Health: Why Bi?

We received an email from a member regarding some of our past posts on bi-guys. He was motivated to contact us as a result of the recent straight-to-gay post. He said that the post made him stop and ask “why am I bi”.

He stated: “Most of my male partners have been bi guys and their “reasons” for being bi varied. The gay partners I’ve had always seemed to be recruiting me, which is ironic coming from people that claim it’s not a “choice” to be gay.

My bi friends, just revel in loving sex with both sexes. No recruitment attempted. Some bi guys, like me, like to be with guys because when we just want kinky, nasty sex with no strings, no one can give better than another guy. Yet, we LOVE women. We LOVE sex with a woman. Other bi guys limit their man-on-man activity. Possibly my favorite fuck buddy had a GF too. He loved to be fucked in the ass. So much so that I would only get 4 or 5 slow pumps in before he’d cum. He also sucked great cock. But when I asked him to cum on me, he said, “Dude, you’re gay!” Really? What does my cock in your asshole make you?”

The member went on to ask: “…I am asking you to pose this question on the blog to the bi guys out there: If you think about it, what reasons do you come up with to rationalize your being bi? Is it a conscious decision? Or have you always found both sexes attractive?”

The origin of sexual orientation is a difficult question to answer. Various theories have proposed differing sources for sexual orientation, including genetic or inborn hormonal factors and life experiences during early childhood. The possible origins of a bisexual orientation / identity is even more complex.

So ‘bi guys’ how about it? What made you bi? Is it a conscious decision? A sexual orientation from birth, the result of a progressive sexual addiction (as stated by some ‘Sex and Love Addicts’ and SLAA 12-step programs), have you always found both sexes attractive, or do you just like to ‘get off’ and you have found that guys rarely say no?




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  1. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Why are people in such denial? If you find both sexes attractive, how do you think that’s a choice? It’s who you are. You can choose not to act upon having sex, but anyone can do that, you can’t change your natural attraction.

  2. T-blow

    Are all Bi-guys homophobic or just the one who wrote you?

    First he casts his doubt on not choosing to be gay then he says he wants sex with a man because it’s “nasty”

    And finishes by telling us twice he “LOVES” women and swears he’s not as gay as the guy he’s with.

  3. Rick

    Gotta say I have always been attracted to both sexes as long as I can remember. There was some molestation when I was a kid by an uncle, BUT I even remember finding both guys and girls sexually attractive before that even happened.

  4. Mitch

    What a silly question. You don’t choose to be bi. You are what you are. How anyone can even ask that question is absurd.

  5. Tommy

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to both men and women sexually. But experiences offer something different and I enjoy aspects of both sexual activities. When I am with a woman, I prefer to be the dominant partner and relish in that behavior as I do enjoy the kink side of sex. When I am with men, I prefer to be the submissive one. I guess you could say this lifestyle is a choice and I could choose to ignore my passion for either sex but why should I deprive myself of the pleasure derived from being with both men and women…I love being bisexual!

  6. philarican24

    Well with me not been a very popular guy….and not having girls at all when i was in school..and the having this guy at work who was hitting on me every time he could even tho i always make clear to him i wasnt night i took him home…and without notice he grab my dick…i took his hand away from my dick manny times but he would stop. So ill gave up and let him play with my dick….after that i started been attracted by both…..i could be in a relationship with a girl but when i was hot sex ill go for the guys….they suck dick way better anyways!!!!

  7. Dan

    I am proud to say I am Bi. My x wife noticed 1 day at the mall I was staring at this very good looking couple,she asked if I liked what I was looking at. Well when we were driving home she asked If i thought that Man was attractive and I could not lie I was busted. We are no longer together not because I am BI it is my choice to enjoy men. Best sex I have ever had was with a man. I am not into fem guys. When I want a woman I will seek one out.

  8. Andy

    I tell people that I’m “sexual”, not really “bisexual.” I think all human beings are attractive in some way. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and I like hanging out with my buddies for recreational sex from time to time. When I see beautiful people, I admire them (not leering, just appreciating). Is there sexual attraction? Yes, at times, but it’s not defined by gender. It’s just beauty.

  9. Cooper

    I find the human body a wonderful thing. I’m bi by nature and honestly love it both ways. Being in love with a woman is much easier than with a man. Sex with a guy is more fun because of the taboo involved I guess.

  10. muscdad59

    I was lovingly raised by two parents who were affectionate and loving and are still together. I now realize that is an uncommon gift. I assumed that that was the ideal for me and assumed that my wives would feel similarly. Feminism wrecked all that and misled us to think that everyone was equal and we could improve on the model of a lifelong relationship with children.

    Somehow I knew that sexual satisfaction was not my highest priority. I was blissfully ignorant about sex all through high school. I didn’t have a clue about sexual acts other than intercourse for reproduction. Of course we do not choose what attracts us, but experience definitely changes that attraction. I have always been attracted to young lean bodies of both boys and girls. But I cannot act on that now and integrate that into a wholesome lifestyle.

    But in college I knew it all and when I experimented with sex with another young man, I discovered it was great fun and thought that it was harmless. So, yes, I chose bisexuality. I did not respect the traditional wisdom that sex was dangerous; I knew the biology and HIV had hardly started by then. I regret that I chose that path. Fortunately, it didn’t significantly divert me from the bigger goals of career and family.

    People chasing sex or doing drugs always raised the question in my mind “What is wrong with them?” Why waste your time when there is such abundant opportunity in this country?”

    I truly regret that our society has come to idolize sex to the point that the accepted wisdom is that we should choose our mates based on physical attraction. I would have had a much happier life if sex outside marriage was never an option. I was a very happy, productive young man before I had sex and I believe that I never would have missed sex with other women or men if I’d never explored. You can’t miss what you don’t know. I think a lot of men who identify as gay would be much happier if they found an otherwise compatible woman and raised a family, by AI if necessary. Most happy marriages have very little sex versus affection and intimacy.

    I have experienced much greater satisfaction raising great kids and being of service to others than having great sex. And I don’t regret being mostly celibate during my 20 years of marriages due to lack of interest of my wives.
    I have found myself happier and more settled after giving up mastubation after I challenged myself after being discovered to avoid all sex to prove to myself that I was not obsessive.

    I enjoy emotional intimacy with other men more than ever, regardless of sexual interest; true friendship is priceless. And I have an active sex life with a small subset of my friends, but it is not that important to me and I have given that up without regret for the sake of my wives and a serious boyfirend in the past.

    I didn’t cheated on my wives for 20 years because I knew that could wreck my family. My first wife cheated on me and ultimately left me but I never used her cheating or lack of sex to justify cheating myself.

    When my second marriage failed, I started sneaking around with men and hurt my wife and family terribly. I chat with lots of married guys on here and sometimes meet. But crossing the line and indulging in sex and creating a false bond is a very bad idea, when what most of these men really need is emotional intimacy.

    It seems like most on this site are sexual obsessives and rationalize that their bad behavior is beyond their control. Get a clue, men, no one cares about how intimate you are with your friends as long as you don’t expect praise. We choose our behavior and that is what we are judged on. Promiscuity and anonymous sex is dangerous, obsessive, behavior and strong feelings or inability to ejaculate without special circumstances is no justification for seeking out those circumstances regardless of consequences.

  11. Rick

    I “launched” my BI-ness when I was in my 50’s after many years of dreaming of having sex with another man. Loved it and continue to have sex with both mena and women. When I desire a warm soft touch and a long easy passionate love making session I choose a woman. But when I’m in the mood for a hot nasty blow and fuck then definitely a man… Two different and distinctively different kinds of sex. I really believe all men would be this way if they could get over their own fears and prejudices….

  12. Darryl

    We don’t impose absolutes on any other aspect of human behaviour. Why do so many insist that you must “choose a camp” when it comes to sexual attraction? Personally I feel that no one is 100% homosexual…no one is 100% heterosexual. We are all simply sexual. I was married to a woman for 20 years and have two children. Currently I’m in a relationship with a gay man. To me the best sex is with a man AND a woman together. At 53, my generation doesn’t seem as accepting of bisexuality as the latest one. However I’ve received more prejudice from gay men than any other group. From now on anyone who says I’m “in denial” will be denied the pleasure of my company.

  13. Tom

    I have been physically attracted to both genders since I can remember – even as a child. I finally came to terms with my bisexuality about 8 years ago after finding many more people like me on line. My needs are closeted because I am happily married and a professional in the community – a community that does not yet accept bisexuality as a normal sexual orientation. I am happy to keep my bisexuality secret, though, and continue to look for men to pleasure. As for women – I look but do not touch. My wife is all I need, and my relationship with her is extremely satisfying on that side of things. In my view, and thinking about my experiences and discussions with many men like me on line, I believe bisexuality is part of your genetic make-up, personality and orientation from birth. I believe there are many more bisexuals out there who are inhibited by societal constraints. We have to accept who we are, even though we often have to hide it!

  14. bob

    I really don’t consider myself ‘bi’. I find nothing attractive about guys other than their junk. In a perfect world it be attached to a woman. There are a lot of mental role playing gymnastics as well..scenarios…the lost the bet and have to pay up’ ..ha. its fun because its so outside the box..that’s what makes it nasty. If I were actually attracted to men it wouldn’t be any fun. And yesI understand the whole argument ‘ dude – you’re sucking a guys’re at least bi!’ , but I disagree. If I were into kissing guys that’d be different story. Its funny because actual gay guys seem to have the most problems with this…they either think you’re in denial or something cause they can’t relate. I have no reason to lie…it is what it is…

  15. Rawandready

    Born this way or a choice. Maybe some are born gay and some choose. Your not going to change a straight man gay just as much as your not going to make a gay man straight. If you like sex with men it is going to happen. As far as the bi thing. Well if you enjoy both then let it happen.

    Cooper with respect I dont think sex with man is taboo. Happily married to one and should be excepted as the man that are having sex with their wife’s.

