Hot or Not : G String/Thongs

I am soooooooo not into g string, but I wanted to ask for your opinion….

I like briefs, boxers, but g strings, I just can’t.

If one day I hookup with a man, and he is wearing one of those, I think I would just send him back home !

What about you? You like’em ? Why?


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  1. Brian

    I totally agree. G strings are NOT sexy, in fact, I think they are gross. The string goes up their bum. I kinda feel the same way about jock straps also.

    I am a boxer and brief kinda guy. So go ahead and just send that guy on home if he is wearing one.


  2. Len

    On me, I like the way they feel like a lick on my taint. A thong on a guy with an average body sez confident in self image n manliness.

  3. Bob

    You got to have the right body for g strings and thongs to work. It’s like a speedo on a fat guy, just does not work. Put a speedo on a guy who has the build for it…. HOT!!

  4. Ricci hardt

    I will have to agree that thongs most definitely are NOT on my list of preferences in potential lover undergarments. I have to wonder about the cleanliness of such a garment and I just do not think that they are all that flattering either. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m the kind of guy that likes there to be something for the imagination; thongs are too skimpy. πŸ™‚

  5. Shepherd

    I love em. I prefer sexy, skimpy underwear or speedos things like that.
    I’m not into giant bland generic underwear.
    boxers are ugly, briefs make you look like a child, boxerbriefs are boring.

    but that’s my opinion. I love tight exotic underwear.
    though, not the image pictured above… waaaay too hairy.
    but I suppose that’s because I’m not like 100% super gay.
    I’ve been married, had girlfriends…. never was attracked to hairy guys. prefer them smooth and preferably wearing cute little undies.

  6. HazonkoJ

    No! Not ever! I like COMPLETE underwear, thank you! Cover that mess up! That way, I have something to look forward to when I’m peeling it off of you! But I really hate g-strings, jock straps (get out of here with your easy access slut-wear!), and bikini briefs (waistband & huge, colorful bulge. That’s all it is! Just…looks uncomfortable! I can’t be turned on by someone with no circulation). But if they are wearing them, then I would probably must try to get them off as soon as possible. But freaks that wear those sorts of things always seem to want to sex it up with their underwear on, which annoys me to no end!!!

  7. rj

    Even when I see a thong on the best looking of men I am disturbed. I just can’t get over the feeling we have all battled of pulling out a wedgie. I don’t believe that the smiles I see on thong-wearers are all from pleasure and satisfaction. I think those smiles are in anticipation of pulling the string out of their cracks after the shutter has snapped.

  8. james

    On the right man and the right delicious ass they are increbily hotttttt, but on the wrong man, wrong ass they can be a tragedy.

  9. Steven

    NEVER sexy. Jock straps are hot but a string up your asscrack…? Please. It looked tacky in the 80s and it’s just plain unacceptable now. Magic Mike you are not.

  10. david

    Jock straps on some guys are hot. but I prefer boxers or boxer briefs. I won’t turn them down for wearing Jock Straps

  11. edud01

    G strings, thongs, and jock straps are NOT sexy. Sexy, to me, is NO underware at all. Absent that, keep it simple. Boxers or briefs.

  12. Calyx

    It depends, if the guy is hung like an elephant its kinda sexy but if he is tiny it ruins the effect, but you also have to have a booty to make it hotter

  13. sexyemt

    I agree. Im a boxers guy. I do find jock straps hot. If a guy was wearing a g string or thong i woud send him home too.

  14. Brian

    I tend to agree with you both…g-strings are not sexy on a guy…it makes me think he’s trying too hard to show off his goods and make the sale…but if the guy is hairy, not a good idea to wear a g string…it just looks tacky and gross…boxers and boxer briefs for me man…although the right guy can pull off bikini briefs…lol

  15. Fred

    Not Hot.
    This is why I think so: Although I have nothing against feminine attributes or qualities, I find g strings and thongs more of a woman thing.
    From you more prone to bottoming or those of you that are more on the fem side, why would you want anything in view of your fuck hole?
    Unlike Brian, I like jockstraps because they give full view of what I like.
    In any case this is my opinion, but I hope you all understand what my point of view is. I would rather ogle a guy in underwear, it’t not a thrill to look at a guy that is not exposing the hole or a cock.

