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Hey guys…

Next week, I’m going to Mykonos and Athens in Greece! I Can’t wait!

Have you ever been? What are your favorite places to go in both cities? Restaurant? Clubs? Beaches? Boutiques?

I heard that all the restaurants are amazing! I love greek food, I might come back overweight… lol

No probably not, but maybe with a 6-pack instead of a 8-pack lol.

I promise I will show you pictures during the week.

By the way, the picture above is the view I have from my suite 🙂

Don’t be too jealous !!!

So let me know your favorite places to go in Mykonos and Athens, I would love to know!




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  1. eduardio50

    Have never been to Greece, but those are two of three cities of this ancient country I would love to see and experience. Mykonos and Mycenae were to of the cities Heinrich Schliemann explored when he was searching for “Homer’s” Troy in the 1850’s. The ancient ruins would be the first interest as well as those in Athens. I’ve also heard the “male scenary in Greec is not “hard” on the eyes either. Enjoy your trip! Wish IIIIIi was there!!

  2. hornyhunk

    ive been to both places Mykonos is tyhe balls,, great beaches u take a small boat to the nude beaches ..str8 on one side gay on the other ..nite life is hot to ..alot of cruisers from rhodes come there to party .. hope u have a great time i did..

  3. Tim

    Been to both places many times working on cruise ships. While Mykonos is well known as a gay island you wouldn’t know it from where the ships dock so my suggestion is to stay clear of the port area. Lots of nice beaches, though more like pebble beaches and not sand. There is paradise beach and then right next to it is almost paradise beach haha. Love Athens, big city and the Parthenon is great. Lots great dining nearby too. Lots of unemployed people in Athens right now so watch your belongings. If you get a chance, take a ferry to Santorini. Greece, Italy and Turkey is my favorite part of the world and I’ve been everywhere. Have fun!!

  4. chris

    Uhh don’t know if you heard but Greece isn’t doing so well. The entire country is bankrupt. Greek citizens are taking all their money out of Greek banks and putting them in German ones. I’m not sure how this will affect your trip but its something you should be aware of.

  5. matthew

    im going to mykonos next week too….went 15 years ago its really beautiful, super paradise beach is lovely but cant remember the names of the bars sorry. havea great time!

  6. Cravenmoorhead

    I’m Looking Forward to seeing pic’s of your trip but think your lying about that being your View from your suite. Prove me Wrong. Love you Dave. Safe Travels and get Home Safe and Sound. But Most of all HAVE FUN in the Sun and Say Hello to the Gods for me.

  7. cleofilms

    there are plenty of gay bars in mykonos.. i forgot the name of the one i liked but it was on the main town square, the only one up the stairs of a building… sounds vague but you cant miss it! they were really friendly! super paradise beach is great. if i were you, i would stay in mykonos longer. i was in athens only 4 days and it was enough. AND that was before the economy went down. not sure now if all museums/touristic places are open to the public… enjoy! it’s a beautiful country and great food!!!

  8. John38111

    I lived in Glyfada (a suburb of Athens) for 2 years. The placa (just below the acropolis) had several gay bars as well as fantastic sidewalk cafes, but the gay hub and really big gay bars were in another part of Athens. (Glafada was the center for hot tourist bars.) Mykonos was (if not still is) *the* gay destination for most of Europe and the Scandinavian countries. Nude beaches are actually rare in Greece (esp. for locals), but they do cater to tourists: Super Paradise Beach was the nude beach of choice. Similarly, there are nude beaches on Crete and Santorini (the latter preferred). It shouldn’t be difficult to find gay friendly and gay owned/operated hotels and hostels on Mykonos and many other islands in the Mediterannean.

  9. Esquirewill

    Myconos is a great gay party. Super Paradise beach takes either a boat or a long, rocky ride on a crowded van. But the ability to see a lineup of naked, gay bodies (and endowments) before trying a hook-up is a real plus. Helps if you have at least one other language besides English – increases the array. And, unless you want to just go up the hill and screw around in the shepard’s hut, a dinner and conversation is a civilized way to start out an evening, in my case translating for my lover up to “how do you say: can I take your clothes off.” After which I got to watch while he got the shit fucked out of him by an extremely well-hung Spaniard. We still enjoy the memory of that day I “brought home the bacon.”

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