Fashion : Michael Phelps Poses for Louis Vuitton | Adam4Adam's Blog

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  1. Benny

    Great photo the only thing is that it looks like he just farted in the tub and there is a huge air bubble rising between his leg

  2. mikiey

    I think Michael Phelps is hot, good looking. like him as a swimmer, has a hot sexy bod, looks good in his swim trunks, but want to see more of him out of clothes.

  3. bocagguy

    He has a body of a Greek god. He is perfect at least in my eyes. I’m sure a lot of us would love to be in that bathtub with him. I would lol.

  4. bob

    i have seen him in person and close up he looks staight but if he would give me a chance to do him i would he is one hot man.

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