  16. Mstarlicious

    I think G-strings and Thongs are too girly IMO. It’s a total turnoff. Jockstraps though, those can be hot. My favorite underwear are boxerbriefs.

  17. eduardio50

    I disagree. a g -string between a hot bubble butt, just turns me on. Thinking about spreading those cheeks and rimming himfor hours.

  18. John Tompkins

    They are NOT sexy just trashy. Boxers and briefs are good as is free allying. Jocks are hot if you are wearing them during exercise. Thongs and skimpy briefs are not hot.

  19. mike

    pussy boy bordening fem or fem or erotic performer may maybe. Naw,not really I am a ass man whom prefer jock strap or boxers or briefs.

  20. matt

    I agree g strings on a guy not attractive at all I want sex with a man not a woman boxers and breifs are sexy not g strings.

  21. popeye

    I think it just depends on the person. On some people it look hot and some other nope. That guy on the pic. It’s a nono.

  22. steve

    All depends on the body. A nice firm, toned, muscular body can pull it off but those who are a little flabby no way.
    I also prefer boxer briefs as they highlight the ass and the front package.

  23. David

    G strings are girl underwear, and are gross on a guy jock straps on the other hand are FUCKING hot. so my counter question to u blogger is what do you think about jock straps?

  24. am

    There is nothing hotter than a plump hairy ass in a thong. Love to see the strap going up a hair crack. Also love to see a twink in a thong as well sexy aslo to see a smooth plump ass in one.

  25. James

    Depends on the guy. Some guys look hot in them and shouldn’t wear anything else. Personally, I see a guy in boxers as boring and unimaginative. Briefs……they look too much like diapers unless they’re cut low and have an enhancing pouch.

  26. cntryman09

    If a man is hot, I don’t care what he’s wearing, he’s just hot !!!! I find a towel in the lockerroom really hot, especially if his cock is big enough to show its impression against the towel. So a g string or thong is fine with me. I find men hot in most attire, even suits and other dress clothes. It doesn’t take much for me to find a guy hot. With or w/out clothes, some are just damn hot anyway you look at them.

  27. WILD

    I like a guy in a g string if he’s masc it’s kinda hot, I like wearing jockstraps my self;]. School, work, you name it.

  28. Michael

    I totally disagree. Jocks are extremely sexy. The way they cup the package and push it forward. The straps frame the butt, and sometime even enhance the roundness. *sighs*. G-strings can also be sexy. From the front they look like they are offering all the man goodies in one tight package, and in the back, they offer unobstructed butt worship.*sighs again*.

  29. sparky

    No way g-strings are out thongs and jock straps are hot as hell makes me hard everytime I see some hot guy in one! Gives you something to hold onto when your poken-em.

  30. Michael

    P.S. to Dave. You couldv’e found a much sexier g-string to picture. That looks like it came from the dark ages. Now days they are much hotter.

  31. darryl

    I never thought that g strings on a guy was sexy. Unless you’re a fitness model, it just doesn’t bone me up. Plus it always looks painful lol. Now a jock strap is a different matter all together.

  32. Will

    I think they are sexy as hell. its actually a fetish of mine… not to wear one, but to fuck a guy who wears them. so hot! so you can send those guys to my place, thanks in advance. lol

  33. Kai

    Well on the body you displayed, it’s totally gross. But on hairless twinks with bubble butts, mmm , mmmm! Or those hot bodies I saw in Mykonos and Ibiza. Yes, thongs!

  34. edgar_truth

    personally i’m not into it… the husband however is into them. you can’t get that man to not wear a g string when he can. i caught him once masturbating in some, which was surprising because i walked in on it in the middle of the night while i had to go pee. but the guy above me… seriously, no to jock straps? guess you’ve never dildo fucked someone and didn’t want them touching their junk.

  35. Brawny Tony

    In private, nah, same with Jock straps, just in the way, but something sexy about a guy confident enough to wear them in public, kinda cute when a guy doesn’t take himself so seriously as to think he’s above putting a pair on just for the fun of it

  36. David

    I don’t know. As is with many things; I think this depends on the guy who is wearing it.

