Celebrities : Anderson Cooper’s BF Kisses Another Man…

Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend, Ben Maisani, was photographed smooching another dude in the park…

Who cares ?

All the US medias are making such a big case on that because “they were suppose to get married” and “they have been together for few years”  … Poor Anderson !!!!

My message to all the medias: There is a good chance that for Anderson and Maisani -like many other gay couple in a long-term relationship – that a kissing session in the park is very acceptable and just another sunday afternoon activity !  

In the queer community, there is usually less restrictions on sex and less rigidity. Open relationships have long provided the stability of partnership with the excitement of being able to meet and sleep with other guys.

So instead of assuming that Maisani was cheating on Cooper like almost all the media outlets have done, why not assume that Cooper knew where his boyfriend was and had simply said, “Have fun with your gorgeous hunk. I’ll see you later tonight! ”



(Photo Via Gawker)




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  1. Lorenzo

    Why can’t gay men be monogamous? I’m just sick of it. That’s why everyone else look down on us. We’re a bunch of dirty whores. It’s a shame!!!

  2. Marco

    Why is it that so many in the gay community how to try to justify their failure to have a satisfying monogamous sexual relationship with things like this article? The truth course is that most men can’t keep their cocks in their pants. The core issue is really that 1 of the partners is really actually interested in maintaining a completely monogamous relationship. The gay couples I know who seem to have actual healthy, psychologically balanced relationships do not have open relationships. Accept the fact that there are some men in the gay community who actually do want a real relationship!

    • blog

      Marco: ahahahah and my friends who seem to be more balanced in their relationships are the ones who have been together for many years who now accept to “have fun” together with others.
      And they are architects, lawyers, business owners etc…

  3. AB

    What’s the point in having a relationship if it’s open?

    It’s just the temptation to move on to someone else – hotter, younger, richer, etc.

  4. Bob

    Honestly I doubt it. Cooper is and strives to be a classy guy, and doesn’t strike me as the type to be ok with cheating, or having an “open relationship.” And I think the only reason gay couples are more open to “open relationships,” are because they don’t know what they want, and can’t keep it in their pants.

  5. Jay

    Agree with you on the “Who Cares?” aspect on this. But got to draw the line on the dismissive attitude of monogamy somehow being sexually restrictive and rigid. In a day and time where we’re now making a big brouhaha that the straight world accept our right to marry, we have to start asking ourselves when we’re going to start taking our own relationships seriously. We can’t in one breath say “Hey let us legally marry and have the same rights and respect for our long term relationships under the laws just as straight couples receive” and in the same breath dismiss monogamy as being restrictive as rigid and restrictive. We can’t have it both ways. Either we want respect for our relationships, which should first start with us. Or we want to keep up the foolish and immature antics of still wanting to fuck everything under the sun after agreeing to be in a serious relationship with another person. Whether we’re gay, straight or bi, a relationship and ultimately marriage, if that couple wants that route, is a bond of TWO people, not two plus one, two, three or however many other guys one or both want to keeping sleeping with outside the relationship. But yet we want to dismiss poz guys as being the whores. Give me a break. If you want to keep doing other people even after getting into a relationship, DON’T get into a relationship. This is part of why so many of us find ourselves in a spot where we bemoan relationships being harder than they need to be because we ourselves refuse to grow up and take them seriously.

  6. Rawandready

    I would bet Anderson knew about it. Being the boyfriend of such a visible person would be tough. let alone cheat on him.

  7. Don in

    Open relationships are so healthy but they just dont fit the heterosexual ideal. I hope these fellows do not let this little stupid flap affect their.relationship. i suppose thing could prove to be a good test of the strength of it.

  8. bestscreenname

    An open relationship works for some but not for others. I don’t know if Anderson Cooper is in an open relationship or not. I would be furious if my partner kissed someone besides me. Kissing and telling is not a good idea, but when you’re in the public eye like Anderson Cooper, it is to be expected. It would be nice if people in the media had something more important on which to focus.

  9. Proud2begay

    Umm, excuse me? Kissing another guy while in a serious long term relationship is acceptable? Just another sunday afternoon activity? Thats so pathetic. Sure its acceptable if its a mutually agreed upon open relationship. Otherwise, its called cheating.
    See, thats the type of mentality that brings down the gay community.
    U should be ashamed of urself dave.

