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There is something hot and sexy about a man with a bit of gray hair… don’t you think?

I Just turned 30 a few weeks ago (so still pretty young!) and I was always attracted to older men. I think I fucked twice with boys under my age…usually always older than me and for dates, I even prefer men around 35-45.

They are usually more stable mentally, they are usually settled and experienced, they have more money (!) and I also find that men are inΒ their peak when they’re around 40!

I like this “package”: hot daddy/big bro, with athletic body, with a bit of gray hair, few wrinkles…

I actually prefer that to the young hairless blond boy who’s still in college, lives in a tiny bachelor pad and eats Kraft Dinners five times a week!

So I say “Hot” to a bit of grea hair ! What about you?





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  1. BesosNJ

    I agree! I love guys with grey hair. Especially grey goatees. I am 31, and I have always dated older guy. I have even dated up to 61! But I prefer 45-52 ish.. πŸ™‚ BesosNJ on adam

  2. Dave Keinath

    There are some guys with more silver hair then gray, which is sexy. Then there are the guys with mixed hair which are also sexy. Sometimes you see a dirty gray which isn’t flattering at all. Also if the man is fit and some what toned the gray really makes them more attractive.

    I’ve been gray since 35, and have a full head of silver hair. Feel very lucky at 63.

    Also bald/ shaved heads are usually a turn off for me.

  3. Bob

    It depends on the man and how much gray there is. A touch of gray can be very sexy, but a full head of gray for most men just makes them look old. Thank god for “Just For Men”!!

  4. HazonkoJ

    Actually, I like a touch of gray hair on a guy. It adds a unique flair to them. However, I also prefer guys that are around my age and younger. And I know quite a few guys that are under 25 and naturally have a streak of gray hair or something to that effect. And they always hate it and want to get rid of it. But I always thought it was sort of cool. Just….it wouldn’t look right on me. Lol.

  5. Charlie

    I am old and gray but not really into gray hair guys. With that said I will take any hair over the shaved heads that seem to be in style now. NOT for me

  6. Jimmy

    Thumbs up!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Young studs are nice, but a more mature man makes a better lover, partner and all around friend.

  7. Adam

    I absolutely think grey and white hair is HOT! It is amazing to see a guy who is good looking and well developedd with a head of grey hair! Hair is sexy , period but grey and white hair gets me going for sure!

  8. Doc

    Definitely yay gray! 51 here and only have a few at the temples and would like just a bit more..gray in the mix is very sexy on guys of all shouldnt be associated with “age”’s just another color variant. And I agree with Charlie above ..the bald thing is really old and boring and not for me unless its natural. By nature men are more hirsute and this thing of shaving( esp body )needs to go! Just my opinion

  9. Christopher

    As an older gay man with gray “highlights” on my head, I
    have always been attracted to older gay men 40+. Of course
    I was born a “ginger”, so I still have the firecrotch so
    desired today. πŸ™‚

    George Clooney is a modern day Cary Grant (for those born
    in the Bieber/Gaga era, he was one of the most famous
    actors from the 1930s’-1950’s), who seems to get better
    with age, like a fine wine.

  10. Sasha


    why do you perpetuate gay stereotypes on this blog? It’s poor form for someone with widespread influence to use it in a manner that promotes moral decay.

    30, so still pretty young? Age, and the reaction people have to it, is relative. Some people consider 30 to be older than others.
    More money (!) that’s just offensive man. You are actually implying that you would prefer an older ma because of his wealth and ability to dote on you. For shame.

    Really the entire premise of this “Hot or Not” series of articles is distasteful and promotes segregation in a community that purportedly demands unity using the thin veil of “preference” as an excuse.

    However, to answer your actual question I find older men attractive, yes. The attraction stems from their wisdom, as well as their mental and emotional maturity, something sorely lacking in my younger generation.

    • blog

      Sasha dear: This is a gay blog ! And it is also A4A blog, which means WE decide on the content.
      If you find that it is not a post for you, then next time, just don’t click on the link or comment.
      Also, if you are insulted by the fact that I like to date guys that have money, well, there is nothing I can do about it.
      I attract them… πŸ™‚

      Finally, some post are more serious, some are more light, like this one…


  11. Jackson

    I agree I think gray hair on a man is sexy especially if he knows he’s working it!!! Nothing is sexier than a confident man that has a touch of gray in places!!!! Yummy!!!!!!