    I can think of a few guys I have been with who looked really sexy in their thong or g-string. Sometimes a brief or boxer really isn’t that flattering on a guy and it kinda kills the mood.

    Of course this is a to each his own kinda thing. I am all for them if it looks right on that guy in particular. I know I would never wear one, but that is because it just wouldn’t look right on me. I’m just sayin’. ^_^

  37. edward

    I do not like them.. for me i like manly men and think and gstrings and thongs are more of womens underwear i like my men in mens underwear.. jock, briefs, boxers, or boxerbriefs

  38. mebear

    I prefer no underwear. Love to see a guy strip down and find he is already ready for action. And g string is my least fav.

  39. JJ

    I disagree.. They are totally awesome… Nothing but compliments from anyone that has seem me in any of my thongs.. I love how it accents my butt. They are not for everyone. If you have the right butt and nice bulge, they are the most amazing site to be seen!

  40. Benjabrownsuga

    Sorry Dave & Brian, I am totally the opposite of you guys. I love wearing and seeing guys in g-strings. Thongs, boxers, jock straps and briefs are a turn-off for me, but I ain’t sending him home, pL-ease. I’m an easy access individual. Don’t send him home, send him to me.

  41. HolePunchSD

    Leave the g-strings and thongs to the strippers & Victoria’s Secret models–I like my men in JOCKS!
    Nothing showcases a man’s muscular glutes like a jockstrap.

  42. Alex B.

    Frankly, at the end of the day, what the hell difference does it make WHAT the guy wears if it’s just going to end up on the floor anyway?

  43. ouah

    depend on the person,,, if he to masculine wears thong , that is no no, and look funny ,,, it is ok if he is feminine wears that ok . I dont mind ….

  44. Bimascjock

    ABSOLUTELY NOT…G-strings and thongs on guys are just gross and look way too feminine. G-strings were made for women. A hot sexy lady in a thong, yes. If I want a woman I take a woman. When I want a guy I want a MAN. I know most of you wont agree but speedos are just as bad. It all looks so girly and feminine..Not my idea of Hot in anyway. Could be the hottest guy I’ve ever set my eyes on, if he’s wearing a G-string, thong, or speedo, I wouldn’t do him NO WAY…Just a turn off. I actually had this hot Latino Body builder bottom come over. He was very masculine and tough looking. He dropped his pants and revealed a G-string. I literally stopped him before he could get the pants off his ankles and told him I was all set and he should leave. He was hot but guys in thong are Definitely NOT

  45. BakersBoy6

    It depends on the guy. You posted a dude with a hairy ass. That’s hair in the mouth as well as a string. Find a sexy twink boy with a nice smooth butt and there ya go.

  46. ready2swallow

    I guess for a Show or Act it can be acceptable…but to wear as underwear, its kinda wrong….Butt floss/Sweat collecting String is what it really is…, NOT!

  47. Steve

    BIG thumbs down on G strings and thongs. Jockstraps *can* look hot — from the front — on the right guy but generally, from the back , the still look stupid.

  48. Larry54

    I also would do the same cause I find g strings and thongs also non attractive and the string in the ass crack is really nasty and has a nasty and annoying feeling to it.

  49. Kevy

    Personally I never liked them until I tryed one out and wore one all weekend now I think they are ok. but still prefer the bikini / brief types.

  50. Jumbo

    I really like to wear them. I find them comfortable on the hot weather. I agree that in some butts they look bad but on some guys they can be REALLY HOT.

  51. J.R.

    I have to disagree. I may be in the minority with my opinion but it is just that, an opinion.
    I think a guy in a g string/thong is attractive. It usually takes a guy with some self-confidence and a trust in his body to wear one. The self-confidence is itself an attractive quality.
    So I do think a man who wears one is attractive. It leaves just enough to the imagination but not much and it shows enough skin to make you think, “Yes!”

  52. medman

    Does that really matter? If you get him stripped down that far I damn sure could care less if he has a G String or nothing on because he is going to be naked soon anyways.

