Health : Gay Black Men: 1 in 4 Chance of HIV by 25

A new study from The Black AIDS Institute, titled Back of the Line: The State of AIDS Among Black Gay Men in America 2012, has stated that: “HIV represents a lifelong threat for Black gay men. A young black gay man has a roughly 1-in-4 chance of being infected by age 25. By the time he is 40 years old, the odds a Black gay men will be living with HIV is roughly 60%”

This study, released just before the start of the International AIDS Society conference in Washington, DC, reveals that the number of gay black men with HIV is twice the number of gay white men with HIV.

Not only is the rate of infection higher for black men, the survival rate is also disproportional. The report also states that three years after an AIDS diagnosis, black MSM are less likely to still be alive than their white or Latino counterparts.

The latest CDC statistics show blacks make up only 14% of the population but have 44% of all new infections.  In fact, in 2009, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) made up 73% of all new infections in all black men.  MSM between the ages of 13 and 29 saw more new infections than any other age and racial group of MSM.

This latest report by the Black AIDS Institute is dedicated to the belief that this state of affairs can – and must – change. It outlines an immediate action plan to end AIDS among Black gay men.

Download the full report here.



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  1. fairprince2

    The cause for this high rate can be only one thing unprotected sex , it is well known that gay black men prefer to take a bottom and take i mean in sex anal wise raw , how many gay black men have i slept with tha only wanted it raw , its unbelievable they bnelieve its the best way to ernjoy a bottom and a white bottom is even more pleasure raw , this is how our gay brothers are infected we must educate our brothers to not do this and see what happens

  2. Al

    All I can say is educate educate. Try to be as safe as you can. Accidents happen. All I can say is the younger of any race most want to anything goes and BB… Go for it. I was around in the 70s and 80s this is nothing to play with. Everyone in this country is just as equal as far as the option of a regular education some just do not take what is offered.

  3. Dred

    Ok i know why this is and me being a black gay guy can say this is that black guys who are gay for the most part are freaking whores. And i hate to say in such a bland sort fo way but 75% of the time i get hit up for sex its by a black gay guy who is also very much in the closet. And by hit up i mean some of the most direct and explict stuff i have ever heard in my life. And im not tryin to hate on anyone being a whore or a slut i mean if its safe and protected then keep on whoring you hoe. But the sad part is black men are so much more suseptiple because they are much more likely to have unprotected sex with strange people its sad but true.

  4. HolePunchSD

    Are you f’n kidding me?! The ONE time this blog makes reference to Gay Black men is to say that 1 in 4 of us will be infected with the HIV virus before the age of 25?!
    How depressing. Black men are already perceived negatively in the gay community (gay Asian men come in second); some only view us a the big dick in their twisted, racially-driven fantasies. But this is too much.
    Once again, I have to ask myself why I even bother reading this blog.
    Case in point: recent health topics–young Black gay men have a 25% chance of becoming infected with the HIV virus before age 25.
    White men: how to remove dark circles from under their damned eyes!

  5. jace

    thats verry intrsting its kind sad to i i winderif has to tow the domw low thing that the fact aand im maing to sound racesiet here but blakc guys are bie and stuff that well the swing both ways

  6. Tony

    I agree its bad in the black community. But there are in fact more white men with aids in america. These statistics are based on ratios/ and percentage of population. ( fewer people in america than whites and latinos)Therefore minorites are at higher risk due to poverty .So it affects the black community more based on the amount of both black and white getting affected.

  7. Bottom Q.Easy

    AIDS is universal and its really fucked to single out any one group in the gay community! All groups are at major risk! The only person outta all my friends that has HIV is a white man,and his longtime lover gave it to him,and he’s white! I also work in the Hispanic community,am latino & black (with a lil irish thrown in for good measure) myself,and work at an health clinic where 99% of all new HIV infections & diagnosis are latino,”heterosexual” & male! Wheres the real study,wheres our warning? This disease must be taken seriously by everyone! There will always be a race hit harder then another by something or other, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can then go and be worry free! We should all be worried,this is a warning to us all! And the warning is not to stay away from certain people but ti strap up with everyone!

