Hot or Not : Androgynous Men


From what I’m reading in profiles on A4A, most of you guys are into masculine men… But what is masculine and what is not?

For some people a guy can be masculine, and for others, he is too feminine. I guess the degree of masculinity varies for each person. Can we measure it?

Some people require their “masculine man” to have special characteristics like being hairy, tall, muscular, and for others, a smooth hairless short guy is the way to go…

I’ve already been turned down by guys saying I was too “fem” …. But for other into more feminine guys, they were saying I was too “manly” …

It can be very difficult to find the right guy for a hookup or even more for long-term relationships. A guy that likes you for the “whole you”: Your look, the way you speak, the way you act and dress.

I’m sure it’s even harder for androgynous guys or guys that likes to cross-dress (wear women clothes), am I right?

Which brings me to ask you the question do you find these guys attractive? Does it turn you on to date or have sex with more feminine guys? And why?

I personally like a very masculine man… I actually like bi guys or straight/curious guys the most for hooking up. But when it comes to life partners or boyfriends, a masculine total top man can do! I really can’t have sex or date a man that is feminine, even slightly. It psychologically doesn’t work! But that’s me. I can totally be friend with them, but that’s another story!

What about you? Do youย like an androgynous man in your bed or not ? Why?


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  1. jace

    fucke what some peopel call masscone they apeent dont really know what make mana man yess i find asdonesssmen very hot

  2. Malik

    ” โ€ฆ I actually like bi guys or straight/curious guys the most for hooking up…”

    this statement annoys me. You imply that gay men can’t be masculine and that bothers me. I’m 100% gay and comfortable with my sexuality but I’m also masculine too. Just putting that out there.

    Anyway, no I do not find androgynous men attractive. I like my men to be men. I don’t care if he still has a dick. Ftm still have vaginas but you don’t see straight men jumping all over them…or gay men for that matter.

  3. Bren

    I’m attraced to both masculine and feminine looking guys. I can’t say there is one specific type that I’m most attracted to. Although, if I look back at all the guys I’ve been with, I end up choosing the feminine looking guy who has a masculine personality

  4. Ricky

    I totally agree, I am always told that I am too “Fem” when people see my pictures & haven’t actually met me. I also go for guys who claim to be “straight” or “bi-curious”, in fact all the guys I’ve ever been with have had steady relationships with women & in some cases even have kids. I did a 5 year prison term not too long ago and must say that every guy I’ve learned, has the same three lines when it comes to being “straight”, but wanting their “first gay experience” to be with me: 1. I don’t fuck around. 2. I’m married. 3. I have kids. It never fails, I just let them keep telling these lines because I know it makes them feel better.[= By the way, there are now at least 5 “straight guys” walking around California & prison yards with my name tattooed on them.

  5. Electro_Prince

    Interesting question: Yeah Ive been told Im too FEM even by pictures too. For some reason I dont get along with gay guys at all. I DONT have gay friends. They tell me Im too FEM. But anyways to answer the question no Im not attracted to FEM guys. Most STRAIGHT, BI-CURIOUS, MARRIED guys love FEM boys for their first time. I GET them a lot but I turn all of them down. I DONT like being used as a sex toy!

  6. Chris

    I normally never comment on the ol masculine vs feminine argument, but I figured I’d toss my 2 cent in this time. Lol I’m a feminine bottom and I like my man to be the total opposite of me simply because I just can’t be in a relationship with a feminine guy. It has been my experience that me and a feminine guy can’t date they do a lot of tit for tat kind of stuff and that just burns my biscuits uuuugh I freaking HATE it. Even though a lot of profiles says “no fems” I haven’t had a problem finding a man I just feel that for every guy that doesn’t like me there is a guy out there who does ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my demographic and my demographic loves me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  7. david