  53. Amback

    Completely disagree- I love a guy in skimpy underwear! Especially in that pic up there. As long as it’s meant to be a man’s g-string/thong. But to each their own…

  54. moodyman

    I am not a fan of them at all!!! I love to see my man in boxers, boxer briefs and or even commando lol and he is the same way πŸ™‚ so no on the butt floss its gross.

  55. Rich

    What does it matter if it makes him feel good let him wear it, you are going to take it off his hot ass anyhow, strip him naked take a nice long warm shower then make love or just fuck his brains out

  56. Ninjaguy86

    Although I prefer thongs to G strings, but it’s all good in my opinion. It really depends on the guy wearing them. Some guys look great in them, others.. not so much. I have a wide assortment of everything from boxers to thongs. Thongs aren’t as comfortable to wear, but they look great on other guys.

    To each his own…

  57. Royce

    I like briefs, speedos, jock straps… A g-string or thong, not as much. If the guys ass was as full & hairy as your photo, I might make exceptions.

  58. Danny

    I agree..briefs are much more attractive. Briefs accentuate the “package”. I also like wearing boxers when lounging around on a lazy Sunday morning. G-strings are to be worn by dancers and bottom-boys when they are at the gay baths; as a way of separating the “tops” from the “bottoms”

  59. raroo52

    Can’t tell what he was wearing after it gets taken off-it’s not the wrapping but the contents that are the fun part.

  60. DannyFem

    Well, I like Jockstraps and Thongs, im Kinda fem and I love em both..

    It just depends on what someone like, u.can tell em dont or simply let it on him, and try something new

  61. kyle

    That pic with the gstring is very hot. Luv the hairy crack and beefy buns. A g string allows for a better view. They don’t seem comfortable but look hot. And its weird to say its gross for the string to be in the ass if you are willing to put other things there.

  62. DoesItMatter?

    Like bras, they were INTENDED FOR WOMEN. They look absolutely STUPID on men (especially GAY men). But, if you want to look, feel, smell, and ACT like a woman, go for it……

    Boxer briefs RULE!

  63. Greg

    I like jockstraps a lot (on myself or on another guy) and think they are very sexy. I don’t particularly like G-strings (on myself or on another guy), but they really turn on a married fuck buddy I have. If it turns him on, which means I’ll get good sex, then I’ll wear a G-string for him.

  64. Robert

    i agree, g-string, no way, but the right Jock strap ( around the legs not up the ass ) is hot, but i too am more a boxers or briefs guy.

  65. LWA

    Boxers, boxer-briefs, briefs can all be pretty sweet . . . and jockstraps can be hot . . .

    BUT I just can’t get into the whole “butt-floss” thing! One of my ex’s loved wearing g-strings and thongs, but let me tell you, it did absolutely nothing for him. They look so uncomfortable and unflattering, never mind nothing but a string between your cheeks. U-G-L-Y!!!

  66. Domtoppapi

    agreed…dont like them on me or my bois/men…like the briefs or boxer briefs…even trucks…so much to enhance a male package…but (no pun) i will skip the butt floss

  67. David

    Totally agree. That strip of fabric in the buttcrack is not sexy and, let’s face it gets in the way. Give me a man who fills out a nice pair of trunks any day. Of course, I always think that any underwear looks best crumpled up on my bedroom floor….

  68. Mike

    I LOVE them. However, it really depends on the type of guy. if he is smooth all over and has a small, but cut, body, hell fuckin yeah! now the guy in the picture, he should be wearing some trunks or boxers I think.

  69. Dan

    Thongs and jocks are effin sexy!! Nothing like ass-centric undies to make you wanna rim and fuck. πŸ˜› — as long as their mens underwear, nothing weirder than men in womens underwear. Talk about flacid.

  70. jace

    in te right guy they are and like them on guy who had the body type to pull it ot off and stuff but verry few fet guys has te body tpe ullit off anf look good likeey guy in that ic whi itnot hot that well unless you really tall and have dancers body that super thing like my self you can out ti it off and look hot that why do we were them well becaseti fasionibal that well it like wrre nothing

  71. Rob

    I wear briefs. I wore a thong once when I went out for drinks and I was constantly digging it out of my butt. Plus I have a hairy butt, so I was pulling out more than the thong. And unless you have a smoking butt, you shouldnt wear one. So, my thought would be no.

