Jack-Off Material : Getting Head From… A Woman

This video was sent to me few weeks ago and I think it’s pretty interesting !
Of course the total gay guys won’t probably like it but the Bi guys out there will love it for sure.

I have to admit that I kinda like to watch straight porn myself even more amateur straight porn, even if I’m 100% gay.
Anyways, check out that hot cock getting sucked by a hot chix and let me know your thoughts!

Click here !


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  1. WA Twink

    I didn’t even watch it, that’s disgusting! I am 100% Gay and it’s gross to even think about a man and a woman, I am upset I even read the blog. YUCK!

  2. Lorenzo

    no way I would rather have a fem guy suck my 8.5 thick cut cock , never a women or fag hag. A hot man sucking my cock is the best, a guy with a bubble butt ass sucking my cock and I would eat his sweet squeky clean ass which would make his cut cock throb for my deep throat. I am an expert at sucking cut cocks and eating squeky clean ass, I live in Palm Springs CA and have hot guys cumming over all the time for my services, the guys with big cut cocks even get to fuck my hot tight latino ass.

  3. foothillbioral

    Nice video for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Not the finest-looking woman or the hottest cock, and te camera is often too close, but for me what makes this hot is the same thing that makes sex great- communication and genuine warmth between the participants. Speaking strictly for myself, I will give great head when I feel connected to the guy who is connected to the cock:-)

  4. William Austin

    Its nice to see a Rock Hard Dick, going into any mouth! As for getting a blow goj from a women? Most of them are just fake’n it: Waste of Time!

  5. jay

    I’ve had head from guys and girls…and here’s my take on it. Very very few broads can suck dick and even fewer of them are good at it. All my head from guys was good and scant few were mind numbingly awesome…but much moreso than women…I’m 44 and id get head from a guy over a woman all the time. Just saying…you ain’t got the equipment they don’t know what it takes to make it work.

  6. tony

    i love straight porn. i don’t care for gay porn even though the guys may be hotter. They all fucken wax, trim, shave, to girly clean cut if u ask me. I love natural hairy pubes blah blah blah… I do love straight guys solo or voyeurism gay porn though,

    I get turned on more with straight guys than gay guys

  7. edgar_truth

    ugh, girls? am I right gays? – jK. i think it’s cool when girls own up to dick sucking (but as a gay dude) i honestly feel they’ll never be able to surpass a gauy sucking another dudes dick.

  8. David

    Having received (and given) oral with a woman, I can say that this is “apples and oranges.” A woman does it out of a sense of obligation. Here there is little visual or emotional intensity to the act with her, playful yes, and that’s fine if that’s what you want. But with a man on man it’s different and it’s hot. In this video, it is sweet and purposeful, that’s all.

  9. stephen

    first off-gorgeous cock! she has some great tits, but knows nothing about sucking cock-obviously…my lips would never leave that hot piece of meat…i enjoy straight porn-mainly wishing i was the chick w/ all the great cocks…i do love a women’s curves, fer sure…more cock in a porno-the better!

  10. Coco Drilo

    You guys didn’t miss a thing: The guy filmed this with his Nokia 7650. She was just nibbling the head and couldn’t even get half of the cock inside her mouth. And she was just there holding it and playing with it as if it were a freaking Atari joystick. She sucked at sucking cock…wait what? LOL

  11. Steven

    She needs lessons… He has a nice cock, although I don’t think I’d let him fuck me if I ever want to walk again ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dave

    This is why I like guys over girls. They don’t know how to suck a cock even one that isn’t that great…If you are going to post a video find one that knows what they are doing and is at least somewhat pleasing to look at.

  13. Harry

    Just why do you think we’d want to watch a dark, crappy, grainy, out-of-focus woman giving head to an all-of-the-above dick?

  14. revhuey

    Whats all the bitching about? No one put a gun to you and made you watch it, he just made it available. You were warned it was str8 so why all the visceral responses. Damn people, get over yourselves.

  15. Ari

    Good suckers are made, not born! Having been with both women and men, it has nothing to do with gender, but how into it the sucker is. I have had mind-blowing blow jobs from women and “let me do it myself” moments with guys. I agree she needs some lessons, or interest (not sure which was missing) here. However, it is a load (and not a good one) that women don’t know how to suck cock because they don’t have the equipment.

  16. Nicco

    I’m with Dan here LEARN HOW TO SUCK DICK…This isn’t high school where you don’t know how, your a virgin still, and that tight pussy has never been popped. Get with the program and DEEP THROAT the bitch and yes for those of you who are old enough to remember it that is a oldy but good porn from the 70’s. When you could go out into public sit in a theatre and get your cock sucked (the right way i might add) in public. And no one would think twice about the moaning cumin from the back fuckin row. LMAO! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Nicolas

    Bunch of cry baby gay men. You cry and complain about acceptance, but are the most discriminating people on the planet! Grow up and let people enjoy sex the way THEY want to. No one forced you to watch anything and cry about it, you jealous children.

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