Stories : Seth, Part 2

After my first sexual encounter with Seth, I awoke later that morning convinced that it had all been a dream. Things like that just didn’t happen ‒ especially not to me. Six weeks passed by, and I was certain that Seth had only been a figment of my imagination, but I savored the memory all the same.

One day I was working on a school project when I heard someone knocking on my front door. I assumed that it was one of my neighbors coming over for daily gossip. I was shocked when I opened the door to find Seth standing there.
“Mind if I come in?” he smirked. Did he actually think I would say no? I motioned him in and he made himself comfortable in what was becoming his favorite chair. He then asked to use the phone again. It was Friday and that meant payday and he wanted to find out when the foreman would have checks ready. The fact that he worked in construction told me why there was not an ounce of body fat on this hunky guy. He was so incredibly boyish and sexy, yet his voice was deep and gravelly. Needless to say, I had an instant hard on.

After he confirmed that checks would be available later that afternoon, he asked if my roommate was around. Fortunately my roomy was seldom home, and most weekends he went home to Jacksonville, Florida. Thankfully, this was one weekend when he wouldn’t be around. When I told Seth that we were alone and would be uninterrupted, he grinned his wicked grin, his thin moustache accentuating his juicy, full lips.
Without a word, he got up from the chair and headed to my room. His shirt was off before he had taken a few steps. I locked the front door and followed. In record time, Seth had stripped down to his white cotton briefs. He was even more spectacular than I had remembered. Seeing him in daylight added to his beauty. I stripped to my briefs as well, and pulled Seth close. Our rigid cocks pressed up against each other and Seth started gyrating his hips forcing them even closer and tighter together.

I ran my hands down his strong, broad back as I nibbled at his neck. He shuddered as I breathed heavily and licked the inside of his ear. I slipped my hands beneath the elastic of his underwear and slid the fabric over the smooth mounds of his ass. Then, I hooked my thumbs under the front of the garment. The head of his prick was peeking over the ridge of the elastic, and pulsed as I freed it from confinement. Slowly, I pushed the briefs down Seth’s thighs, teasing
him all the way down. When they hit the floor, he stepped out of them, and I looked up to see him smiling down at me. His cock stood straight out, enhanced by the “V” that was etched into his muscular frame and trailed down from his hips to his goin. It was like a road map that said “You are here!” or “All roads lead to cock.”

I eased up enough to take the head of Seth’s penis into my mouth. I felt his thick hands gently run through my hair in appreciation. Encouraged, I took the full length of his shaft into my mouth and even managed to deep throat him a few times. He bucked his hips forward and back in appreciation of my masterful blowjob. As the feelings got more intense, he reached under my arms and pulled me up.

“I want you to fuck me again.” His voice was little more than a whisper. I told him that I would love to, but would rather have him fuck me. His cock was too beautiful not to experience. That’s when he told me that he didn’t get into fucking other guys. Getting blowjobs was ok, but he preferred to suck
dick but mostly just liked to get fucked. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I removed my underwear and we moved over to the bed. I would fuck him all right, but I was going to make him suffer in pleasure first.

I wanted desperately to kiss him, but he only turned his head away. Kissing for him was also a no-no. His neck lay exposed and so I started nibbling and sucking on the tender meat that ran down behind his ear. Seth gasped and shuddered. The gooseflesh that rose up on his skin told me that either he had gotten suddenly cold, or was having a rather nice time. I assumed that later as his cock continued twitching with a life of its own.

From his neck, I made my way down to his nipples and sucked on one and then the other before trailing my tongue down the channel leading down to his six pack abs. Damn! He was one sexy man. Part of my wanted to dive right onto his cock and gobble it up, but I wasn’t finished making him suffer. I swirled my tongue around and into his belly button and he giggled. He said that it tickled and that no one had ever done that.

That’s when I decided to continue my exquisite torture by nibbling and sucking on the fleshy parts that were on either side of his prick. I know that most men are very sensitive there, and Seth was no exception. He squirmed in delight. From there I moved to the valley that joined his legs and groin area together. I knew that I had a g-spot there, and I hoped that he did too. Sure enough he started writhing harder and tossed his head back and forth. This caused me to suck harder at the sensitive flesh and nerve endings that joined the two regions together. About the time he was getting used to the new sensation, I moved to his inner thighs and started sucking on the muscles there.

Seth continued giggling, and begged me to stop. I didn’t listen. Instead, I dove under his nut sack and started licking that nether region between his balls and ass hole. His squirming became more intense and he was breathing hard and heavy. I had him hooked. No one had ever done this to him before and he was in heaven.