    I love “straight acting” gay men, no meaning that they are trying to hide that they are gay but you just wouldnt know unless you asked them. Thats the perfect guy for me. I would totally hook up with a fem,straight/curious, bi guy but as far as relationships go i wouldnt even bother. I would admit im a little fem myself and being 5’3 100 pounds doesnt help me be anymore masculine but im definitely not the type to wear make up, girls clothes (occasionaly skinny jeans but thats it)and have that super gay voice. I would rather have a masculine man to date. i wouldnt mind if had some gay things about him just as long as hes not a “girly gay” hence masculine ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. devin

    I love em, I mostly bc of their sexy ads moans , nd beside if they look good being feminine so b it, besides they havr the best bodys

  9. Josh E

    I’ve been told I’m too feminine by a guy because I have issues with bugs. (I don’t freak out, I just don’t like most bugs) The he turned around and dates someone extremely feminine. (wore makeup, girl jeans, etc)
    Now, I consider myself to be a casual gay. I wear typical clothing, I’m not masculine or feminine. You can tell I’m gay when you meet me but it’s not smack-you-in-the-face kind of gay.

    I’m VERY into fem guys. Masculine men are a complete turn off for me. I hate the word straight-acting. I have hardly any straight friends (make or female) all of my friends are gay or lesbian. Only issue is, most fem guys want a really masculine man. So I’m usually the type who gets dated for a few months and dumped without a decent reason given.

  10. TJ Baltimore

    I am attracted to guys who are comfortable with who they are, whether masculine, feminine, or a happy medium. I am not attracted to anyone who intentionally overdoes it for purposes of maintaining an image.

    And while we’re on the subject of being comfortable with who you are: allegedly “straight” guys who try to have sex with men are NOT hot at all. They are cowards, afraid to be associated with us gays. Yes, there is such as thing as experimenting, being bi-curious, and even being gay4pay, but if you looking to get a dick in your ass for the fourth or fifth time, you are lying only to yourself.

  11. jimmyolson

    I’ve always preferred smooth, younger looking bottoms but my ex proved that self-made theory wrong when I gave him a chance into my feelings.

  12. edud01

    Not, but each his own. In my experince, most “fems” tend to be restricted in their sexual interests, ie, bottoms only. I compare overly fems to cds or tvs. Even if they are verse or masc in bed it’s a huge turn off if they are overly fem.

  13. jstbrsn

    I am attractive to both, I like bottoms who are little on the fem side and tops who are masculine. I prefer average to masculine guys that are versatile though

  14. 4ZIEGLER

    I think Andrej rings the epitome of what the blog post is about!
    (have you seen the pics of him and Rick Genest?)

    I’m not sure if i fit the descriptive bill but i can easily go from one extreme to the other. I click very well with heterosexual guys.. Until, that fine line becomes so blurred that the “WTF!?” look on their face becomes apparent; There can be a very nice bond til certain thoughts begin to surface.. Once that happens, usually they pull away very confused, even if we were just being bromantic.

    It’s a fine line.

    It’s not just “androgyny”, it’s also the twinky archetype that people interpret along with it that i think Andrej shows very well! When it comes to my personal dating life, that has probably gotta be the biggest nuisance.

    If i “let my hair down”, i find myself coming across those ex-married guy’s. The “daddy’s”.. It works for me because that’s the type that i’m mostly attracted to but then, things don’t begin to add up once i’m not that “boy” that they expected me to be.

    There’s generally a sumbmissive demeanor that is expected from one while on that side of the fence. I’m not always there, though.. I used to train with boxers.. I entertained a temporary interest that i once had in jiu jitsu..ย 

    Submission is not necessarily something that i’m keen on.

    It certainly makes things interesting because once i switch sides, i either intimidate the crap out of everyone (except women) and find myself surrounded by those “submissive” types (and also the women) that the daddy’s expected, or, i get those รผber masculine one’s that crush beer cans on their forehead.

    I’m shopping now for a train ticket to paradise because, man… Both sides are equally me but i’m constantly weighing in while meeting people because of these expectations that they project and seem to have.