    • blog

      Proud2begay : I’m so not ashamed dear…
      u just need to open your horizons.
      Not because u think it’s not right, that you can say it isnt’t right !

  10. Ohiotim

    I do hope that is not the case for Mr Cooper, I would be saddened to think he is as superficia and moronic to allow his lover to kiss another man. The “open-Relationship” concept favored by so many Gay men and women is part of the reason we cannotgain any respect amongst ourselves or the straight communities

  11. joe

    and this is why the term “marriage” should not be used for gay males. “partnership” is a much more apt description of what most (all??) gay men have in a long term relationship….maybe lesbians can claim it?

  12. terry

    The gay community wants the same rights and equalities, given to all other individuals, yet we want to play by our own rules, when it comes to relationships etc. Not a prude here by any means, but we are percieved, as being total sexual animals, “its all we care about”, hence alot of our opposition. Certainly heterosexuals, cross their marital and relationship boundaries all the time. They are considered “normal” we arent. I am sure open relationships may help couples stay together, but we are going to have to face the fact that perceptions of promiscuity will never help our cause. So this type of media attention in these situations will continue.

  13. MJ

    I would guess this all depends on the image Cooper wants to have. If this is a norm for him and his ol’ boy then i can’t find a disagreement with it. I can’t speak for him but If Cooper wants to keep up this image of being classy, well he needs to know that this is a very sloppy way of going about it. I mean Ben had to know what flurry of paparazzi he was soon to get after Cooper came out right? Now Ben’s name is out there and his club is getting inadvertent press. Face it now a days the only bad press is no press. As for myself I’m the jealous type,so i couldn’t accept this, my mans lips/body belong to me! 🙂

  14. BJM

    What most people don’t remember is that monogamy is a rare thing. There are few animals on this planet that are monogamous. I, personally, think that if it works for you, great, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Just because it doesn’t work for someone doesn’t make them any less human, or less equal than anyone else.

  15. What?

    If my boyfriend kissed another guy, he would no longer be my boyfriend. It’s not ”just another Sunday activity” unless you’re a sex-addicted gay boy. Grow up, and stop thinking with your dick.

  16. Cody Jackson

    I’ve read a lot of absurd posts on this Adam4Adam blog, but this one really takes the cake. Since when are open relationships the norm of the gay community? This author is very out of touch; while those of use who are serious about gay relationships are fighting for gay marriage and adoption rights, he is making us out to be hormonal sex-fiends. It’s not accurate and such behavior is certainly not typical with any of the men I know.

  17. Bill

    First off I would like to make the point that how another couple pursue a relationship is personal and can be very dynamic. No one else should have any say so in a relationship except for the individuals involved, ergo, the outside opinion of others have no true validity on said relationship. Another point that has not been examined is: sense when is any form of polyamory exclusive to gay relationships in men? Infact, I have known married women that have intimate relations with others with consent of their partner. Regardless of Anderson Cooper’s celeb status, it still makes it none of our business what kind of relationship has unless someone in this “ménage à trois” comes forth and announces it. I really see this whole thing as a caddy farce, and degrades the ideals so many of us take for granted. Live and let live…live your own lives in the pursuit of happiness and worry less of what others are doing. Individualism is a gift, use it well.

  18. exfednurse

    Who cares! Its for Anderson and his “partner” to deal with, the press and others should just stay out of it..period.

  19. Mike

    seriously? Another Sunday activity? Have fun with you gorgeous hunk, see you tonight? Why be in a relationship if you approve of your partner having sex with other people? Even a kiss. How does that provide stability and excitement?. Thats the problem with the “gay community” everyone sleeps around, and with all the diseases out there, it’s disgusting.

    • blog

      Mike : U think that because you fuck with someone else than your BF, you get diseases ? lolll
      wow ! U need to protect yourself boy !
      And it makes someone a whore because twice a year he fucks someone else ?