  72. Mack

    sorta just depends on the guy wearing it. I seen guys that looked hot in them and I have seen seen guys wearing them that made me want to poke out my own eyes. I go comando and only wear them if it is a underwear party. or going to the Doctors office where I feel that I need a few more options of clothing

  73. luke

    I agree about the G strings but i LOVE jockstraps…theres just something about a nice ass framed but a small amount of fabric just waiting to be licked. Granted they have to be a nice ass…but honestly it always has to be a nice ass in what every underwear it is

  74. Hangdick

    I have no problem wearing or seeing a hot butt with one on. I like to wear them and I am not the fem type of guy. You must keep yourself clean or then it’s gross. It feels like I have nothing on but with the support I need, I hate my sack sticking to my legs going commando and my cock getting wrapped up in my boxers. Plus just knowing that I’m so vulnerable and aware that someone might see my thong strap when I bend over or squat is so daring for myself, plus it really feels great on hot days. I recommend trying to wear one sometime and you don’t know you might like it and your bed partner might like you wearing one, if not its your little secret.

  75. Tom

    Might as well not wear anything if you’re gonna wear a g-string, thong, or jock strap under your clothes.

    Underwear is extra for me, freeballing makes things a lot easier when it is time to play.

  76. john

    I love g-strings and plus I also love Jock Straps as well cause when you wear a Jock Strap it is easy access to the back door

  77. Chef

    You just commented on a g string and not a thong, some ppl like them but dont have the luxury of going commando, those r closest thing to it. I wear one once in awhile cuz its like nothing is there. Course i can do that cuz i am tall and skinny and they look good.

  78. Peter

    Who cares what they’re wearing? If I like them and what’s inside the g-string, it doesn’t matter. It’s coming off soon enough.

  79. Tyr56

    Well I actually love them! I think they are sexy as hell and love them on someone else as much as I do on me. As for where the strap goes? Really? Don’t you keep yourself incredibly clean there? I mean, really????
    Nope guys, I think they’re hot!!

  80. Fea Jai

    Call me trashy but a Man in a Jock, Singlet, or a Thong, I wanna smell your taint and taste what you have to offer, I mean I hear those with Polo shirts and Sparry’s who are not into the fantasy of what the 70’s had to offer, But cannot lie these men strick my fancy in a dirty way. Can I get a Huma Hey!

  81. Lou

    Depends if the guy is in shape & sexy. Can take em or leave em but a hot bubblebutt in a joskstrap always gets me lit!

  82. cravenmoorhead

    I Love to Fuck a Man wearing a G-String like the one in the photo for you can Grab on to it like it’s a Handle and Ride him Hard like the Slut that he is for wearing a G-String.

  83. joshexxxboy

    depends on the individual wearing it. and omg lets just let live and let live.. ie speedos or board shorts.. you can rock it or not.. like it or not.. just like well some like uncut dicks and others say hell no.. some gay men in amarillo texas swear its wrong to bottom…. personally i have worn thongs, jocks briefs boxers boxer breifs.. sometimes just to cater to a paticular persons fetish.. my profile is joshexxxboy on a4a now peace my brothers

  84. Me

    That is one component of many. Jocks, thongs and commando can be hot. Or not. It is how he handles it that matters, and how he looks, and whether I like him or not, otherwise.

  85. voyeur_noir

    I like wearing boxer brief myself but have been told that I wear thong/G-stings well. LOL! I generally like them but the wearer has to have the ass for them. Same with jock straps.If the guy in the pic is who you are referring to..yeah send him home! Not hot at all!!

  86. Gray

    I think it depends on whose wearing it. You had to admit that even if you are not into g-strings, some guys look so damn good in them..with the right kind of body, muscles in the right places, and well proportioned upper and lower body, they can get away with it…and even give you hard ons!

  87. john

    I think that thongs are very hot. Want to get a few for myself. If a guy came over with one one i would be so hot. I give it the thumbs up baby.