  8. kevstar

    Most gay black men see themselves as being seperate from the main gay community. I have lived in both LA and San Francisco and the only gay black men I see in the Castro and in West Hollywood outside of gay Pride day are the ones who ” fit in ” or only date white men. The ones who are only attracted to black men don’t consider themselves part of the community. But then you have the DL types who don’t even consider themselves gay, so the safe sex info doesn’t get to them. There has to be something the black churches can do since they have undue influence on the black community
    However, if the black community doesn’t acknowledge its gay brothers, the problem will only get worse! BTW, this marks the 31st year of my being actively gay and still HIV negative. Either I’m doing something right or somebody’s watching over me.

  9. monarchy79

    Oh lord, here we go again with the same dIviding SKEWED statistics that’s the cause of MORE IGNORANCE than we started with 30 years ago when AIDS hit the public. The fact remains that this disease sees no color, gender, or sexual preference, and only until we realize that than the spreading will end. 30 years ago it was the
    “Gay white male” disease, ten years ago, it was the “down low straight black male” disease, and now these statistics are supposed to prove what? That this now is a “Gay black male” disease? Well guess what? It’s everyone’s disease, and if you bareback it with a white, latin, asian, or black man, there is no greater, or lesser chance of catching it, because unlike out ignorat, prejudiced society, HIV/AIDS IS ALL INCLUSIVE AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY………oh and I’m black, gay, made it past the 25 year old mark and am HIV NEGATIVE :-)…….

  10. misterMR

    Not having read the report, one has to question the statistical analysis since all men who have sex with men are not necessary “gay” especially amongst peoples of colour. We have queer africans, mixed african asians who identify as asian, we have mixed african latins who identify as latin how are these groups part and parcel of this reports statistics? If at all?

    Then there is the problem of the age demographics. This age group who in primary the sexual questioning and experiment range go back and forth with multiple partners and of different genders I would argue that the “hard core” group of self identifying “black gays” is much smaller than the base line numbers and they are less likely to be hiv contacting prone.

    This reports issuance could be more smoke than fire and a means of generating funding to to keep ngos folks employeed more than an expression of a health crisis amongst same gender loving african/black malesm. If the reports authors were serious about the business of black male health and hiv then it would concentrate more on the known unknows. It would focus on men who have sex with men when incarcerated and then have sex with women on exiting prison. And all encounters as unprotected and unknowing of your sexual health status why is the government not testing for stds/hiv pre release?

  11. Commenter

    Yet Adam4Adam continues to profiteer nonstop from the promotion of unsafe sex videos, many of them oriented to the African-American community.

    • blog

      Commenter : that is not “promotion” it is called porn ! And if you want us to keep on runnin’ our website that is FREE, you have to accept that there is porn. Now if you can’t make the difference between porn and real life, well… that’s your problem. Stop blaming us for all your actions!!

  12. Jae

    Sad, the only time that blacks are mentioned on this site deal with some guy busting a nut, or the high percentage of blacks that have AIDS/HIV. Thanks for the heads up, but damn really? Anyway, I am a black gay male and I always wrap it up before sex. There are tons of blacks AND WHITES and LATINOS and ASIANS that have plenty of unprotected sex. I myself have encountered at least one from each race that have tried to have sex with me unprotected, but I dont play around like that. OUR COMMUNITY, not the black or white or whatever community, needs to pay close attention and protect ourselves. we are all guilty not just one set group. Be smart, get tested, live long and happy.

  13. Texguy

    Ah, here we go again, another black mark against the “Black Man”, as usual they make black guys out the be the HIV/Aids devil! Thanks A4A!, you see all the profiles that specify “white/latino only no blacks, just my preference”, this has to be one of the stupid statements i come across a lot on these profiles! But let a White or Latino guy be POZ, oh, they love some black men then, it really makes me wonder how many Black men actually got HIV from a already POZ white or Latino??

    HIV shows no color, any one can get it, no matter your race, status or age, i can count on 1 hand how many black guys i know personally with HIV, it will take both my hands and my toes to count the many white and latino guys that have it.

    Instead of making this out to be something of a problem in the Black community, we should make this out the be a gay/bi/trans issue since it’s all over the map.

    Black men aren’t the only one’s in jail, prision or drugs users or men that stick needles in their arms, it’s a whole group of multiracial men that do it!

    I will be so glad when we take the “Color” out of this subject and make this a community issure that needs addressing for all!

    And once the “upity” whites and latino’s and asains, middle eastern men open their eyes and see that were all here looking for the same thing and stop their ignorant post of “no offense, just my preference” they will see there are some smart, educated, clean cut black guys “just like them, just a few shades darker” who are attracted to men of another race, they might see their really missing out on something more meaningful than a roll in the sack with a big dick, there are some guys that like romance and wanna date one on one.