I’m not usually into rimming, but this hot manchild was spoiling for it. I have a long and agile tongue and ever so lightly, I flicked the tip across the surface of his anus. Seth gasped louder. I pride myself in expert oral ministrations and I was about to take this hunky man to a new level of sexual desire. I licked Seth’s rosy pucker, moistening it with each pass. I pulled his cheeks apart and continued to attack his hole. My tongue is very flexible and strong, and in no time I forced the tip past the first ring of his anus and was snaking in and out. “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!” Seth whispered through gritted teeth. I nearly sent him over the edge as I shoved my tongue further up his ass and wiggled it around. After a few minutes of ministering to his ass, Seth could take no more. He pulled my up and begged me to fuck him.

I reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a lubricated condom. I unrolled it and pulled it over my cock. Seth moved a couple of pillows to beneath his lower back to give me easier access. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and then pressed the tip of my cock against his spit-soaked ass. I was better
prepared for Seth this time, and was determined to make this fuck last as long as possible. Slowly I inched my prick into his hole and gave him a few seconds to get acclimated. Seth started grinding his hips and I started fucking him long and slow at first. As our passion continued to rise, so too did the pounding of our flesh; my thrusts became more severe, and Seth met me stroke for stroke. As I neared climax, I pulled out of Seth’s hungry hole and dove down to suck on his cock. For a small-framed guy, he had a thick, long dick and I greedily gobbled it down. Big dicks always seem even bigger on muscular small guys. I still lusted to have it shoved up my ass, but knew that Seth would never comply.

As the threat of my orgasm subsided, I rolled Seth over and pushed my cock into his ass with one stroke. He let out a sigh as he arched his head backwards. He pulled himself up onto his knees and started gyrating those awesome hips again. His ass muscles were strong and frantically tried to suck the man juice from my nuts. Seth started bucking back and forth onto my stiff cock and it was hard to tell who was having more pleasure, him or me.

Each time I neared orgasm, I would slow the pace and find a new position. For a while, Seth set on top of my cock and lowered himself down. He was the most beautiful sight as he pistoned himself up and down on my dick. Without disengaging, he spun himself around to face away from me. Next, I laid
him on his side, and penetrated him at a slight angle. My prick tickled and massaged his prostate and he told me he was ready to cum.

I pulled my dick out of him and rolled him onto his back. We ended up fucking the same way we had started. I pounded Seth’s ass for all I was worth, and he jacked his massive cock at a blinding rate. Finally, I could take no more, and shot load after load of my hot cum into the condom. At the same time, Seth reached climax and clamped his powerful ass muscles around my cock. His first blast of semen shot up onto his neck and chest. The second and third shots trailed down from his six-pack and ran down into his navel. When all was said and done, his abdomen was covered in white spunk.

I pulled my rapidly deflating cock out of him and bent down to lap up some of his man juice. It was a sweet nectar that I will never forget. I sucked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his dick and savored the tangy sweet taste on my tongue.

We laid there for a bit before showering and getting dressed. Surprisingly, Seth was in no hurry to leave. I made us some lunch, and he started asking me personal questions and got excited when I told him I was studying photography and printmaking. He asked if I had ever taken slide film. At the time I had not. Then he told me that he had posed for and appeared in a national gay magazine. I didn’t believe him at first, but he grabbed the phone and dialed information.
He got the number for the publication and spoke with an operator there. He identified himself and asked if he could be sent a copy of each issue he had appeared in. Evidently, he had been the centerfold model one month, and was the cover model the next. He asked my address and then repeated it to the

We finished our lunch and then Seth had to leave and go pick up his check. I wondered if I would ever see him again. I did two weeks later when the adult magazines arrived. Sure enough, Seth was there in all his glory and I just sat down and laughed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I would fuck a centerfold. In six weeks time, I had done so twice. Seth and I would have irregular encounters over the next five years. They are among my fondest memories and I will cherish them always.



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  1. david

    This story part 2 turned me on more than part one. Seth is a hunk but more so I loved the sexual acts and foreplay. It was so fucking hot and steamy,the torture sounded fun.

  2. Enzo

    The whole “no kissing” game is a quick turn-off. If a guy wants to be fucked yet pretend to be straight, I send him home to his fat wife. Pretend with her. LOL

  3. Commenter

    Really hot and well-written story. And the fact that it was made clear that the safe was sex made it even hotter for me.

  4. steve

    I read both parts over and over.That was a beautiful scene and you both are very hot. When the opportunity presents itself do not turn it down..Keep having fun, well done.

  5. psipher1

    Thanks for the comments everyone. The story is true, and with any luck the 3rd and final chapter will be posted at some point. Unfortunately, Seth never topped me. It was so strange that he was totally submissive, but was only into getting fucked and sucking dick. Too bad for me in a way because he had one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen. For the record he was featured in 2 issues of “In Touch” magazine in the early 80s. I will have to dig through storage to find the issues.

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