Celebrities : Chris Brown Gay?


Controversial singer Chris Brown has found himself the target of a Twitter hate campaign after a photoshopped picture of himself allegedly having sex with two men went viral on twitter.

In the picture you can clearly see Chris having sex with 2 men whose faces are hidden…their cocks are not though…lol as you can see in image below.

Some twitter users said one of them could beย US rapper Frank Ocean who recently revealed he is gay.

Do you think he is gay?

See images below.




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  1. Josh

    I thought this was why he punched rihanna because they got into a fight because she was in his phone and found him talking to guys, on a homo level lol

  2. WD

    It dose look like him how ever if it was why would he want to well take pics of it? then again a lot of people do a lot of weird stuff so yeah.if he is well lol send him over. but really who knows.

  3. Joey

    I read your blogs from time to time and usually like them, but this time not so much. If the pictures are fake, as you stated then why are you trying to *out* Chris Brown? Coming directly from the gay community you should have a lot more respect for other gay andeven non gay people when it comes to the subject of “being gay”. Yeah, i dont particularilly like him much either. Dont give me a reason to out him

  4. D'Juan

    Who gives a shit whether or not Chris Brown is gay? His homophobic comments and his violence against women certainly don’t do anything to further the LGBTQ community’s fight for equality. I don’t believe in misrepresenting people in the twitterverse, per se, but in this case, I find it extremely difficult to care.

  5. PYRO91

    Lmao. I honestly think he is bi. I mean he knows he could easiely have anyone on this planet (both male and female).. So why wouldnt he take the best of both worlds? So I say he is bi.

  6. Mark

    So why the Hell is A4A continuing this outing campaign or slandering campaign, whatever it is? Doesn’t anyone in America believe in privacy anymore? Just because someone else publishes something doesn’t mean you should have carte blanche to repeat it!

  7. fuckdudes

    I have always thought he was a fellow fag n Eva one nos that there alot of dl mix n black guys..Chris brown holla ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. chris2008w

    damn if thats photoshop then they did a damn good job but i always thought that he had it in him to do something that like that.

  9. steve

    that looks like him and what he’s doing is absolutely gay! i don’t know if i’d have sex with him but i wouldn’t mind a shot at that guy getting a blow job from him! DAUM!

  10. Nathan

    Be so hott if he really is, and maybe in my bed too….. Nigga is FINE. Him and lil bow wow, and trey songz. DAMN. orgy of dreams…… lol…..

  11. Barboi

    The first picture is from a Remy Mars video. Nicely photoshopped but nope, not Chris Brown. And I’m pretty sure the other two are also poen shots. The set looks familiar.

  12. Chris

    U know this first pic is not Brown as for the last 2 pic it’s
    Missing something and we all know what that is tattoo s!!!!!
    We all know Chris is Bi!!! Now leave him the hell alone…

  13. CHET5409

    HOW Cn you all say those pix are great if there fake…come’on look at them an besides who took them i really chris brown as an enterainer gay or str8, leave the kid remeber he’s still is a kid alone chris if you see this hang in there this too shall pass!!!!!!

  14. paul

    What I think, and not only for Chris but many other male singers or what not, even if they’re not “gay” gay, they have surely experienced male body heat, hot cocks. etc. I mean, think about how curious they can get! I’d go down on Chris. Both ways ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Truth

    And yall wonder why gays have a bad rep.

    Because of your actions another gay youth will become homeless and abused.

    No wonder people want us dead

    great job on keeping the negative image of gay men everywhere going

  16. Thom

    In the age of photoshop, there could be a picture of him having a 3some with my aged parents, who’d have the bodies of John Holmes and Anna Nicole.

    I don’t know more about him than these 3 pictures, never heard of him before. Rap isn’t my scene. But does it matter if he is? If/when he wants to come out publicly (if he is), he will. And won’t be the first celebrity to do so. If he doesn’t come out (or isn’t gay) does it change anything?

    Better question would be how much would it cost me to be the meat in the middle of that first photo?

  17. Scarpien

    I could tell the first pic was photoshopped. As for the remaining pics, as I’m not that familiar with Chris’ tattoos I can’t tell whether or not that’s really him.
    As for those who came to check out the pics then bitch about privacy issues, etc. you’re/we’re the reason why the media continues to thrive on these types of news because of our insatiable curiosity. Law of Supply & Demand.

  18. hugecummer

    really now… how many of us were in the closet & would have been horrified if we were exposed in this manner being fake or not! this is where all the hype/hatred comes from. if he is he is, its no biggie nor is it anyones business. ashamed that a4a choose to post these pics!! leave everyone alone ppl…

  19. Tommy

    I do think that looks like him he is sure enjoying it if it is lol. I always thought he was gay. Never had any proof but I think this just might ne him.

