News: Anderson Cooper Finally Came Out !


Anderson Cooper has always been a conversation topic among the gays, not only because he is hot, or because his mom is famous, but because he never aknowledged that he was in fact gay. But this is the past, cause here is what Anderson confessed yesterday :

“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.. ”

Cooper’s concern was that if he remained silent about his sexual orientation, it would give the impression that he was “ashamed or even afraid”. This moved him to break the silence about his personal life. “I’ve also been reminded recently that while as a society we are moving toward greater inclusion and equality for all people,” he wrote, “the tide of history only advances when people make themselves fully visible.”

Bravo Anderson!

Now who’s next? Tom Cruise ?


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  1. VP

    I always get annoyed when people suspect someone of being gay and hound that person to just go ahead and come out instead of letting them do whatever they want. Anderson is a huge example. For years all I heard was “He’s gay” “He’s gay” “He’s gay” and it’s like, wtf?! Before I came out, the last thing I wanted was for anyone to even joke about me being gay. It’s not a light subject and you never know what goes on in another persons life. To just out someone or want them to go ahead and do it is just completely disrespectful. Especially if you’re a fellow gay person.

    Not saying this post is promoting it, but it’s just the comments I see everywhere and the things people say.

  2. Dawn

    Too much harping on him. His entire email response was extremely eloquent and insightful. It’s not that he didn’t acknowledge his sexuality. On the contrary, he was just navigating through the borders of journalism.

  3. fergus2010

    In other news, fire is hot, ice is cold and the earth revolves around the sun. Who didn’t know Andrson Cooper is gay?

  4. eddie

    Funny, I didn’t realize he had never acknowledged it, that’s how prevalent the thought that he has been! Tom Cruise – he’ll never come out – maybe we can get Beckham to spill the beans with the latest rumor! One of these days one of the ex-wives will spill it.

  5. filip

    anderson cooper, john alvota , tom cruis, ricky martin, george michaels, erique iglacia , i knew the was gay , before they confession … No wonder

  6. Dennis

    Everyone has a right to be out, or in the closet. In some areas, be it a particular line of work, or where you live, it’s often ‘safer’ to not be out. It’s not a matter of a lack of pride, it’s a matter of being safe.

    As for certain other people *snickers* They’ll probably only come out after they are dead and gone.

  7. William Austin

    When Tom Cruise was in New Orleans, He visited an Airport XXX Theater. In one of the private booths I fucked him! He has the most perfect ass and body and a very small dick! I wasn’t the only one! : )

  8. Rawandready

    William REALLY?

    I am amazed of the reaction that has been given to this topic. As with others I was not aware he was in the closet. But after reading his statement and his fear that the subject would overpower the real news I have to give him credit.

    Years of watching him professionally report the real news just proves to the straight community that we are normal everyday men doing what we love. We are doctors, reporters, New anchors and soldiers. We are normal in every way and that includes the ability to love, respect and care for our community’s.

    As far as when someone should come out, well that is up to them and when the timing is right. Respect goes both ways.

  9. Jon

    Happy that Andy Cooper finally admitted it.
    Cruise will never although it would be nice if he “came” clean. More and more people know about him and his trysts. He’s too afraid he won’t get those choice parts any more. Plus he’s too afraid of the Scientologists like Travolta is
    Now that he’s 50 and his wife is leaving him again we’ll see.

  10. Darryl

    We all have a time when we decide what’s right for us in terms of when to come out. It’s not always easy to do in many respects, so add in the fact that you’re in the public eye. I always thought he was gay, but i figured at some point the truth will come out, either by Anderson admitting it, or he being outted by someone he thought he trusted. Will the world stop for this news, no but now he can take a deep breath and live the life he wants. Don’t we all want that?

  11. Bj

    Shocking. What a coincidence that he chose to do this right after cnn reported record low numbers for viewers. Ps. Who cares. Im sure you wont see him at your next gay cocktail party. Hes above the gays.

  12. Lou

    Really, Does it really matter if he is top or bottom? and I really don’t see why people always wonder about one’s sexuality. I never hear anybody wonder if so and so is straight, at least me personally I never care.

  13. Mark

    Oh who cares that this prada wearing poofter finnaly said I’M A HOMO biiiiiiggggg surprise i’m almost as shocked as I was when Ricky Martin came out

  14. Mark

    VP is right on the mark and William Austin must be an idiot. Outing anyone is a pretty heinous act unless of course they are putting themselves out there bad mouthing gays…then out the bastard!