    If Rick Genest were single, i’d maybe try my luck and click a lot easier with him but then again, i only have about 3 or 4 small tattoo’s… What’s he going to think!?!?!???!!!!

    I’m no wuss…

    And i’m certainly no square..

    Once i get to paradise, i’m getting a huge piece done on my back. It’s going to say: “Rare and Radiant”.

    Beneath it: “Lenore”

  15. edgar_truth

    i’m finding this sudden new wave of hard hitting blog posts interesting, touching up on subjects we all know are present in the “gay community” but we don’t really talk about as a whole. I do however find androgynous guys attractive, depending on if they are playing up both femininity and masculinity. case in point present day Chris Crocker… fem guy with a little bit of butchness to him now. Utterly sexy. but i think a lot of the fear for feminine guys comes from the fact that as gay men we struggle with our masculinity more so than straight men because (at least for me) you feel at odds with the “manly man” image.

  16. Yardie_guy

    No, Androgynous Men don’t do it at all for me,I l kike masculine hairy I am bi. If a guy is fem I am a turned off and also if he is young and it shows. But to each his own, I do not hate then either.

  17. J

    I’m feminine as some would say but I do have some masculine interests too. I don’t care if my partner would be masc, fem or somewhere in between. As long as he’s not an asshole about it (Masc. guys can be really really close minded when it comes to fem guys and that really turns me off, on the contrary, with fem guys you tend to can be “ugh…whatever” which is also grinds my gears). I don’t care about what my partner is, all that matters to me are the things they can control, like they’re heart, they’re respect for me, they’re ability to openly communicate with me.

    There was a comment about FTM’s saying that no gay guys go for them. Well that might be true, but i would never turn one down for a date if he asked me. Regardless what they have between their legs, they still could be the guy i’ve been waiting for my whole life, so I would be open that that oppurtunity. Just because i’m gay, doesn’t mean i can’t be with a man w/o a penis. I’m attracted to men as a whole. It’s really sad that other gay men can’t see this.

  18. Abby

    For me it depends on the guy, although I think statistically I’ve had sex with more “masculine” men than feminine. But then again, I currently have a huge crush on a guy who’d be feminine by usual definition. So yeah, it depends on the guy. As for straight or curious men, a lot of them are married with kids and yet love my dick up their backsides. I’m told I’m very masculine, so I guess a lot of straight men do like masculine men.

  19. vafratboy

    We all like “masculine” guys because we’re gay, so by definition we want “guys.” But everybody’s definition of what that is is different, so if you read a dozen profiles all saying they want “masculine” men, you’re probably reading profiles of a dozen guys who all want different things.

    I want a masculine guy, but alot of body hair is a turn off. Another guy may very well say that alot of body hair is part of the very definition of masculine.

    As for myself, I’m pretty middle of the road. Straight people don’t know that I’m gay when they meet me. I’m just me. I like musical theatre and art. I also like martial arts and the blood and guts of EMS. Hard to put me in a box.

    But then your question actually specifies androgyny. I’m gonna have to say for me, that’s a NOT. I like to be able to tell my guys are guys at a glance at the very least.

  20. mascman71291

    I’m a very masculine guy and throughout high school I have been attracted to very masculine guys. My second gay experience was with a fem guy…..too prissy…too girly. Was a total turnoff for me. I’ve got friends who like that type….nothing wrong with it. Just not my preference.

  21. Wondercookie69

    Just because you got a *pop!* doesn’t make you masculine. I was born gay, I like guys. Guys! Not giggly little tinks who are into fashion and have frosted hair. I don’t find it sexy when a male screams like a woman. Or has his nose high in the air like a fashion-model.

    There is masculine. These are guys that you don’t know are gay until they tell you, and you’re pleasantly surprised. Not to the point of screaming high-pitched “Yay!”