  16. King

    I am an openly homosexual male. However, the term “bisexual” conjures a mixture of emotions for me.

    I personally do not believe in “bisexual” and I hate that bisexuals are categorized with gays.

    “Bisexual” shows a huge lack of self control, and a desperate need for attention, and possibly a state of confusion and/or self loathing and possibly even a lack of self respect.

    People are either one or the other. I dont believe anyone is TRUELY “bi”.

    People who want to experiment without any social repercussions or feelings of guilt claim to be bisexual.

    Have the courage and self respect to pick one and stick to it, regardless of what others think. I dont believe anyone will honestly respect themself and form a true identity until they do.

  17. Marty

    This one is easy for me.
    I am straight. I play bi. I’m just not homophobic and I enjoy sex. Not really into anal play of any kind, but oral is cool. I figure if it’s ok for a woman to give me head, there’s no reason it’s not ok for a man. I think it’s partly due to where and when I grew up. Adjacent to San Francisco in the 70’s.
    So, for me, it’s a choice I make because I enjoy sex and, yeah, there’s very little work involved in finding some casual play when it comes to men.
    I don’t find myself emotionally attracted to men and find most men physically unattractive, so in that sense it’s just a physical thing. On the other hand I do fall in love with women and find most to be physically attractive.
    Well, that’s my story. Does it help?

  18. Clay

    Being gay and knowing what it’s like I can speak, at least for myself, that it isn’t a choice… However,… A distinction should be made between homosexual and gay… really anyone can be homosexual. (See the definitive study: Sexuality in the Human Male, Dr. Alfred Kinsey) you know, the study that took homosexuality out of the American Psychiatric Association’s Catalog of Emotional and Psychological Dysfunctions and Behavioral Disorders… ‘Gay’ and ‘Homosexual’ are not mutually exclusive… hence the validity of the arguements for Bi Guys….

  19. Stan

    It is my experience that I am attracted to both men and women. However, as I am not attracted to all women, likewise am I not attracted to all men. There is a different approach to each and what I am willing to do sexually with either guys or girls depends on the chemistry and mutual needs. All in all, I find there is too much emphasis on labels. I do not feel it necessary to defend what or who turns me on or gets me off: as long as it is mutual and consensual, sex for pleasure should not be occluded by what other people may label it.

  20. John

    I lost my virginity to a hooker when I was 20. Two weeks later, a guy picked me up in an adult movie theater and we went to his motel room and sucked each other. Up to that time, I’d only been interested in women. After that, I found myself very “obsessed” with oral sex with men, but still sought out women for both oral sex, and intercourse, and I only had relationships with women. With men I was only interested in the quick hook up for some oral action.
    Several years later, a guy finally talked me into letting him fuck me. I became instantly addicted. I LOVED being fucked. I’m still only interested in women for attached relationships, and enjoy the dominant role with women.
    I enjoy friendships with men, and love intimacy (kissing, touching,rimming,etc.) with a man while we’re together and having sex.
    So was I born BI? I don’t think so, I think I acquired the desire to enjoy sexual pleasures that only a man can provide. Now I can enjoy all forms of sexual pleasures that
    both men and women can provide.

  21. Lewis

    For me its not a matter of being “Bi” but rather one of attraction. I have always sort of know I was attracted to both guys and gals since early childhood. I was never molested or had any life changing trauma to make me like guys. I just seemed to come into it naturally, after having been with several women. I just decided “why not check it out and see how it feels to sleep with a guy”. My first guy was a masculine guy NSA clean cut fellow professional. I have to say he gave head like a pro, but once I discovered how tight a male ass is I was hooked. Never have taken it up in me, just not interested in it. However I do check out men and women equally and find both sexes attractive. I don’t mind getting cumm on me, its bound to happen in the heat of the moment. I guess you just like what you like with whom your with.

  22. Red House

    I am bi because I like sex with both women and men. I have had gays try and recruit me as well. They always ask “What is that ring on your finger” and act as if it is very strange for a married man to be fucking a dude.

    I experimented as a kid with dudes and it lasted a couple years, then around 8th grade I stuck exclusively to girls until around 2007 or so when a guy at a bar was noticing me and followed me back to my room. I was horned up, left the door cracked open just a bit and he walked in. I fucked him. It has been a guy or girl thing since. I LOVE fucking my wife and girls. Actually more than I like fucking guys. However, I spend a lot of time on the road and feel guys are less hassle (we just want to fuck) then girls. Also, my wife knows I am bi. She doesn’t like it, but is dealing with it.

    I laugh at these gay guys that say I am gay. Really? By most peoples definition I would not be into the girls as much if that were true. It is a choice for me. No doubt.

    BTW, I am most attracted to other bi guys. More masculine and zero drama.

  23. COCKConnoisseur

    I’ve never been with a man, but have fantasized about dropping to my knees for a muscular stud with a 6 pack and sucking on his big thick Circumcised COCK that curves deliciosuly upwards. I imagine the excitement would make me cum spontaneously. Yet, I have ZERO attraction for most men. In fact, I’ve never seen a guy that aroused me. It seems that I am only aroused from pictures or videos of hot muscular guys with big thick Circumcised COCKS. And even then, I seem to have an extremely particular taste. So, I guess that makes me “bi,” but on for a very limited subpopulation. And even then, maybe it’s only in a fantasy that I become turned on.

  24. Abby

    I’m someone who used to think I was bi and I think I still am, I do find hot women hot and have a thing for the nipples of the guys I’m with. But I think I “choose” to be with men rather than women. A good reason for bisexuality in my opinion is that people with unusually high libido who need frequent gratification tend to seek out multiple partners irrespective of gender. Once u have sex with a man and get over the supposed taboo (and also realize how f’ing good it feels to be with a man lol) u get hooked onto it and keep playing with both sexes. I consider myself gay now but I’m not militantly opposed to bi men like a lot of my gay friends. As long as a bi guy isn’t a homophobe or doesn’t judge a gay man for being who is, I don’t have a problem with them. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with bi and/or married men.

  25. sub boy

    i am a bi male but i fully admit im more gay then bi i find women beautiful and passionate and wonderful people i enjoy their company but do not believe i can have a long honest relationship with a women. for this reason i am more gay then bi. also i feel a certian lets call it genetic imparitive i am the last of my bloodline i feel a certian responsibility to have a child heck even multiple ones. for this reason i clasify myself as bi still and not full on gay maybe one day i will change that after i have a long lasting relationship and weve started a family

  26. JayMall

    Ok. I’m 18 and i realized i was bi when i was in high school and guys were showing that they were interested in me(had no intention in being with a guy). But i had sex with a guy and the attachment i had was weird but i liked it. Then i dated my ex girlfriend and i was madly in love with her and i had so much respect for her and thought i was gonna marry her. But a guy came along. So then i came to realize i like both male and female! I will say this… i have more respect for women than men which makes me adore a women more than a man! I hope this helped! Thanks guys! YEP I’M BI!!

  27. noteasy2get

    I don’t care if a guy is bi. I am somewhat jealous, you get to live the straight life and still enjoy the gay one (at least the sex) with none of the tedium of the everyday scene. All of the bi guys I have met though say they are more into women and men are just a rare diversion, is it ever the opposite? Are there men that are more into guys (even to the point that you would identify as gay if you could only choose one) but occasionally go find a woman on a website or club for a quick fling?

  28. Rick

    I have always been attracted to both sexes. I’ve been through the I’m str8 I’m bi thing. But I’ve come to the point I’m sexual. I like who likes me. My dick gets hard no matter who touches it. When it comes to what sex I’ll choose, its the person who responds firtst. Lol

  29. Bryan

    Sexual labels are exactly that, words to conjure up the compartmentalization of a nuanced and dynamic question. I know that when I am with women I also think of men, however when I am with men I do not think of women except after when I am horned up wanting more and especially wanting to be a top, since I am currently a bottom with men. Both sexes have different things to offer but only the individual knows how meaningful of a relationship he/she could have with another individual. Sex can be with whomever you choose, a meaningful relationship should be with an individual with whom you can satisfy all your needs, desires and aspirations for the future. I find it of great disgust that there are those who do not believe in the ability to enjoy both sexes for what they have to offer and that one should choose a sexual camp. I know that my identity involves far more than my sexuality and carnal desires! I also have children and do not require a uterus for further procreation or family building thus lending a certain freedom to my sexuality.

  30. brad

    well as i am living right next to the largest army base east of the mississippi i can honestly tell you that alot of the guys that i encounter just love to get fucked
    i am currently involved (well we are friends with benefits) with a army dude who loves to bottom and when i asked what about your wife strapping one on he replied number 1 he could never bring himself to ask her that and number 2 a dildo is not as good as the real thing
    plus he gives really good head and loves the way i touch him that his wife cannot
    what can i say MEN KNOW WHAT MEN LIKE
    case closed lol

  31. Rin_of_Danbury

    When I was a child I watched my favorite Disney movie of all time, The little mermaid. I was a hardcore fan. I saw it in theatres, on VHS, cable TV and later DVD. I admit I saw this film probably over thousands of times and I even saw its underrated sequel & prequel. I recall having a fascination with Princess Ariel’s voice, but hey when the movie premiered back on November 17 1989, I was a six year old cooties hypochondriac. The funny thing this fear about catching cooties from a fictional cartoon mermaid drew my attention to Prince Eric, who I later learned was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

    Now my intial attraction to Prince Eric was his dark hair and light eyes. I wanted to have a friend like him. I wanted a girlfriend like Ariel. I decided by the end of the movie after the first time watching it. I told my mother like a good moron, “I wanted to marry someone.” She promptly corrected me saying, “No, no, baby, you mean you will marry some girl!”

    Upon hearing this I was so upset, I held my breath until I passed out and when I awoke, I ended the debate with a groggy, “No mommy SOMEONE… I AM GOING TO MARRY SOMEONE!”