  15. David A.

    I have adored Anderson since he hosted the reality shows “The Mole”. He is an eloquent professional and a great role model for up and coming gays. You go boy!!

  16. Scarpien

    From the article I read, all those years he was supposedly “in the closet” to the masses, he’d only “come out” to a few close friends and family since, as he rightly pointed out, in his line of work his professional life is what makes him the journalist that he is, not his personal life. So I applaud him for maintaining that degree of class he’s held all these years. Too many gays make the fact that they are gay the only thing that matters where they’re concerned. So they come off as one-dimensional caricatures who’s only claim to fame IS the fact that they’re gay.

    It also seems that alot of gays have a “gay collection” of sorts going on–trying to see how many public figures they can get to come out, even when the individual in question is not personally ready to take that step. These same gay men conveniently forget that at one time they too were in the closet and came out when they were ready to do so. And for those who claim to have known they were gay since they were knee high to a tadpole, the rest of us were not that lucky. It is therefore OUR RIGHT to take all the time we need to travel that road. And however we choose to do it is again, OUR decision.

    I was repulsed to see how some “out and proud” gay men were pissed at Anderson for not coming out in a bigger way! I mean, what the hell. There is no “one size fits all” way to come out. Gays want equal rights and treatment but they forget to afford others the very thing they seek. Respect is a two-way street. So respect Anderson’s decision to “come out” however he did when he did. Only he alone has to live with his decision where his life is concerned.

  17. Craig Brine

    Anderson is a sexy white man. I never been with a white man but I can see myself with a man like him. He dresses nice as well. My type of man!

  18. whollis

    Leave it to AC to set himself apart from the mainstream in his own personal coming out process. His email is just amazing and sets a new standard for something so intensely PERSONAL.

    Yes folks, it IS personal and like a few other posters I really resent our gay community’s fascination on outing people. Remember one thing – there is no job protection here in the US for being fired for being gay so many have legit reasons to be private/personal/in the closet.

    As I always say, maybe we’ll see more tolerance from the mainstream majority when we ourselves show it to fellow LGBTers.

    And for even suggesting top or bottom is just mindless trivia and quite honestly none of our damn business. Keep those thoughts to your private self/fantasy, not a public forum.

    AC – you rock.

  19. GetOverIt

    Bravo AC, such a gentlemen. Keeping it silent for journalistic integrity (a rare thing these days), and then acknowleding withn awareness of an evolving societ, which is brilliant.

    One hand I say, who cares… seriously, this is high school horse shit already, and people have such low levels off maturity and mutual respect. On the other hand I say, you are a role model, for anyone. Handling such a divisive issue in a patient, personal, yet enlightened awareness. it takes courage to stand against the tide lioke that, and needs more to step up just like that… because honestly, the majority of the gay community are otherwise a bunch materialistic, catty, irrational, petty,hypersitive, hypocritical, judmental, insecurre fuck tards

  20. Allen

    …well ah DUH!? Its like Ricky Martin re-hash! There is photos with Anderson and his b/f. Besides, who gives a shit if he is gay? We are people too and there is more of OUR kind that run this world…but you stupid ignorant group of hetero bigots don’t realize it! Mind you I said groups of heteros, not all, some heteros actually have a good sense of standards of understanding the equal balance of NATURES’ purpose of homosexuality & lesbianism. Without us, your fucking world would be overly populated than it is now! So get a fucking clue neanderthals! May the Gay and Lesbian Liberation front begin for the year 2012 and rule the future!

  21. John

    Those who think this is news worthy really need to get a life, 30 years ago it may have been news but in this day and age?

  22. filip

    jam deans , the rumor gay aslo, too bad he died early ages , one time liz taylor said; she know secret from him and never tell… And richard chamberlain , he told the puplic he is gay when his turn 65 year old … Well we are all human just different sex… Before we fight for equal skin clolor race … Now we need fight for equal sex

  23. clint clinton

    Good for Anderson. as far as tom cruise is concerned the straights can have him, if they will. he’s just a JERK.

  24. Lorenzo

    I really think it is time for Tom Cruise to cum out of the closet. I am sure he would attract many hot men that would be willing to “dew” him over and over again.

  25. Steve

    The bulk of responses both here and elsewhere have been along the lines of “who didn’t know this already” [yawn] and missing the larger point — which, granted, both Cooper and Sullivan did pretty well bury — that Cooper’s coming out was not so much about “coming out” as it was setting an example to bullies that gay people are professional, responsible individuals and deserving of respect.