  20. Robert

    If you are in a committed relationship, cheating is cheaing. If you want an “open” relationship that you think will make the one you have better may work for some, it may not for others. I, for one, don’t believe in cheating. When I’m in a relationship, that’s it. You work at it, communicate with each other, and God forbid talk about feelings. If you don’t want to be with just one person, then don’t be in a committed relationship. The same goes for heteros, if they don’t want monogamy, then don’t get married. A friend of mine told me his friend had sex with his sister-in-law at his reception – they are no longer married. Why go through all the expense and trouble if you know you aren’t going to be faithful? Even I was married once and we decided before we got married that if either of us wanted someone else, we would, first, end the marriage, then go our separate ways. I never cheated on my wife even though I should have never married to begin with. I guess no one wants to work at a relationship and all are.

  21. Ken

    Is anybody really paying attention to what’s happening in the world around us?? 30 years from now a tiny minority will really be “married”…unless of course, it remains necessary to enjoy certain legal rights and tax benefits.
    And then…do you really think those will be loving, monogamous relationships???
    The world is changing…learn to live with it!!

  22. Jeb

    This is none of our business. It is between Mr Cooper and his boyfriend. It has nothing to do with his ability to deliver the news and that is the only thing we should be watching with him. Mind your own business!

  23. Jackson

    I think that it’s their business, and I consider it one of the perks of being gay the ability to separate love and sex. TRUST ME, if the heteros could get away with it they would. They are slaves to a strict moral that tells them there is no difference between the two, I bed to differ. That’s what makes us homo’s the chosen people the fact that we can write our own script and play by our own rules. If open relationships are not for you then cool, don’t put make it some horrible stigma that affects the gay community. I say you go Anderson girl, get your groove on! Maybe he was catching him to take home for them to share!!!!

  24. Ariesk

    Well the word on the street is that they are breaking up if not already. Ben has supposedly moved out of their NYC apartment.

  25. Jay

    And just because some of your friends carry on with this type of behavior and have conservative type professions, that’s supposed to make this foolishness ok? I don’t think so.

  26. George

    With the money Anderson makes, and a classy guy, if he’s in an open relationship, shame on him. He works hard and doesn’t need a leech, a parasite use him and bring him home std’s or hiv. I hope he thinks with his head (on his head) and not his heart. I have been gay since I was born and want to be a mainstream gay that can fit in anywhere. All these guys that can’t get enough cock and these gay parade to flont their lifestyle. I don’t see straights doing that. We will never get respect. Like the comments above some of us want a normal existence. We are already the most bottom form of a minority. No matter how talented, educated, etc. We’re still a no good fag to the world. These open relationships please, how sad, you do want a lifestyle, a can get enough pig. It would be nice if you would have some respect for yourself so some of us can get respect from the world.

  27. Steve

    I clicked the link to the photo expecting to see some innocent, over-blown in a ‘Nat’l Enquirer’ kinda way image and, well, that don’t look so innocent. On the other hand, there’s something odd in the way that it appears they’re ten feet from the photographer, clearly not making any attempt to hide what’s going on … very nearly posing. Something’s up here …

    In other news, disappointing that we’ve decided to label someone’s partner snogging another man as just another Sunday afternoon activity. As the line goes, “call him a dog, but really, men aren’t that loyal.”

  28. Scarpien

    Each couple decides what’s acceptable or not–whether open/monogamous–for their situation. So if Anderson and his BF had set their ground rules and kissing another man is ok, then that’s their business. Like you said Dave, relationships, whether open or monogamous, are NOT for everyone. It’s up to the individual to know himself/herself well enough to know what he/she wants in/from a relationship. But too often we hear of people wanting a relationship but not being ready on so many levels to handle a relationship, be it open or monogamous. Anderson is a classy guy so whatever the situation, I trust he’ll handle his business accordingly.

  29. anotherjoe

    Ditch the loser AC and get one who is faithful! Open relationships are contradictory. Your job and success doesn’t mean squat if your screwing around. Be single and have fun or be in a relationship 100%. Gay men are ALWAYS looking for something better than they have and cheat & lie and when the relationship ends as it always does they realize what they had yet threw it away. I’m ashamed to be gay at times I swear.

  30. Lorenzo

    I will have been married to my man for four years in September, last October he decided to walk out on me, no explanation. We were together in a monogamous relationship. As the Kelly Clarkson song goes stronger without you. I know can control m own life instead of always doing what he wants to do. His leaving me was the best thing ever.