    Well after that argument. I thought about why I was so angry and I think I felt like my mom was trying to prevent me from marrying my Eric. Don’t get me wrong but even at 6 years old I wanted the right to marry a Prince or a Princess. Gosh, I was such a cute pre-pubescent chronologically-validated bisexual boy.

  32. pdher1

    Im bi, but I find both sexes attractive. I call it free love but im always safe. I dont believe you choose who you’re attracted to. You like guys then you like guyd. You like girls then you like girls. Its the same for bi guys/girls, we just like both.

  33. muscdad59

    Noteasy2get- I have heard of very few bi guys that have had casual sex with women. The typical woman that is attractive to a bi guy is attractive as a potential mate, not as an NSA sex object. The women who are easy are usually either quasi-whores, willing to trade sex for dinner and gifts or decieve themselves into thinking that sex might lead a man to consider her as a mate. I have met some gay guys like that, who think that if they have sex that it will somehow improve the relationship and might lead to love.

    Sub Boy- You don’t have to be dishonest with a woman to have a family with her. Most women can accept your previous experiences as long as you are ready to leave that life behind, just like most men leave their promiscuity with other women behind once they marry. Elevating sexual satisfaction with other men to higher importance than merging to become a family is just stupid. How many women would tolerate a man who wanted to sleep with his ex-girlfriends after they married? Maybe in another 30 years our culture will slide down to European tolerance of men openly having mistresses, and then most wives would probably prefer their husbands mess around discretely with their male friends. but we are not there yet and I]m not sure our children will be better off if we continue down this path.

    King- You are the most ignorant poster on this thread. You have convinced yourself that since you only feel attraction to one sex that everyone must be that way. It takes peculiar logical gymnastics to square that circle because clearly heterosexual attraction had to be the most “normal” attraction or our species would have died out.

    Face the facts, there are a lot of us who enjoy sex with men at some times in our lives and don’t need it to feel “true” to ourselves when we are doing the essential task of raising children with their mothers to keep our society going. Your attitudes are why most people discriminate against you. You want all the benefits from society and equal treatment without contributing by raising children, which is very hard work. My mostly straight friends are much more accepting of my lifestyle than gays. I suggest if you want acceptance and approval from the wider society that you keep your ignorant beliefs to yourself and go find a fussy gay man you can have an ersatz marriage with little dogs instead of children.

  34. biguysp

    I think everyone has there own reason for being attracted to who they are attracted too. I’m a 21 year old bi guy. I realized I was bi during high school. I consider my self bi because I find both men and women attractive. For me its not all about the sex. Its simply that I feel attracted to men and women. If I want a women I want a girly girl and if I want a man I want a masculine guy. So I like men and women for what makes them men and women. So I don’t care what others say or think I was born bi and nothing has happpened to make me feel gay or straight.

  35. MenDontSayNo

    I am bi because I am always horny. It is MUCH MUCH easier to get it from another dude then a female. Men are always horny and the dick can’t tell whats wrapped around it just that something is. Women bring emotions into the picture and act accordingly when it comes to sex. When I want a relationship and sex that means something I turn to women. When I want to bust a quick nut I turn to men. I am not attracted to men. I love a fat ass just don’t care if its on a womans body or a mans. So i’m bi because I can get off when I want to by dealing with men honestly.

  36. Dave

    I really started looking at men in my 20’s. I denied that I was attracted despite wanting nude pictures of guys. I dated women, but very few and have only had sex with 2 women. A lot of how I was was determined by society and acceptance. If I was in my 20’s today I would probably live a gay life and avoid all the issues I have had. I married and had kids and today I am by myself. I feel that my kids would never accept the lifestyle and so don’t let it out.
    I like sex with women to a point, but sex with a guy, especially if I am attracted to is awesome and so much better. I have cum with a guy just touching and kissing while this has never happened with a woman. I have fallen in love with a guy and care more about him than anyone before.
    The only issues with guys are the older you get the harder it is to have a steady relationship unless you have a partner that is committed(maybe just a perception). I still like to look at a hot woman, but a hot guy just is more to me…

  37. Steve

    I just hate the bi guys who, when having sex, repeatedly state that they like having sex with women. It’s like, “Does it look like I care that you have sex with women???”


    The married/attached ones who cheat…and think it’s ok.

  38. datboiimike

    Im bi and i had always loved bost sexes… I was telling my homegirl the reason why i am bi is cuz i jus cant stay with chicks all the time, and guys always knows what other guys like and want. I love being with otger guys cuz i love dick in me… At the same time i love fucking with my cock… So thats why i am bi

  39. Jeff

    This is such a strange topic in this day and age where we are all struggling to be accepted for what and who we are. I hate labels and when pressed to lable myself, I respond “I’m sexually ambivalent” because I don’t care about the seemingly requirement to define my sexual actions or desires.

    I grew up more interested in guys as I look back now, because I didn’t understand myself, what was I supposed to be (in many ways, not just sexually)? At an early age I knew I was different which added to my not knowing myself. I loved my girlfriends and the emotional bonds I formed with then (and still do!) but at that age it was all physical but not full intercourse. Contrast that with my desire to learn what being male was all about, from posters of ripped guys to inspire me to take up working out to “artisticly” checking out in shape at school and my friends I hung out with.

    It’s difficult for me to say I was sexually attracted to either (men or women) as I was trying to figure it all out. I was raised and am still a devout Christain so obviously sex was taught to be between a man and woman. But sex is also taught to be something only married people do. So while I was (and still am) attracted to woman as I made my way through life, either they or me would agree to date, “play” but save sex for marriage.

    I continued my self discovery with other guys, but now older my physical needs were harder to put on “a slow low burner” and one random night me and my best friend drank far to much and he put the moves on me, and I didn’t hesitate to fully and equally reciprocate; we were like 2 crazed snakes intertwined in passion. So to say mind altering would be an understatement.

    I was filled with questions, why should I feel guilt over the experience? We both wanted it, even if I didn’t know it at the time, and we both enjoyed it, alot! But he was filled with guilt for “taking advantage of me” and we were both taught that what we did was bad.

    So the obvious next step to figure out who I was, was to do the same thing with my girlfriend. Equally mind blowing, and so different. I seem to be the odd poster, but for me sex with a woman is more tender, intimate, living and respectful. Sex with a guy is more “honest” for lack of a better word. With a dude we are both thinking the same thing, and have a greater understanding of what we are both feeling in a way a woman could never understand.

    So add me to the guys above who have said they like sex with both for the specific difference each brings. Not to judge others, but I seem odd because I will only have 1 partner at a time, meaning if I’ve meet a fantastic chick and we fall in love then that’s it for me until we break up (mostly because I’m unwilling to commit or move towards marriage at this point in my life) The same thing for guys, while I limit the words of dating a guy (not sure why but most dudes don’t to call it that anyhow).

    I am not surprised that some gay men (seems like a larger % then not) have hostility or at the least are extreemly judgemental of my life and what we are all calling bi. They are acting on the same human need to define groups and subjugate those groups to confirm with thier preconceived definitions or simply exclude them as “odd, broken, dishonest (by default implying we are all gay) or any other negative lable we have called.” it’s the same human need that has defined and oppressed them throughout time. For me it’s just odd that they can’t (or don’t want to) see that.

    In the end attraction is internal and sexuality is to some degree based on chemestry with an external party. If these 2 forces are exspressive through 2 consenting adults, what else matters? (well besides the obvious social respect and common sense not to optess others with your beliefs, and I would hope respect and live of those 2 parties.)

    Sorry that ended up being much larger then I had planned, which often happens during sex 😉

  40. Chris

    Wow, this MuscDad is a freakin LOONY! As for bi guys yeah, they exist. What also exists is a bunch of self hating homosexuals just like that MuscDad who thinks that being “bisexual” is somehow better than being homosexual. These are the people that I think a lot of gay men are talking about when they say it’s obvious that you’re simply in denial. As for you MuscDad, you’re a Christian brainwashed idiot. You mentioned “wives” and the obvious question here is: HOW MANY? Obviously your “blissful” lifestyle that is supposed to magically work for everyone doesn’t even work for you. Then you have the fucking balls to blame it on feminism? Yeah, someone drank the juice and it ain’t me.

  41. JP

    I’ve been bi my whole life. I love the relationship that a woman can give you, but sex with a man is more intense, I don’t know why nor do I try to figure it out. I will be who I am not what others want me to be. So why can’t everyone just let people be who they are and except them for that?

  42. jayrob116

    I started to laugh after reading muscdad59’s response to this . For one, I’m not sure how a man in his right mind could possible look down on people for having gay sex, and says we would all be much happier in a sexless marriage to someone we don’t find attractive.

    reasons on why this is insane:
    1.) you’re on a gay sex site so clearly you haven’t “given up masterbation” or gay sex for that matter
    2.) you clearly state you sexually explored with men and women and enjoyed it.
    3.)to say its not good to be with people you find attractive defeats the process of finding a possible life partner. You have to have a reason to ask someone on a date, and physical attractive is usually what triggers that first response.
    6.) to further clarify……..YOU”RE ON A GAY HOOK UP SITE

  43. neal

    I was married twice and pursued women almost my entire life until last year when I made the decision to try something I started fooling around with guys. I like that I can be me with no hangups. Sex is hotter and more viceral and more fun. Not bad for 44 and I get guys who are all the way down to half my age too….

  44. BothWorlds

    I’m gay defined that I am attractive to men physically and emotionally. But I can have sex with women and be sexually satisfied. Does that make me Bi ? Emotional feelings toward women–I can love them like a sister–thats it.

  45. Yungobruh

    I’m not bi at all. I’m strictly Same Gender Loving, (SGL), the term I prefer to gay. However, I’ve had emotional, non-sexual feelings for individual women in the past. I also occaisionaly find a woman sexy. But I never get these feelings for women in general. Even the sexy ones aren’t turning me on to the point that I want to have sex with them. They’re just generating enough sexual energy at the time to stimulate me. Personally I am suspicious of “bi” people. One’s I’ve met are either homosexuals in denial or sexual opportunist who will fuck anybody to get something they want. Some of the “bi” guys I know are “bi” only because they said “bye” to sex with women long ago but won’t admit they’re homosexual.

