Entertainment : Madonna’s MDNA Tour Outfits


It’s going to be an edgily fashionable Madonna on stage during her MDNA tour and the man responsible for her chic onstage choices is none other than Jean Paul Gaultier.

The designer confirmed his collaboration with Madge in an official statement and explained about his inspiration, “We played with the ideas of a suit and a corset. But the corset is now like a cage. What I have done this time is a nod to the conical bra corset of the Blond Ambition tour but reinterpreted in 3 D, in patent leather on the outside with metallic leather on the inside. It’s all about masculine and feminine, Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier classics reinterpreted for 2012.”

Love it ?! I do!


(more photo after the jump)


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  1. Joe

    I think the outfits are cool. Im not as interested in outfits as much as I am for her to put on a good show and that Madonna always does. The clips I have seen she has once again proved she is not going to be disappointing me on the MDNA tour. I cant wait for her show to come to NY.

  2. Justin M. Walker

    I love it. Glad to see the cones making a come back! Can’t wait to see them up close when she comes to Saint Louis on November 1, 2012, which this will be my 1st concert ever!!!

    • blog

      Jimmy, I’ve never said i didnt like Madonna… I like her, but not a biiiiiiig fan. I have 3 albums… some songs I love some I dont

  3. tony

    her cheerleading segment was the best.. great choreography. and she’s hot in the cheerleader outfit even if she is 50 something

  4. filip

    after girlie show is bad decorrates and bad costumes desisgn . Why she inspiration and recycle her imaged … Nothing news and different ,,, it is dulls

  5. Guy Ritchie

    She has awful costumes this time around. I think these are much better, she should have consulted me 🙂

  6. Matthew Sasha

    The updated or is I call it the futuristic Cone braw costume looks AMAZBALLS!!!! Some of the other costumes are pretty good and well designed, But the rest of the costumes need to go!

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