    If I want a girl, I’ll go to a girl. It just so happens, I don’t. I want a guy – so that’s what I’m looking for. A guy. Period. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Lorenzo

    I fucked a feminine guy for a long time because every time I fucked his bubble butt ass he would moan like a little school girl, as for a partner, I want a masculine man with a hairy chest and a big cut cock to fuck my hot tight latino ass and a nice cut cock for me to suck like crazy, fem guys are a great fuck but that’s all.

  23. Fea Jai

    I come from a place, where gay people are considered to be of Two sprites (two genders). We once where the shamans of our tribe, care takers of our communities. Yes I am not the average gay and at times when I see the words No Fems, I opt out of conversatrion. Men are beautiful and I love them so the Idia of Butch Macho Bottoms or Fem Nelly Tops is sexy to me. Fem man are not women nor are butch women. Men must take account that we are more female then women are male the nature of our Chromisons dictate that as a reality. find balence and love one another.

  24. jace

    im andergenious guy my self and yess i do find them verry hot that to be icould care less if a guy looklikea guy or a lady that tis verry true that andergenoious guys get alot shit inthe gay cominity sadly the are portared as not baing macline witbh the are shure met some some who are masaine then foot jock that ever btuch game would go for

  25. beach_lovernc2

    I’m with TJBaltimore, I like men who are comfortable in their ouwn skin regardless of how they come across, maybe a little on the fem side, but very gay. Thay are by far the best lovers. I don’t like the flamers who put on a show for the sake of appearances.

  26. LuckyJynx

    Can we please Define what “masculine” is? I’ve never understood how I may be termed “fem.” Yes I dye my hair and paint my nails. I used to be a drag queen and I’m a hairstylist. I can act very flamboyant at times. But I also fix cars, like to watch college sports, play pool and have a beer every now and then. How does that fact that just because I do these things with a manicure make me less masculine. All men are masculine. We all have a cock, we all can use a urinal. Just because someone’s personal style of dress may not be what society terms “normal” for a man it makes them effeminate. I think the saddest thing is all these guys out there saying ‘he’s to gay’ or ‘he’s not manly enough.’ are the ones who don’t have the balls to show their face on a gay site like A4A. It takes balls to be a man and most of the ‘fem’ guys show how big their balls are everyday they step out the front door and be proud of who they are.

  27. danoadk

    Most femme guys are bitches. sorry. if I’m the top, I can get into that, but I draw the line with makeup, Demi Moore haircuts, and spray on tans. Then you’re not only totally unattractive to me, but you’re a complete douchebag.

  28. Anthony

    I’m a drag performer, and it is hard to find a guy who is a cool with it. For me drag made me appreciate being a dude a bit more. I’ve told by men on this site I’m too fem for them, but they’ve never heard my voice or seen me in public. My look changes everyday, one day I’ll be clean shaved, with skinny jeans on and a button up. Another day I will be scruffy wearing sweat shorts and an old tee. I think what I’m getting at here is; guys trying giving a guy a fair chance. For a naturally hairy guy that shaves and who crossdresses it is very hard to find a guy but most bisexual men like me because I can be a manly looking dude, cute dude, and a sexy chick.

  29. Paixboil

    I would just like to say that I understand what its like to have a har time finding someone… I personally am masculine guy who happens to also be a drag queen, the fact the I do drag is apparetly a factor that many guys don’t like and they beileve that it affects my masculinity

  30. Mike

    Wtf.. so annoyed with the whole thing about hooking up with str8/Bi curious guys. So you really think gay men can not be “masculine” enough for you? I’m gay and I bet if u saw me u would think I was str8.. But I’m gay cuz I like men.. not women or men that look, act or talk like them

  31. J.r.

    All of you have made very good points. But my question is why do I see the same guys every time I visit a room in various cities. I think that if everyone who claims they want masculinity in a man, someone would step up to the plate, find their mate and disappear. My point is that most of us who is requesting that their dream mate must be musculine is living in dreamland. Most of us aren’t going to find it. we will ultimately miss the boat.