  20. Tony

    If you look at the torso on the first photo versus the torso on the second, those are not the same individual…… the first sone is definately not Chris Brown because he is over 6 feet tall and the torso on limps on the dude in the pic are not that of a person that tall….. and the second pic is a amateur video that I seen and the guy was definately not Chris Brown…….. Its actually sad that someone would go to these lengths to get this erroneous information out.

  21. Texguy

    Have any of you seen the gay flick with T.I doing some dude…oh my god it’s hot..i’m sure it’s fake too, but it sure looks real to me! Hot thug lovin!!

  22. tigga

    After what he did and the the bs media shyt behind it; who really cares if he is getting his rocks off with a guy? I wouldn’t acknowledge him after all that he’s done and I definitely wouldn’t try to out him. That’s up to him to come out like others have done. Myself personally I really wouldn’t care because I really don’t care for his attitude or all his gay bashing he has done.

  23. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Everyone knows damn well that’s not Chris Brown in any of those pictures. I agree with Joey. Why post something like this and why ask A4A people? We all know how some gays try to label everyone gay. Lastly, who cares if he’s gay or not? It’s his business.

  24. G.I.R.L.

    I don’t see how anyone can conclude him as being gay. If I were to photoshop an elephant trunk to his nose would that mean he is half elephant?

    Michael Jackson wasn’t gay. Quit furthering a stereotype that soft men have to be gay. That isn’t the case.

    If Brown is gay, cool, it changes nothing. However, these very comical pictures don’t prove anything at all. And, yeah, I lol’d tremendously.

  25. Marky C Baby

    I’d flip fuck with him any day! Barebark raw sex with CB anytime I’d swallow all those babies! He can fuck me stupid! Oh shit just thinking about it I’m losing brain cells. Fuck me cb!

  26. darryl

    I really don’t have an opinion either way. The thing is if this is true then the truth will come out at some point. There are more important things in the world that i’am concerned about.

  27. Sharam Q

    What?! No! I refuse to let him on our team! He’s obnoxious, immature, rude, full of himself….hmph…well….seems he’s like a lot of gay guys. But those are the gaywads I hate and would rather not have to deal with. And he’s not even as cute as he used to be! Lol.
    Oh, and Chet, he’s so not a kid! Boy is twenty-something now! And if I were given the chance again…i would totally curb-stomp him!

  28. sexybeast

    I rear comment on here but here goes my two cent. While I love Rihanna, I resent you guys using that as a platform to discredit Chris. Second, this pictures are fake google him shirtless and then compare tattoos. Thanks!

  29. Torito

    All those though rappers are more gay than me! Plz. They want us to believe that are so Macho and record videos with bitches and sing to them, when they’ve had dick before. Chris brown is gay for sure.

  30. flyjlobooty

    If he is dammmmmmm I would Love for him to do me……. mmmmmmmmm I so Love dis man……….team breezey all-day :))))

  31. Joe

    I agree with Mark. I enjoy reading this blog, but why try to out someone – especially someone with a history of violence that will only make the LGBT community look worse?

  32. Mark in Houston

    Why does adam4adam find it blog-worthy to hash out an outing campaign on Chris Brown based on a few photos that are quite obviously doctored images? It puzzles me why adam4adam had to add fuel to the fire that was started by the homophobic Twitter-based attack upon Chris. An international organization made up of entirely of gay and bisexual men should be more careful when jumping on the outing bandwagon, even if the intent wasn’t slanderous. If Chris Brown is gay, then goody gumdrops.

  33. ChesterTaurus

    So,what if he’s gay or not….the brotha is very talented and he’s sexy as hell….i love his music…he’s from Va just like me….And yes, i’d let him do me in a heart beat…cum on baby hit me with your best shot….LMAO

  34. lbrandon757

    Chris Brown is bisexual!!! Everyone knows it. He knows it too. It isn’t anyone’s business but his iwn. Those are nice pics but CLEARLY it isn’t him

  35. ricky

    First off y’all know that ain’t no damn chris brown and shit I wish he was cause I would deff let him give me the business

  36. eddie

    Idk but this is Chris and for the second pictures he was 16 then with no tattoos. Now I have a twitter tweet that I’ve saved between Chris Brown and an upcoming Singer. Where he talks about how good the sex was and it was a pleasure receiving him. He talks a out bi about how he bottoms for this Singer in New York

  37. Richard

    I have always adored and admired Chris Brown and even lusted on him and if he is gay then that’s even better cause I may get a chance with him….wow i would just luv it…

  38. michael flowers

    i hope he is not gay… he’s an asshole. violence is not an option EVER. and besides… his “music” if it can be called that, is less than enlightening. good day Mr Brown.

  39. William Austin

    Most blacks are Bi-Sexual ! They are supper hot lovers and love any kind of sex! Like most everybody else, they need to feel that they won’t get caught! Usually easy game, especially if there is any money is involved! If they eat your ass: You can expect to get fucked!

