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Prince Harry put his crown aside for few hours in his last Las Vegas trip.

He was photographed butt naked by his friends and VIP guests in his luxurious hotel suite.

We heard that he and his friend went to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot girls and invited them to their room.

They played strip pool and it quickly became a naked party.

Harry appear naked on many photos covering himself with a cup or playing with a topless girl and on other pics with a completely naked chick.

A rep from the Royal Family said : “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Funny Harry, so cute !

You can see pictures on the main page of this site : Check out the pics here !



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  1. George

    The real shame here is he’s not Prince Charles son. He’s the son of that affair Diana had with that Red Headed hunk. Harry doesn’t look like Charles or his half brother William. Too bad the Royal family won’t admit that. Guess if your 6th in line to the throne better to keep quiet about it…

  2. Brad

    false advertising. I’m sure you’ll censor this post anyway, but he’s NOT naked, he’s in shorts, and the site you want us to link to is a pay site, so you’re only looking to make money. I can find those same pics for free on other sites just by doing a search. that’s how I know he’s NOT naked.

  3. Ron UK

    Wow !

    What can I say he’s a very handsome twink like body and certainly has the goods to prove it. Don’t know what all the fuss is about. People’s perception of the Royals is that there stuffy old people. Personally there’s nothing more liberating then fooling about in the nude and letting the cool air or in Las Vegas hot Air basked your skin. Harry works hard and is just like any other young guy who gives a fuck if he wants to walk around in the nude ? It was after all his apartment so what he does in private is nobodys business. Fairplay to you harry

  4. Charlie

    Can’t see much in those pics but I would have no problem kneeling in front of him and taking the royal crown into my throat. He is just a fun loving (and great looking) kid that is having a good time. Most of us have done the same so why make the big deal?

  5. Antonio Yu

    It’s not up to me man but I’m sure your Mum would want to to always thing of the family and what’s good or bad at this point in time wish you wouldn’t do anything like this or let even one thing get out like this it’s not fair to your Mum for the people of the UK it only makes them feel why have your lot be a Prince when your acting like everyone who’s under you come on…

  6. Antonio Yu

    I’m sure your Mum is looking down at you saying be her Prince Harry she’d want you to be think of her what ever you do!

  7. MrJoey313

    Brad: I don’t know about the frontal ones, but the rear shots he’s actually not wearing anything. Though I do agree about them shameless plug of the Celeb Photo site that doesn’t have very many “real” photos.

  8. Romoni D'Aubigne

    Harry has always been the wild one. I always wondered if pictures like this are “leaked.” Why is it done? To embarrass or to quell alleged gay rumors? Remember the “stolen” photos of Neyo. These photos came out at the same time rumors of his sexuality were running rampant as well.

  9. Romoni D'Aubigne

    Blog: I, necessarily wasn’t talking about Prince Harry, that was a stupid mistake on his part. I’m reffering to celebrities in general who use tactics like this to boost their careers.

  10. Drew

    George, you’re such an ass. Prince Henry is the legit. offspring of Prince Charles and the late Princess. If you knew anything about genetics, traits we inherit are by chance. He does have traits of his grandmother, the Queen. In addition, that red hair is fairly common in the Spencer family. In many families, siblings don’t look anything alike, are you suggesting the mothers had affairs with various men just because the child looks nothing like the father nor the brother? Ridiculous!

  11. Drew

    One more thing, George, he is 3rd in line to the throne not 6th. If he weren’t the legit. offspring, there would be an inquiry as he couldn’t inherit the throne. If something were to happen to Charles and William, Prince Andrew would want to know if his nephew were legit. as the throne would go to Andrew and then to his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

  12. Seth

    Its funny that when they were kids, William looked like Diana and Harry looked like Charles. Now its switched, and Harry looks like his Mom, and William and his receding hairline looks like Charles….poor guy 🙁

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