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The path of gay marriage has never been very smooth everywhere in the world and you would think that our governments – that ultimely work for the citizens-  would listen to us, especially here in North America…

Even companies have offered their support to same-sex lovers in their marketing…

Think of Gap who showed two men in their latest campaign sharing a t-shirt,  designers/brands like Dolce and Gabbana or Diesel, underwear companies like 2xist and even beer companies like Miller Lite did something similar too.

Yesterday, Google  which has always express their support for gay marriage, decided to confront politicians publicly by launching a global campaign called “Legalize Love.”

The campaign will be active in every country in which it has an office and will be focussing mainly on those places that actually have anti-gay legislation.

Google also wants to mobilize other companies as well in order to put a collective pressure on governments.

“We want our employees who are gay or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside the office as they do in the office,” says Google’s Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, head of the company’s diversity team, at the Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London. “It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work.”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if several large corporations would explain to the governments that they would move their offices out of their country unless they legalize gay marriage?

Money has power… Let’s see what will happen!


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  1. jakester

    I’m bi however I know marrage is a HOLY union between a man and a woman a great example of that is only a male and female and make a child and raise him the right way.. I want my voice to be heard and not silenced by the left wing dinosaure media

  2. Dave

    Nice! Thanks to all those decision makers at Google who decided to take a stand for equality for all! It is the right thing to do, and maybe the time is right, also!

  3. Berke B.

    While this is ambitious and noble of the company, if they closed their offices and moved to another country, the same employees they were showing support for would lose their jobs. That doesn’t sound very beneficial. I’d love to see more companies take an active role in support for gay marriage as opposed to a passive role by just stating they support it. My admiration ends however, if their efforts cost people their jobs. The unemployment situation is bad enough and doesn’t need to be made worse.

  4. N Miller

    Marriage is a legal arrangement or contract that can provide the married couple with many important legal rights and responsibilities. Denying these to same-sex couples, many of whom are currently raising their families, biological or adopted, is counter to the interest of society. A wedding may be a holy union, and some churches will celebrate and support the union of a same-sex couple, but marriage is a civil issue and a civil rights issue.

  5. Hunter

    “We’re gonna move our offices out of your country unless you …”

    Do you REALLY think the governments of ountries that practice hatred are going to give a crap?

  6. Lorenzo

    I was with my partner for 20 years. We got married fall of 2008. One evening in October 2011 he was in a drunken stuper and decided to move out. It was hard for me at first especially not having a sex partner after 20 years. Now after 10 months, I am the happiest gay latino man in Palm Springs CA. I am my own boss. I can do or have done to me any hot guys I meet in Palm Springs. I love having sex with these guys, especially the hot guys that have a great squeky clean ass for me to munch on and to eat while he moans like crazy.

  7. zaq

    I agree with Jakester. I am a homosexual however I have conservative values, especially when it comes to marriage being defined as between a man & a woman.

  8. Jonathan M

    I wish more pronounced companies, companies known globally would provide similar messages. Commercials for olympics featuring LGBTQ citizens from around the globe would be ideal in my opinion…

  9. Cody

    jakester, you “KNOW” it’s a holy union? from what? the bible? isn’t that the book that says you’re an abomination? GO suck a dick.

  10. JustThinking

    No purposeful offense. I just think its interesting how the same gay people who fight for political acknowledgement. And to be treated like everyone else. Act largely and publicly in such a way that is not becoming or welcoming to any human with any ounce of intelligence… straight or gay.

    You want Google and other companies to step out on a limb so that you can be treated equally but in the same breath you talk about wanting to take multiple guys loads and petition for others to join you? Give me a break!

    No company is going to associate with anyone like you unless its worth it financially for them. And to THAT end you still wont be equal culturally or politically you will just be equally used by big companies as another way to get money. Because in the end… heterosexual people acting like you… would never be allowed to associate publicly with any political party or serious company publicly. If any guy or girl who was straight walked around in their underwear as a means to advertise for an underwear party or talked about how hot a ‘bukkake’ was and how they want to be in one or regularly public posted porn and their lifestyle of using it they would NEVER be allowed to associate with any SERIOUS organization publicly.

    No, what people like you are asking for is not equal treatment… but special treatment. You are asking to utterly sexualize human beings robbing them of the fullness of their humanity. With out respect for your fellow gay or human you demand respect and quite frankly its a mockery! When you and other gay guys like you start respecting themselves enough to not practice or declare to the world their practice in acts and products that dehumanize people that’s when things will be equal.

    Until then you will only get special treatment being used by politicians, companies and organizations to get money and popularity… and that’s not equality, nor human rights, nor is constitutional. It’s down right wrong and shameful.