    I’m not blind to the fact of this HIV/Aids issue, it does need to be addressed, let’s just not put a color on it.

    I’m sure half of these reports come from the state health departments that have to monitor this stuff more than a PCP, if you don’t have medical insurance, and you go to the health clinics, who are you more likely to see in the waiting areas? Blacks. If you go to the ER who are you more likely to see Blacks/Latino’s.

    Who’s has the power to hire men and women with the good paying jobs and can afford great healthcare, White’s!

    This is nothing more than race related issue and target against black men as far as i can see, sure they need help, but the gay community as a whole needs help, and proper medication and access to mental health, not told you’re HIV positive and then be sent on your way.

    This is a “Everyone’s” disease, take the color off of it please!

  14. Mark

    I’m black and gay and you can’t fight a statistic. Regardless of how black men feel they are perceived, the reality is that it’s still a terrifying statistic. I can’t believe how many profiles I see on A4A that are willing to just go raw. That’s exactly why I so rarely meet anyone even when I want to. Wrap it up and educate! This is insane!

    • blog

      Mark: thanks for your comment! Me love black men who “wrap it up”
      Yes it is true, it is insane! That’s why Stephan wanted to post on that study!

  15. army guy

    i am a black 24 yo bi married army guy and i always play safe. alot of guys get upset because i even get head wearing a condom and they say it takes the fun out of it. somehow when i pull it out they still seem to blow me anyways with it on. but i take chances with bi sex. no glove no love.

  16. HolePunchSD

    Not taking me seriously based solely on my screenname?! Is that right?! Don’t let the screenname fool you. I’m a 37 year old gay Black man (check my profile–same screen name). While you chose to single out my Black gay brothers, how about you list the statistics among all the races because we aren’t the only ones catching & spreading the virus. It’s all of us–not just some of us.

    • blog

      HolePunchSD: AGAIN: This-article-was-from-a-study-that-just-came-out-that-is-the-reason-why-we-chose-to-post-on-that !
      If you click in the HEALTH tab on top of the blog, you can read allllllllllll the HIV related articles and they rarely refer to black men.
      This time, because of the study that just came out, we thought it was a great opportunity to talk about it.
      Not because we want people to “hate you” or because we are “racist” like some of you guys said, simply because we think it’s an important study that just came out.
      Thank you for your understanding!!!

  17. monarchy79

    @ DRED: I’m going to excuse your ignorance for your age, and hope that you are young and foolish and not just…. foolish. ALL men are whores, regardless of race. and if you look at the profiles on this site for example, there are just as many non-black folks with “anything goes” placed on their list of activities.

    @ Fairprince: Your experiences with black men are not a reflection of the general population of gay black men, those experiences are a reflection of the type of men you choose to be with and what they expect of and how they respect you. One thing that I do know is that (assuming you’re white)the black guys who chase white boys (snow queens) usually practice unprotected sex (by ignorantly using statistics like this article) to prove that white men are “cleaner” and will bareback with them. and in many of these cases, even if the white man is positive or negative, he’ll go right along with it. So sir, what you encountered, was that disillusioned black guy who loves white cock and ass, and will opt to bareback, because he feels it’s harmless. He is NOT a part of the mainstream gay back population

  18. UNAIDS

    This statistical imbalance has been well-known for years. Nationally, there is an imbalance, and globally, there is an imbalance. The United Nations AIDS programs are torn by debates of how to address the problem that manifests itself variously amongst blacks regardless of the culture in which they live. Not just in the US and Canada, blacks in the UK have a higher infection rate,as they do in Brazil, as they do in South Africa. The tragic issue of AIDS in Africa and its origins obscure these facts in developed countries too. A4A is right to at least generate debate or consideration of these issues.

  19. Berke B.

    This blog needs to find some direction. While these health/politics articles are very interesting, throwing them in with the vapid or very sexually explicit ones make it a bit confusing. Do you want to advance the gay movement, or prove why some groups of society don’t like us? Instead of posting an article drooling over a bunch of giant cocks, you could post an article advocating safe sex and other related topics, that would help validate articles like this and also help the site and blog take a clearer stance. Yes, we are all responsible for our own actions, but you can help sway the decisions of others. If we really want to be a community, we should help each other be as healthy and educated as possible.