  31. Gene

    Really! Who cares?
    Leave the guys alone.
    No wonder so many celebs stay in the closet.
    People need to stop making sex the issue of life!

  32. Tre

    You don’t have to worry about Anderson, if they are not in an open relationship and his boyfriend is indeed cheating, Coops is an attractive man with a good paying job and in the media, that’s all gay guys need to hear to take his boyfriend’s spot…lol

  33. Travis

    I’d rather be asexual than gay and have to accept an open relationship. Cheating is why I dumped my ex. It’s heartbreaking.

  34. dawgit

    Ya know it is a sad situation with this column/blog with Dave.. Isn’t there enough material out there where we are not outing people and /or Gossiping about others and what they do,,, Are they jealous of other people in solid relationships,,, by not having one at all,,, Been in a relationship over 27 years and it didn’t happen by Kissing other guys,,,Open relationships aren’t real,,,,,

  35. Gisbatzed

    Having been divorced twice from women, I’ve come to understand polyamorous relationships. I am now able to love more guys than I could ever with both my ex wives.

  36. Orie

    I read the blogs all the time and never comment but this one pissed me off so much I felt the need to, open relationships disgust me. Anderson Cooper has far to much class to be in an open relationship. I hope we read about their break up soon. As a public figure and a role model for gay youth it would be terrible for him to be in that kinda of relationship, the gay youth of America do not need to see someone like him in that situation, it would send the message that “hey i should be a dirty whore to when I grow up”. And futhermore to all those in open relationships, keep ut to yourself, all your doing by letting it be known is ruining the image of the rest of us who want our relationships to be honored and respected and held in the same light as marriages.

  37. Mannois

    it saddens me that this is a news item at all, and it saddens me that it is being exploited to promote the idea that open relationships are the hip new thing and monogamy is rigid and restrictive.

  38. Funeral Dir Theodore J Owens

    dont worry anderson babby I will take you any hour of the at any time that worthless ben dosent know how to appreciate you so forget about his ass and come find me i will be waiting.

    AC Forever

  39. muscleasian75

    This is a mess ,that why most peoples don’t like us .how can you love some one and turn around do that ?????. That why I’m single .cuz I not believes in gays love. just all fucking slut !!!!!!

  40. Zack

    Nope, non-acceptable. Being 26 I hope my generation and younger don’t and will not accept this behavior as “normal” behavior for the gay community concerning relationships between same sex couples.

    • blog

      Zack, i’m 30… and my friends are mostly between 27-35…
      We are not whores, we all protects ourselves, we all have university diplomas…
      Some are against open relationships, some are for it…
      It’s different for everyone…
      It is just something very common in gay community.
      And it will not change…
      Just open your mind on the subject…and accept that it’s there, that’s it…
      Life is ment to be fun…if you and your partner want to have 3 some then good for you…
      If you want to have fun on your side and your boyfriend knows, why not.

  41. allan

    Gays wonder why the rest of the world looks down on us, NEWS FLASH: its because 99 percent aren’t decent enough humans to be monogamus! Try being true and loyal for once, instead of acting like in bred idiots. I am truly ashamed to be clumped into a group of people that act like this. Being in a group that accepts this behavior doesn’t make it right…. it makes you weak and extremely stupid! Show a little self respect and stop acting like trash!!!

  42. Jackson

    Good to know that one of the top contributors to a4a blogs thinks that monogamy is a foolish conservative and even goes on to say:

    “In the queer community, there is usually less restrictions on sex and less rigidity. Open relationships have long provided the stability of partnership with the excitement of being able to meet and sleep with other guys.”

    THAT is precisely the reason why a good majority of the world who don’t understand/reject homosexual relationships have the views that they do. No one takes a gay relationship seriously because they don’t. If you don’t want the Chick-fil-A’s of the world seeing you all as a bunch of sex crazy orgy mongers then stop acting like it.

    It’s ridiculous that this is even a story when there are hiv positive guys out “Pozzing” people for fun and guys who crave being “pozzed”. What the fuck is up with THAT!?

    • blog

      Jackson : LMAO ! You’ re soooooo exaggerating dear !
      Everything depends on the 2 person involved.
      Again, if it’s not for you then, it’s not for you.