  32. kamon

    How I see it is the guy that I can be with “seeing in all that I am single” personally it does not really matter to me if they are masculine or feminie, I find more of my attraction in who the person is. I understand people are going to be who they are regardless and I can not fault them for it, I always found it easier to accept them how they are, and love them for who they are.

  33. Bryan

    I thought the whole point of being gay was being with a man… for me men who act like women defeat my attraction to men…

  34. e

    I have been told countless times that I am fem, however I do not see it. I do not care how a person lives their life either as a fem or a butch, just as long as they are not a judgemental bitch about the other. It is just like being told you are too chubby when you are an average weight. it is amazing that as a “community” we cannot come together and accept each other, however we expect everyone else to accept us with out judgement. We all have different tastes as far as the perfect lover, however perfection does not exist and we should not have to defend ourselves to our own “community” about the way we live our lives. I myself am attracted to all kinds of guys because of their awesome personality, short, tall, fem, chubby, thin, masc, etc to me it is all about the personality because I do not hook up, I want a relationship. just don’t be my parents age and we are good ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. vafratboy

    Wondercookie69 – That’s kind of the point. There is no “A guy. Period.”

    What you think of as “a guy,” somebody else might think of as fem. What you think of as fem, somebody else may think of as a guy.

  36. Cybur

    Androgynous Men. Hot? Really? Doesn’t the very definition mean that you can pass for a man or a woman or that it’s difficult to discern the difference in gender of the person by looking at them?? It seems as if you have answered your own question in my opinion.

    I’m gay. That means I am a man that is sexually attracted to MEN! I like men who look like men. I like the way they move. I like the way they walk. I like the way they talk. EVERYTHING! A nice strong jaw, broad shoulders, big chest, muscles and hair in all the right places.

    I can be friends with anyone. And some of my friends (not to mention some of the funniest people I know) are very effeminate, but If you can tell a guy is gay just by looking at him with the most casual of glances, then I have no desire to do anything with him sexually. It seems pretty much cut and dry to me. This is of course my own opinion. I have never been attracted sexually to females. I have never had sex with a female either because, quite frankly, they don’t make my dick hard. I can appreciate a good looking woman with a nice body, but I don’t want to do anything with her sexually. Now show me a nicely built athletic guy then OH MAN!! I wonder how can everyone NOT be gay?

  37. Another Androgynous guy

    I think its stupid how most of the gay community looks down upon fem guys. If you ever looked into the thought that in the past alot of gay couples were a mix of fem and a masc guy. Now adays men struggle with their masculinity and what it means to be masculine so they figure they need another masc guy to keep them in line with their masculinity because they might have mixed thoughts of what ways they show their manliness. Also it seems as though most “Manly” or “Masc” guys are more of a bottom then a fem guy is! why is that? its because there is some feminine qualities in them to make them want to be the receiver in the relationship. You have to remember in a straight relationship the masculine guy would not want to be a receiver to his wife because what would be the point of being the man figure?. But back to the question i feel i am one beautiful guy i appeal to both sexes, men like me for my thin lean figure and women like me because of my exotic features but i feel androgynous men are hot because you take on the appearance of both sexes and still put it off well enough so its a blessing plus your mostly one of a kind so be happy cause no one wants to be a clone of the fake gay society! signed a 19yr old androgynous man

  38. ometto

    No, I like a man to have the qualities that are generally associated with males. Feminine looks and female qualities don’t fit a masculine persona. Guys who look like girls or act like girls are fine, but not the type of male I’d be in bed, with making love to.