  46. Steve

    What I seem to be reading here is “I have sex with both genders ergo I must be bi,” something I’ve come to conclude is a sort of societal standard/more and not, perhaps, the true definition.

    I’m both physically AND EMOTIONALLY attracted to men, therefore I think it’s safe to assert I’m gay. If I were to make the same statement relative to women, I’d say I was straight. But I don’t believe, for example, that if I said I was physically and emotionally attracted to one but simply liked fucking the other that it would make me “bi,” merely opportunistic.

    What I’m driving at is I’m not hearing the majority of posters address their emotional connection to one or both sexes. Over the years — and especially where I live now, a county devoid of any particular “gay community” — I’ve hooked-up with a number of “straight” guys who, to be frank, I genuinely believe are truly straight: they honestly don’t care that a guy is getting them off, just that they’re getting off. These guys are having sex with me and we’re both enjoying it, but I don’t think even for a moment that they’re actually suppressing some attraction or whatever, they just like the way I suck cock.

    My question then is: Does sex alone define bisexuality — as alot of the posters here seem to suggest — or, per my thinking, does true bisexuality actually require something deeper?

  47. dave

    k guys i have to be honest… have read these posts and its absurd.. not judging i love people in general but it doesnt mean i want to have sex with everyone i think is attractive… i have to be real!!! most of the guys whos posts i have read on here it seem say they are BI because are scared to commit to being one or the other.. be true to yourself!!!! if your family or old friends dont accept you who cares !!!! and if being straight means you cant get pounded who cares be fair to everyone involved BUY your girlfriend a dildo… yes i can be an ass… it happens but being BI is a conscious decision to commit to noone and have free sex.. its not the 60s make a choice please it stresses me out i hate sharing!!!!! im not 5 learned how to share years ago its more fun being selfish

  48. Damone

    I am only writing this in response to MUSCDAD59..I loved what you wrote. I have long felt the same thing you wrote. If youre okay with it I would really appreciate talking to you more about your thought sex, sexual roles and how society has changed gender roles and overall thought of how to live a happy life.

  49. sam

    the article said it right for me. I like no hold barred kinky sex with dudes, but i dont care what the dude looks like, nor do i care about them much.

    its extended masterbation to my mind. I am the object of the sex with a guy.

    With a girl, its just different, sex is fun too. But with the girl I love, sex is only one aspect of a very fufilling feeling. I get “satisfaction” from all things and pleasing her and making her happy makes me happy, don’t feel that way with guys.

    BI is a lame term. I wish the whole community gay,straight,bi whatever would just drop the labels and realize sex is sex, but love is an emotion and defining your emotional desires by your sexual desires is silly.

  50. CallMeJack

    I love both sexes. I’m a MWM that loves getting it from a guy on the side. When I’m with my wife, I love being with a woman. But get me naked with a guy, and I turn into a total bottom! If I had to choose to go with just one: I would have to choose the woman. While I love having sex with a guy, I enjoy spending real time with a woman.

  51. slimbimale

    I find it troubling that some gay ppl and been screaming to the world ” we are born this way ” but some will then turn and say there is no such thing as bisexuallity. you want the world to believe your born this way ( which we all are ) no matter who you are , but you can’t be open minded enough to accept others for who they are , how sad . I was born BI as we all are born the way GOD wanted us to be . And I knew I was attacted to both genders equally long before I knew what bisexuallity ment . I could really care less what is between a persons legs when it comes to dating or a relationship . I look at their make up ( charactor, morals, up bringing , what makes them who they are and how they think and treat one another. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to let people just be themselves and accept them for who they are, is it really that tough?? must be for a lot out there sad to say . But I also don’t care what others think about bisexuallity..I know who I am and I am very PROUD of who GOD made and nothing anyone can say will change that .I just find it mind boggling that people who have been discriminated againts their whole life can turn and do the same thing to someone else .PS for the ones who can and want to find any little thing to bitch and complain about..yes I have chopped up a few words..but thats ok ..I am a human and make mistakes and accept that and love myself for who I am ..chopped words and all 🙂

  52. James Russell

    I’m bi because I am attracted to both sexes. However, I think the Kinsey scale is much more in line with reality. I’d be a 4.5 or, slanted towards men but still able to drool over Pink in the Lady Marmalade video. Think about it: as diverse as human beings are, how does anyone think sexuality can be divided into three discrete categories? It’s a spectrum like any other human trait.

  53. DGGUY427

    I am Bi. The reason I am bi is because I am honestly attracted to both sexes. It varies person to person. I have been in serious relationships with with a guy and a woman, however, I believe I have only truly been in love with one person- who is a woman.

    I never thought I was gay and didn’t start to form attractions in guys until I was around 16 ( Im 25 now). Most of my gay friends say they knew since they came out of the womb basically. Most bi friends will say they didn’t realize until their late teen and twenties. It is possible to be bi- most gays I know will say all bi people are gay and they don’t want to admit it…. which is BS.

    I will say this though- My sexual identity right now is bisexual, but as soon as I am in a committed, serious relationship- that orientation has to change. If I fall in love with a woman and want to spend the rest of my life with her- then I will chose to be straight, if I fall in love with a man- then I am choosing to be gay.

  54. Greg

    I have learned not to try to define the sexuality of other men or to get them to define their sexuality. As long as they are interested in being a fuck buddy, I don’t care what the definition is. Actions speak louder than words.

  55. lasttime101

    i have bi friends but here’s the problem I have with bi ppl andi always bring this up and I never get a complete answer….when the day rolls around when you want to settle down with the one you love and have kids or not! there is no bi then its either a man or women? gay or straight…no in-between

  56. James

    As a gay man, I am somewhat put off by Bi men. i don’t like being with any man who is married to some one else, and have had some sex with Bi unmarried men that smelled of sex with the woman. I was very turned off by it, so I guess I will hold out for a nice gay man. LOL

  57. alanjay

    Hey guys,
    I must tell u i like both sexes for me its i love women and guys i love the raw sex aspect. My gay bf who i had for several years and had my first true bi sexual relationship was so in his mind thinking he would turn me gay infact many of my gay friends thought that. But i love women and lust for men.

  58. Vigggo

    To BI or not to Bi? That is the question…Well, for me, the quandary involves the baggage. Juggling relationships with two sexes can become exhausting; I speak from experience. I once was involved with 3 siblings; my lover (male), his younger brother and his sister. Sex with the brother was just fun experimentation for him. Sex with the sister was truley awesome, and we had a very intense emotional bond. We toyed with the idea of marriage, but the relationship I was having with her brother, my lover, seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle. Was I Bi? Or just a young 21 year old slut? Even the Bi sex I had as a highschooler always seemed to involve close friends. Was I perhaps a Bi Drama Queen and didn’t know it yet? lol…I’ve been in a committed relationship with the same man now, for 28 years. In that time, I’ve only had sex once with a woman. It was with my partner’s full knowledge, and even planning. It was a grudge fuck against her fiance, a much older wealthy man who was a client of mine. Wrong, probably. Fun, absolutely! So to stay on topic, would I ever consider a heterosexual relationship if I ever end my present gay marriage? I’d have to say yes, I would be completely receptive to a woman and what she has to offer. Women seem to have more of a real connection to their emotional needs than many men, but maybe i’ve drawn that conclusion from all the sharing I seem to be the target of from so many women. Being their Gay buddy, they feel they can share anything with me…sometimes TMI. Over the years I have been propositioned numerous times by women, for a clandestine affair. Assuming I would say yes, I was considered to be the most discreet choice for a partner, because nobody would suspect. As an openly gay man in a small sophisticated resort, life can be interesting. I could have numerous straight affairs, but gay affairs would be much more difficult. So I stay in my long relationship, happpily looking at women and men. As for the label Bi, I just assume it means that a person enjoys sex, and has no real hangups about whom it’s with. A choice? Probably. But isn’t almost everything in Life a choice? Do I condemn those who say they are 100% gay or straight? Absolutely not! We’re all just a bunch of highly evolved Bonobos…get over it!

  59. slm12

    For me being bisexual is a conscious spiritual choice. I am willing and accepting to the truth that no one person or gender can offer me a spiritual connection that can be enhanced by pleasure. When you close your eyes and let a male and a female perform oral sex on you it feels the same. When you penetrate a man or a woman though it may not feel exactly the same the outcome will be the same. I do not restrict myself to social norms of a man loving a woman, or in the homosexual world a man loving a man woman loving a woman. Love is all around for me. With the right level of attraction anyone can arouse and stir emotions for me. It’s the beautiful soul inside the capsule that I am attracted not someones tits, or dick.

    A straight man can’t achieve this mentality because his mind is restricted to what he believes is normal. Men can only be pleasured by woman. And a homosexual is restricted in the sense that something about the female body is disgusting to them, or something about their touch…to soft, not strong enough. What we fail to realize is that male or female we are all made up of a masculine and feminine energy. I embrace both my masculinity and femininity thus I can lay with both genders.

  60. Boolacious

    I think the problem is MANY .. myself included DO use “Bi” as a transition.. I was married.. had a pretty active sex life with my wife.. but had never had sex with a man.. after I had sex with a man.. I never had sex with a woman again.. that’s the route many guys take … BUT I have met guys who were truly and honestly bi… and the “Gay” perception of “Bi” guys.. as well as their involvement in reinforcing a negative stereotype are the real problem.
    Gay guys can really be some often be some of the most closemeninded people at times

  61. SoulSurvivor34

    I have known that I was attracted to the person, NOT the gender for a very long time, since before I was married (to a woman) and had my marvelous son. Bi is no more a choice than eye or hair color. Some of us just find other qualities more important than the business going on between a Person’s legs. I am attracted to the person, not the parts.