    • blog

      Berke B : Well mister, is it your first time on our blog? Cause if not, you would know that we post on different subject every day.
      Health, sex, music, celebrities, fun videos, gay news, fashion etc…

  20. Blkvortex

    As a 53 yo same gender loving (SGL) man of African descent, i’m very grateful that i’ve maintained an HIV negative status thus far. And during my sojourn, i’ve witnessed many, many Black dudes pass on via AIDS. The top of the line is behavior – self control, self discipline as much as possible. The presence of AIDS is equivalent to war. During wartime, it’s best that people adopt behaviors that would most likely extend life. That means changing behavior to adapt to the environment and conditions of war. Adopting alternative forms of sexual expressions (behavioral change) can significantly reduce the causalties of this war – for instance, frottage, mutual jo, or thigh frot. Men who aren’t serious about changing their high risk sexual behavior can be counted among the enemy. This is my message specifically to the young men, black young men in particular.

  21. Osei

    This is a well written document and instead of us running away and saying someone has chosen to call us out, read the entire document and become more enlightened about the truth. We put our lives and those we pretend to care for (even if we care for them for only an hour) at risk, by not educating ourselves.

    There is nothing wrong with choosing celibacy, until the right partner comes along that wants to grow with you in a monogamous relationship.

  22. get2thepointpls

    It s due, unfortunately, that gay men are less likely to have health coverage for medicine and are less likely to seek treatment…all races are whores n want bb sex, it s not just black guys.

  23. Yawning

    Blog, Commenter has a point. You can’t in good faith market bareback porn (which you say is necessary to fund your page. Maybe you should think about that) and then post a damning study directed at one of its segments.

    You should feel guilty for posting that study and the link for Blackbreeders in the same page whether or not you are entirely culpable…

  24. jim

    why is everyone getting deffensive. Is A4A trying to make some groups relax and not worry? Are the gay black men so sensitive that they have to ignore the warning and see this as a racial attack. Bottom line no one is exempt. if you practice unsafe sex you are equally at risk and equally foolish. If someone tells you he that “sometimes” takes a chance, don’t touch him. Run from him. Maybe it would help if we could make unprotected sex as politicaly incorrect as the “N” word or fag, it would be a safer community

  25. carl

    wow only 17 comments says to me who really cares and yes there is a problem in the gay blk community but its ignored

  26. Bottom Q.Easy

    Also,95% of the men i’ve met on A4A are white! And of those men about 100% wanted 2 fuk bare back! AIDS is everybody’s problem,not just gay black men;whether they are on the downlow or not! And as far as downlow goes,here’s some truth! Over the years i’ve had fun with many a guy from all different races,and i have seen far more downlown Caucasian men who are married,closeted,& who insisted on barebacking then any other race i’ve been with! So many people go diagnosised

  27. Commenter


    Advertising and/or promoting bareback porn–and making money off of it in the process–is simply that. It isn’t porn.

    I don’t give a shit if this site is free or not free.

    I’ve never “blamed” you or anyone else for my “actions.”

    • blog

      Commenter : You obviously don’t know that model/porn actors get tested before doing porn.
      That’s the difference between hooking up with a stranger.

  28. Bottom Q.Easy

    Sorry,i pushed send by mistake! Anyway, so many people go undiagnosed or untested every year that it is hard to get an accurate percentage of any people in any one group affected by this disease! The real warning is that no matter what his race might be, always strap up! Cause it’s usually the ones you would never suspect that will do you in! Everytime baby!!!

  29. no thanks

    ugh… i’m so fucking TIRED of hearing how the “more education” message will change everything.
    What utter bullshit.
    If someone in the U.S. (especially urban U.S.) doesn’t know how HIV is transmitted, they’re being willfully ignorant.
    Its been around (including how to prevent it) for all their lives.
    The same stupid cunts that know about the latest fashion crazes and what champagne is the hottest amongst ghetto stars can’t figure out how to put on a rubber.
    Seriously… fuck you, idiot losers.
    Or is this some secret war being waged on Black America from the evil White Overlords?

  30. Marcus

    Some people do not know sh@! about gay black men. Why are making generalizations about an entire race based on the people you know? This does not mean all black gay men are like this. That is pure ignorance! HIV/AIDS is something that affects everybody. You can try and separate yourself if you want to, then it hits you, and you will not be able to figure out why. Nobody is immune.

