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You know all about the mobile options for access to Adam4Adam, right? You have been able to cruise guys through our mobile site (, the UNCENSORED WebApp ( and the downloadable native Apps  for iPhone/iPad and Android for quite a while. Well, our work never stops and the mobile options just keep getting better!

The latest version of the downloadable RADAR Apps (NOW available for both Android and iPhone) include Push notifications.

Push notifications allow you to never miss a new message even when you are not logged in to Adam4Adam. With this update every time you receive a new message on Adam4Adam you will receive a notification through the app even  when you are not logged in!

Think we do just whatever we want? No way! We are listening to you as your suggestions guide the future of Adam4Adam. Need proof? Well here it is; push notification has been the number one feature request for apps, so as you have requested we are proud to bring push technology to you!

What are you waiting for? Go get the updated app and never miss another message!

The Adam4Adam Team


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  1. joe

    Great for this people who have t
    IPhones and droid. What about the windows phone? I’m sure you guys will make one for BlackBerrys next even tho their out of regular markets! Woohoo

  2. gettothepointpls

    the problem w/ RADAR for the android is that the old version and the new version both freezes up quite often. I’ve often removed it and tried later to download it and use it only to have it freeze again. I’ve even had two different android phones and the same thing has happened for both phones, so until that gets resolved, push notification won’t be of much use, i’ll stick to the mobile app.

  3. MrG

    Push notifications are great.. If you want them. I don’t and there doesn’t seem to be a way to shut them off from this app. If there is, please let us know.

  4. Rob

    @ MrG – yes you have an option in the Android App (not in iOS because Apple doe not allow it) and in both you have the device notifications setting for A4A app.


  5. scott michenfelder

    PLEASE…..PLEASE stop sending me e-mails to my personal e-mail account…..I do not need to know on a daily basis that I have mail waiting for me to look at ….this is becoming very very very annoying…..just stop it at once or I will terminate my profile and never use you again!

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