  39. Ed

    I personally am attracted to men that can exibit both qualities, both masculine and feminine. I mean isn’t that the definition of androgynous? I find nothing more stimulating than a man who is strong AND sensitive, a man who has a “switch” in his walk simply because it’s better for your hips, a man who openly opposes gender roles and doesn’t put on a front to be seen in a certain light. Sadly, most of the men I currently know who fit into my personal view of a sexy androgynous man are heterosexual. And since I’m not going down THAT road…again…..come on, all of us have done it….I’ll just keep waiting, making sure I’m as good or BETTER than the man of my dreams. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Damion

    There is nothing wrong with preference when it comes to hooking up. However when it comes to a relationship, how long can you honestly thrive on a sex-based fantasy? A fantasy can only give you so much. Most “masculine” guys are in character on the job, a school, with family
    . Damn, wouldn’t it suck to have to be in character in your own home too? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able breathe and be yourself at least with your partner? Reality is an easier pill to swallow especially when the person you’re in love with loves your true character. JMO

  41. Marcus

    I like guys like myself conserative,gentlemen in the street an a man in private who can allow the softer side of me hence forth in a sudtle manner more so if being penerated sometimes it comes out of me when moaning or whinning feeling submissive not fem. Maybe because my voice is deep . So some guys like a masc. man who can be bitch out sexually yet still masc. in and out of bed. I LIKE BEING HANDLE ROUGH, PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE HERE LIKING MASC.ALPHA MALES,
    THEN I LIKE GUYS LIKE ME ALSO not fem. No makeup,fem. clothes a turn off.
    I wear fur coats during winter SOME TIMES,some guys think men don’t wear fur. I do have many of them . Masc.classy does not make you an screaming gay in my opinion. Martini glass in hand does that may you look fem. that would be crazy if someone thought so. AGAIN IT IS HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF. Just be yourself and let others do the same both line. Thank God we are all different, luv the spirit of a good hearted person fem. or not.

  42. Max

    May not be for me, but to each their own. Everyone is free to be whomever they want to be and on the other hand free to love whomever they want.

  43. Lenin

    Iam a gay men , shit no doubts about it , i any men that is confortable with his sexuality , i like both fem or not but the fems ive dated the fem part comes out natural , but someone that act fem or to masculine it is just that an act and like any other act it has and end , so i gotta tell everyone hey just be you be confortable with who u are allways, or you could end up alone and full of yourself.

  44. jose

    I like my men to be masculine its just a turn on, I can be friends with a feminine guy but that’s about it, they do nothing for me, but for each one its own, I think before I sleep with a feminine guy I go sleep with a real girl. Just saying!

  45. Chicorio29

    Iam a gay men , shit no doubts about it , i love any men that is confortable with his sexuality , i like both fem or not but the fems ive dated the fem part comes out natural , but someone that act fem or to masculine it is just that an act and like any other act it has and end , so i gotta tell everyone hey just be you be confortable with who u are allways, or you could end up alone and full of yourself.

  46. Chino

    I myself have been told that I am in between not fem or not masculine, although I could care less, I’ve had my share of married men or men with girlfriends, I been with some fem guys also,, but do prefer masculine men, alot of times they’re the ones that end up catching, and I like that feeling of being in control,To each his own.

  47. Cookie

    my word guess i get to be the new take on things well here we go. I fucking hate masculine men or should i say i hate masculinity ( in all most any and every from of it). It i find it serves no purpose. whether we are talking a one night thing or fwb or even a LTR. i am a fem top ( more like butch queen damn i cant believe i just admit to that shit)that greatly prefers fem btms or fem vers. I am so fucking tired of ” why dont you just date girls then” well i have one for them “if i wanted a masculine man i will fuck a gorilla” cause in reality there is not much difference. but then again a men that is fem proves everyday he is more manly then the average openly gay masculine man or str8 (downlow men as well) for that matter,just by walking out side his home .

    Ha and yet people ( gay or str8) call us the punks yeah fucking right.

