Prada, from the men’s Spring-Summer 2013 collection

Fashion : Spring/Summer 2013 – Menswear

Summer 2012 just started few weeks ago here and already fashion designers were showing next year’s trends in NYC, Milan, Paris and London.

Major trends were spotted on the catwalk. One is the incredible lightness of clothes and two is the incredible shaped that they get coloured.

Spring/summer 2013 is a very uplifting season in menswear, designers are in a very good spirit. “Light as air”,  “unconstructed” and “indescribable fabric constructions” are key words that describe well the next hot season. There is lot’s of metallic and shiny fabrics on shirts and outdoor jackets, sportswear fabrics like athletic mesh on suiting and shirts, baggier pants to replace the skinnies that we’ve been seeing for few years now, the bomber jacket that also seems to be back as a staple and lot’s and lot’s of colors….

One of my favorite show was Burberry Prorsum, the runway line of iconic brand Burberry. I love the metallic accents everywhere… I would probably not do the whole thing, but I love an accent, like a belt or sandals, I think it’s fresh and young.


Prada was also very interesting, a bit more forward, as usual, with tennis looks and a very 70’s inspiration. Cropped pants, colour blocked jackets and shirts. Sporty but still very elegant!

What was your favorite show ?


(Burberry Fashion show below)

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  1. blond511

    as usual the clothes are ugly and and I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of them. let me re phrase that, I would have to be dead to be clothed in some of those skinny ass clothes./

  2. mike christo

    Are you kidding me!!!! Looks like the metallic rainbow threw-up on these guys. Guess I’m too much of a simple folk to understand these fashion trends..Levi’s and white t’s work for me

    • blog

      jakester: men who likes fashion trends do ! Of course if you live in Louisiana, the chances are ur not… But if u live uppper east side NYC, it’s another story !

  3. e

    i hate where men’s fashion is headed. the lines are blurred, what is masculine and what is femanine,metalic purple pants? no thank you

  4. butterfield8

    well, looks like some kind of uniform for a fast food restaurant. but what do I know ? but I do know what I like an do not like. have fun wearing this .

  5. EArz

    I see a lot of Al Bundy style. It’s not a bad thing. I always like Burberry’s jackets, coats, anoraks, etc. I usually try to emulate their collections.

  6. txtigerpup

    Guess I’m not into the scene. This nonsense wouldn’t last 20 minutes even on city streets in the Western US, much less in the work environment. Give us fashion with practicality, not idiocy.

  7. bigem196

    too much fem and flash, but the rainbow flag was well represented and what was missing were the stilettoes. i’m sure the models thanked God for the sunglasses and prayed that no one recognize their faces. a few pieces were nice, but overall it was not an interesting collection as evidenced by the rousing applause from the audience and that depressing music.

  8. djuannonly

    I live in Louisiana, but I really didn’t like this collection. I am much more of a Roberto Cavalli, John Varvatos kind of guy. There is something about the 80’s jackets and metallic fabrics that doesn’t appeal to me. All the pants were great, I love those pencil thin cuts.

  9. edgar_truth

    not digging the metallic look. i get it’s supposed to be fashion but i cannot see sensible people wearing that in the work place, unless you work in “the industry”. i appreciate that these designers are trying but… i’m not liking it. I think a lot of people look at these fashions and just don’t see ordinary people wearing these clothes, celebrities yeah but your average joes… it would induce a LOL moment.

  10. yoshikun1980

    the “fashion world” makes no sense to me. 95% of the stuff those models wear on the runway has absolutely zero real world usefulness. Men don’t carry purses like that, don’t wear purple metallic rain coats in the summer … women don’t wear bright orange teared and feathered messes that so constrict leg movement that normal function of walking is rendered an impossibility… it’s all just completely absurd. I saw a recent issue of Vogue magazine that just confused the hell out of me. some of those shoes looked as though they wouldn’t even hold, let alone support, a human foot.

  11. Dolce2012

    I have to say is CREATIVE, Colors are for anyone, and once again they did it and right!!! I don’t care what this others bitches commented before but do you guys have a fells long about style??? l’moda?? You may not fit in it but it clearly has a market. Any way. To me this Collection was very different from the standard lines and platters. Good Job

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