  43. Daniel

    I am shocked and saddened by the amount of hetero assimilation that I’m seeing in these comments. Well, unfortunately, not as shocked as I wish I were. I don’t know if Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani have an open relationship and I don’t know what reasoning they had for making the choice they did. They’ve chosen for a long time to keep details of their relationship secret and I don’t think they owe us an explanation. But I hope that they, and that all of us, make honest decisions in their relationship based on what they know is right for them, not based on what is politically expedient for the marriage-obsessed activists (which of course do not represent the priorities of everyone in the community they claim to authentically speak for) nor on what is most comfortable for the same heteros who for years have erased our identities in order not to be faced with discomfort. I’m not ASKING for anyone to take my relationship seriously, I’m TELLING them that it is serious, and that they need to get used to my open relationship with a man.

  44. daniel (Elidaboy)

    Maybe he is not Anderson boyfriend like everyone think he is? maybe he is a close friend and Anderson not want us to know who his real boyfriend is?

  45. truckercouple

    i don’t know what fucked up gay community you belong to, but cheating on your bf is NEVER acceptable,, the only reason it is more PREVALENT in the gay community is because MEN are whores and the ones they cheat on are DESPERATE to be w/ SOMEONE,, FACT, not my opinion……..Anderson, although not my type, is a HIGHLY sought after gay men, should KICK the asshole to the CURB and find someone who will NOT cheat on him…

    • blog

      Trucker: If both people in a couple are open to being “open” then it’s ok…
      If it’s not good for you doesnt mean its not OK

  46. BryBry

    If we want straight people to stay out of our relationships and affairs, then why are we involving ourselves in the relationships and affairs of others, uninvited… This is not my business, nor is it the business of any of us, other than the participants in said relationship!

  47. Trav

    It seems from my experiences of observing many of my friends in Open Relationships two things are there that most people are missing. Honesty and Trust! I use to have a firm belief in monogamy, that’s until I got to know people whom are in Productive long term open relationships. I have never seen such bonds. I myself look for a partner whom with time will end up having that open side. The key is to remember nothing is black, white, or grey. We give each color its definition.

  48. Simply-touched

    Look at Anderson
    Who in there right mind would cheat on him? No one!
    Likly that they have their own lives and everyone should just shut the fuck up and get out of Anderson’s bed unless invited

  49. jt

    Wtf is this article???? “just another Sunday activity”, “open relationships provide stability”, “the queer community has less restrictions on sex” ?????? Stop projecting your infidelity on the rest of the gay community. Not everyone in the gay community is a ho-bag! Some of us want to get married, have a monogamous relationship, and have kids. The outlook of this article provides ammunition for the hate-groups that prevent gays from having equality. I remember last year Joy Behar on The View saying that gay men are promiscuous and are more accepting of cheating and infidelity. And Whoopi came to our defense and said the gay men she knows would not put up with cheating. This was on NATIONAL tv!! And, Joy Behar is supposed to be a friend to the community. This is how the gay community is perceived and presented. The “sexual deviant lifestyle” is a big hurdle the gay community has to overcome. And articles like this reinforce that stigma!

  50. chris

    Open relationships are a copout. Anything is possible but i can’t see Anderson being okay wiyh such a thing. Also, they suppossedly have not been together for a couple of months.

  51. Damian

    Lorenzo, people look down on us because they want us to conform. I’m in a LTR open relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

  52. What an idiot...

    Really? This is why no one wants gay marriage. The aspect of having an OPEN marriage and the fact that 9 out of 10 gay guys can’t stay monogamous to save their lives is proof that gay marriage shouldn’t be instituted. The divorce rate is high enough as it is already, and do you really expect these thirsty fags out here not to do like the gold digging hoes and just get married just to get divorced and live off of someones income just because they are jaded over a dumb ass reason?? Please, the silly thing these fags do to their “significant other” when going through breakups is bad enough as it is already, America doesn’t need to encourage anything more from them.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s monkeys that write these non-sensical blogs. They used to be about relevant, intelligent things and now it’s all about “Oh who likes getting gangbanged in jail by 100 black guys” and “Oh who has the best bulge” and “Oh I’ll never become a successful blogger so I guess this will have to do” and “Oh I don’t like that comment so I’m going to delete it because it not only makes me look bad but also makes a lot more sense than my view on the topic itself.”

