Fashion : Michael Phelps Poses for Louis Vuitton


Michael Phelps might have retired from swimming competition, but he is getting in the major modeling league.

The most decorated Olympic athlete of all time just shot a campaign for Louis Vuitton, the well-known French House.

He can be seen wearing a black speedo and his goggles while relaxing in a bathtub.

Right beside the tub, is a gorgeous LV tote carrying his clothes, like he was just back from a competition…

He looks kinda sexy in that Annie Leibovitz shot…



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  1. William Austin

    What’s not to like? He is a all man hunk and not too bright, which is sexy! If he fucks as hard as he swims, make sure you come back with all your parts! LOL !

  2. ajbbincubus

    Gosh… he’s super gorgeous!!!…. I strongly prefer guys with a darker complexion but I’ll definitely make an exception for this man.. Very-very-very sexy and handsome.

  3. Lester B.

    You think he has dickage? …I don’t know but the body’ll DO! Didn’t catch the Louis bag on the floor! I need my tablet to see these sexy things better!

  4. Shaded

    Not that sexy… Pretty pale. N blueish-looking. Pasty. That bag does’t go with the shot or the lifestyle he has pr represents. He wouldn’t inspire me to buy THAT bag. To me it was just more cash in jos pocket. I doubt je would pick out that tote in real life. They should have made him look sexy

  5. mike

    while we are on the subject of fashion and the olympics can we talk about that whole david bowie part and how the models popped out of trucks and walked that steep ramp and how the spice girls were there and they each wore am outfit that represented them from back in the day . just saying

  6. Christopher

    Would have a hotter picture if Michael’s wet speedo was
    on the floor near the bathtub, and he was wearing only his Olympic medals, slightly covering his genitals

  7. Mike

    I love Michael Phelps He is hot! This picture makes him even hotter! he is sooooo SEXY!!!!! Plus he was a great swimmer he could come and swim with me or take a bath in my tub anytime!

  8. Thom

    Wow. The world’s first ugly model. Maybe my bald fat arse has a chance now too. The only reason people like him is because they’re blinded by the flash of gold. Unless he plans on being a sugar daddy, his modeling career is just described the same way… A flash. A few women, and high maintainence princess bois, will run out to jump on the bandwagon, buying overpriced junk they would have gotten anyeay. Then he’ll be totally ignored and forgotten doing payday advance commercials like whats-his-name or a dairy queen spokesperson like mary lou retton.

  9. Benny

    Nice picture but it looks like like he farted in the bath tub and a bubble has formed in between his legs. In my world I would never put a Louis Vuitton bag by my bath tub, you might ruin the leather, and that is just careless.

  10. Does It Matter

    Anybody remember “Bruce Jenner”, the dyslexic who did the decathlon but couldn’t read??

    Now he’s fodder for the media b/c he married that slut Kris Kardashian.

    Oh, and for those of you who put “swimmer’s bodies” in your profile, MICHAEL PHELPS IS A SWIMMER, GUYS. GET A HINT!

  11. edgar_truth

    phelps has a weird face that at certain angles he’s cute and then he ugly again when he turns his head another way. It’s a great drinking game. Drink every time Phelps’ face looks weird you pound your drink down.

  12. David

    To all you bitchy negative queens. This guy is the only recorded human in the world to achieve such greatness. Have you any idea how hard he worked for this? More than probably anyone reading these posts I’m sure.
    It’s doubtful any of you has a body to rival his. And let’s point out the fact what you would do if you had a chance to be with him.
    Let’s celebrate him!

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