  12. Lynn

    Yes, it can be hot depends on the guy and if he takes care of himself , works out eats healthy . some of the best sex ive ever had was with grey haired men

  13. Bryan

    I LOVE, love love grey hair. I’m personally 23 and can’t wait to have salt and pepper hair. My father was by my age and am really hoping to get it soon. It’s a big turn on.

  14. Jake

    Definetly a major turn off. Just makes me think of old men even if it is on a younger guy. Box of hair dye is like $5, I would suggest using it if you want younger guys.

  15. Trevor

    You’re all going to think I’m lying, but I’m 21, and already going grey/silver. My mom says she first saw a grey hair on my head when I was five. (Actually, because of how important looks are to everyone else, I’m dying my hair to hide it…but you can still see it at the roots)

    Anyways… I’m personally not too into older men…like, maybe around 30 or so…but that’s about it. I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on grey hair. I more so clicked on the link about it because I’m honestly a little self-conscious about my grey hair…

    Trevor-1991 on A4A

  16. Fred

    I am going to have to say no because, the gray hairs that I have started to get in the last couple of years, make me look stressed and not in any way shape of form. I would have to say that at some point it can begin to look attractive but then and only on some guys.
    On me I already know that as i begin to gray more I will go looking from stressed to old.

  17. reggie

    Anderson Cooper is my all time favorite gray-haired man. I’m sure he has a hott boyfriend. He is so beautiful. I am so proud of him for finally coming out. I would fuck him silly.

  18. Bram

    Older men can definitely be sexy if they’ve aged well! I’ve fucked with a sexy forty year old twice and it was HOT HOT HOT!

  19. Dennis

    I think it all depends on the guy. Some look good with some gray or silver, and some don’t. Just as some rare few look good with the shaved head look and most don’t. To each their own in the end though.

  20. tony

    George Clooney is fucking gay as hell. he’s so right wing anti-gay.. At the MTV VMAs in 1995 he presented 4 Best Female Aristist.. Madonna won. Madonna came up to accept the award. madonna tried to kiss him on the cheek and he just swirved away.

  21. Tom

    I never liked it on me until my stable of cocksuckers and bottoms that wanted a daddy figure had a waiting list, more hungry men then I could take care of. I am 55, professional and hung.

    The sex keeps getting better and better.


  22. Matt

    Well I’m a young-looking 36, and have had a little salt in my pepper since my late-20’s (a little more now than then). But I guess I’m the slightly graying guy who is on the receiving end of what the author writes about, because I’m all about the hairless, blond, college twinks! And they seem regularly down for what guys like me have on the table, rather than others in their same demographic.

  23. Dane

    we’ve all earned our grey so as long as we can live with it who is to complain so some like it and some don’t as long as you like yourself that is the most important

  24. David

    Men with grey hair HOT!!
    The ones that dye It makes it looks so un-natural. A friend of mine, 54, recently let his girlfriend dye It. OMG!! It looked bad, he was so much hotter with the grey. I know he didn’t care for it much either.
    Let it turn grey men, it is HOT to a lot of us out here.

  25. Tyler

    I’m Tyler, I’m just now turning 25, and I have gone COMPLETELY grey. I also have very long hair, i do, however, dye it blonde, i think only because it suits my blue eyes, but when the roots grow out, i have issues with the store clerks…”Please check my I.D.! PLEASE!”. lol, it gets kind of hurtful sometimes, im a tiny little gay guy…i still have the same body i did when i was in the 7th grade, who would neglect to card me? eh, someone who sees my grey…i wouldn
    t mind it if i were older and more ‘distinguished’ but im not older…im 25…eh

  26. Onefocused

    Totally hot! I’m 51 and have few grey hairs. In fact, the grey blends in and makes me look blonde. I LOVE grey and salt/pepper guys. It’s a look of maturity and distinction. However, the guy needs to take care of it – regular cuts, product if needed, etc. I am NOT into guys significantly older than me, but guys my age and younger look great with the grey.

  27. HnsmHRY1

    Guys with grey hair are HOT !!!! IM 43 and love my grey hairs on the side; cut real short….like a hot military man πŸ˜‰

  28. James

    Anderson Cooper = HOT! I’m only 27, usually date guys my age or younger but Anderson’s full head of bright grey is hot!

  29. Brian

    glad to hear there are guys into older guys with salt and pepper, or all salt and no pepper. how come no one has mentioned how sexy gray chest hair and even a few gray pubes are???