  31. Derrick

    Get over it! The statistics are based on facts. Yes you are human and more then a statistic. No a lot of the prejudice/preference/bigotry that come from these statistics as fuel is not right nor just but it happens we are human. Its not the first time nor will it be the last time and every finger you can point can also find cause to be pointed at you for one reason or another.

    Black gay men are not painted in a good image… but for the most part didn’t give them that great of a paint to start with. So just live your life and just be you. Love and accept others freely and treat them all as individuals that are unique. BE THE CHANGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Not talk about it and see what kind of image that can make with the paint from your life.

    There is no reason to say anything. Let’s just live by the values the GAY COMMUNITY stands for and just show them one person at a time.

    I am a black man.
    I am gay.
    I am hiv- (tested reg)
    I am not and have never been in prison or even gotten a ticket.
    I am not and have never been poor.
    I am an educated person with two bachelor degrees and working on my third. With more then one piece of work published.

    I am NOT a statistic.
    Just like you I have feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations and I even get horny at times.

  32. Akamaru

    Singling out a specific ethnic group is a great way to help PROMOTE the spread of disease by creating a false perception that only X group of people are “high risk” and therefore it’s ok to be careless with everyone else.

    This whole article, while well meaning, is tacky and misses the point. AIDS is a disease that can hit anyone who isn’t mindful of practicing safe sex. Turning this serious situation into a game of which ethnic group is more disease-ridden trivializes the risk each individual takes and marginalizes specific groups of people unfairly. Again this is tacky and I expect better from a site that promotes GAY issues.

  33. The Cincinnati Kid

    @HolePunchSD-thank you for your on pointe analysis. Now let’s see if they do an article on the white boys in The Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, who have the highest infection rate of any neighborhood in the city of New York.

    • blog

      The reason why we did a post on HIV in blk community is not to make you guys mad…
      It’s simply because a new study came out last week on that subject.
      Also, we want to let you know that we do have black people in our staff…. asians, whites etc…

  34. Sean

    ok the truth of the matter is yes alot of gay guys, not just black gay guys, but all have those same odds, 1=4 thats nothing new and by age 25 applys to all, but there are alot of gay guys out(all colors) who have HIV and don’t tell and mess around, even the ones that have it and are undetectable say there HIV- so even if it is talked about befor hand its useless if both partys involved are not honest about it. so it just boils down to this whether u talk about it or not wrap your junk, and if they wanna go raw thats ur choice, jus remember you could see a big poz in your future, I did. so i hope feeling good raw for 15 min or so is worth a lifetime of sickness an meds that can be avoided by jus wrapping your junk. No Matter What!

  35. Scorpion75

    Wow 🙁 not kool on a4a’s part but it gets people talking about it more as it should…the crazy thing is the black men I encounter Dont bareback but the white men I encounter want to be barebacked smdh…rap it up people…H.I.V. NEGATIVE DOIN MY PART TO STAY THAT WAY

  36. delovly

    As a gay blk man I’m again floored by these stats! It’s so sad we need to educate and wrap it up no matter what. It’s time to think highly of our health and understand that we aren’t invincible. The cycle must stop!

  37. easygoingdik

    Different groups have different cultures. For the black community acceptance if homosexuality is behind that if white groups. This is especially true in the family structure. If people are in the closet and without any support system, all the have is casual sex as an outlet. That most assuredly will create risky behavior.

    On this site we can complain about some guy hitting us up for raw sex. But we can take out a few minutes of our own hormone driven frenzy to stop and chat with this person as a peer about how safe sex can still be fun and keep you from hurting yourself or others. Hell strike up a friendship and be a bud who is the only voice if reason in their life.

    Enough bitching and let’s start taking some action.