  48. Mark

    I like masculine guys. Guys that look and act like guys. I am very turned off by guys dressing and acting like women. I am not attracted to women and don’t want guys that look and act like women ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Caramanza

    This debate has always puzzled me… I understand preferences, but this false sense of a gay hierarchy is crazy to me. We all suck cock. There’s no way to be “straight acting” with a cock in your mouth or one up your ass. I hate to be so graphic, but it helps the point I’m making. I am attracted to men; fem, masc and all things in between. This idea that the greater your ability to be perceived as straight is harmful to the advancement of gay rights. If you don’t like wearing makeup or dresses, then don’t, but please let’s stop with this perception that it makes those who do less of a man. WE ALL ARE MEN, but we don’t all have to express our manhood the same way!

  50. Josh(Blackwater)

    Truth be told, I’ve been harped on that I’m too femme and that I’ll never be happy. I mean hell! I’m a drag queen, so no duh it’s going to be hard for me to find someone who will appreciate what I have to offer. But I find myself attracted to both masc and femme, just as long as they can appreciate me and what I do. Not too much to ask for, am I wrong? And Malik, and Wondercookie69, I just have this to say to you, it’s people like you with your close minded views that have prevented me and other guys like me be happy. I hope your satisfied.

  51. ks587

    I don’t think your post addresses the idea of the androgynous man at all. The concept of androgyny, particularly in the setting of the Bem conceptualization of masculinity and femininity (which you’ve linked to in your post), is that a man could have characteristics of both the masculine and feminine. For Bem this would mean, for example, being both aggressive and nurturing, both sensitive and independent, both competitive and warm, both forceful and affectionate, and so on. Traditionally, psychologists in the area of gender roles have thought of this as being ideal because it means that when aggression is the appropriate response, for example, the person can respond aggressively (it’s a personality trait they possess), but when that same person needs to be nurturing, they can easily call that into service (they possess that trait as well), in other words, there is a balance of traits that in excess might lead to problematic responses.
    What you seem to be writing about is the idea of feminine men, or ‘gender atypical men’, which have been the topic of much research, but are certainly not androgynous.

  52. TJ Baltimore

    I also want to add (agreeing with J, contraindicating Malik) that there are some very attractive FTMs! I definitely would have dated one. It just so happened that I met my cisgender male partner first.

  53. Ronnie

    I love that comment up there from RICKY. I can second that, only there are 5 guys in some prison yard in Texas with my name on it haha.

  54. Brad

    I personally have nothing against androgynous men, and I’m all for self expression, but I admit they do nothing for me sexually. I like feeling like I’m with another man. But at no point will I say there’s anything wrong with them. I acknowledge it’s my issue and not theirs.

  55. Malik

    @ Josh(Blackwater)

    I have nothing against ftm, androgynous or fem men. I simply stated the truth and my opinion. I’m not attracted them…so apparently according to you my attraction prevents guys like you from being happy.

    Now, I know this is copout statement but yes I do have fem friends and when I went to my nearest lgbtq center for younger guys I just so happened to meet a ftm who I became friends with and still to this day talk to. My fem friends are still my friends and we talk. I have no shame with walking around with them.

    All I’ve said is that if you were to ask 100 gay men if they would date a ftm (heck I discreetly proposed a simliar question to the gay and bi guys of my organization) and as thought, most wouldn’t.

    I prefer masculine men not because a fem guy would embarrass me, but because the personality traits that I look for (ideally) cannot be found in feminine men. Plus, I hang out with many women already. If I’m going to spend my time with someone they can’t behave like them lol I’ll go crazy. Hence why I have my pool of guys I hang out with.

    Stop trying to make it seem as if everyone is against you. You’re just being dramatic.

  56. Osei

    I am attracted to gay men who have a softer side without adding or projecting the body language of a woman. The thing that catches my attention is the natural walk pattern of a man that could imply that the man is gay. Example – a guy will a bulky tone butt who may have slight sway that he cannot undo. I do not like androgynous men, men in women clothing and trying to project the image that he is more woman than the natural born woman. Example – I find Rupaul show on Logo and absolute waste of time when I am channel surfing.