  88. Alex

    G strings are a no unless I’m at a strip club n their getting paid to wear it but if I’m sleeping with you no I like jock straps tho I like to see a nice ass in that I like briefs and boxer briefs too

  89. Eric

    I’m totally opposite with this … I love it when my man wears his thongs & gstrings around the house. I just love to see his round bubble ass as he walks around the house & not to mention what he has up front !

  90. Zack

    I wear them (I’m 26) and I love men that are brave enough to wear them too. It’s all a personal preference… I used to pay attention to these posts, but after his one. No thanks πŸ˜€

  91. Mitch

    I disagree when i see a g-string i think easy access.All i have to do is pull the string an inch to the right and drive my stick home.

  92. Cooper

    I happen to think a g-string is extremely hot on a guy! I love to watch hot strippers take off their clothes and reveal their cock in g-string before ripping it off! I have a huge underwear fetish! Love a guy in a hot pair of underwear!! Boxers, briefs, things, g-strings, and jockstraps, love em all!

  93. Cooper

    I happen to think a g-string is extremely hot on a guy! I love to watch hot strippers take off their clothes and reveal their cock in g-string before ripping it off! I have a huge underwear fetish! Love a guy in a hot pair of underwear!! Boxers, briefs, thongs, g-strings, and jockstraps, love em all!

  94. Carter

    I like G-strings/Jock-straps, and that is because I hook-up with men that have the ass FOR those, I am also a wearer of Jock-straps and I wear it only because I know I’ve got the goods to do something of the sort,I like them better than the standard Boxer/Briefs. To me they’re so much more comfortable. You should Wear something like that, only if you’re comfortable in it, and not because you saw someone ELSE wearing it. No offense, but if you Don’t want to/ or Can not see yourself in one….Who else will want to either?

  95. Sunny

    I have to agree with you. I had a date once that he told me that he was wearing a g-sting to one of our dates and I was like nope I am going home have a nice day. LMAO!!!!!!

  96. rainbowtunatrout

    on the right guy w/ the right body w/ the right ass, YEAH they’re hot,, but not the guy in the pic or anyone i usually see trying to wear them… Jock straps and g strings only look good w/ a bubble butt

  97. James

    Sorry, can’t agree. I like them and find them very sexy on other guys, especially if they’ve got a nice bum. In any case, if you live where I do , where the summer temperature can climb above 40C, and averages 35C with high humidity, they’re much cooler than boxers.

  98. wingman40

    i love bikini briefs and briefs i think a guy with a smooth thight ass looks hot on a jock or thong not really into boxers or boxer briefs at all

  99. Terry

    G-strings are not my thing either… But I love boxers, briefs and jocks straps of all sorts… Maybe it is because I like manly stuff and I tend to think a g-string belongs on a girl… Depends on how hot he was though, because I can just rip that g-string right off and get to business;~} No need in sending home a hotty:)

  100. kerrr

    A sexy ass is a sexy ass regardless if it’s in a g-string, boxer, brief, jock. It all depends on the guy. Personally I prefer commando. πŸ™‚

  101. guy

    You know the right guy can be wearing anything, and you will like it, and you will not send him home but rather fuck him senseless.

  102. Michael

    G strings are definitely gross. Worst case scenario someone puts on a white G string and it comes off brown. It’s just a big NO.

  103. mixnutz

    it may be a prejudiced view , but i find g strings are only hot on butch guys… jockstraps are hot on any guy….

  104. Brian

    I think on the right guy a thong can be totally hot. If he’s comfortable with himself and wearing one, why not? For me, cheap underwear, saggy boxers or tighty whities are more of a turn off, but if the guy’s cute and we’re into each other I am not going to dismiss him because of his underwear. Women’s underwear on a guy is a deal breaker, but more because that goes to the whole issue of cross dressing.

  105. Chad

    Just kinda depends on the guy, I think.

    I like rugged manly men for the most part. Body types ranging from muscle-god to kinda chubby &, IMO, a thong/g-string on them is just comical. I do love jock straps, though. Reminds me of my days playing football lol!

    But, I kinda have a soft spot for cute, thin twinks, too. In that case, totally hot, especially if there’s a fat, bubble butt to go with it. ^_^

    Just my 2 cents.