  62. sam

    “being bi, or gay, or straight as being a choice”? Sorry I’m happily bisexual…not because I think sex with guys are hot (which they are 😉 or being with a woman is being intimate…no its because i can have both with a guy or a girl…attraction is not a choice, whoever came up with the idea that your preference to rather your into guys or into girls or into both is a choice….IT IS NOT…i didn’t choose to be attracted to guys or girls it just happened…never choose to…im 21 and I gladly proclaim i didn’t choose to be attracted to girls or guys…it just happen! Moral of the story is…. IT IS NOT A CHOICE FOR ME!!LOL 🙂

  63. Sean

    I enjoy being penetrated by men. I enjoy penetrating women. I seek romance and intimacy from women. I am completely un-interested in men romantically. For me it is strictly a physical attraction. I love the cock. I like to think this makes me bi, but also hate to label myself as I feel that I am constantly evolving as a person. What is true now may not have been true before and may not remain true for very long.

  64. Mark

    As I can see all the postings on here about bi guys, it definitely stirs a lot of emotion.

    Here’s my take on it: I dated a bisexual guy once years ago. He was the love of my life at the time. While I knew he loved me and didn’t cheat on me, he would tell me that he could go back to a woman at any time. How can any self-respecting gay man (or straight woman for that matter) tolerate that?!? I broke it off with him. He was stunned. I knew in my heart of hearts that it would never work long term.

    He was not always a happy man. He struggled with depression, addiciton (not while we were dating), attempted suicide. My theory–you show me a “bi” man or woman and I’ll show you someone with major emotional/psychological issues throughout their lifetime. It might be a choice but it’s a life I wouldn’t want to be bi for all of Bill Gate’s fortune.

  65. Cb

    It always kills me when I see others stend their beliefs and feelings onto others. I read ignorant posts like The one King put up and I sickens me.
    Telling bisexuals to “pick one and stick to it”, who the hell do you think you are. Your description of what you think makes someone bisexual is along the same lines that were used way back when “society” considered homosexuality a mental disorder and what many religious groups still consider not only a choice but a slight against god and nature. It’s this ignorance and small minded ness that makes our world dark and lonely for so many.
    I think most would disagree with your method of thinking and belief that it is a choice to be gay or straight or bisexual.
    Why don’t you just stop being gay? Go marry a woman, have kids, go to church and live your life as god intended. Sounds crazy right?
    I am a good person, live my life without hurting others and don’t judge others on how they live their lives. I do not know why you are gay, why some are straight, some are bi, or transgender,if they chose their sexual preference or were born that way. If someone tells me they choose to be gay I’m fine with that, if someone tells me they were born gay, that fine too. We can all only speak for our selves and just because we feel a certain way doesn’t mean that how everyone else feels.
    Beliefs are very dangerous when they are imposed on others.

  66. ShakingMyHead

    I just have one thing to ask… How come gay guys are so adamant that “bi” does not exist, when they’re in reality thinking just like straight people who say they think being gay is wrong and is unnatural?

    People are so damned phobic in general of things that are different from themselves or the “norm.” Yes, some people use “bi” as an excuse or segue into realizing or fielding their same-sex attraction, but others truly feel they fall very much inbetween polar opposites.

    The judgement and fear by some gay people is some of the worst. The judged can do just as much judgement or more, instead of rising above it. Sad.

  67. lonewolf

    I started to try to read all the comments on the however my ADHD prevented me from making it too far. I just wanted to add that what I did read seemed to be what I feel. At the earliest memories of sexual attraction I was looking at the boys in the locker room in middle school, the girls in the pool and playboy magazine. I have always been attracted to both sexes. No choice in it. My choice, based on programming for many years was to think I was some strange monster because I was attracted to my male friends as well as my female friends. As I got older (13) an older boy (17) from school started showing me extra attention and eventually I allowed him to touch me.I have been secretly sexually active with guys ever since. I am bi because I was born this way. I date women and not men publicly because I haven’t been able to reprogram the monster in me to be secure enough to say that there are guys out there that I would love to date, and attempt a relationship with. I have sex with both sexes because both feel amazing and one can’t give me the pleasure the other can. So, why bi? Because I was born this way.

  68. Romoni D'Aubigne

    Bisexuals are greedy to me. Pick a hole & be happy with it. I had a bi dude string me along for a year b4 I told him to choose between her or me because it wasn’t fair for either of us that he playing with our emotions. He chose her & I chose not to deal with anymore bi guys (sexually). Yet, I have more respect for bi men then those down low bastards but that’s a whole different topic.

  69. Bobby

    I’m attracted to both genders. Always was. It’s not like I said, “Hey, I want to be bisexual.” LOL. I like very masculine guys and very feminine girls.

  70. Esquirewill

    Musdad’s comment that “a lot of men who identify as gay would be much happier if they found an otherwise compatible woman and raised a family….” evidences that he really doesn’t “get” sexual orientation at all. It just is not an arbitrary and easily made election between options, not to mention the implications for women unwittingly drawn into a relationship in which one of the parties may secretly have no intention of keeping marriage vows she may regard for herself as sacred. “Old fashioned” notions for sure but no less important if it means the intentional deception of the female expected to carry and mother a gay man’s “trophy” children so he may be made “happier.”

    As an openly gay man in a very happy — thank you! — 39 year relationship with someone I still love, like, respect and lust for and who has no problem accepting that some are truly bisexual, my experience teaches it is purely judgement that finally establishes for oneself that he is gay, strait or bisexual. It is a matter of simply at some point recognizing the fact of where one falls on a continuum from strait to gay. Choice plays no role whatsoever.

    Like many who went through the so-called “coming out” process, I tried like hell to be strait, had most unsatisfying sex with women (once on a dare), almost entered a marriage for professional and appearences sake (but decided it would be a terribly immoral, selfish and unethical thing to which to subject the loving good faith of an unaware woman) but could not disabuse myself of my strong attraction to men and the complete absence of interest in sex with woman despite the ability to “perform.” That was it, a fact. What one does with that information is yet another issue.

    Oh, and don’t overlook new developments. In most states gay and lesbian couples have been raising children for some twenty years with great success. Hence, there is no good reason, certainly not a moral nor ethical one, for a gay man to act outside of his orientation just to be called “Daddy.”

  71. Mark

    It is because society likes to view sexuality as polar. One or the other and no variety in the extent of attraction. Underneath we are all human with different physical traits. I find traits about Men, Women, and some shared by both to be attractive. To me, we should reconsider trying to find why someone is straight or gay because not all gay people find the same thing attractive nor do straight. You are not born straight or gay, you are born being you, which can include an attraction to an assortment of features from both men and women. Fall in love with someone: male, female, or someone in between, and be happy with that. You don’t need to bottle it into a definitive word,just be you!

  72. Josh

    I’m personally so tired of how gays treat bisexuals. I view myself as bisexual because it’s not just sex, I have been in love with both men and women. Everytime I tell a gay guy that I am bisexual I usually get responses like “no you’re in denial, you’ll be gay eventually”. I understand that a lot of men say they are bisexual during the process of coming out because it helps “ease” them into accepting they are gay, but a lot of us just are bi, and we shouldn’t be disliked or frowned upon so much by the gay community.

  73. V Jones

    This is less specifically about the “bi” question as a response to one part of an above statement,

    “BTW, I am most attracted to other bi guys. More masculine and zero drama.”

    This is just NOT TRUE at all. I’ve been with mostly bi guys for years and you can get MAJOR drama from them in ways one cannot imagine with gay guys. Partially it has to do with a lot of bi guys using a heteronormative model, like, as in, treating other bi/gay/queer men “like women”…self-fulfilling prophecy.

    At the same time, I understand the drama of the gay guys and try and avoid that, too, but please don’t delude yourself or others into thinking “bi” = drama free.

    And as per “masculine”…you’re all performing it anyway, so that point’s moot.

  74. Puck

    At an early age i was molested by an uncle. I was too young to know it was wrong, but was old enough to remember it. (wrong meaning being molested). As i grew up, i still remembered the feeling of being molested and already knew how it felt. For me, to make sense of being bi…was telling myself, a mouth is a mouth, I could i tell gender from the feeling of oral sex. You can’t unless you know ahead of time. and thats where i started, curious and then it was confirmed

  75. docman1955

    I always laugh about this question. Why Bi LOL I like cock and pussy and of course BOOBIES. I like guys who Top, woman can’t you know and I like the male orgasm. Surf and turf for me baby

  76. Ice-P

    There is no one reason to justify being gay or bi. It just is what it is for an individual. For me it was an evolving thing that didn’t explode until after 8 years of straight porn and 10 years of gay porn. I enjoyed watching, and was attracted to men in my minds fantasy, but not men that I saw walking around in real life. The advent of online profiles and years of unclear urges lead to my first encounter which lead me feeling disgusted and fantasy-smashed. Well, after an inner battle of urges and online addictions, I forced myself into more meetings and got semi used to it after a year now. Now I have evolved into liking guys that I see walking around, whereas before I did not. I like the idea of affection between males as well as liking females. Just a person loving another person. Im 39 now and growing.

  77. JohnE

    Wow, where do you find other bi-guys like many who have posted here? I’m less than one year separated from my wife of 30 years. Turned 50 and freaked. I’m trying to fit in with a gay community, sort of, or ‘come out’, living alone, posting sexy profile pics on the social network sites, getting hit on by a lot of guys 20 years younger, all gay. I have an older brother who is gay – came out around 35 and claimed at first to be ‘bi’, but now only likes men. I’m still in lust with my wife, and she wants to have sex with me all the time, but when it comes to my wanting to explore, she turns to tranquilizers and booze. Counselors, friends, family, my grown kids, and most others feel I need to cut the cord with my wife, which I have done many times. In the gay world, I am told I can never go back once I’ve experimented with a man. Most of those who were “closeted” during their straight marriages cheated on their wives. I NEVER did, never wanted to. I just fantasized about being that hot muscled dude fucking a beautiful woman on internet porn. Gay porn never appealed to me. Just one year into experimenting I find that I like the intimacy and passion part, and as someone else wrote, that isn’t too common with men. I don’t even know the first thing about seeking women, but gay men seek me (but I reject most). So, anyway, thanks for posting this topic. I’m really lost and alone. Most of the time I’m not lonely, but when it hits it’s bad, and makes me regret separating from my wife.

