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Pornstars : Jordan Levine

The first thing you notice about Jordan Levine is his incredible body art. He has two full sleeves that take up both his arms as well as various other pieces that decorate his stunning body. From his bubble butt that he loves to play with to his chiseled pecs and abs, Jordan loves showing off a body that he has sculpted to perfection. With an anything goes attitude and a sexual energy you can practically taste we put him outside and let him do what he wanted. He loved the idea of jerking his delicious cock out in the open for anyone to see. And the look of pure pleasure he gets on his face while getting closer and closer to cumming is enough to inspire your hard on alone. And once he shoots you will want to go back to the beginning and watch this video all over again. Yes, he is just that hot.

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  1. HolePunchSD

    Proof that every White guy who’s in somewhat decent shape and is willing can be a “porn star.”
    In the porn industry, as long as you show up, douche beforehand and is willing to get screwed on film, you can get a movie. Hell, some studios don’t even care if you’re sober or not (think, every bottom that’s ever been in a film by Bacchaus Studios). But that doesn’t make one a star. The industry is heavily saturated with bottom boys already–so much so that they’re all starting to look alike!
    Whatever happened to originality, uniqueness and skill? Guys with those traits are the ones that become stars.

  2. gw

    good looking guy. hot body, awsome cock but those tatoos are gross. what a shame. makes my skin crawl thinking about touching those things.

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