Music : A Beautififul Tribute to Whitney


One of my friends who knows I loved Whitney sent me this youtube link yesterday…

It’s Robin Thicke’s version of Exhale (shoop shoop), one of Miss Houston’s amazing song.

The video is amazing! Simple, piano/voice, all shot in black and white…

Brought a tear to my eye…

Check it out after the jump 🙂



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  1. reggie

    That was absolutely one of the most beautiful tributes to Whitney. May she rest in peace. Her music will always be a part of the gay community. Kudos to Robin Thicke, one of the most beautiful artist alive today

  2. Tim_KY

    I am still at a loss as to why we continue to uplift Whitney to sainthood. She was a very troubled and addicted person and most definitely was NOT a good role model to our youth. We need to be honest about Whitney, who she was, and what she did with her life. She was a beautiful person with an awesome voice. However, she made very poor choices.

    • BlkAtYa

      If you do not like people paying homage to Ms. Houston why did you even post? Your parents and family should have been your role model, and I am sure they have not made the best decisions throughout their lives. Some of us could say the most poorly dictated decision they made was not to abort you.

  3. Teesoup

    @Tim_KY: You may have made all the right choices in life, but most of us make mistakes; big and small ones. We are not perfect people and poor choices will be made occasionally. Fortunately, my problems aren’t in the public eye where I can be judged so harshly by strangers. Whitney is being remembered for her vocal abilities and achievements she has maintained early in her career. Drug abusers aren’t necessarily bad people. They have a severe problem that is addictive and requires psychological and medical help. All singers and actors aren’t role models, but society assume they should be and tend to forget about the real role models: parents, political leaders, and those who are involved in young people lives. Whitney is and will be missed by those who loved her and her fans who admired her music. You can’t instantly hate or disown a person because you feel they are a good role model. I don’t know if you knew Whitney personally, but from the way it sounds, you must have!

  4. Tye

    I think we continue to uplift Whitney because over the course of her lifetime she did some great…even amazing things. She definitely made some choices that were not wise, but that cannot erase the positive things that she did. As for good role models for our youth, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone to fit that role.

  5. charlie

    @ Tim….I don’t believe we’re “uplifting Whitney to sainthood” we just want to remember her for her gift, beauty and her voice she once had…without judgement. I think we all know she made bad choices…I mean…DUH. I like to think we can celebrate Whitney for want she gave us and that was her gift of her voice…period. Lets stop judging and persecuting her….after all isn’t that what we, as a gay community, try to fight against?

  6. A-DUB

    Nobody is exalting here to sainthood. You said it best, Tim_KY. She was a beautiful person with an awesome voice. She is deserving of a tribute. Everyone deserves to be remembered by those who they inspired. Who cares what her demons were; we all have them. Who cares if she was a role model; not everyone can be. Robin Thicke was obviously inspired by her and this is HIS tribute to HER. We’re all just lucky enough to have it shared with us.

    We all have our demons/addictions/flaws. In death, I doubt those are the things we’ll be remembered for.

  7. james_lex_ky

    Great job oj the remake and simple…however parents are role models to the youth not a bunch of rich people .

  8. Xfactor

    “Died” as in I melted! I get a little moist from that voice. If I could make a baby, it would be to Thickes, “thick” while listening to Robin Thicke’s “Sex Therapy” track

  9. Danny

    Great voice but overall terrible. The best tribute to whitney would be to leave her songs alone and help people learn from her costly mistakes.

  10. Riley

    Wow what judgment from people who participate in a lifestyle that is always being judged and not always very favorably. Yes Whitney may have been troubled, but this is about her music and she brought joy to a multitude. I really get tired of judgmental and sanctimonious gay men who I am sure would not like to be defined as men who dwell on sex sites.

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