  78. Darryl

    As a gay Man i’ve found what really flips my switch. But back when i was in my mid 20’s i did enjoy sex with both men and women. Part of me thought that i would never enjoy sex period with either sex, but over time i loved it. Finding out what actually turned me on was alot of fun, and i learn alot about myself and how i treat a sexual partner. I don’t think you really have to choose who you are if you’re honest with yourself. As an adult you can have sex with anyone of age who concents to have sex. Gone are the days where you have to sneak around and do the things you find taboo. The choice is yours if you choose to accept it.

  79. Bimascjock

    I want to say first off I am definitely bi love both men and women for different reasons. Any gay guy who thinks I’m in denial is a fool who has not a clue what it is like to be bi. I find it hilarious when gay men say we are in denial. I just don’t get why gay men can be so closed minded on this issue. I am not confused,in denial,or a sex addict needing gratification (Hilarious). I know what I want and I get it when I want it. Remember there are a lot of people in the world who think gay is a choice. Just because YOU can’t relate doesn’t mean it can’t be. I know many bi guys some married who are fine with just playing with men and love their wives. I have always had attraction to both. I remember in little league baseball checking out my teammate’s fathers and thinking “I would like to spend time with that guy” Wasn’t a sexual thing more of a mental thing. Later I realized that was the root. Only dated women until a football teammate in high school whipped his cock out in front of me and we had fun. I didn’t instantly turn to guys I still only did women for a while then went back. I have had many relationships with women and a few with men. I enjoy Women but feel they get to be a hassle. I enjoy men but a lot are pigs (Str8,bi,or gay) and I don’t want to risk my health (I see the reckless behavior a lot of gay men choose on here and that’s not for me). I like a guy who I can hang out with as buddies and then enjoy hot sex with. I have been in relationships with men and they were great. They were bi men and not into “the gay scene” which I am not at all interested in. I Prefer other bi guys. I am a man and I like MEN and WOMEN. I am currently in a relationship with an amazing female who knows I am bi and totally ok as long as I am safe. I am more attracted to women for love and compassion and men for fun. That being said I have had a great relationship with a man. Don’t cast or judge your own opinions on others. I am living proof a man can be Bi and not be f*%ked up in the head or any other foolish judgement I continuously hear from gay men. BI GUYS RULE!!!

  80. Gary

    Now I am gay and while I find woman attractive I can’t imagine having intercourse with one. I have no issue with people who identify themselves being “bi” I just won’t date one. It’s bad enough that the guy your dating cheats on you with another guy but when they cheat on you with a woman then it hits you that regardless of how much they might live you you can never give them what a woman can. Children being one of those things. Plus like someone said earlier bisexual guys have the best of both worlds. They can sleep with men but still walk down the street with a woman and not worry about anything.

  81. MAX

    I totally believed that I was bisexual all my life….marriage and kids and the white picket fence..Then oneday I grew enough guts to tell the truth…I’m gay…sure i could change my behaviour but it didnt change who i really am…BI IS BULLSHIT!!! Just like the coward life I used to live.

  82. devi

    Studies have been done on brain functions on bi gay and straight man and have concluded indeed they are aroused differently. I am bi as well and have noticed there are certain very particular things about man that turn me on and certain things about woman that turn me on. However, I have gotten more bull from gay community for being bi than straight community. What’s that all about? I have a psychological explaination since that’s my field of study but id like to hear from others.

  83. V Jones

    Oh, and I should have clarified, the perspective from which I speak is as a top, so it’s even more of a frustration when bi guys act like typical heteros. Or, perhaps, maybe that’s why some do…that whole “shame of getting penetrated” thing.


    Muscdad59 makes some VERY good points as i am in a monogamous relationship with the person i love dearly and have been together almost 20 yrs . I am almost 50 & find myself regreting the choices that i made in my early 20’s .i am not going to state my sexual orientation or gender it does not matter,BUT TRUE LOVE WITH ONE PARTNER, MAN OR WOMAN IS this age of too damn many STD’S . We forgot about the epidemic called HIV/AIDS? I AM STILL LOSINGS FRIENDS TO THIS DISEASE TWENTY FIVE YEARS LATER. SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF MANY WHO SEEK MULTIPLE PARTNERS WILL LEAD MANY TO HAVE REGRETS LATER ON IN LIFE, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE REGRETS MAYBE WHEN YOU TURN 60,70 YRS.OLD IF.SOME CAN LIVE TO SEE THAT AGE & YOU ARE IN ABSOLUTE POOR HEALTH BECAUSE OF THE CHOICES YOU MADE WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER BI OR GA

  85. David

    This question is a lot like .. Do u like vanilla or chocolate ice cream !?
    Well… like them both cuz their delicious .. Each one has different things to offer … Why would someone stick to just one!!!? Why wouldn’t they try something new!? Are they just taking the easy way out by going along with the rest of the world !? being straight or gay isn’t enough for some of us …so what !?….it’s funny how bisexuals are crucified by most of the gay people all the time by saying ” bisexuals are just afraid of comming out” the truth is You should just do whatever u want with whoever the hell u want, whether you “are” or “chose to be” BI-SEXUAL

  86. Zach

    @Noteasy2get, but also a general response:

    I consider myself bisexual, but I sometimes use the ‘gay’ label when talking with guys because calling myself bisexual tends to start a whole long conversation I’d rather not have. If I HAD to choose to be gay or straight, I would choose gay in a heartbeat. In fact, all of my sexual partners have been men (though that’s just because it’s easier to find men for sex online than women, and I don’t have much in the way of social skills, which tend to be a requirement for women).

    I know I am attracted to women and would enjoy sex with them, just as I knew the same about men for years before I experienced it.

    On the emotional side, I tend to think I would have a harder time connecting with a woman than I have with men. I don’t feel like that’s something I can know for sure before experiencing it (unlike the sexual attraction). That said, I would really like to try a relationship with a woman.

    Part of the reason I like the ‘bi’ label is because the idea of discriminating on the basis of gender when looking for a romantic or sexual partner seems archaic and absurd to me. People are people, and both genders have a MASSIVE amount of variation in all measures.

  87. Bill

    I experimented playing around with other boys at a pretty early age. Never really had any complete anal insertion, but did enjoy feeling a cock pressed against my hole. I eventually started playing with vibes and dildos and found I loved the feeling of something in my ass. I was in my early 30s before I was actually fucked by another man and found it to be wonderful. I’m mostly a bottom when it comes to being with guys and prefer anal penetration over oral. Can’t say whether it’s genetics or that early experimentation with other guys that got me into sex with guys. But I do enjoy just the no strings sex I can have with guys.

  88. JERRY

    > I think sex is at least 75% in our heads, wanting to feel desired in any way is just a human need, I have always been a very un selfish lover, with women and or men, although I think the self satisfaction for me comes from giving my lover a great expierience. I’m not really submissive, submission and surrender are two different things, and there is power in both. I am very cautious and selective when it comes to sex with a guy, the trust thing… some guys will tell you whatever, to get some. I keep this kind of relationship totally honest, of course you cant help feeling some kind of emotion with intimacy, It takes alot of disipline and self control to kind of keep it all in perspective for me. It’s tough to find a guy that wants what I want. no drama, just honest sensual sharing with each other, Of course if I did’nt care about him , at least in the way he enjoys me, I could’nt give ,(surrender) . Just me lol. I’m sure it’s different for every one. Me, just two people, enjoying sex, pure and simple. Get my lovin at home>>>
    > I’m not the guy you would meet and think to your self ” he’s into sex with guys” not that I care what most people think, I’m totally secure with how I enjoy sex. LOVE being a bottom, Love thinking he is enjoying being inside me as much as I enjoy him being inside me. I guess knowing what it’s like as a top, makes me a better bottom. Would be very happy to find a guy that fits my fantasy , (not likely lol) .
    > So its a process, meet a guy, talk, try to get a read on him, hope he is being honest,etc. takes time to really know someone. As far as anal, condoms for me, if I get to the point where I’m going to go for it, I have a pretty good idea who I’m with, but I’m not takin any more chances than I have to. Still, at some point you have to trust what he is saying,or not, about who and or how many people he is playing with.I love giving head, but as I said if I dont trust the guy enough, he is not going to be in bed with me any way. That said, I have never sucked cock through a rubber, have never had a STD, but I’ve only been with 4 guys ever, really miss the long term arraingments.
    > As far as how it makes me feel , when I’m getting fucked it just feels right, mentally its as natural as anything,sexually its very satisfying, physically it’s an awesome feeling a very profound connection to feel him throbbing inside me, I’m pretty sure all that is due to the fact that I really want him in that way, I mean if a bunch of guys held me down and raped me, not gonna be liking that much, know what I mean?
    > Always makes me hard,bottoming for my guy, most always stay hard,many times I have cummed just from being fucked some times at the same moment he came, and some times even without being hard.
    I think any man that has not felt a cock inside him is missing somthing that just cant be described, weather they know it, or not. just my opinion.
    > for me licking pussy, or sucking cock,or whatever, it’s no different if you really want to be there.

