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Last week, I was chatting with a man on A4A. I was attracted to him because his username had the term “curious” in it and I love curious/bi/straight men.

He was arab, hairy, tall, athletic, and very hung (9.5 inches cut). You know that hot arab man that lives in your dreams…? That’s him!

He didn’t have a picture because he is married to a woman and was afraid to show me, or anyone his face. But his description and his macho attitude got to me and I became willing to invite him to my place.

He was curious, truly curious to try with a boy. He was not into men at all, but wanted a smooth young boy… and that happens to fit my description!

I invited him to my home. I thought he was not going to show up, he did and on time no less! I open my door, and wow, was I was happy to finally see that he looked better then his description: “Hot, Hairy, Arab hung man”. He looked relieved to see that I looked like my pics and that I was a cute boy, just as advertised…

We started kissing right off …he was not into kissing and it showed, just like most straight/bi men.

So I decided to get serious. I sat on the couch, unzipped his fly and pulled out a gorgeous, gorgeous, OMG gorgeous! hairy Arab cut cock… hmmmmmm

He was hard as a rock! I was sucking his cock long and hard when he took my head and start face fucking me, making me his boy bitch… It was obvious that he wanted to dominate a cute little sub boy… He started being very verbal : “you like that cock eh, you want that big cock? Take it all, take it deeper boy” !

His manlyness combined with his verbal dominance, got me extremely excited and very hard!

That’s how I like a man to take control of me, take me in all ways! His cock was slid in and out of my mouth, slowly and smoothly at first, again, then forcefully pushing his dick all the way deep down my throat…sometimes so far that I was gagging and choking on my own saliva.

Then he wanted to fuck my boy “pussy”. Those were the words he used, boy pussy…

– “Get on the bed…lift you ass high boy” he said.

I was doing what I was told…

– “ahhhh it feels like a fucking pussy”

And then he fucked me very hard, so hard that I was moaning uncontrollably every time he pushed his stiff cock in my hot hole.

– “You like my big cock in your boy pussy?” he said….

– “Yes I love it, fuck me harder baby” I replied….

We kept on going for almost 30 minutes keeping rhythm and a fast pace. That’s the way I like it and that’s the way he seemed to like it as well…

Then he pulled it out and splashed his hot cum all over face, i opened my mouth and tasted his spicy cum as it shot all over my mouth…He came a looooooooooot, it was amazing! There was cum everywhere, on my face, my lips, his furry chest, everywhere!  It was sooo…so sexy.

He left few minutes after and I fell asleep feeling full, full of cock, full of cum, and full of my straight Arab!





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  1. anonymous

    and this is why gay people get a bad rep. you invite married guys over to your house to fuck you. no wonder we are having such a hard time getting gay marriage passed. dont get me wrong it sounds hot as hell, but i never would have touched him unless he was single.

  2. VP

    Don’t know if you missed it Anon but this actually helps in a way. If straight people are getting married and just going out and messing with gay people, how does that hurt OUR image only?

  3. charlie Angel

    I get hit on by married curious man,and I guess because of my girlish look,we always end up doing everything,how is that give gay people a bad rep,if it take two to fulfill my fantasy and so as keep on rocking on this free world.

  4. Joey

    I agree with anonymous. 100%. I wouldn’t have invited or given that person the time of day. Even if he was hot and had a massive tool There’s plenty unmarried that fit that description. Rob… Ehhhh… Desperate…

  5. Older Dad

    Fucking hot the Middle Eastern guy who talks nasty to his boy and his boy that likes it..

    older/younger is hot too


  6. Nope

    Basically, what Rob is saying is that he’s cool if his boyfriend cheats on him. Sounds good until your partner goes off and fucks someone else. Then he will be singing a different tune.

  7. C=

    That’s was a very hot story!!! The above commenter^^^ doesn’t know what he’s talking about its not only gay people that do things like that, its everyone. The human mind is set to standards that you can not only be happy with one person, if that was the case we wouldn’t even look at another person let known make sexual refrences twards them. Now i do take into granted I have had hookups and i do enjoy them very much but I do get to that point were I think oh my god what dis i do and why? After I get off the phone and there in there way, but I have had some amazing omes like this and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m human ill male mistakes my whole life we live we learn we get over it. Why not have fun down the road.

  8. Taboo

    I love having sex with straight/bi/curious men. For some reason it seems more hot n specially if they are married. I love having sex with married men. You’re not going to end his marrage just giving him something he doesn’t have @ home.

  9. bithug95

    The story or his actions have nothing to do with getting gay marriage passed. Geez think b4 u comment.

    Story was ok…got me hard but finished b4 I could cum.

