Stories : Summer Lovin’

I moved into my new apartment last winter. The apartment is great, its new, the price is right, and it is centrally located. The grounds have all the amenities, a weight room, a entertainment room and a fantastic pool that is open 24 hours with key access.

I have not been able to spend a lot of time at the pool, but after last week I will!

We had been breaking heat records for days and I was staying inside as much as possible, at least until the power went out. It was then that I decided that I had to get out of the stale hot apartment, and it seemed the pool was the only cool option. I put on my shorts, grabbed my towel and a drink and headed down.

It was packed, there were people everywhere, it looked like finding a lounge chair was going to be impossible. I walked around the side of the pool and noticed a young woman who looked to be gathering her things, I rushed over. She stood up just as I got there, score!

I settled in and glanced around, I had not noticed him when I got the chair, but right next to me was the hottest guy! He was tan, thin and well defined, with long blonde hair and that beautiful stripe of chest hair leading from his pecks to down his dick.

He looked asleep, so I laid back and fantasized. I must have fallen asleep for some time. I woke up and realized that I had a raging hard on. I could not have been more embarrassed. Once I was fully awake I rolled over as quickly as I could, hoping no one had noticed.

I looked over at the blonde and he was staring at me with a huge grin. I started to look away, but decided that I was busted and I might as well meet his glance. “Looks like you had quite a dream”, he said without blinking. “Ah, ya, I guess, but I never remember my dreams”, I said shyly. “Well that makes it hard to fulfill them”, he said.

I could not believe my ears. As forward as I am, I was taken off guard.  With my best bedroom eyes, I said; “I prefer real life experiences over dreams anyway”. He responded saying, “Looks like it is my turn to roll over” and I noticed he was getting hard too!

I laughed and immediately invited him to my place. He said yes and we were headed upstairs in a flash.

We were not even through the door and he was pulling my shorts off and grabbing at my ass. With my shorts down around my feet he pulled me close to him.

We were both hot from the sun and covered in oil, the feeling of us in each other’s arms was hot as our dicks pressed against each other’s sun baked bodies and we slid around in each other’s well oiled arms.

He slid down my body, biting my nipples as he went down, eventually putting his mouth under my balls and licking around them as he reached up and caressed my dick with his hot slippery hand.  Moving upwards, his tongue was amazing as it went around my balls and touched the based of my dick.

With a quick thrust he put his mouth over my penis and went balls deep and he started to give me an amazing blow job. He sucked my dick and played with my balls until I thought I would explode in his mouth. As I looked down, I became even more aroused seeing this hot blonde man between my legs sucking my dick with so much passion!

I was watching him as he sucked my cock and stroked his dick. His body was perfect and his dick was amazing. It was long and thin, surrounded by soft reddish-blonde pubes. He was not very hairy, just enough to accent his tool. I wanted his cock in my ass, I wanted to feel him in me.

I reached down and pulled his face towards mine and I whispered in his ear, “I want you”.

I kicked my shorts away from my ankles, turned around, and presented him with my ass.

He started to corn hole me, rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and over my hole. His cock was amazingly hard and felt so good as it rubbed in between my ass cheeks. He reach for my dick as he slide his cock back and forth over my hole.

I spit in my hand, reached back and wetted my hole then guided his hot cock into my ass. A little dry at first, he slowly went in. I wiggled back and forth to invite his cock into me.

With one final push he was all the way in, balls deep. His cock was a perfect fit, this was the kind of fuck that happens only once in a while, where the perfect cock comes along and provides nothing but pleasure.

He was moaning and acting like a stallion in heat, waiting for his mare. He started to pull back and grind around to loosen me up. I pushed back letting him know I wanted more of his cock in me.

That was the only clue he needed, he started to fuck me wildly. At first he was like a jack hammer, pushing in and out so fast that my dick and balls were flying and my ass was going numb, then he started to slow down, pushing deeper, thrusting with all his might, digging deep into my hole.

I was in ecstasy, almost losing my mind it felt so good. I could not get enough….

He started to fuck faster again, but this time with more thrust. I was a rag doll as he fucked me. His entire body started to stiffen up and I could tell he was about to cum. I grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. Within just a few strokes I was about to cum, then with one last moan he pulled out and came all over my back, as I shot my load all over the hallway floor.

I stood upright and he embraced me from behind as we both stood there, spent.

So, here I go to the pool again, hoping to find my blonde and have another dream come to life!


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  1. Bottom Q.Easy

    Sit’n here watch’n family guy! Can really relate to this story! Luv A4A!!! Everyone have a great summer! And Dont get AIDS!!! You don’t wanna start off the new year in that mental hell! Always strap up!!! Aint no dick worth it 🙂

  2. Ryan

    I am 29 now but often think back to long summer High School days with my best friend Matt and how we would get worked up and jerk after the pool….

  3. fairprince2

    true indeed a hot story …only last night i invited a stud of a guy over to my place he started kissing and before i knew it i was in bed naked with him he tore my shirt off and pulled my jeans down , pulling my red underwear with it kissing my body all over i begged for that beauty of a cock he fucked me good sdame like the guy in the story , but we fucked all night long with a few breaks love his cock

  4. darryl

    This story tells us that you never know when and where an opportunity to have some fun with a hot guy. Sometimes you can’t tell what’s on someone’s mind, but the body doesn’t lie.

  5. fairprince2

    true the body does not lie being a bottom i love its a pleasure to let a top fully enjoy what i have here lol a bit of a sub bottom so i love reading of guys getting fucked hard

  6. Anon

    Good story like most of what you guys post here, but all are the same they never use a condom and they are always good looking, lol

  7. fairprince2

    yes true but i do like the regular looking guy the ordinary guy , catches my quick attention , would love to post a story soon

  8. fairprince2

    last night found me in bed with a real hot guy
    muscle all the way even a beauty of a shaft full thick juicy head that comes straight full 9 inches . hmm the doc orders me to take a 9 incher . I bottomed long for the guy spreading my legs wide ….I could go no wider , I am sure the person living above me heard my cries as he fucked my ass long and sweet ,…… nothing like giving this ass up for a good work out , he did this moviong hard in me I cried a great deal and he kissed me hard as he fucked the ass just the way a true bottom would want it …

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