of both sexes.

One of the findings I find more interesting than others, is in the area of bisexuality. One of the hypotheses in the study was: “Bisexual men will show greater pupil dilation to both male and female sexual stimuli compared to heterosexual and homosexual men.” The study stated that the results supported hypotheses.

‘In general, self-reported sexual orientation corresponded with pupil dilation to men and women. Among men, substantial dilation to both sexes was most common in bisexual-identified men.’

The next phase of the study would be monitoring pupil measurements and genital measurements simultaneously, though researchers admitted some subjects get a little squeamish having their genitals under scrutiny.



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  1. ometto

    This may be a new, large-scale study for Cornell University in recent years, but it’s been a method used before to determine sexual orientation. When I was a student at Santa Clara University, one of the studies we read was how the US military used such visual tests to exclude men whose eyes dilated more when shone pictures of naked men vs pictures of naked women. They didn’t show masterbating, since it didn’t seem necessary to show that in order to make the determination. Which, if you think about it, seeing the nude body of whichever sex you are more attracted to would be enough. So, this new test is simply a clearer remake of a method used years ago. The findings are, nevertheless, interesting as one more bit of information that sexuality is more than just a choice.

  2. Scarpien

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m of the opinion these “findings” are a no-brainer. Hasn’t it been said that humans are visual creatures, men more so than women? And hasn’t it been reported that of all groups, gay men are the most visual, which basically explains why we tend to be the most superficial of all groups? So,….

  3. Todd

    Hell they paid someone money do this study. I have always been able to look at a guy and KNOW if he will suck cock or not. I can look at their eyes and mouth and chin and tell with 100% accuracy if they are indeed gay or not. I have never ever once been wrong. Line them up and I can pick them out for you!

  4. Frank

    Easier version of eye experiment…

    If a guy starts looking into your eyes enough to tell if yours are dilating or not, he’s gay.

  5. jakester

    Ha in my very humble opinion if u watch a man and women masterbate on different occasions that makes 100% subjects bisexual. If ur a straight man ur not gunna be cool watchin a guy play with himself duh

    • Stephan

      Straight men responded to women. Generally, a person’s stated sexual orientation matched the dilation of their pupils, which show signs of arousal.

  6. rainbowtunatrout

    i hope the hell that my tax dollars aren’t going to such useless and POINTLESS test studies…… can anyone say to the results, DUH

  7. Brad

    Rainbowtunatrout, Cornell is an Ivy League school, meaning it’s both private and has plenty of its own money for research. That said, I don’t see the point of these tests either. Isn’t it common knowledge that your pupils dialate when something excites you.

  8. TwinBeach

    I think the point of the test was to measure the amount of dilation and whether the increase (if any) was specific to any sub-group of the test.

  9. AsiansR4Me

    This is not REALLY new I formation. I read about such studies in the late 1970’s. Not sure is participants in the earlier studies were identified as gay, bisexual, or straight prior to the experimentation, but the findings were the same.

  10. Osei

    Greater, so the eyes dilated. How does that help anyone of us walking on the street to determine if someone is gay or straight?

  11. jorge

    I would imagine if they measured the heart rate, blood pressure, etc, the same thing would happen since the person is being excited by whatever stimuli. The thing is that you can’t tell by just looking at the person’s pupils. You have to see how they react to the stimuli, in which case, you don’t really need to look at the pupil as there are a number of other signs of excitement. Isn’t that right? So, the bottom line is, so what? what does this prove? Nothing!

  12. Dave

    I think it’s true. Cuz I can see throught in the eyes a man if he gay or not. I made this experience. I told that on my fb page. U can see that also throught the shape of the mouth. Invite u to make the experience.

  13. Hugh

    Some here were asking why or how this test would help. Knowing more about how the body reacts helps to increase human knowledge. Like most advances in knowledge, such knowledge might be used for good or evil purposes.

    The ability to identify a persons orientation without his/her consent is (in my opinion) an invasion of privacy. That said, the ability to do just that if not already here is certainly coming. Wait until the haters can use science to identify the orientation of the fetus.

  14. R

    I sometimes watch for comparative dilation. Sometimes I can feel my own pupils dilating. Often, I can sense a certain scent change, although it’s easier with some than with others. The test for blind people would involve scent swabs, and, if their blindness were caused by other than iris damage, the eyes would dilate on arousal, as that is a physiological change, not light-driven.

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