  10. MarqueeTee

    Good story written up, but it’s just that a story, a fantasy! I have a few of them too with the HOT ARABS in my neighborhood. FANTASY!!!!!

  11. Tony

    OK this was a nice dream you have there. How many more hot Arab men stories do you have. However I must say it was a good story. But back to the other guy; the gay marrage thing is all about control. It is the last bit of control that Johnny law has on us. Just like any other wall that has been put up to keep us down. It too shall and will fall.

  12. cntryman09

    completely disagree with anonymous. Married men are awesome. If they aren’t getting what they want at home, why shouldn’t they be allowed to look elsewhere. I know the few men I’ve ever been with were married, and damn they were hot and so good at what they did with me. Love these guys !!!!!!!!!

  13. mike

    I concur it sounds hot however he is marry and the lure is sexy but a whore is a whore and being treated as such is demeaning. I been in your shoes I did not know he was married at first,he was from The Mid-west on business it continue for 2yrs. everytime he was in the Balto./Dc. area usually. Never dinner ect. just sex he was the type of man I dreamth about BIG Daddy I threw myself after him over time it was crazy I was his Bitch No one ever made me feel that way in my life. Middle age I SHOULD KNOWN BETTER. I DEMEAN MY SELF NOW HE NEVER CALLS ANY MORE.UNLESS I text he may text back in few days. I luv the nasty fantasy,being control by him. I am done an never a married man again.

  14. Greg

    To: Anonymous

    People define themselves however they want: “married,” “straight,” “boy,” etc., and are defined by others in equally subjective terms. These definitions have little to do with the battle for marriage equality, which is based more on outright religious and political prejudice than on what individuals do sexually in private.

  15. Electro_Prince

    Ugh! Im sooo fed up with these fake stories lol… And yeah its true! It gives us gays a bad reputation! I guess you like being used! How sad :/.

  16. Jose

    Please, do any of you really believe that story? Like he said, every gay man fantasy. I don’t belive a word of his story, it is too perfect to be true. If the man was a true curious man why is it that he started kissing as soon as he enter the door? Hello… if story is true it was probably one of many gay man that are into dominance and fantasy roll playing. I have to give credit to whoever wrote it,it is a hot one.

  17. Scott

    If you need something serious to read, you can read the Wall Street Journa!
    Otherwise let’s just have fun with this!

  18. Student

    I never mess with anyone attached. If they are married then they need to rethink the marriage. It is disgusting that people say, well it takes two to tango. You are still doing it! You have a choice as well. There are plenty of hot guys to go around who are single so why ruin someone else’s feelings by doing a guy who can’t keep his commitments? That is my 2 cents

  19. dennis

    love it,,,,,i,m always in/and been in bi curious/married men i know what they want and they know what i want,,,i,m a single gay male,so if there married and they wanna fuck me or get fucked buy me well then that,s there choice ,,,there the ones cheating on there partner,,,,there is a lot of guys out there that are curious about getting a b/j they wanna see if it,s better from a gay guy then from a chick….belive me us gay guys we suck better then the woman,,,,i been told that many times 😉

  20. Barry

    Yeah…had a married, hairy Arab and he was lousy in the sack…couldn’t get it up….kept talking about the Mrs….LOL

  21. Frank

    As a masculine, hairy, big-cocked top man, I tell these boys I’m married all the time. I have even purchased a cheap gold band wedding right as a prop… they fall for it every time!

    They always bareback, too. They always bareback for a “straight” man. Who am I to deny them their fantasy? I’ve never touched a woman in my life, though.

  22. Mr Tom...

    Great story, I give erotic fullbody massages to men.. bi, gay str8… we all get off one way or another …
    keep the stories comin .. thanks… boy do i have a few to share… they would melt the keyboard….lol..
    thanks for sharin your story.. Tom

  23. Kike

    Yeah my Fuck buddy is from the Middle east and he has a big cock and always tear up my tight hole. He is cute and very macho

  24. navysausage

    VP, so what you’re saying is that gay people are just as insecure and have as equally low self-esteem as our hetero counterparts and therefore deserve this right of marrying and in turn cheat on our spouses? Promiscuity…correction, “open relationship”, is a wonderful gay characteristic we can be proud of in these progressive times. Sounds fair to me.

  25. paul T

    Maybe “Anonymous” who sent this story in, is the bi/married Arab with this fantasy that he is wishfully hoping will someday play out for him

  26. Joe

    Oh yeah brother, thats fucking hot. Get him all you can. Life is short, so many men so littlle time. If you were satisfied, thats the point. Just be mature to separate whats love from whats sex. Give him my address!

