Watch This : A Very HOOOOT Way to Promote a Party


You need to watch this guys!! OMG I’m in love !

It is actually a promo video for a party that happened few weeks ago…

Beautiful man !

Like ?



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  1. Lorenzo

    Just watching that fine ass in pink made me hard, I would get that dude down on all fours, tear off his pink undies with my teeth and begin to eat his fine sweaty ass and then when he is throbbing hard from my tongue action I would bend over so he could fuck my hot tight latino ass as long as he wants too yum yum feels so fucking good..

  2. Osei

    This is hilarious!!! Walking around the city in pink underwear is one thing, however watching the face of all those folks he walk passed…. priceless.

  3. Celtic Priest

    The lad has one totally sweet ass. Would love to play with it, big time. Also a cute man. Takes balls to walk around like that!!

  4. Thom_72

    Yawn. If I had any desire to go to that ‘event’, for lack of a better word, that would have totally killed it for me. Thankfully, I’m not into drugs.

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