Beauty : How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


If people call you “racoon eyes”, it’s probably because you have dark circles under your eyes. But fear not, today it’s all about getting rid of dark and puffy eyes.

The area under your eye is very sensitive and densely packed with tiny capillaries that are prone to expending and thus becoming darker.  There are many reasons behind all this and the lack of sleep and staring at a computer all day are not the main reasons. Nasal congestion, heredity, allergies, vitamin deficiency and reduced adrenal function are all potential contributors.

But how can we get rid of them?

There is no guarantee in those solutions, but they will surely help…

1- Take multi vitamins daily

2- Lower your salt intake

3- Quit smoking

4- Drink more water

5- Splash cold water in your face in the morning

6- Apply moist tea bag on your eyes for 10 minutes in the morning

7- Sleep 8 hours a day

8- Eat well (Anti-oxidants : fruits and vegetables )

9- Relax more

10- Nasal cleansing with saline solution

Other cosmetic solutions are also available like using an eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol or using a concealer that will camouflage the dark under-eye circles.

Is there any specific treatment or product that you like to use for your eyes?


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  1. Dave

    My partner had those. As soon as we got together he started getting more rest and eating better. Now they’re gone!

  2. joeblow169

    I’ve found a cure for the dark circles around my eyes. Called Hydrolyze Advanced Under Eye Formula, made by Hydroxatone. Made in Canada, sold at their web site and at Macys. Their web site has documentation & FDA approved. I’ve used the product as directed; my dark circles are gone in two months. I use it twice daily.The company provides money back guarantee, use it for two months. I’ve my driver license photo & a photo now. You can see the change. This stuff really works for me.

  3. Ryan

    Haha, believe it or not hemorrhoid cream. It works even better for red circles. My cosmetologist friend uses it for people who can’t wear makeup around the eye and can’t necessarily afford eye creams. It’s only a temporary fix though, the methods mentioned in this article obviously work better for the long term.

  4. indydude2002

    hemorrhoid cream works. same ingredients as expensive treatments. of course, you smell like hemorrhoid cream. learned it from the women in musical theatre after staying up late for nights on end.

  5. KJ a4a L0nd0neccentric

    My Stylist friend once recommended Erno Laszlo Ocu-phel Emollient Eye Cream to me, I have been using it for years. But he also said nothing would help or covering them up with
    under eye concealer would be the quick fix. By the way isn´t beauty skin deep? So vain 🙂

  6. Marsviper

    Here’s a quick and easy trick I learned. Rub an ice cube under both eyes, The swelling will disappear rather rapidly. 🙂

  7. William Austin

    Dark Circles are usually cause from lack of oxygen, cause by not enough sleep and, or substance abuse! A clear sign of poor health care : pre-ageing follows….

  8. tony

    yeah and employers interviewers think you’re a druggy cuz you have dark circles or even lines under your eyes. I swear people r so so stupid. I’ve been to many interviews and they do judge you on how you look.. I’m not talking about tattoos either.

  9. jpk338

    i have been using preparation h w/bio dyne. only available from canadian drugstores. i got mine thru ebay. get the creme NOT ointment.creme does not smell. bio dyne has been removed from usa prep h because of lawsuits from people putting it in their eyes,not under or around.

  10. Seth

    OMG, simplest solution ever! Blood vessels shrink with cold! A simple ice mask will do the trick. Keep it in the freezer and put it over ur eyes…..dark circles and puffiness be gone!

  11. tj

    I’m not certain Prep H (or in this case “Prep ‘I'”) still works as an eye treatment here in the US as the FDA required them to change formulas. That’s true at least for eye wrinkles; constricting blood vessels in those circles, probably so. The Prep H sold in Canada may still have the formula that works for wrinkles.

    @Theclosecall that’s probably what the base photo was because that head is Photoshopped on (and the three-quarter rear view).

  12. Dre

    Old school remedy that always a lemon. It naturally lightens the skin. My grandmother would use them to lighten dark spots on her body. Cut two small slices and put them over your eyes while you relax…that helps. I use it on my legs to keep them evenly toned…(the boys love my legs too) 😉

  13. Paul

    I’ve tried different things that work alright But recently tried the new Genifique serum at Lancome and got instant results! A few days later not only did the dark circles and puffiness disappear But lines and wrinkles looked deminished. You can try it before you buy it!

  14. Robert

    Prep H is only good for a half hour or so, then it cracks so badly one looks like Baby Jane Hudson!! I love all eye products from high end La Prairie to walmarts version of Olay. CLINIQUE’s ALL ABOUT EYES is awesome …and very affordable! My tips: room temperature for eye creams; refrigerate eye gels & use either ring finger to apply, DAB NEVER RUB!!

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