  38. fairprince2

    a topic that needs to be reviewed at all .
    times is this education bit as well as the possible stories of guys who did it raw and got infected this might help a bit there are no accidents,
    all are decisions we make every time I bottom for a guy I know I stand the chance of being infected ,
    I love cock I am a true bottom one can view my profile on a4a and see my pics and then you will see I love cock however loving cock is the chance we take many of us bottoms can be talked into taking a cock raw ,
    I have had many a nice guy on top of me and hes doing me and pulls off the condom , he is asking to go raw and hell I am tempted as I am hard ready horny to have it especially if its a sweet piece ,
    in the act we bottoms and tops can get carried away its happened already , where guys run out of the few condoms they have and want to still do the bottom hell I have given in far less other bottoms and other tops its all education that will save us ,hell I love raw but men raw is a killer

  39. gary+

    i am a positive white male, was from south africa for many years, where i got it and it is the highest infection rate in world . keep it wrapped up, don’t make the same mistake as me, even if i like bb or not as long as i go for another positive bloke bb then we both no the consequences of other std’s and with negative guys i am safe

  40. JoeP

    This really doesn’t surprise me. I was infected by a black guy when I was 22 years old in 1982. He died in 1987. His friends, most whom were black are all dead. I can’t help but feel disdain towards blacks becuase if that.

  41. Commenter


    You feel disdain for all blacks because the one individual who infected you happened to be black? That’s way beyond sad.

  42. Derrick

    Blog: You should do a piece on the tensions of race in the gay community. But then again they may just want another free porn clip. :/

  43. DrkFantasy

    Being a black guy, all I typically encounter on a4a is white guys, latin guys – basically men that are not black – that want me to top them. Raw. The chocolate dream, I suppose. I understand that Blog is just reporting the facts, or so he says, but I cannot help but feel completely singled out by the way the article was, 1) titled and placed on the bottom of the a4a site, precisely where men are actively looking for sex with new (and possibly racially different) partners, and 2) how there was absolutely no mention (in the article at least) of other races/demographics and their contributions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. If the study was released just a day before the International AIDS Society Conference, wouldn’t there be up-to-date information regarding demographics besides the young, deadly black man? I’m not ungrtateful that the information was made available to a4a members, just a little disappointed in how it was presented.

    To the poster that feels disdain towards all black people because of the one man that infected him over 30 years ago: The disdain you should be feeling is towards yourself for not protecting your own body, and for allowing your momentary lapse in judgment to affect the feelings you have towards over 40 million people in this country. For some reason, the level of outspoken and public racism that still comes out of peoples’ mouths (and keyboards) is so appalling to me, but I know that I shouldn’t be surprised here. I mean, I hate all Middle Eastern people because a select few bombed the Pentagon (totally kidding 100% completely lol).

    To fairprince, who seems to know all there is about the black man: have you conducted a survey on all black MSM? I know it is unreasonable to ask if you have spoken with all the gay blacks in the country, or even your county, but how were you able to come to such a conclusion, that all black guys ‘prefer to take a bottom raw?’ Did you at least take a random sample of gay black men? I’d love to see the results.

    To the guy who made the comment about seeing all the raw black porn that supports this site: I think we both just had quite the lesson in the basics of irony today.

    Now that I am well informed of my likely status as a walking, 25-year-old AIDS factory, I think it’s time to take another (LONG) break from a4a 🙁

  44. Commenter


    You obviously don’t know that testing done on porn actors isn’t completely reliable and involves an exposure windows (during which the virus is present and transmittable but not detectable) of up to 3 weeks.

    You also seem to believe that this testing even occurs in the first place–and simply because you’ve been told it does by pornographers–which I’m not gullible enough to do.

    • blog

      Commenter : I know porn for having worked in porn industry.
      Of course not ALLLL porn companies do, but most now !
      And i’m done arguing with you 🙂

  45. skeeter4life/str8up_nochasher

    Unfortunately,this is true. I just turned 40, 20 years ago, I was deceived by my partner at the time, who DOCTORED A TEST RESULT TO SHOW ME HE WAS NEGATIVE. Yes I did engage in unprotected sex, however back then with the education and knowledge I possessed at the time on HIV, it led me to believe if two people were negative then you couldn’t become positive. thus NO PROTECTION. I used to work in the school system several years ago witnessing a vast amount of young men and women were coming up infected (UNDER 18) THE SAD TRUTH is we AS BLACKS DO NOT DISCUSS, FILTER OR ACKNOWLEDGE HIV PRIOR TO SEXUAL ACTIVITY, but WILL OSTRACIZED THOSE OF US WHO ARE.WHEN WE COLLECTIVELY REACH OUT- SPEAK OUT TO OUR YOUTH WILL THE EPIDEMIC SUBSIDE- MAGIC PILL MY ASS. SUBSEQUENTLY I AM DOING WELL UNDETECTABLE VIRAL LOAD WELL ABOVE 800. GOD IS GOOD!!

