Watch This : AC’s Latest Sexy Video


Andrew Christian label released its new video this week-end: Very hot !!!!

In that video, the boys are painting a nude model in their painting class. But then, it becomes hotter…

They use the nude model as a canvas and are painting on him, putting their hands on him and playing with his body…

Check it out !



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  1. Vinny

    The model is an absolute dream and the last guy 2 cum and paint on the amazing canvas well don’t lock me in rm with these 2 mmmm

  2. Romoni D'Aubigne

    I dislike these AC spots more & more. Also, where are the models of color? The one being painted doesn’t count.

  3. Darryl

    It made me think of art class, and that’s the kind of finger painting i would love to be involved in. Each model had a hotness of their own, but together it just ooozed sensuality. I really loved the butt signature, nice touch.

  4. Karmelboi

    Very hot video! Didn’t really think about the lack of men of color before Romani pointed out. I guess they are targeting their main customers and their taste. If they need a “token” I’ll gladly volunteer!!

  5. Darby

    Let face it. These ads are fun. They are geared at gay men. If wearing AC brand makes you sexy wether your straight or gay, no big deal. These ads are more erotic than porn. Leave it to our imagination!

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