  53. John

    Who really cares? They may have an understanding. Anderson probably pissed him off..Again Who cares? Thats Anderson’s problem. I tryin to get a

  54. Jaysing

    Thank you! I would have to agree! Open relationships never end up satisfying anybody. If I’m in a relationship it is with one guy and nobody else. But i can’t sit here and judge, because to each it’s own but still. He admitted they were in an open relationship and broke up with him because of ‘public embarrassment’. To me that made no sense, he knew once he came out and pictures surfaced of who his boyfriend was the paparazzi would follow them both. It’s like dating a porn star and finding out he released a new movie and dumping him because he had a sex scene I mean, come on!

  55. David

    Being in an open relationship is one thing. Being the boyfriend of a high-profile person is another. Kissing someone else in a public space invites controversy, speculation, and well – articles, blogs, and comments! Not something I would wish for, open or not.

  56. AmericanEagle

    I’m so sick of this “open relationship” mentality within the gay community. Of all people, I’d think it’d be WE who’d set the example of what others who are in or who desire to BE in relationships should strive for; instead, we’re off following the flock. I find it ironic that gays put up so much of a fight to have equal rights for marriage yet “support” the open-relationship mindset.

  57. Symbiont

    In a world where the majority of people carry smart phones with instant access to anything or anyone we need to realize that the world truly is a stage for all to see 24/7. The gay community is very diverse, as is any community so the issue of monogamy or open relationships is not really as important as being true to yourself and the world around you, including partners. Most likely Anderson is aware of his boy friend’s little event. After all, he is as well connected to everything as one could be. I would imagine his BF would understand that concept as well.

    Being in an open relationship can be very healthy actually, some hetero couples practice it successfully too. It actually demonstrates a level of security in a one’s self and a relationship not always found in more traditional ones. Let’s face it, one of the appealing aspects of the gay lifestyle is the openness to explore. To suggest that some gay men can handle modeling a relationship after a traditional married model isn’t always realistic. That said many gay men have very successful traditionally inspired relationships. There are those however that do play outside their relationships knowingly and some often go play together seeking out play time that my not be addressed within their relationships. What matters most is the emotional bond people can have, both gay and straight. Inserting religiously inspired or other restrictions to validate a relationship is actually quite amusing to me and in general shows a fundamental lack of security in oneself and their relationship in my judgement. THat doesn’t mean I want to come off as preaching or suggesting that what works for me should work for you. Far from it. Do as you feel fit so long as you don’t hide your true self and heart the one you love. That’s where people get themselves in a bind.

    Let’s be clear, if you claim you’re going to be faithful for whatever reason, I applaud you if you really mean it and can make it work. But to turn around and cheat after making a promise isn’t at all very healthy and certainly betrays whatever trust you’re trying to develop with your partner. For that I can see being concerned and ending a relationship that perhaps should never have been to begin with. But let’s not be afraid to embrace our sexuality and our needs that can’t always be met by one person. Talk about your needs and see if there can be an openness that allows for the occasional encounter outside a relationship. You would be amazed what a little honesty will get you. Many men and women simply want honesty and closeness in a relationship. Sex, while an expression or extension of one’s love isn’t and shouldn’t be held hostage by it. Before start in on me about this post, stop and think about your life, yourself and the criteria you use for everything you do. Free speech allows for everyone to have and express an opinion. I have just expressed mine. Let’s have the respect to allow the same for others without injecting hate or judgement in what we say………it’s a big world and there’s room for all sorts of ways to believe. Thanks for reading.

  58. Enzo

    I have to laugh at all the hateful comments from you guys against open relationships. Not only is it extremely narrow-minded (it doesn’t wrong simply because its not for you) but, … Guys: this is a gay sex site. Open your minds, if not your hearts.

  59. Enzo

    I’m an ordained Minister and officiate marriages here in California, both gay and straight. I’ve never had anyone ask me to add “monogamy” in their declaration and there is nothing in a California marriage certificate which even hints that marriage is monogamous. If someone chooses a monogamous relationship, – more power to them. However, the amount of married men I’ve “met” on a4a over the years makes me think it isn’t working.