  46. JoeP

    Commentor: I feel disdain for blacks because a black man ruined my life before the words “safe sex” were ever heard. He was a liar and whored around NYC before I knew him. Nothing sad about things except I am infected.

  47. Greg

    Some black men, like certain jobs, they see condoms as ‘beneath’ them. Its not cool enough..or try and prove a point. Get a chip off your shoulder and live in reality. Acting white is shunned… Well maybe mimicking whites is just what the DR needs to order. Stay in school, have goals of a home, work everyday, don’t have kids, and use condoms. The easy way is the loser way. Unfortunately so many young people are opting for it.

  48. skeeter4life/str8up_nochasher


  49. BlackJack622

    I appreciate the health review, but i think you guys should review the ways you’re presenting it. Too much I’ve seen on a4a “White/Latino guys only. No blacks.” A post like this will fuel it even more. I’m 21, black, and I regularly check my self for HIV and STDs. I also always have protected sex. Even when I occasionally endeavor into bareback, its normally with a close friend I respect. I have guidelines I follow by with sex and I abide by them. I understand that gay blacks are at higher risk because of the black community outlook at gays. They force themselves in the closet and don’t say anything. I’m not like that. I’m open gay black guy. Yea I play around, but I know I have to stay protected and use condoms and I do. But this post causes a slight disdain for blacks in the gay community. From one person’s perspective, they may not want to sexually interact with blacks because they pose the highest risk. As I said, I understand the message behind it, but try to present it in a way were a racial group in the gay community is targeted.

    • blog

      blackJacxk622 : I’ve seen a lot of “NO WHITES” from black guys as well… cause i like black guys myself..
      But that is not the point of this post

  50. MOO

    Just wrap it up is all I have to say. Even tho it is sad that A4A seems to only like to put down african americans but its all races that contribute to HIV not just blacks. I got HIV when I was 18 from a white guy. Dont be stupid guys and fck the first dick that comes your way unprotected. Even if someone says theyre clean, dont believe them because chances are theyre lying.

  51. BlackJack622

    A national study is one thing, but if this study is international/worldwide, the stats with by a be overwhelming because of the HIV rate in Africa.

  52. Eternal Dawn

    While I understand that is is just a summation of a study, I can’t help but think about how the posting of this article has probably solidified prejudices already existing in the minds of some A4A members.

    Maybe the next post can discuss the role of HIV and the media’s portrayal of it on race relations in the United States?

  53. Greg

    Stupid is as stupid does apparently. If they are dumb enough to go around sleeping with everything with out using protection. Looks like a way of thinning the heard of the stupid ones. U can’t feel sorry for stupidity

  54. Mark

    The message to take from isn’t that the blog is skewing a perception. The message is there’s a monster out there. 60% chance of becoming HIV+ by 40??? That message needs to be shouted on every forum possible!

  55. BlackJack622

    Blog: I understand the point of the post. But this post probably has solidified some ‘preferences’ (so to speak).

  56. Jay

    Gentlemen, first off let me give you a few words of advice. My fellow black men, dont take this post as a personal attack. The blog is simply stating that our rate of infection is alarming and the need to use protection and be more stable with sexual partners is of utmost importance. Why is it that when anything negative is mentioned about our race we get super defensive. That behavior, plenty of which I see on this site is counterproductive. Accept what the study is saying and take heed, otherwise we could end up having the highest real numbers of HIV carriers in America.

  57. JoeP

    Skeeter: Like I said in my first post, I was infected in 1982 before the term “safe sex ” was coined. This creep was the third person I was with. My life was destroyed by a black person and that will never change nor will my view of blacks as a whole. Look at the stats. I don’t care if you feel sorry for me, I am just saying what I feel.

  58. kevstar

    With that last post, JoeP . No one will feel sorry for you! That’s just how I feel. You know what they say about Karma …

  59. educatedbruh

    JoeyP: I don’t care if safe sex was a term used at the time or not, anybody could have passed it to you, and I’m 100% sure condoms were around at thaf point in time, it was YOUR choice not to use it, own up to your own ignorance.

    While I understand that HIV is in all races, when studies like this come out, rather than stepping back and realizing that we need to do something collectively as a race to change the statistics, everyone wants to argue about it. Own up to your actions and do everything you can to protect yourself and not become a statistic. I am so tired of hearing how society defines who I am, WE/YOU are responsible for our actions and our success! If you can’t get with it, continue to be the one to lay back and continue with the BS, and do everything “society” said you would do and be.