  89. SirBaphomet

    First of all, I must say that it’s kind of fun to talk about bi guys or bi-sexuality. And depending on your individual tastes and circumstances, this kind of topic might alter your course of action and lead you down a gay and somewhat quiet road or a bi and glorious road. I can say that growing up as a gay man was somewhat troubling indeed and I found myself as I grew older being attracted to straight guys and if I couldn’t find them, being attracted to bi-guys. I guess you could say that I was one of the lucky ones and ended up marrying in the sense of the word a wonderful bi guy, now permanent lover of mine of 17yrs. At first I was a little threatened by his interests in girls, but I was easily attracted to some of his girly fantasies and even envisioned myself soon watching it all unfold before me in a sort of magical world that i found myself entering. Of course we have had our bi get-togethers where I do all the watching while he does all the fucking of that hole of what we choose to call the female entity. But I can say that the first time it happened I welcomed it and felt it was kind of spiritual and all together an enriching experience for me.
    You could also say that I find bi guys more interesting than gay guys in the sense that they are somewhat torn between two worlds, never to choose one over the other. And I kind of like being around a person who experiences an ongoing struggle with his sexual soul and psyche. This kind of lifestyle or hovering around bi-males makes for better bedtime stories and endless fucking sessions that become even more intense after the female sex companion has left the house. There is something about a woman that awakens a man and brings him back to his primal state where he wants to fuck anything in site and comes to his senses and wishes it will only be a man of his making. I would say that most bi-males are very careful who they entangle with on an emotional level and to be part of their world makes you feel kind of special and God-like. I currently stay with my partner or husband not because he is a fantastic sexual lover, but because he yearns for the yin and yang balance in life, that can only be brought about by female companionship and uninterrupted male sex.


  90. Ivan

    For the record.. Straight makes do not love cock.. And you never see bi males in lasting relationships with men or women.. They are jut lost horny souls

  91. Danny in Los Angeles

    Well, I have always found myself attracted to both sexes and I like to play with boys and girls

  92. Frank

    It is only normal that people ask about bisexual orientation: after all not many people understand the complexity behind it. I must agree with many of the people here on one thing: it is not a choice, its either genetic or hormonal, in which case is natural to the person. I can have “nasty sex” with both genders. But do agree that men make sex easier without much drama. For this reason, many men tend to sleep with more men because they are readily available. Whereas women usually need some type of connection. Being bi is not either great or bad, it is what it is… sometimes we get to enjoy both genders, but then for long term relationships, your partner (man or women) is now double insecure. Not only can you cheat with another person, you now have both genders to worry about.

  93. What Ever

    I’m bi. I have been attracted to women since my early teen years, and I started having feelings for guys shortly afterwards. I’ve been with men and women, and as far as the which-do-you-like-better thing goes, for me, its more of an individual basis.

    Generally, I’m more attracted to women, but I feel more at ease with guys, and I’ve been accepted by men more often, while most women run screaming in the other direction when they find out I’m bi.

    Gay or bi guys I know and dated don’t care if I’m bi, don’t care if I’ve been with other guys or other women, don’t freak out and call me a perv or a weirdo if I want to get freaky or rough in the bedroom, they don’t call me every hour going “where are you now? what are you doing? What are you thinking about? Who are you with?”, they don’t accuse me of cheating if I look at another woman or man who passes by, they don’t insist that I spend every waking moment with them, go with them to the mall shoe-shopping, watch Oprah with them, or give me a lecture if I want to go out with the guys and have a few drinks. Not to mention the fact that I don’t seem to have a biological clock, I’ve never had much of a desire to have kids and raise a family, which has led to a lot of personal attacks on my character by women as well, ie, you’re not a “real man” unless you raise a family, etc.

    I’m not giving up on women, but the likelihood of finding a women who will accept me as I am is very low, so I won’t be crushed if it doesn’t happen.

  94. droral6971

    im a bi guy and married i loved both sexes i do prefer women but i enjoy sex with hot looki8ng bods male or female i just love sex with both.

  95. ttassman

    It’s funny to read some of the posts from gay guys saying to just pick one. As a bi guy I clearly speak for myself when I say that I’m just selfish and want what I want when I want it. It really amazes me of the reactions I get from some gay guys when I say I’m bi. I don’t understand the 20 questions game they wanna play all because they don’t understand my sexuality (i.e. so when is the last time you fucked some pussy?). Why is that relevant?? We all have our turn-ons and turn-offs. Just let it be. Happy fucking folks!!!

  96. Josh

    I’m very bi. Why? Because I am sexually attracted to men and women. What’s so complicated? I love to cuddle and kiss with men and women and I love to get kinky with men and women. Its all about the person. Now, the truth is, for whatever reason, men are sluttier and kinkier then women in experience so I end up having sex with men more often.

  97. Ray

    Being bi makes me feel like a man. This may be because of my Latin and Italian heritage. Im a dude and I expect to behave like a dude. While I respect gay people who “camp talk” Its my maleness that attracts people to me and vice versa. Yet I like men much more because they remind me of my maleness. I feel very “male” when a girl gives me head. I also feel very male when an older dude gives me head. Yet I have a hidden fem side in that while i very seldom bottom, if I did it would have to be a muscular 20 something doing it. The strange thing is that if I was in a straight orgy, its the way guys react to girls that turns me on.

  98. Ryan

    I’m bi, and to the people who don’t really understand it, I explain it as thus: People discriminate about who their partner is going to be. It’s not a bad thing. It’s how we find the right mate. Some people want short, some tall. Some people want funny, others humorous. Some people want built, others petite or somewhere between. Now, where most people want male or female, that is one area where I DON’T discriminate. It doesn’t matter to me if the person is a man or woman, I just want someone to love who also meets my other requirements. Now, I can’t say I’d date a hermaphrodite. That would just be too much for me, but other than that, I just don’t discriminate based on gender.

  99. Bibottom2use

    I stopped rationalising sexual desires long ago. I’m a married Bi bottom,my wife has known since before we married and is cool with it. I like no nonsense hot sex with guys,I am the typical pussy crazy construction gorilla otherwise. But even with an understanding wife there is still the rest of the world to deal with so Bi guys don’t necessarily have it easy.

  100. Nick

    As for me, I feel its a combination. My mother has 2 gay brothers so I feel the genetics plays a big part in it. But I identify with bi and rationalize it as the personality of the person is more important than what they are packing. Much like others I have read, I like to have NSA sex with men and fool around but I ultimately see myself with a woman. I find men attractive and want to fuck around with them but I am not attracted to them on a deeper, more emotional level. I have also analyzed myself and thought that if this was the case because of what the majority wants me to do..but no. This is what my heart tells me is the case.

  101. Growly

    Great to read so many messages from all types of Bi guys on here… sadly one bitter judgemental gay had to jump in.. King.. you need to shut up and listen. We don’t care if YOU don’t believe there’s such a thing as Bi guys. We are what we are, we don’t need your consent dude.

    I’m Bi. I used to shag girls from 13-19. I’d fantastised about a couple of guys in my school in my teens but never fucked a guy till I was 20. I had a few and still wasn’t sure, cos I only enjoyed it with the first one… eventually I discovered what my ‘type’ was and I’ve not been with a girl since.

    I have still found some girls attractive, but usually friends put them off before I can make up my mind if I wanna pull them, by telling them I’m gay. I also get off watching straight and Bi porn still and I love hooking up with Bi guys… they are like another dude said, a bit more masc that ‘some’ gay guys and much less drama. The secrecy bit pissed me off, cos many are closeted. If they can’t show me their pic, I don’t waste much time trying to get it out of them.

    I get shit all the time from gays who tell me I’m Bi now Gay later or a fence sitter or greedy or confused and ask when I last had a girl and all the rest of the shit. They just think every guy is gay like them. I often just say I’m gay so I don’t get any shit. But I don’t find pussy gross, I loved licking it out.. loved tits, still like the porn and would be up for a MMF 3some with the right couple. Also I don’t sound or act gay and lots of people don’t even guess… and that’s the difference between me and my gay mates… they sound and act camp and hate the thought of girls..

    We’re different, why can’t the hater just accept that and let people get on with their own business? It’s not for anyone else to judge or decide.

  102. SafeSex97201

    I am very new to this who “gay scene”. So much so that I have just started exploring this through Adam4Adam in the past, oh I would say 2 months.

    Personally I am bi because I simply love women and men, period. Boys are different to me, they offer a certain dynamic and centered sexual tension that women don’t have, I find this appealing and sexy. Women offer a great deal of sensual,emotional and direct exhilaration for me, and this I love them too.

    To answer the simple question, being Bi is simply a state of mind. Its wrapped around who/what you find sexually attractive. Simple sex, easy NSA fun, Kinks, or simply guys are sexy too! Whatever the reason its merely that state of mind which allows you to work in both realms without sticking to any one side. Although I agree it is somewhat selfish (perceived that way in most cases) it is simply a fact of life. Where there is one or the other there is always those who are in-between.

  103. jim

    I started my bi fun at 26 and I was married..Still am, 19 years now…I discovered that being with a man sexually turned me on much more then being with a woman much so that I’ve been wondering for some time now if I’m bi or gay…I have several women friends that know about my fun with men and even a pre op ts…most of the women say I’m gay a few say gay with bi tendencies and a rare few say I’m just bi……I have no idea how to actually figure out what I am though…I totally love sex with men and have alot more I want to try..however I dont find myself attracted to a lot of men…I do find women very attractive and love breasts but then with a sexy woman I start thinking now if she only had a penis she would be perfect…none of this helps my marriage at all needless to say…….any ideas? or advice?

  104. Tracy

    Like one of the guys above said, I’m Bi just because I know that’s how I was born. I am a Christian, and one knows the stance a lot of christians take on homosexuals, but I see it from a different perspective. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes, and I am just another creation. I love my wife, love being married, love my child, but also am very attracted to men. I can’t change that. I have tried, but it is who I am…a perfect creation. So, you deal with this attraction as you do any. Just sayin…

  105. Christopher Lawrence

    ever since i can remember I have been attracted to women and men. i get with guys more because it is more available. but if i could i would sleep with a women too. this being said. i have read a lot about Bi men that are married to a woman and fool around with men on the side. being Bi is NOT AN EXCUSE TO CHEAT. some say if its with a guy it does not count, but if you are truly Bi then you know that attraction to someone other than your wife is normal, acting on those feelings is still cheating

  106. Micheal

    I don’t like bisexual men. It’s a stereotype, but tbh I’ve yet to meet a bisexual who didn’t break it. Bisexuals cheat…a lot, they’re not really reliable in SAME-SEX relationships (not even straight ones…) they’ll probably leave you for a chick eventually once they realize they can’t handle being in a gay relationship…so why waste time?