    I just ended a great 5-year open relationship. I find it funny when people assume our open marriage was the cause of our breakup, and that I should never be in another one. Using that logic, should I assume that each of you who had a monogamous relationship end should never try to be in another, as it didn’t work?

  60. AJ

    While I see both sides of the issue, what I take to task is Dave’s comments.

    We can all agree to disagree on the subject of open relationships, but don’t send an irresponsible message “to the medias” that it was a “good chance” Maisani’s indiscretion was par for the course for Anderson. He’s been previously very private about his personal life only until recently. I can’t imagine he’d be OK with it, but why speculate at all? Counterpointing the media with your one-sided take does nothing to help anyone.

    The problem with your argument is stated nicely in the end: “So instead of assuming …why not assume…?”

    You know what they say about those who assume. Sorry, Dave, I am sure you are a good guy and all, but tour blog said more about you than it ever did about Cooper or Maisani.

  61. arron

    This is why it took Anderson so long to come out,because he did not want people in.his business,he is one of the best reporters in the world, , and none of this stuff is our business, so how about you take a page out of Anderson coopers book, and report on somthing that means somthing

  62. Frank

    I’m guessing now that AC is out, the BF is no longer interested. He much preferred AC to be the closeted, well-paid sugar daddy and out of the spotlight. Now that dream is over.

    Time to move on to the next closeted celebrity, he’s probably thinking.

  63. JG

    Sad for them as a couple that because of their high profile relationship that it may breed bad press. Regardless of the opinions of the masses, I wish them the privacy to sort their relational matters that the remainder of us pinons have.

    so yeah, who cares? it wasn’t my bf making out with someone else in the park and getting caught! And if it was, its our business and he may have some ‘x-plainin to do!!!

  64. Jay in Chicago

    Just to be the other other guy who calls himself “Jay” and made the comment that the pics were hot is a totally different dude so no one makes the error in thinking that I’m somehow contradicting myself so from this point on, I’ll put up “Jay in Chicago” so that’s it’s clear there are two Jays who are two different guys with two diametrically opposed opinions since I find nothing hot about a guy kissing another guy who is not his boyfriend.

  65. Jay in Chicago

    And the whole thing about ‘oh we all use protection’ and ‘we all have university degrees’ makes the foolishness of following the flock with the open relationship nonsense that’s running rampant among gay men makes it no less a copout. As I said in my first comment on this, it’s time for gay men to start growing up and stop acting like overgrown teenage boys who have their damn hormones on overdrive. Either you guys want the same rights and responsibilities in being able to legally marry or you all want to keep thinking with your damn dicks instead of your brains when it comes to this open relationship foolishness.

  66. darryl

    I feel that we are all way too involved in peoples lives. This is not newsworthy by any means. With all the crap that’s going on in this country, isn’t it time for us to get our minds in order so we can deal with what’s heading our way. Right now we are under attack in many ways, from our so called leaders lying to our faces, laws being made to keep people from voting, fires out of control, not to mention in the cespool of politics. Can we get our act together so we can enjoy living our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having fun just like everyone else, but my major concern is not on Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend kissing some stranger. Sorry not interested.

  67. George

    Wow what comments nice to see alot of people are concerned about this issue. I liked Ories comment and all the others about open (trash) relationships. U read an ad on craigs or a4a (we’re soul mates and love each other so much, looking for someone to fuck my lover bareback). That’s more like the preditor and the prey rather than a realtionship. U cock hounds and whores, makes the world believe we are worthless disease carrying human beings.

    • blog

      George : I was talking about this this w-e with 6 gay friends, 2 couples, me and my single friend. One couple is open, one is closed and everybody agreed to say ” to each his own” . The “closed couple” didn’t think the other couple were whores because of that. I guess it takes intelligence and maturity to admit that even if you are not into having an open relationship, you can accept that others are different and have different opinions. Oh and by the way, they don’t fuck bareback and spread any disease because they fuck with others… They are careful with their sex life as much as they are in their job, family, relations etc…
      When I read some of your comments you make me think of religious people who say we will go to hell becaue we are gay. It’s not because you think something, that it is the truth ! To each his own guys and respect that. The problem is that everytime something is different than your opinion you treat people of whore and slut. Grow some balls !