  106. OriginalPrankstr

    A definite no. G-strings and decorative underwear look like ladies undergarments. And jockstraps only look hot on guys that workout, on everybody else they look lame. Even Speedo swimsuits look too much like ladies’ panties.

  107. Andy

    I agree that gatrings rent sexy, but im gonna have to dissagree on the jockstraps. Those arr way more manly than thongs. Also its depends on the style of thong/gstring. The skinney string ones te creepy, but the thicker onre are better.

  108. William Austin

    Hay Queers! Your not having sex with his underwire! If you are at all seductive, his underwire will be long gone leaving his goodies hanging in the wind, for you to play with! ……..Picky-Picky-Picky……

  109. Steve

    No into g-strings or thongs at all – not on me or another guy. Now jockstraps on the other hand are hot! I love wearing a jock while bottoming and love a top in one that I get to suck on that pouch and slip that cock out of.

  110. Michael

    Yeah I’m with u there. Not really something that gets me all wild and crazy. It’s one thing on male strippers it’s a whole different story when it comes to a guy I’m taking home. I’m not much of a boxers guy. Low rise briefs or low rise boy shorts.

  111. Bill

    Guys are you fucking the Gstring or the MAN?

    His choice of undergear (makes him feel sexy or not) can be said about guys who wear boxers or briefs that are way to baggy or for alot of guys REPLACE THEM once the waistband is gone it is gone

  112. Marc

    Personally I think it all depends on the type of guy whos wearing it. Clearly the guy in your picture is a good way to represent how guys to not look good in thongs, however there are alot of guys that do look good in them. My thong pic is a huge hit lol, but so is my jock. (underwear fetish). I think thongs can be more of a tease, rather than a way to describe someones masculinity. Thongs~r~fu#*en~sxy;)

  113. keith

    It is quite obvious you have never given then a honest trial. I didn’t like feel at first and nwo wear nothing else. Boxers and standard briefs are down right ungly and like wearing two potato sacks under you levis

  114. Mitch

    I don’t mind G-strings. It doesn’t effect the rest of them and being an ass man myself it helps frame and show off what they got. I do believe that the person should be able to pull it of though. Just like there are some cloth that some people should wear there are some guys that should not wear a G-string but otherwise it’s hot.

  115. Enthusiest

    I personally think the are hot. But lets be realistic. It has to be the right body to pull it off. I wouldnt send anyone home still wearing theirs. πŸ˜‰

    Try it……you might like it and I doubt it will turn you into a girl.

  116. G.

    I prefer briefs, and G strings if the guy is young and fit.
    Have never liked boxers, always felt they were only for 90 year old men.
    Don’t judge me wrong this is just my choice, and I have done men that wear boxers. In the end they all have to come off anyway.

  117. G

    I agree.

    G-string makes me shudder; a piece of clothing wedged up their nasty buttcrack!

    Same goes for jack strap; makes me wonder if they are always ready for random lays :/

  118. James

    Here in my home town there is a young Mexican guy that wears his pants sagging, and instead of wearing boxers, or briefs, he wears a thong, and his ass is hanging out with a black strip running up the middle. It looks BAD, but he does have a cute butt. πŸ˜‰

  119. Bihubby

    As a bottom I can appreciate the feeling of the constant stimulation and it is arousing. That being said you have to have the ass for it. I like the way a mans ass curves and it can be a visual turn on if he wears it well. If its not for you…send him my way!!

  120. Osei

    Maybe if you use the term ‘groin-string’, that man you bring over would decide never to wear it again.

    I don’t get the ‘groin-string’ on men, neither do I get the let me wear my pants without a belt so that my underwear can show. What is that about anyway?

  121. marquee

    i like it all but thongs and jock straps turns me up a bit more. I’m a pure top and there’s something about a thong or jock strap on a hairless athletic guy. I like getting it while just pulling the thong to the side. KINKY. lol

  122. nick

    Thongs are the hottest thing ever!!! there is no better feeling then getting your hole tickled while your cock shows with a perfect bulge and your sucking a nice cock then have the dude move the thong over and have his way with you.

