Pornstar : Cody Cummings Gets Fucked


After years of waiting, Straight Pornstar Cody Cummings fucked a boy in the ass and  finally got fucked too.

Shadowkiss was the last movie of his career. We heard he wanted to focus on being a life coach and a sex therapist…. So if  you could get some advice from him… call now 1-888-CODY CUMMINGS ! No I’m just kidding about the phone number… But he really retired last month from porn though!

Are you sad and crying already? Well to put back the smile on your face, maybe you should click here and watch his latest scene. You will love it for sure!

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!




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  1. whatsup334

    Although the scene may be the honest he’s ever done… I can’t believe there are people who cannot tell him fake it is… there is absolutely no penetration… at all.

  2. Robert

    Hasnt this been out for a bit? On his website, there is a video of him getting fucked by Brandon Lewis with a release date of sometime late last year. Sad he is leaving tho… Was a hot fucker for sure

  3. Dakota Wolfe

    Actually he didn’t get fucked. Anthony Romero told everyone he didn’t fuck Cody. It was just staged as if he did. And Cody has fucked guys before on cam lol

  4. edgar_truth

    he’s hot, and it took him long enough… problem is, i think he alienated a lot of his fan base by being standoffish and assuming that people wouldn’t be disgusted about his rumored dislike for gays and weak claims at being bi-sexual. either way i wish him the best of luck and hopefully one day he’ll come to his senses and bareback fuck me into a cum coma.

  5. chyguy

    I didn’t think this scene was “real” all the action is in shadow (hence the name), and there wasn’t actually any penetration shown. It’s probably good that Cody has retired from porn. It’s time to shit or get off the pot, Cody… Get busy or get lost.

  6. reggie

    Luv it when a hott masculine top like Cody gets fucked, Its hott as fuck. being a top myself, I fantasize about it, dont know if I will ever actually do it!!

  7. B Michael

    VERY hot scene, of course! But until I see a cock actually enter a hole, I’m not buying it….I may still get off to it still, but not buying it. 😛

  8. VP

    I’ll never understand Gay4Pay. I honestly believe them being straight and all… but you could not pay me to go Straight4Pay. Like, ever. Maybe.

  9. Shane

    Cummings is a hot stallion….I’d take him anytime!! Does suck though when good tops turn bttm…not enough hot looking hung fuckers like him!

  10. OnlyTellTheTruth

    I have this clip. Honestly, I don’t know if he’s actually being penetrated. You really can’t see much.

  11. Nick

    The video is well done in the sensual sense! Not seeing the real thing though makes you wonder if Cody really got fucked. But nonetheless it’s cool and Romero is one sexy man and actually his ass was the bigger turn on for me. Thanks for posting…

  12. Travis

    I’m sorry but there is absolutely no proof that penetration took place between cody or anthony. Personally it was no different than the soft core movies they air at midnight on cable tv. A serious disappointment

  13. sean

    how boring, nothing sexy about a fake fuck. hey guys, why bother with this guy, if he disrespects us his customers so much by making a fake film, why would we support him. He needs to retire or be honest. like other posters, I will believe it when I see him with legs up hole open and dic going in, not only disrespects us, he’s a lie and a fraud.

  14. Darryl

    He’s a hot guy true that, but i’am tired of the one sided scenes on his site. He’s not the only Man with a muscled body, big dick, and hot ass. There are plenty of stuff out there with guys who love sucking dick, and getting fucked for real. Why waste money on simulated sex, isn’t that just like soft porn?

  15. KevInPDX

    LIFE COACH and SEX THERAPIST???!!! Really?! Don’t you need a degree and license for that? I get no impression he is the least bit educated. Maybe escourt and personal trainer? Nice to look at for sure but certainly gay 4 pay in this latest incarnation of his career.
    If ya got it flaunt it I guess and take advantage of the easy $$/more power to him. I suspect he’s made a good buck and exiting before he gets a permanent STD like all the raw porn types seem to be picking up.

  16. Rexxarino


    i’ve seen clips of cody actually penetrating those shiksas he’s with.

    you know — dick going in and out of their snatch?

    so, the better title for this post is “pornstar cody cummings simulates getting fucked” — yeah?
    which, of itself, is fine.

    just, don’t try pawning it off as something it’s not.

    at this point, The Codester really should just give up on the idea that he’s “not really gay” — i mean, if straight guys did what he has been doing (on camera).. ..then, by all means, point me to them!

  17. Rexxarino

    i wish to amend something i said: give up on the idea that he’s “not really doing gay things”

    because i don’t mean to infer cody is gay — rather, cody is just a bi-sexual who is “special”


  18. muzyqman

    That movie where he was supposedly fucked must have been in response to enough men finally complaining about his just being “gay for pay.” But if you watch closely, when the movie shows penetration, you never see his face. When they show his face, you never see penetration. when you see the top moving, you never see full body shots showing the point of penetration. I think he did that film to extend his career, and then figured out that most of us could spot the fake. That’s probably why he’s retiring – because nobody cares to see him anymore.

    And good riddance to bad rubbish!

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