    I thought gay people stood for equal love for all people. Meaning acceptance, respect, and compassion for other human beings as human… as ourselves. Not for the using of other human beings to satisfy our own desires that can’t be satisfied anyways like leaches in a body of water. Doing so through using each other as pure sexual objects as if we have no worth other then our physical bodies ability to produce pleasure for others!

    Either people like you need to stop associating themselves with the gay rights movement or need to start living a life that shows that RIGHTS as HUMANS is something you value. Not for anyone other then for yourselves… and the sake of true EQUALITY and HUMAN VALUE and LOVE… not special treatment and being used politically, financially, or sexually.

    • blog

      JustThinking : wow man, you are something lol…
      What people are doing in their bedroom has nothing to do with what’s happening in their day life…

  11. Sean

    “underwear companies like 2xist”

    Maybe it’s just me, but 2xist has been marketing to gay people for a VERY long time.

    Also to Jakester, you’re open to your opinion but when marriage is so commonplace that it’s done in courthouses to avoid the holy part of matrimony, you need to re-evaluate your ideals. Also studies have been done showing no effect on children raised by same sex parents. Religion is irrelevant.

  12. Soren

    Thank you Google for standing up for Human Rights. Its not gay issue,It’s a freedom issue. As humans we have a right to love who we want to especially in America.

  13. Brian

    This whole issue always seemed overcomplicated to me. If we ultimately want to follow a model of separation of church and state, we should abolish state-sponsored marriages altogether, and institute civil unions that provide equal protections under the law for all couples. Then individual churches can decide who they “marry” in a cosmetic ceremony. That gives couples–gay or straight–the choice of being only civilly partnered, only married, or both. Suddenly the argument of marriage being a holy union between one man and one women is subject to the scrutiny of individual church branches, rather than being a political debate grounded in the definition of faith.

  14. Jay

    wasn’t going to reply, but after reading jakester’s reply…i couldn’t help myself. I can’t really tell which side of the fence you’re on, but I wouldn’t think either side would make a claim for you given all the errors. If you’re the product of raising a child “right”…then let all the wrong children prosper.

  15. steve

    I agree with Berke B., moving the company to another country would only benefit the other country. Also, what country would they relocate to? I don’t know of another country that has legal Gay marriage. It they want to make a stand such as that of which they speak I think it would make much more sense to stay in this country but possibly move their offices to another STATE that recognizes Gay marriage. Why take jobs from people in this country who do support the cause. That makes no sense to me.

  16. B

    As of 2012, eleven countries allow same-sex couples to marry nationwide: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden.

  17. Osei

    Is A4A the place to discuss gay marriage? I am not really certain, since they are yet to provide the option to its users to be able to identify their marital status: single, married, partnered, single not looking, etc. Also, the need to include POTENTIAL MARRIAGE PARTNER and not just relationship under “Looking for”. Until then A4A is pretty neutral on the issue of gay marriage.

  18. HeavensAtrophy

    I enjoy when people argue that marriage is a “holy” union (pointing to the initial comment on this post). Marriage was a property trade in which one family contractually exchanged their daughter for cash (a dowry). It was essentially and historically a slave purchase between families for personal or political gain. Love and god were not involved. It’s been a property trade for thousands of years. The only reason marriages happen in churches is because historically there were more available churches than sparsely-placed city offices a hundred years ago (or thousands if you go back to Rome or Egypt). In order to help the contract be legally binding, it was formulated in a standardized/accessible building–a church–and in a superstitious place to encourage obedience to the contract. It was considerably easier for a family to access a church than a city building (no cars). Wedding vows were just an oral reading of the contract.

  19. fairprince2

    many years ago when I was just 20 I visited Washington DC it was a working visit, however I came across a pride parade as well as on visiting a coffee shop.
    I came across a most beautiful scene ever that has remained embedded in my mind forever .this is the scene not the parade where important people who are gay spoke but this here is the scene ….I looked over my shoulder in the coffee shop ,to see the most tender of moments a gay couple with their little boy, the little guy was around one year one year old he was laughing and playing with the napkins on the table this is what is not legal when we cant marry in various countries

  20. JustThinking

    Blog: I don’t think their actions are kept in the bedroom. But I think you mean in thir sex/romance life. I just have the belief that I can’t truly seperate any part of my life from another because I’m one continual person. I am not compartmentalized and studying psychology I can say that living that way isn’t healthy because it isn’t reality. What you do “in the bedroom” is a reflection of the same you that’s outside of it. If you have to seperate the person “in the bedroom” from the you “in daily life” to justify either one there is a major problem that won’t be fixed by a blog post.

  21. AV

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. Everything else is just “fly by night” or living together till the next best thing comes along.

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