    I mean, look at all the married men on this site? All of them “bisexual” hell, look at any gay site and you’ll see that the stereotype stays true.

    I’ve had too many bad experiences with bi men, so refuse to date them…and probably never will.

  107. bicock

    I’ll keep this succinct… Firstly, I am always astonished at all the deniers and haters in the gay community, men and women both, that say there is no such thing as BI. I am BI. I am married and happily so to a (OMG! and other BI) bisexual woman. We both dated both sexes before we married personally just never felt the same attraction to another of the same sex as we do to one another. Same-sex sex is just that.. sex, at least for us. Being BI is not a pass to cheat on your wife or for a gay guy to step out on his partner. Hard cord gay guys chill out! Bi guys are not out to take your man. So to you deniers and haters, get off your high horse and maybe read the book BI AMERICA by WM.E.BURLESON to give yourself some insight.

  108. Bill

    I have been bi for years. I am also happily married and enjoy my wife. I just prefer having sex with men. whn my wife and I watched pron in our younger days, I was always attracted to looking at the guys. My wife knows this and always compared my cock to the ones in the movies. She still does compare, I have an 8 inch cock. She evn ask questions about our friends if she knows i will see them naked at pools. But i do know she is as straight as an arrow and would not consider a bi relationship on my part. But ther is something about having a mans cock in my mouth that really is a great turnon.

  109. Dawn

    To me, it’s extremely interesting reading the comments as a lot of them show inherent sexism. I am extremely interested in the “men are for fun, women are for life” debate that seems to be a common thread. When I hear someone say “I want to end up with a woman and a family” that doesn’t seem to click, since I was always told, by sociopolitically active bisexuals, that you can’t really decide who you fall in love with. Why is there a premeditated “plan” for attraction?

  110. living bi in texas

    I’m a young bi dude I love men and women I choices to be like this my. Family loves me never had a problem with being bi I just like both Sue me

  111. SAM

    My vote is for “just always been that way” haha

    I LOVE women but I LOVE men too, who knows why.

    I am married and totally in love with my wife, our sexlife is amazing. BUT lol we are both super horny and kinky, we love inviting a guy off this website to cum join us for a really hot 3-way. We have done this about 5 times and it has been a blast. Something we talk about and fuck to again and again.

    So there’s my 2 cents lol

  112. Micheal


    This is what I was talking about. As far as same sex goes, you might as well not date bisexual men…or even think about it. Most will end up leaving you for a girl eventually and then leave you with nothing.

    Guys here are perfect examples.

  113. buckminster

    Married for sixteen years. Never really thought about being with guys. I see alot of men my age (48) been married and mercifully free of a punishing hag, who decide, I like sex with women, but the drama is just not worth it. I like women, always have. I like men, just kinda started. (kind of a newbie). Who cares? Someone on here wrote, “a cock doesnt care what it is surronded by, a guy, a girl, an ass, or a pussy.” At least, thats my opinion. IF your gay, cool, if your straight, cool, if your bi, cool too.

  114. Adrian

    this guy calling us recruiters is stupid i have never got with a guy expecting the experience to alter which sex he prefers. him saying were recruiters nasty kinky and easy is hypocricy. just as easy as the men he messed with were he was too. kinky so was he. nasty so was he. and what did he think fucking them did made them wanna go eat some fish or stay getting their doughnut punched. in other words the pot calling the kettle black. honestly for me bisexuality is indecisiveness insecurity fear and a way to ease into accepting ur gay. give him two years u gon be seeing him vogueing and queening out at the gay bars speaking in full cunt. so for me this post was the hypocritical ramblings of a gay boy in a denial OVER ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!! lol

  115. Jeff

    @Bimascjock I think I love you 😉

    @gay guys: See a bi guy can have an emotional response to other dudes 🙂

  116. Noel Matthews II

    Also, you can’t choose your attractions; if it were that easy, a lot of things would cease to exist as we know it.

  117. navysausage

    Hey gay dudes that date bi guys: Newsflash, you are or were dating a bi guy. Bi being the operative word. What the hell kind of commitment did you expect knowing the “love of your life” was not a full-fledged teamplayer? You reap what you sow. And for you militant pick-one-or-the-other pea brains, you may not accept bisexuals, but they are recognized in the LGBT community.

  118. llovebubblebutts

    From the time I was little, I have always been attracted to both sexes. With men, I was always looking at their ass and it has always turned me on. I had my first experience with a guy 4 years ago. Honestly, I think a lot of guys are curious because I am a masculine straight acting guy and I notice a lot of “straight” men look, touch, and make a lot of subliminal comments. There are guys guys out there claiming to be bi but don’t ever mess with women, those are the ones who are gays in hiding but if u actually do mess with both then you are bi.

  119. satigr69

    Let’s not mince words…men are more inclined to fuck with NO drama…NO stress…NO risk of PREGNANCY…and tend to be MORE ardent about playing SAFELY…men tend to not play the game of “fucking for DOLLARS”…..too many women nowadays view disease as an occupational HAZARD…with getting knocked up as the GOAL.

  120. stephan

    To Adrian and all of the other hate-filled ignoramuses: 1) never let me catch you complaining about discrimination, North carolina or other states banning gay marriage, or inequality. How you expect others to accept you while you treat bisexuals the way you do is beyond me. Sound like a bunch of retards. 2) Adrian, yes i am nasty, yes i am a freak and that is the whole point of what i am saying. Women will get scaredwhen you asked them to snowball you or piss on each other. Women don’t rim. So, yes i go with guys because i want to explore my nasty side.

    As for being recruited, i guess you can’t read and comprehend well. I was speaking from experience. I wasn’t throwing a theory out there. He was one of you “pick-a-siders” who thought i was lying to myself and everyone else by saying i was bi and he was trying to convince me to decide to be totally gay.

    I won’t need two years til i turn totally gay. I’ve been living as a bi dude since i was 14. I think i know myself enough to know that i always prefer sticking my face in a pussy than sucking a cock if i have one of each in front of me. When i want to get off by someone else’s hand/mouth, i call one of my bi friends. When i want love and an emotional bond, i find a girl and take my time before having sex with her and, so far, i have stopped all of my male relationships once i meet a girl i think i could be serious with. And, so far, i have not slipped and cheated with a man. When i get regular sex, men, sorry to say, gross me out. I only “go gay” between women. I suspect most bi guys are that way. most of the one i know are.

    I wrote this to see what other bi-guys are thinking out there. Bottom line, i am kind of shock and surprised at the amount of hatred towards bis coming from the gay community. Am i the only one that sees the irony in that? Am i the only ine who sees that that tactic will not help you in your struggles for “equality”? Bi guys are your ticket to being mainstreamed. Not effeminate guys in tight underwear prancing around on TV. The strategy all along should have been to fight to mzke bisexuality cool so that people will immediately jump to think gay is cool. Instead, you all come out screaming about these rights and this discrination while you turn around and discriminate against your fellow sexual freaks (us bis). You kinda sound like the Christians who you hate because they hate you.

    To the cool, understanding gay guys that commented, thank you. You are gentlmen, all.

    And to my bi brothers. Who wants a BJ?

  121. Rob

    As a gay man the only thing i have to say about this is. Those men that claim they are straight but, like getting blow jobs from men or having a cock in the ass every now and then.. Sorry but you are not straight. Your bi.. Sex is just that sex why try to hide behind a sterotype. Just be who you are.. So your a guy who likes guys and girls big deal. what it all comes down to we are all human. What difference does it make who we have sex with. Sex isn’t who we are its just something we need. lol. Be who you are and be true to yourself thats al that matters. Be safe and have fun guys thats what its all about.

  122. muscdad59

    Sorry for the late response. My second comment seemed to be stuck in moderation so long that I didn’t check again until today. Anyone who wants to chat further with me is welcome to. I use my screen name on here. Why doesn’t everyone? If you are willing to comment, why don’t you let us see who you are?

    @Chris (another anonymous hater) I certainly don’t think that being bi is “better” than being gay. I don’t know where you got that. I guess I touched a nerve when I shared that family has been far more satisfying than sex and that I don’t surround myself with people who identify as gay.

    @jayrob116 If that is your screen name then I will be happy to clarify because you are 18 and can’t possibly have the experience to understand all of what I said, especially if you are marinating in the LA culture of irresponsibility and entitlement. This is not just a hook-up site, people use it for all sorts of reasons. I am trying to find some friends with benefits and have made a few genuine friends on here and have met many men and never even took our clothes off. I am not “looking down on gay sex” at all, in fact I think casual straight sex is far more of a problem. I just warn you that arranging your life around sex, especially regarding who you live with and love, is a bad idea. Most of the bi guys who commented on here agree that they are emotionally attracted to the person more than the body and that choosing based on the body will get you just sex

  123. Suthernbiboi

    I never was interested in guys until I was 18 or so. I think I may have been but always “talked myself out of it”. Then one day I was like, fuck it. Cue up some pics and lets see what happens. I do consider myself very much bi. I love women and love being with women in relationships. When it comes to guys, to me it’s all about the physical Gettin off. A guy knows what feels good and it’s all about feeling good. None of the mushy and head drama with chicks!

    I think I made the choice to be bisexual.

  124. Dario

    Hell, as far as i’m concerned i’ve just always been attracted to guys. From the “cool guy in the class, to the pretty girl. I just knew i Especially like the both of them. I just have Always found both sexes attractive. More guys because that’s how i had my First sexual experience, but chicks just as well. But i’m More into Feelings tho. If i feel like you’re genuine and down to earth “To Me” then i can find that Sexually arousing. Guys are just easier to talk to for the most part. But hell whether a Wet Cat or a Hot DOG, capture my mind and my DICK will follow.

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