  27. michael mayle

    wow sexy dude u got me all hot and botheted wish that was me there god i just luv’d it word from word wish i could meat this hot attractive guy and he gives it 2 me like he did

  28. Britboy

    Well guyz, this story got my todger hard as rock.
    It’s all fantasy lads.
    Arab guyz are hot, “mysyical and exotic”.
    And hard to find.
    If you get one, keep him lol

  29. Joey

    To Cntryman09

    Do you have any morals or believe in marriage. Probably not. I’m glad I don’t live in the country no more u would be someone to ruin a marriage. I get it. it’s only a story but this is a wrong message to send out. cheating is never a good thing and any one who disagrees knows it really is wrong.

  30. Fasil

    This story seems made up, however I am multi-racial Persian/English and I have slept with only Arab men or Of middle eastern decent. They are out there, and I have had my hot fair share of Arabic cock. But this story is a little far fetched, I would nevereet someone without a profile picture nor someone who will not identify themselves to me. Oh and that guy from the story said he liked boys, sounds sick.

  31. Lantz1

    I’m married and bi. I find alot of gay guys love married men. They give me what she won’t! The story got me hard. Look me up, we’ll chat. Oh, I love married men too! I realize my comment doesn’t have anything to do with the story…..I’m just horny…….lol

  32. blog

    Those funny guys who bitch about the stories, I will not publish your comments…. We dont need negative comments here. Some of our members are sending us these stories, sometimes real, sometimes fantasy….who cares ? Dont read it if you don’t like them ! Most of our readers like them so…
    Keep your bad comments for you!

  33. curious718

    wow,, sesy as hell since im all into arab guys,,,, hem, hem, what was hes creen name? cus i think i fill the add too,, yumm

  34. navysausage

    Dave, Wouldn’t it be just dandy if everyone agreed with you? Wake up and grow a pair and deal with opposing views. This is the real world we live in, and god forbid diversity exclude free thought. Well, the purpose of blogs is to hear from all points of view…not just yours. If you want to censor the bad comments, you have every right to do so. But you do yourself or this forum no favors when you start being the typical militant gay-agenda pulpit thumper. Basically, you’d be relegated to being just another far left-wing nutjob. Don’t you think we have enough nut cases on the right? Man up!

    • blog

      navysausage : Sorry I dont tolerate people saying ” you fucking bastard loser” on OUR blog! I am posting all comments going in other directions than mine, except the ones that say that people on my team or our members are stupid losers or some other bad words.
      That’s it , that’s all !
      You can do whatever you want on your blog dear !

  35. Rob

    I don’t believe in marriage just for that reason.. Weather you are gay or straight.. Everyone cheats. It doesn’t give gay people a bad rep just because we have sex with married men. If it wasn’t us it would be some woman that he was cheating with.. Cheating is cheating no matter wat sex they decide to cheat with.. I have been with married men and i don’t feel the least bit guilty about it, because if they didn’t want to be there they wouldn’t have contacted me or be on this site.. Marriage is not what it was years ago. In this day and age there is to much temptaion out there and its to easy to cheat.. Not saying that backin the 50’s and 60’s men and women didn’t cheat just now its a hell of alot eaiser.. As far as the story goes it was a good fantasy. A hairy man that is well endowed sure is my fantasy.. i hate that every man shaves now days. Keep the stories coming fantsy or real they are all worth the read most the time. Have fun guys.

  36. Nope

    No, not everyone cheats. That’s a huge supposition on your part, and a ridiculous one at that.

    My point was that if you want gay marriage, then why would you think it’s ok to cheat? What would be the point of marriage to you then? Why not just stay single? And why would you want to devalue marriage more by putting yourself in a position to ruin someone else’s marriage? It’s just stupid and makes you look like a classless idiot, citing evolutionary psychology 101 as an excuse.

    I’d argue more, but I’m sick of reading through everyone’s typos.

  37. david

    at the anom comment. Ur retarded. okay yes its wrong to sleep with a married man, but women do it too. Its not like theres only gay men seeking out marriend men. theres alot of slutty girls out there also so shut up. To me it sounds like the “boy” was being used. but i know some guys are into that, personally im not

  38. Dominic K.

    I have no respect for a married man who has the audacity to cheat on his spouse with another man or woman. I’ve met a few in my day and as soon as the words “I’m married” comes out of theit mouth it’s a wrap. I can’t…won’t say I haven’t, but it’s certainly something I never would do anymore. I don’t care how hot the guy is,, it’s not worth the risk and/or the guilt. There are too many single guys who fit the description to get the job done. Btw, did they even use protection?

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