  57. Hunter

    The androgynous guys I’ve met have all been way toward the femail side of “can’t tell if male of female.” If I wanted a female, I’d get me one. No prejudice or anything. Just absolutely no attraction. Hair, muscles, deep voice and no pink get me rolling, thanks.

  58. Bearcat85

    When men talk about labeling or defining what people are, that is the first problem. Yes, there maybe some truth to every stereotype, but the only labeling people should “see” or define you is your perosnal name or nickname. Besides that, the classification system is all based upon looks and not what you do or what you like…Thus, limiting a person to an A-man or Fem-man is rediculous and disabling. All in all, people need to find what certain trais you are attracted to or not, accept what you are not, quit being offended and offensive, move on, make mistakes, and enjoy. Thus, this is all my opinion and this is what I have learned.

  59. LuckyJynx

    IM sorry but normal masculine behavior does not include getting on your knees and putting a penis in your mouth or having one shoved up your nether regions. So in essence there is no such thing as a masculine gay guy

  60. Michael

    I don’t like the term straight acting because it infers that gay men cannot be masculine. I have a real problem with that word. I would say I am in between both and it varies. I like pop music like Rihanna and Madonna. However, I don’t care for fashion, I don’t read Vogue, and I don’t have fashion sense. I like wearing jeans, t shirts, baseball caps and I love sports.

    I do prefer masculine men but I don’t think feminine gay men should be put down or criticized. I also notice another side of the gay community which I think is a joke those muscle bound gay guys. I never see these muscle bound queens any other time of the year except at gay pride. And I think the muscle bound gay men are trying to overcompensate for their perception or belief of what masculinity means which is having a perfect toned body.

  61. Sunny

    I do not care too much if you are too feminine or masculine then only problem that I have is with the guys that decide to wear female clothes. That I cannot date…

  62. Thom_P72

    Not for me, thank you. I mean don’t get me wrong, twinks are great, but I want a man, especially one who knows he’s a man. I’m not a psychotherapist, I can’t help these emos, or lady gaga wannabes, or whatever else you want to call them, figure out what they want to be when/if they decide to grow up. And god help me if I hear one of these say they’re a top… really? Wanna wrestle me for it? I’m a fat lazy bastard, and even I can kick your butt… what makes you think you deserve the right to even try getting into mine. I’m gay, I want a man, that is all.

  63. paul anthony

    myself i am a bisexual male who loves sex with men and women so me being a bottom to men i enjoy sucking rockhard cocks and hopefully being fucked by it i watch straight porn and fantasize that i am the woman in the video wanting to do every thing she is doing and have done to me whats going on with her and the men but i reamined the same preson i always have been throught out dating and fucking woman and later sucking off strangers cocks through bookstore glory holes so i prefer a man on the manly side i suppose for the obvious reasons chicks with a suprise? you never suprise me or titulate no thanks

  64. Aaric

    As a same gender loving man, I do not understand why the gay standard of beauty is feminine. As same gender loving men we go thru HELL for being who we are. Yet what is constantly show down our throats is be skinny, be feminine, shun masculinity at all costs. Ironically, women have learn a similiar lesson already. Women stop accepting the lie that you can only be sexy if you are under 30, skinny, blonde, six feet tall and 120 pounds. To my same gender loving brothers STOP buying into the nonsense. You will be happier in the long run.

  65. Revhuey

    NOT HOT AT ALL! I want a MAN that looks like a man, talks like a man and most importantly, can FUCK like a MAN.

  66. LilGoGoBoi

    I could care less if they’re feminine or masculine, androgynous or obvious. I don’t like being discriminated against, so I wouldn’t do it to anyone else, UNLIKE what some of the guys HERE are doing. To each his own. If you remove the clothes, what do you have? A MAN!!!!! MANY different characteristics can make a man.

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