    We’re living in a time when Republicans, churches, and other sorts are prepared to set us back DECADES in terms of legal and ethical rights. Cooper’s statement is an attempt to counter that which I think is commendable.

    That said, ya, sadly, he’ll effectively be off the air and going the Geraldo Rivera route in six months or so. The price he’ll pay for the loss of credibility, which is how this will largely be interpreted instead precisely the opposite as was intended.

  26. blond511

    Anderson cooper is a sexy man. I was wondering like some of the others if he was top or bottom, but looking at his body size, rather small I think, I bet he is a bottom. very cute. and nice man.

  27. Ratchethead

    This thing is, Cooper has always been out in his personal life. Going to dinner, the theater, or a movie with a date or his boyfriend was never an issue for him. When asked, he never denied being Gay, but he never pushed for press coverage of that fact either. Until now. And it wasn’t to save his professional ass. He realized how vitally important visibility is as we move closer than ever in our history to gaining equal access.

    Kudos, Coop!

  28. Ondra

    Anderson Cooper is a complete punk. His ratings on CNN are falling off a cliff, and his daytime show (which isn’t very good to begin with) is getting ready to face stiff competition from Katie Couric and Steve Harvey. I have never understood why so many gay men find him attractive. Ricky Martin, yes, Anderson Cooper, Hell No!!! I would kick AC out of bed with a quickness.

  29. Stroll

    Read the whole piece on Andrew Sullivan. I totally agree with Anderson Cooper’s point that, as a journalist, anything interest in HIM as a personality takes away from the journalism he’s trying to do. I get why at this point he “had” to do it. But it’s a shame. All that said I think he’s great.

  30. Michael

    Yeah, it’s cool, & yeah, he’s a cutie, but can we get to the real issue here? I’ve seen him on lots of TV..and nobody’s gotten his makeup right yet! That silver/white hair with that skintone? And the light lashes & brows.. Really? Email ME, Anderson..I don’t have a couple of Emmy nods for nothing, y’know…!

  31. Osei

    For me I thought it was public knowledge that AC was gay, so it came as a surprise to me when I heard that he was coming out.

    It reminds me how boring it gets to keep reminding everyone that you are gay. Everytime you go into a new job or someone new joins the workforce, move to a new location or some new neighbor moves in, or make small change that involves new people, you have to declare yourself as gay, otherwise some loser who does not even know that you know that you are gay, have been out for the longest while, live a happy and proud life as a gay man, think it is his/her responsibility to believe that he/she is outing you. I always find that so funny and at the same time annoying.

    One would think that if you are a public figure and you are publicly dating other gay men and you have acknowledged that you are gay to your friends and family that it is obvious that you are openly gay. The same applies to non public dating men dating other men. What makes the whole world think they need to be part of your village? Do we all need to publicly declare being gay in the village square while everyone is located going or coming from the market at the village square for it to be declared an “outing”?

  32. jorge

    Why is this news? Who cares? Why is it important to know if someone is gay, in our out of the closet, etc, etc. I see people as people. I don’t start wondering what they do in the privacy of their room. It’s none of my business. If someone is good looking or I find them attractive, I can make a comment to that effect, so what. But why are so many so worried about someone else’s private life? Don’t they have a life of their own to worry about? Why is it “time” for anyone to come out or not? Why do you care? Why do you get to decide? Each person has to live their own life, has their own circumstances and has to make their own choices. Why can’t that be respected? Everyone should live their own lives and let others be.

  33. Celtic Priest

    Many of us had heard about Cooper long before he confirmed publicly that he is gay. My first reaction was, “So. Is this news?” Fortunately we have matured somewhat in the US to where such admissions do not cost someone their career. Even 10 years ago that would not have been the case. As for Tom Cruise, I am about cruised out with that guy. Rumors have run amok for years that he like young Asian males. But Cruisey boy’s charm has worn off considerably for me. This b/s with the Church of Scientology is a total turnoff. Sure, Cruise is mega rich. But he no longer is mega hot!

  34. Bimascjock

    Why do all you guys take the time to out others????? NOT COOL. This is about Anderson Cooper so why did Tom Cuise’s name come up? Jeez guys

  35. Bruno2006

    I like Anderson as a great journalist, person, and TV show host. I support his continued success and growth in broadcast journalism.

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