  30. Steven

    For as long as I can remember in my adult life, I have always gone for the “silver foxes”. They do things to me that the younger ones just can’t even begin to comprehend…

  31. fairprince2

    well i agree , i have always been turned on by guys older than myself while growing up my first guy that topped me was in his 60 s i was only 19 years he was very sexy , and took charge in a good way i remember playing with his silver hair that was so good , however now that i am about to turn 50 and i am attracted to same age guys silver hair a plus

  32. Kien

    yeah. I agree with this post. For all the reasons it has stated.
    they’re usually more caring, passionate too…
    i’m 19 and always fantasized about having a 30-something man as a lover.

  33. easy_rider

    This commentary further cements my beliefs of how shallow the gay community is. Let’s see how you all will feel about becoming a mature gay and gray. That is, if your lucky enough to make it. We have No more choice in the matter than eye color, yet you all speak of it as if it’s a fashion statement. get over it already! We have bigger issue to think about.

  34. Carl

    I pulled my first few strands of white hair out of my head when I was in high school. I’m now 60 and nearly pure white, my 100 year old father has a full head of pure white hair. When I was younger I felt cursed because no one else my age was going gray but now I look around and see many men my age and much younger who have little to no hair. I’ll take white over none any day.

  35. darryl

    I have met more then a few guys with salt and pepper hair that look fantastic. I met a guy with beautiful stark white hair. What made him look hot was the fact that he wasn’t trying to make a statement saying look at me. His natural sexiness was completely enough. Grooming does matter no matter what color hair you have, if you look unkept then it’s a problem. Now that cutie pie Anderson Cooper came out, his white hair is pretty sexy for him.

  36. alwaysb

    Gray hair is totally hot. I (29) am totally into older, gray muscle daddies. Seriously, they can do whatever they want to me.

  37. BlowPop50

    Grey/silver/S&P is totally hot. What ISN’T hot is obviously dyed hair (unnatural-looking color or roots)—yuck! Nothing makes a guy look older than trying too hard to not look older.

  38. George

    I actually really like grey hair. There are a lot of men who look attractive with grey hair, but I think there are even more men that don’t look attractive with grey hair. They’re probably just the ones that aren’t attractive period.

    I’m a 20 year-old, and I can’t wait for my grey hair. I, too, am attracted to older me. I love that they’re settled and experienced. In my opinion, that makes them more intriguing. And if they’re physically attractive at an older age, that just makes them even better.

  39. DoesItMatter?

    You forgot to cover (pun intended here) the other end of the spectrum:

    The gents that are in their late 40’s/early 50’s with JET FUCKING BLACK HAIR.

    Coloring the hair at that age and you think NO ON WILL NOTICE?

    Wake the fuck up, guys!!! It’s as obvious as an elephant in the living room……


  40. PurplE

    Once I decided it was time to stop the “Just for Men”, I found a whole new life as a Silver Daddy……seems as though many younger guys like that look, and I have no problem with them liking me! Now I find I also attract attention from women of all ages too….oh well….!! So my retirement years are way more fun with my “natural” look… don’t fight it…enjoy it!

  41. DoesItMatter?


    Good for you, buddy ;)) See, it was just a “waste of time and money to do the ‘Just for Men’ deal…….

    It’s called AGING NATURALLY, THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED TO BE. As you say, “Don’t fight it”…… ;))

  42. organman46

    It all depends upon what’s underneath that gray hair:
    Anderson Cooper = HOT
    George Clooney = HOT
    Dick Cheney = NOT AT ALL

  43. ugh

    Organman: ditto. it really depends on the guy. but i think the whole clooney, ac360 thing has become an overused cliche.

  44. Ricci hardt

    I must agree that a natural salt and peppering of gray hair is quite nice on a man. I think that all men should embrace their mature selves as they age. As I fast approach the big 40, I have little options BUT to embrace my mature look–and now that I am nearly there, it’s actually okay. The catch is for me, a man must take care of their physical, mental and social self for the look to work. So bring on the hot daddies! πŸ˜‰

  45. B.R.

    I have always been attracted to older men, ever since I was a teenager. Gray/silver/white hair is so hot on a man, especially if he is older. They are so good in bed! I love the confidence, experience and seasoning that they bring. The conversations are always fantastic as well. Because I look much younger than my years, older men are ALWAYS trying to get next to me. I love it! πŸ™‚

  46. Robin

    If only gray hair = stability and maturity all of the time, then I would be on board. Too many boys in the bodies of men and I prefer older.

  47. Thom_72

    Hair color is absolutely insignificant and irrelevant to me. Everyone goes grey, everyone goes bald. I am disturbed by the numerous ways we, as a society or culture, go out of our way to exclude someone. If you wanna play, let’s play. Grey or not, use what you’ve got & I’m happy.

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