  123. madthane

    I would say at least 95% of us can’t pull one of them off. If I ever come in contact with one, hopefully he’s one of those rare few or else i’ll tear them off, burn them, and laugh. I wouldn’t send a guy home because of bad taste in underwear style.

  124. DramaFr33

    I don’t agree. Simply because I’m an ass man! I luv a man’s ass and a thong, g-string, even a jockstrap just exposes those hot mounds of flesh even more! Clearly, I think it’s hot. I just think not every guy can pull it off, especially if the barely have an ass to show off anyway.

  125. Matt

    I find them not sexy at all! They remind me of women’s underwear, therefore they are not a turn on. I’m a boxerbriefs/trunks/jockstraps kind of guy. Just my preference.

  126. DD

    Totally agree. Thongs are a total turn off for me. I like masculine men and thongs are anything but masculine, in my opinion. I’d never be attracted to a guy that wears them.

    Jockstraps are hot though. πŸ™‚

  127. Codie5

    G strings or thongs are VERY HOT… on the right guy. I personally love a BIG muscular guy in a Y back jock, very sexy, the guy just has to get the right one for his type of ass…and no crazy colors! White Black or blue only…. Keep it butch BOYS! πŸ˜‰

  128. Felix

    I agree… i hate when guys where g strings… It is a huge turn off. I dislike if a guy wears any piece of womens clothing to be honest. I am gay because i like men… So dress like one πŸ™‚

  129. Steve

    No, g-strings or thongs are not even remotely sexy to me. I look at them and imagine the string part of it causing havoc in the crack. Havoc leads to inflammation and then infection. The last thing a guy needs is an infection down there and the last thing I need is a dude with an infection down there. If I hooked up with somebody and he was wearing one, the show would be over and I’d advise him to take it off or else wind up in the ER with a giant abscess in the crack of his ass. Two thumbs down for g-strings. Yuck!

  130. ItalianGeek

    It really depends on the guy. Some guys had the built to pull off a hot looking thong or gstring. But on other guys it looks like anal floss lol

  131. tomzuk

    g strings do nothing for me either. i like boxer/briefs.

    jock straps are like speedos. depends on the guy if he can pull them off.

  132. Greg

    I don’t totally agree but will add that G String/Thongs look great on some guys and not so great on other guys.

    I am into underwear and would love to see any hot guy in any type of underwear.

  133. FTLDrx

    I am 100% into butt, cheeks, crack, and hole. I adore nibbling a thong strap with my teeth while teasing the hole it is shielding. We all like what we like.

  134. Charles

    Feel the same way about G-strings, HOWEVER, last week hooked up with a guy who showed up wearing one and was turned off but after getting him out of it he had perhaps the most amazing ass I’ve ever had……amazing bottom…..Don’t judge an ass by its G-string……

  135. Dave

    I enjoy wearing a thong or g-string personally and I find them HOT. I prefer that when I hook up with someone they wear a thong or g-string, I have a lover that always wears one and is smooth, he cannot get enough of my mouth or ass when he comes over. Sometimes he will have me meet him at the door wearing a thong or other times just naked. I have worn a thong or g-string for many years. Again just my preference

  136. FLR

    I enjoy wearing a thong or g-string with lovers/hook-ups and I find them HOT. It all depends on the build of the guy. Again just my preference.

  137. dlm

    I personally enjoy wearing a thong,or g-string it makes you feel free and sexy and i have been told my ass looks great in them so yeah if my lover at the time likes men in thongs then i am more than happy to put one on for him

  138. dantt77

    I admit I’m a bottom and I like wearing thongs and tops like to fuck me wearing them jut pull aside the strap. I guess I like the constant hole stimulation and tightness against my cock wearing one.

  139. Lorenzo

    love the guy with the hairy butt in a g string, I would rip it off with my teeth and proceed to eat his squeky clean hairy ass for hours yum yum taste so good.

  140. Thom_72

    I’m good with them. Easy access, nice way to show off. Show some, hide some. Make you feel sexy. No complaints here. Not to say its a fetish, but hell, to turn down sex for something that’s gonna be on the floor in 10 min, that’s not my style.

  141. southernboisb

    Not to mention, with G-Strings…..why do you want something there that you’re usually trying to pull out when your uw bunches up in your crack?

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