    Fellas, look at these statistics, acknowledge the warning, AND WRAP IT UP!

    Much love to all the bruthas out there like me who can accept the fact that collectively we need to clean our act up!

  60. Lee

    hmmmmm….though i think it is great to get the word out there as far as the rise of HIV in the world, it’s seems to be on the rise in the gay male community as a whole, not just the “black” community. We want everyone to be protected, not just the “black” community. Seems like everything has to be about skin color.

  61. Ian

    You know what’s sad? HIV/AIDS could be literally wiped off the face of the earth in one single generation… but it won’t be because people are stupid. Everyone knows exactly how HIV/AIDS is transmitted. Wear a jacket, you won’t get intected.

  62. Bible Belter

    I see statistics merely as a record of choice. You either choose to wear a condom, or you don’t. Either side will have consequences, good or bad. I’m certain that most gay males know the risks involved either way, and in the end, it is their sole choice. If they become infected, so be it. If they stay clean, so be it.

  63. fairprince2

    Well I can by all accounts say that the study done in the islands shows the high risk grouping to be our black gay and bi brothers ,then our east indian brothers, and then mixed and white guys ,
    barebacking is the main reason for this , men in the societies feel that they can never get this dreaded illness and they also feel they are not a man if they cannot breed the bottom ,
    bottoms should always educate themselves as well however a great deal of them in the islands like it raw.
    i myself love a dark gay man but i have always thought that i would not get it this one time so i would spread for my dark brother ,
    this notion is not good in these times we need to look at why men want bareback sex , i have been looking at this recently ,
    one guy dropped over some time back late one night without condoms etc he wanted me raw i refused , he said that he could not get an erection a full one if he wore a condom
    my answer to that is get viagra ….we bottoms need to say no this is my point many white guys or mixed guys are also into barebacking and need to wrap up beforte its too late its sad when our young guys get hiv ….

  64. Teesoup

    This will be an ongoing ordeal. People will continue to have sex without condoms; especially since they know they can still live healthy lives. However, an uncovered penis is not the only one to contract HIV. One major problem with a large number of gay/bi men under 40 is party drugs usage, which weaken the immune system tremendously and entices condomless sex. I know several people who have been positive since the 80’s and early 90’s and are very healthy because they take care of themselves. They don’t abuse their body with pnp. I see a lot of positive white guys on A4A who pnp and want to have raw sex. My black friend gets hit up a lot by these guys wanting to bottom raw. I question if these statistics in these studies are also retrieved from private doctors and hospitals, where most white and Asian men go. Usually most blacks and latinos go to state and county facilities for free testing, where numbers and demographics are released to the public.

    Personally, I’m fortunate. I’ve bareback occasionally with past steady partners and a couple were hiv positive bottoms. This is a risk I knowingly took. My choice. I get tested regularly and am open to guys about my occasional barebacking. I rather be honest than lie about my sex life. We like what we like and have different views and opinions about life. I respect the fact there are many passionate gay men who speak out against having sex without condoms. Just because some of us chose to, does not make us bad people or any other names you may call us. A lot of us are still HIV neg. Sometimes I use condoms and sometimes I don’t. However, if I do become positive, I know it won’t be the end of the world. We are all leaving this place in one form or another. Please don’t think you’re better than those of us who chose to live our lives differently than what you may think is not better than yours. Unfortunately, some people lie about their status and infect those who trust them. All Hiv pos men do not condone this type of behavior. This may sound harsh, but if you decide to trust someone and go bareback for the first time and become positive, don’t blame the other guy. You made that decision to trust.

  65. ugh

    Some people are being a overly sensitive about this statistic, and by asking to keep quiet only makes the problem worse. Regardless, why would you want to date someone who stereotypes a particular race anyway? At least there is a test for HIV – but we should also be worried about HPV. There is no test on the market to screen men with HPV – even though it can cause oral & rectal cancer. I read something about a vinegar test but even then it can still be inconclusive. Are we now supposed to protect ourselves to the point of using condoms in long term relationships for fear of catching something? I dunno… but all of this just makes me want to be asexual.

  66. inmyblkass


    sorry dude… it is hard to take you serious when you lie in your profile. If you are HIV pos, then your profile should reflect that. Do you tell guys you meet up with that you are pos?

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