  68. Richard

    would like to say bad words but will be a gentleman.
    leave Mr. Coopper alone. he is a pro at his job.
    Can to handle his own relationship without people getting up in his business.
    good job Anderson. My partner died after 30 years of us being together. raising my kis together
    Anderson needs the same chance to do as he wants in his private life.
    darn it anyway.

  69. OnlyTellTheTruth

    As someone said, I don’t see the point of open relationships. Why commit to the person if you have no intention of being faithful? To each his own, I guess.

  70. Ben

    I don’t know why this is drawing so much bad press! This is exactly the reason that no one can trust anybody anymore. Instead of being a confidant and going to the person that it would actually effect, namely Anderson, people will run around and tell everybody else the business–thereby embarrassing themselves for being loose-lipped and both parties in the relationship. And this whole business about open relationships giving gays a bad name… Well I guess we should just be dishonest and lie about our sexual proclivities (liars and cheaters) to the very one that we should hide nothing from. I have never been in a open relationship but I do think that it is the right of the two people that are in one together to make that decision for themselves (without all the judgement from everybody). Thank you and mind your own business!

  71. trinpr

    It disappoints me if Anderson’s boyfriend was indeed kissing another man.

    I don’t know why people can’t stay true & united to each other. It’s not just in the gay world, either.

  72. Jay in Chicago

    Those of you that want to want to keep fucking other dudes outside your relationship as part of the open relationship craze, by all means have at it and keep on making yourself known so that I continue to know which dudes to steer clear of when it comes to making the agreement for a relationship. But do stop trying to do this spin job on the rest of us who believe that it’s foolhardy behavior and contradicts the definition of what a relationship means that somehow it makes you more secure in yourselves just because the rest of us decides that when we agree to enter a relationship with someone we find it sufficient that everything we need physically, emotionally and sexually comes from that one person and that person gets the same from in return of us. It’s not about assimilated as someone tried to throw out there. Because if that’s the case why make the case for gay marriage since that could be seen a form of assimilation and conforming? Those of us who are down with monogamy just find that we don’t need to find validation that we’re still sexy or getting joy out of our lives by continuing to fuck other guys outside of the guy we agree to be in the relationship with. For me personally all that validation of being sexy comes from the guy I may be with and I give him the same. I don’t need to fuck another guy to get that. If gets to be a point where that’s not enough then there is no more relationship. That decision will have to be made which is more important, the time shared and invested in each other during the relationship or wanting to fuck other people?

  73. DEF

    Gay marriage should be illegal.

    Do your thing, screw whom you want, but stop monkeying with laws and shoving it on the American public who doesn’t want it.

  74. Me

    Wow, reading the comments on this blog I would have never guessed that there are people with this level of intelligence and sensible thinking out there in the gay community. I’m pleased to see that many of you truly do believe in a monogamous relationship. 99% of the emails I have received on this site contain nothing more than lies and deceit from fakes and obnoxious idiots. Congratulations to you level headed people that don’t want to play Russian roulette by having you partner whore himself out and come home to you with some nasty disease.

  75. Westbrook

    I’m really impressed by many of the comments. Its like how is the straight world supposed to take us seriously and alloe gay marriage when it seems that we can’t even be in a serious relationship with one person. The whole open relationship thing is juzt an excuse to mess around with other guys. After reading this blog, its tbe first time I’ve sided with heterosexuals. Now I see why they don’t take us seriously, we can’t even stay with one person. How is the open relationship concept even acceptable, we should want better for ourselves. They already view us as sex fiend’s, we demand respect but we just enforce their stereotypes. And its not like i dont understand the open thing but to me its childish, man up and settle down guys. And there’s no need to put down ppls opinions it just shows ur ignorance

  76. jorge

    “Just another Sunday activity”? And you wonder why we’re looked down upon? Is this something to celebrate? And monogamy something to shun and find restrictive? Really???

    Although I think people are free to chose how to live their lives, and people will do what they want, to celebrate open relationships, is counterproductive to the gay cause. How can we expect the general public to accept gay relationships when we are showing that we are not capable of even having a serious relationship. I’m sorry but an open relationship is just another name for a Fuck Buddy not a serious committed relationship. Unfortunately, all gays get tainted by that image. Truly sad! Gays are truly the gays’ worst enemies.

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