  40. Duane

    Who care’s if Chris Brown is gay. So what if you had a hot sexy body like Chris. And you can lay it down with whoever you like, plus this dude is not only fine but he is sexy as fuck. If you got it kool for all of you haters get a damn life and leave this young dude alone. You just mad because you wasn’t the one sucking his dick and having him put his dick in your tight asshole. Because he was to fuck you you go and tell every dumb ass who you just fucked. As I was told a close mouth doesn’t get feed but an open mouth get all that it is suppose to get. So in closing if it is Chris you’re doing a damn good job and keep it up Chris.

  41. Kelvin

    My “gay-dar” goes off everytime i see Chris. Too damn bad we still live in a society that has phobeas about being gay and famous. I would give hime some azz an dick if i met him! I think he’s sexy and i am not usally attracted to REDBONE men but he would an exception. NOW…TREY SONGZ; damn i want to give him great head and azz! Now that is my fav!!

  42. cookie

    Honestly who’s cares !!! Gay is actually better then straight less problems… But just more sexxx that all ๐Ÿ™‚ im done here…

  43. tweet

    Well all I have to say is chris brown lilwayne ti and lil bow wow could all get it idc if they gay most all black men go anyway trust me I know lmfao

  44. fukkensexy

    I dont believe the pics are photo shopped looks to me like he is enjoying a couple of really big dicks . Ppl just want to hate.. be happy for him .. once he is out he won’t hit on woman and lash out anymore he will be able to enjoy life more.. if he’s bi or gay its ok .. who really cares.. though because he is famous if he did not want the public to know . He should not be all coked up and letting ppl take pics of him .. its not a4as fault

  45. Purebalance

    I love how he’s suddenly a “woman abuser” for getting in a fight with a woman. She instigated the fight, she started the physical portion of the fight, and then she got some bruises from it.

    In all honesty, had she thrown MY KEYS out of the window while I was driving she’d have gotten slapped square in the face for that alone because it’s endangering both of our lives(assuming the car was a key fob type push button ignition which either slows to a halt or 20 mph max without the key once started).

    All these people buying into the media bs about calling him a woman beater is hillarious. If he were so violent I’d love to hear how she’s made “amends” with him and has been seen with him recently. I think the whole thing was staged for publicity.

    As for all the tards who keep saying “damn it looks like him” can you PLEASE read the other comments at least a few before you post and make yourself look ignorant? It’s a photoshop job as all 3 pictures have been identified from known porn by other posters.

  46. Purebalance

    And ugh I can’t believe that guy above said lil wayne could get it.

    I would bend chris brown over in a heart beat but lil wayne is just DISGUSTING looking.

  47. veltry

    have u also heard that bowwow and omarion are gay lovers,mmmmmh,it will be a matter of all those famous rappers are gonna come out of their closets

  48. Nue

    Can yall please get off his dick/ass…who gives two fucks weather he’s gay or not….we all have moments and changes in life….so be like Mike and just beat it……Chris babbbbby,you owe me big time for this one! Good Day

  49. Cliff.B

    There was an article where he did confess to having sex with a male music writer and got pissed when it went public but ended up admitting to it

  50. nel

    i personally dont think its him…c’mon people…you obviously dont see any tattoos anywhere on them pics…chris brown has alot of tattoos…who ever posted these pics should be ashamed to even think of ruining ones reputation…just because he hit a female doesnt not make him a man or just becauses he slanders the the words homos doesnt make him a man…however, to judge or criticize someone like this doesnt make anyone of us different…but in all honesty…i think chris brown is handsome…regardles of what anyone of you think of him…hes only human just like you, me and the next person…

  51. Dave

    I think Chris Brow & would love taste him, also here’s a question I think the blog should ask. I’ve been getting gay vibes. Could Matt Lauer be gay or bi? It seems to me that he acts thrilled and turned on when he interviews a hot young guy on the today show, just my observation

  52. vampyre927

    It would not be shocking me if Chris Brown was “Family”? I worked in the record business 4 20yrs,and their are a number of “rappers” who I’ve fucked over the years and I know they are “not straight”. I never had Chris but I’ve seen him naked and that boy is “dinner and a movie”

  53. pegasus50

    who care about who he is and what he does ,seem to me A4Ado care a lot do you need money for your website or you get down just like him at that point
    so lem

  54. hunglakeviewtop

    I don’t follow pop media so I had no idea who Chris Brown is, but I looked up his media photos on Google and the individual in the first photo is definitely not Chris Brown, the left arm tattoos are not the same. Different people.

    So, this is a pathetic attempt at outing, which is always mean and uncalled for unless we’re dealing with hypocrite political figures.

    Maybe he’s gay, maybe not. But those pics have nothing to do with Chris Brown. And if he is gay? Good for him, cock is delicious.

  55. RGTlover

    Who cares! If he beats up on women, what’s to keep him from beating up, or killing, men. Obviously, he hates himself. Until he gets help, no one is safe around him.

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